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Eighty-five dollars in metal lip gloss… My God? Review and sample

30 Sep , 2019  

What’s up everybody welcome back to my Channel today, I’m jet-lagged and mommy needs her redbull, but besides that we are going to test out some $85 metallic lip glosses. I know that price is a ridiculous y’all. You know. What’s up with this channel now, I’ve had a little bit of a rough time with the Christian Louboutin beauty brand. On my channel, a lot of stuff has not been that great in the past. Now I will say this. I am obsessed with Christian at Louboutin shoes and bags.
I have a half a million dollars of sneakers in my closet, so a lot of people were like girl you’re. Just like throwing shade and my girl, I’m obsessed, I went to the Christian Louboutin store and France. I’ve had custom-made shoes buy them at the beauty department girl, I don’t know what’s going on. Hopefully, today, we’re gonna have a better experience and, yes, we are trying out a metallic lip gloss. It is supposed to be high shine and it supposed to be dramatic. Assist be beautiful and, of course, we’re going to test them out now there are only three shades and there are all different colors, so we’re going to swatch them today we’re going to try them all out on my mouth. We’Re going to do everything that I normally do in a first impressions, but besides that you guys life has been so crazy. Today, I actually filmed with Shane Dawson for his Shane and Friends podcast. Oh, my god. I live for him who wants to take Shane on my channel. Let me know that was so much fun, so that would be out soon girl. I spilled so much gene. He like pulled out of me like Oprah. I was like man. She said that all right, besides that, if you want to see me test all these crazy lip glosses, then keep on watching alright. So for $85 you guys, let me show you what you get. It comes in a gorgeous box like this, of course, with the logo on the front, and if you see on the side, it says the name of the colors alright. So let’s open her up whoo, and this is what it looks like now. I tested out the normal regular lip glosses months ago on my channel now. This, of course, is the metallic version that just staring at it. You can see it looks metallic in the bottle.
Now it comes in this beautiful. This becomes her packaging and it has a little like kind of string, yarn type of thing and you pull it out and it comes with a little tag on. It just says the same brand info on the little card, a lot of people last time said this looks like a weapon. A lot of you said, of butt. Plug y’all are sick. You are sick, so it has this beautiful top on it with the spiked ring around it. No and not a ring, and let’s open her up. Oh, my lord sounded like Nathan coming out of me. Okay, so the doe foot is a pointed a little moment like that, which is a standard flocking. Now, let’s do the smell test. Okay, it does have the same like floral smell as being normal one. That doesn’t seem as intense, maybe I’m a little stuff you guys. I’ve been on three airplanes in a week and my allergies are crazy, but um yeah. So it’s like rosy, but I feel like the normal ones, were like way more intense. so basically, let’s just keep it real here. It says a lip formula with brilliant, intense color and a glassy finish to emphasize lip color, I’m assuming it means a normal lipstick or my we’ll call. My original lip color cool, so I will test it on myself, of course, without any product and then maybe the last color I’ll put a lipstick on and see what it looks like over because it does say it’s supposed to emphasize lip color now it says: let’s See here y’all, it says from new to bright. The array of shades are specifically formulated to reflect light and impart brilliant dimension. At the end of the day, it is just a lip gloss. Of course it is not going to you know, change lives or pay. My electricity bills, so let’s get just watching alright now, you guys, I am NOT going to pretend and know how to pronounce these or try. You know I’m the realest bitch on this YouTube game, so we are going to put them right below me right here, and this shade is called that’s. What’s called thrust of the P girl alright, so this is going to be, of course, one dis of product. I always like to tell you guys how many times I dip in a lot of people show it off camera and I’m a little bit it take you six times or one ho now, of course, the one a little short, but it feels really nice to hold In my hand, I love the we’re gonna call the applicator, alright alright, so that is one stiff.
Let me go back in oh one, more time, okay and then we’re going to go in for a third time to finish the rest of my big old mouth. All right, the color is, of course, and now on quick note. I wish that this part of the applicator was longer or flatter, like I just want a little more product on the wand, but besides that, let me take a good long hard look at this now. I’m looking in the monitor and it looks like glass, it really does it’s like huh. It looks really pretty. I’m like okay hold up hold up. You guys hold up here’s the deal, it’s really pretty, it is really pretty. But okay I mean I haven’t even tried. The other two yet, but I’m just going to say this right now. This looks like it could be a covergirl lip gloss could be Revlon lip gloss. It could be really any lip gloss, but yeah, it’s just pretty. I love the color. I bet you this over. Like a red or a pink lipstick would be stunning, but um, okay, cool. I think it’s only fair that we try the other team. All right here is the second shade. It looks something like this to me: it looks like a pinky bronze, with a beautiful, like gold kind of vibe going on in there and the shade name for this. One is right there. Alright, let’s watch so here is the shade fully on the mouth and it is really pretty. I almost like it more than the first one just because that glitter looks really nice and the base color is very close to my natural lip color, but it’s a little more like a bronze hue. Only thing I’m not living for is when I go sit right in there a little gumminess. I don’t like embossing to do that. It’s like! Oh, yes, cue! Alright, let’s try the last one alright! Now, for the third shade of a lip gloss, it looks something like this. It looks like a stunning gold, bronze color. Now I did want to test it over a lipstick because it says on the website, of course, that it looks amazing over a already.
You know established lip color so at the color I’m wearing today, because I know you’re all are going to ask it: is the creme brulee liquid lipstick from the brand’s away cosmetics and if you guys, are not aware, I have my very own first first-ever discount code For brand, and if you use code J star at checkout, you do get 15% off and a hundred percent of the proceeds are going to charity. And if you don’t know about it, which I will link down below. I explained everything in there and already you guys in less than a month, we have already raised almost twenty thousand dollars for the LGBT Center here, in Los Angeles and for the whole organization. So you guys are amazing. Thank you so much for supporting this brand and my code thus far it has been unreal and I didn’t know we need to make that much in a year and the fact that it’s been like weeks, I am like shook, so thank you guys so much. Alright. Now, let’s test this lip color over this and liquid licky and let’s see what happens now. Obviously this gloss has a little dark like tench to it, which I kind of love, how it’s making this nude lipstick. Look, let’s finish the rest, all right, you guys! This is how the color looks, I think, over a liquid lip. It looks really pretty course. It does have that glass like shiny effect, they’re talking about, but I mean that’s kind of every lip gloss right I mean obviously some are more shining than others, but it does look pretty it’s not like getting as gummy as when it’s by itself. I will say that yeah, it doesn’t really feel sticky. It’s a little tacky, but not like horrendous or like your lips are stuck together and I feel nice and now I will say this, you guys, I think it’s time to give my final thought all right. So, let’s break it down now the very first review I did in the normal lip glosses. The smell is in my mouth. It was a very intense. These do not do that. They smell way less intense than the original formula which thank you Jesus now. I will say this of course we’re gonna I say this a lot when I do luxury reviews – you’re, of course, paying for the stunning packaging you’re paying for the name, which is a very high-end luxury brand.
Their sneakers start at you know twelve hundred dollars So when you’re making a makeup line, they’re not going to price this drugstore and you guys obviously know that at the end of the day, it’s a lip gloss like I know I said in the intro: it’s not going to like you know, changes the world, but It wasn’t so stunning, where I was like Oh my god, I want to use this all the time I’m gonna be a little shady and talk about Chanel new formula of lip glosses They are like mirrors on your mouth and they are like blinding and so stunning, and they have no like texture at all these ones You do feel a little bit of something and, of course, they’re the lipstick underneath but um I was hoping for a little more I mean it says metallic and like to me metallic is like metallic We all know what a metallic lip gloss or lipstick looks Like I mean they’re all in the drugstore Milani has a whole entire metallic line on a soft Beverly Hills has metallic lipglosses These were not metallic In my opinion, they were like glossy with some shimmer, but I think at the end of the day, lip gloss is lip gloss and, of course, $85 gets you this amazing packaging, but the formula was very basic It was basic as let’s keep it hood now, not saying that this is a horrible experience or like this was the end of the world, but I don’t think I could approve it just on the basis of light girl It’s just a lip gloss opposed to that First, one I’m like, I honestly feel like you, can go to Ulta, find a gloss way cheaper and maybe have even a better glossy experience So at the end of the day you know I love this brand, but I am NOT impressed you guys I am hoping for the next round of products to have better coverage and a better formula So if anyone is watching that works for that team, if you want to Jeffrey star to come help, curate call me all right I will see you on the next one

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