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Eliza Ashley and Jackie Ina compete with Juvia (they’re together!)

30 Sep , 2019  

Gasps gasps, what’s up world you’re tuned into 423 fm, you already know: we’ve got you covered with your daily dose of celebrity drama. Now, let’s get into it, hey. What is up you guys and welcome back to the 423 Alyssa Ashley and Jackie ina are not happy with Zhu vias place and on Saturday June 15th they decided to make their stance on the situation all the way public, if you’re not already familiar juvie, is places A black-owned cosmetics brand, largely known for their eyeshadow palettes that are both super affordable and super pigmented.
I first heard about the brand from the heat tutorials, like many others, and that little bit of information has a lot to do with the recent drama surrounding the company. Like I said, this brand was known mostly for their eyeshadows and products of that nature. So a lot of makeup enthusiasts were really excited when they launched both a foundation and a concealer line on May 20th, following news of the launch, fans immediately flocked to social media. To ask influencers if they were going to review the products, namely Alyssa Ashley and Jacquie ina the fact that Alyssa Ashley wasn’t going to review the brand’s complexion product. Should it come as a surprise, because she’s been public about her distaste for the bread multiple times and back in 2016. so I can’t include any clips of that, but Alyssa actually caught a lot of backlash for this situation, because a ton of people thought the way she handled things was immature and from the outside in. It looks like another instance where an influencer is mad over not getting yet another package of free makeup.. She was on the brand’s PR list and, the owner of Julia’s place promised to send her a pallet for a specific launch and basically she never got it as she saw others receiving their PR and she hadn’t gotten anything Alyssa reached Out to her saying I’m on the PR list of numerous brands and whenever there’s a new product, they send it to people on their list prior to the release, so that we can use the products and promote I’ve been trying to do that with you, because I’m Just trying to support a black-owned business so for you to tell me, I need to stop when all I’m trying to do is be sent a pallet to promote for you for free to help. Your sales is the biggest insult ever because I’ve done nothing but support. You I was working with you and using your things before you guys started receiving all this popularity. So how can you be like this towards someone who’s done? Nothing but support your brand.
All the owner said in response to this was thank you stay blessed and, after her. We currently do not have any special PR lists for special influencers. If you never received a care package, that’s because we don’t have a care package to send thanks so much to our customers. They are our number one. Influencers and juvie s place was even bashing Alyssa in the comments saying she didn’t bring in any sales and being super unprofessional. So, like I mentioned before this whole situation made a lot of people look at Alyssa as being super entitled, because at the surface, this situation is about not being sent some free makeup. She issued a statement following the backlash saying I would never step out of my character over free makeup, as an affiliate of Julia’s place me receiving the new releases is something that has been occurring since I began working with them, because that’s how this works. The lack of communication is what got us here. Jackie aina, before her and Alyssa had ever met was defending her back then as well saying that, although she would have handled the situation differently, she thought the dragging was excessive. I can definitely see how people thought this was a crazy thing to win over because in general anytime, I see any influence are complaining about PR. I just roll my eyes, but this situation is much bigger and I think the developments in this feud that happened today nearly three years later add a lot of much-needed context. So, jumping back to the present day, people continue to ask Alyssa and Jack Lee when and if they’re going to review the new complexion line from Julia’s place and it looks like they finally had enough with all the questions it all started. When Jackie sub tweeted the brand writing months ago, I tweeted about makeup company who don’t give a damn about working with or cultivating relationships with black influencers at all until it’s time for them to launch a complexion product and now look. She went on to say all skin folk ate kinfolk. I can’t align with any brand black owned or not that purposely taunts their customers. It’s not okay, to use Pro black imagery to lure the black dollar only to step over them on the way to the top and reject them once you get there, it’s appointed, but also not surprised and from the looks of it. This said Alyssa Ashley off and she decided to just go for it airing out her thoughts toward the brand and giving some insight into why she won’t be dropping any foundation reviews she tweeted, I’m just tweeting whatever tonight.
I don’t care about the backlash, but people have been asking me Jackie and Naima to review the Jaypee foundation since it came out without maybe considering that the reason we weren’t doing it is because the company and the owner is complete trash the owner didn’t give not One single F about having a relationship with any of us until she had a complexion launch, because she knows people are looking for reviews from us hell and I’m a completely stop receiving PR altogether and then suddenly gets the Foundation’s. She sends me a fake-ass email apologizing for allowing everyone to think my beef with them was over one palate. When really it’s because the second she got the attention of Nikki, she started dogging out all the same small black creators that supported her when no one was checking for her brand. She also sent our nellen email because she trash talked her for no reason sent Jackie one. The list goes on basically every single black creator that she didn’t give it F to have a relationship with until she needed them for her complexion launch. We all ignored it and then harassed diems, Jackie begging, her to review her foundation. I’m sorry were the other content creators that you’ve consistently prioritized over the black ones, not available I’m confused. The reason we’ve all been slightly quiet is because there’s absolutely nothing fun about putting this all out there, especially about a black owned brand when that black owned brand utilizes being black owned for the black dollar, but really doesn’t give an F about the black people. I can’t stand by that. Your whole brand is about Nubian Queens, yet you’re blocking those same Queens for being upset by you, posting someone who’s. Disrespected black woman in the past open your eyes y’all for real I’m, because if you can’t tell I’ve been really really on some positive ish lately, it’s just foul when you know how a brand truly operates behind the scenes, how they speak about their customers. Their true intention – and you can’t say ish another youtuber named Yuki, chimed in as well retweeting Alyssa’s thread and saying that Julia’s place conveniently reached out to her just a few days ago asking to send product adding even more validity to ELISA and Jackie’s statements. Later on. The owner of Julia’s place she She started responding to these accusations, jumping into Jackie’s initial thread and tweeting Jackie.
You should know better, please don’t give false accusations, we reached out to you multiple times and you did not respond if it gives you joy to take us down, so be it, but we won’t tear you down Never jockey, promptly, replied! Writing chichi I’ll say this to you again This is false You may think you reached out multiple times, but almost doesn’t count There was one email exchange after my very first review of your products, which I purchased nothing more, nothing less, which is fine, but don’t lie Also you’re not going to talk to me like you talked to Alyssa and your customers I know you should know better as a favorite line of yours, but it doesn’t apply to this now Kindly go back to your Twitter hiatus You haven’t logged on in a year and nobody even tagged you in this post, so she shut her down with the quickness and she she never returned to the conversation, but Juvia splays social media pages are getting absolutely obliterated with negative comments and those comments stem from The fact that jeffrey star posted his review of the Juvia splays foundation today, which they were gushing over on their Instagram story and an actual post on their IG page that they quickly deleted If you don’t already know that Jeffrey star is racist, then you have a lot of catching up to do and that’s for another day but among other things, he’s thrown racially charged statements at both Jackie Ayanna and makeup Shayla So a lot of customers are in Juvia, splays comments upset over them, sending PR to and supporting Jeffrey, especially after these tweets from Alissa and Jackie This story is honestly all over the place, but it’s pretty plain to see that jus vias place does not know how to handle their ish business-wise and it’s sad to see that they prioritize people like nikkietutorials over black influencers who supported them early on and if anything, This is a lesson and always holding down the people who held you down and not switching up once someone more successful comes along, but of course I want to know what you guys think about this If you thought that Alissa Ashley was overreacting about her text thread with Julius place back in the day, do you get where she’s coming from now and if you’re, and if you like this one, just give it a quick thumbs up that is it for today I will see you guys next time I you

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