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Eller taught us to dance!!!! ** The Ultimate Family Dance War**

30 Sep , 2019  

Someone’s over so late, please don’t exist in real life these days, but you showed me if I you just find the fit. I need to believe and it kinda spicy. If you want it bad this guy high-test your limit. Let’s stop in friend I can see. What’s going on everybody, if you are new to this channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button join the family, a family, as you can see today, we are all matching mama. Show me outfit we’re magic. All of us are mad G, a scam, but we have a very special surprise for you, guys, l, you want to give them a little demonstration of what we gonna be doing today, so eggs family.
Ever since we’ve been on YouTube, we’ve done a little bit of dancing. Not much just a little bit are y’all is about the teach us how to dance. We are about to get dance lessons from a 17 month old baby, so we’re gonna do what you do. Okay, we’re gonna copy you all rich lady’s gone l. What what the hell is! This seems like. Do it? Okay, alright! Well, I guess we’re just gonna copy you here we go and I would be very honest guys. We don’t really know how to dance. The best dancer here in this room is definitely el, but the truth is we’re not professional dancers, but today we’re gonna try to give you guys a little something and we never given you befo. So the three of us are gonna, come up with a choreography to be able to perform in front of our eight family members. So obviously la is too young and too little so she’ll be watching with you guys and since L is so young as well. It’s gonna be very hard to come up with a longer choreography, so we’re gonna try to make it as short and sweet as possible. But I can’t promise you a family that we’re going to try to make this a mini concert for you. For those who don’t know what C geek is seeking is a ticket app that hooked us up with several tickets, including Coachella Beauty and the Beast. The JLo concert ticket makes buying super simple by putting all the tickets in one place and ranking them from zero to ten so HTM. If you’re interested in buying a ticket for any kind of events, I recommend seeking seeking, is the ticket plug and says. Cq is a part to a family they’re, given all of our ace family members $20 off your first order. All you got to do is use code, ace and click. The link down our description so go order. Now and again, that’s code, ace, rare, so who’s ready to start getting grew.
We, I am, if you guys, are ready, our ace family. So before we begin, I think the best thing to do is hear the B first and then we come with a choreography. I all right, all right, okay, Wright’s family smells the beat. Do you guys like it? I like it. Hopefully you guys like it and now we’re gonna try to come up with a dance routine. It’s gonna be a struggle. We’Re gonna try our best be spinning. Please don’t judge us we’re trying our best, like, I said, we’re, not dancers, but we’re trying for you guys, yeah all right. Let’s figure this out. Okay, so I’m gonna try my best. I’m struck without the beat okay, so you kind of talked through it. So you know, I think we should do. We should try to incorporate else. Favorite dance moves into it, so she’s more comfortable. All right! All right now show us your favorite dance moves. Let’s see it makes you like that you, like the shape. I see you like that, like, like the legs shake you like that huh, so you, like the sugar shake like this one, okay, you like the because do you think Christopher, Oh with, I think we start out with something very subtle coming into the front right, so We start out of the frame right all right. Let’s give us some a little bit of time to brainstorm, because if you guys were to watch us right now, you probably laugh – and we don’t want that. Huh we’re gonna try our best to practice a little bit before we show you context all right so really just put together something really quick, we’re not sure how we feel about it. I’m not sure if this is the one yet, but we get to finally show you guys a little bit of something we’re still learning just don’t babies, no judges, please a penguin super hard. We have a real base name, we have a three-year-old, it’s extremely hard to give her do certain things. The time will be must say just one looking at you up into my eyes and I’ll stay where you go around the time every day you with me when I think I can’t stand, think I can’t stand. You got big things coming part of your plan. The letter you were giving it’s a vision, you will keep me moving if I’m passion I just wanna get my to the red Sun. You let me so I could I be complacent, not afraid of the battles I’ve been facing. Nothing that you do is always there and you gotta fire like I’m, listen, cuz I was gonna copy or not this time hell.
You done a family he’ll check that on us she’s a concentrate for way too long.. If you liked it baby, what do you think? Do you like it first time ever trying to put together something like an actual yeah, but I promise she was a lot harder than it looks. It was hard because, like you guys know with thick three-year-olds, it’s just hard to get them to like do things like focus like focus yeah, and so obviously I was doing the best that she could yeah. She was literally checking out towards that. Okay, I’m done now. Literally, a STEMI if you enjoy our choreography and you guys wants to do a part. Two comment below and stay tuned yeah next time we’re gonna be doing with Alejo when she’s walking – yes she’s, oh my god, she’s 11 months tomorrow, so she’s gonna be 11 months tomorrow, she’s not walking. Yet she stands up on her own to kind of like. Sometimes she, like kind of like do one step legs. A little lazy, just put it that way, stay tuned for part two, maybe in a few months when Leigh is actually walking. So now we want to talk to you guys about something very special to us. So, a couple of months ago we were reached out by make-a-wish Foundation through a family member of ours. You guys aren’t familiar with make-a-wish Foundation. Make A Wish Foundation allows kids with disability and illness is to make their one wish, and their wish was to meet the ACE family they’re one with literally like they asked to make one wish their wish could be anything in the world baby, anything in the world And they asked to meet us, and so when we heard that we were like okay, this is crazy. We need to meet them yes, so this happened last week and so finally, we’re gonna be sharing that with you guys it was an extremely heartwarming experience. We got to meet four amazing people and their families and, of course, with their consent we’re finally able to share a little bit of our experience that day. I know that there’s a lot of people watching us with disabilities with sicknesses. You know there’s millions and millions and millions of you and everyone is going through something different, just know whatever you have, it doesn’t stop you from making your dreams come true. You have us that youth family always a part of your life.
We love all of you. So much – and we just wanted to share this with you guys so what’s up face family we’ve got some exciting news to share with you guys today. So I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the make-a-wish Foundation, but the make-a-wish Foundation is a wonderful amazing foundation that gives kids with critical illnesses. One wish wish can be meet a celebrity, a professional athlete, whoever might be travel and Make A Wish Foundation covers all that, the expenses all the costs of the family and they make that one wish come true. Well, a couple of months back Make A Wish Foundation reached out and they had several kids that their one wish was to meet Austin and Katherine Allen, Alea an amazing just opportunity for Austin Catherine to give back once again. This is something that Katherine actually mentioned, that she’s been wanting to do so. It’s just. It seems like these kind of things just when they come on, it happens, Austin and Katherine. They make it happen, even though there’s busy as they are for me, it just couldn’t be more proud and we’re excited to meet these kids. Hey Stan there. We go, I’m not getting nervous on the life now. I know I also said sometimes he gets nervous right before hi guys. What’s up, fam excited to see me good news and some bad news. Austin and Katherine aren’t gonna be able to be here, but I’m here, that’s all seem very excited there. Verax just as excited as you guys, if not more excited, this is some that they’ve actually he’s been on there to do this, and that they’ve wanted to do for for a long time. As you guys know, they’re just super extremely busy and they you know made this happen and it’s important to them and they feel honored that you guys have. You know major wish to meet BAE’s family. So we’re we’re super excited and, like I said I’m, you know we just feel blessed that we could be here and be a part of this wonderful amazing. You know day, okay, so what made you do it? What made you pick out of your one wish? What made you pick the East ma’am, some really awesome. People like they’d always make. Oh, it’s so so amazing yeah yeah, they’re gonna love to hear that Georgina. So what what made you pick? Bae’s family It just like helped me get there about why the Hayes family even have the t-shirt.
You got everything got all the gear, all the merch gear, when I’m in pain It just takes away my pain when I’m they just it’s amazing Can I hug you it’s amazing, hello How are you nice to meet you? I know who you are I was just telling that we’re gonna ready to go out and bring them in You excited hurricane huh, so glad you guys made it here safely and all your wishes You could have had why these men, because I love your great house – is crazy for a sweet So let me go out and let me grab them and we’ll go from there Okay, guys, you guys ready five Eight, they are super excited They cannot wait to meet you guys These kids are I wanted You know me, I don’t know why Every time it comes the kids I’m up, my family, i started getting choked up They are super excited These kids are amazing They very Popeye ready to go Papa You don’t need some kids Thank you They’Re excited to meet you you and Lena yeah That’s good! So you ready you ready to meet the kids, see the kids going to see the kid Oh really chew Hi, I didn’t know you’re leaving she usually wave So did everyone already eat yeah? They already look I think we’re late or a little late Okay, so should we play games, you don’t play games down, we should play games our next family Thank you opportunity, and, as always, we do, I think, of our pulse of the case of shelter women So today’s posted a vacation shout out goes to unheard melody, so you know who you are and shout out to you: hey shout to girl, also want to shut up make-a-wish Foundation and to every kid who was a part of it Your wish will come true Very soon, and whoever else would like a post invitations shout out, all you gonna do is subscribe to the ACE family Hit that subscribe button turn our pulse on vacations Hit that Bell button once you do those two things I’m gonna do is comment, and obviously, give it a thumbs up for orell for us trying to put together a choreography for you guys I took like five years I’ll gonna be like a legit dancer, yeah she’s gonna look back She just has to be in the right mood I know so like comment share and subscribe and, like me and my beautiful Queen Pease

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