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Embarrassing junior year in 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

There is a life valley and you see the green cap Mattie I can take. What I need to get me together. Take me back okay, so it is currently 57 57 right, we’re just finishing up my makeup routine. My eyes are so red, like the actual eye part just looks so irritated, and so because I’m on anything, it’s because it’s because I’ve been easy, like oh, my gosh serum my eye just turns over when I use it at first. That’s what my eyes are super red. I don’t know if you guys can tell that well, but like they’re, pretty red around my eyes, okay guys, so here is my completed.
Look for today. I just strained my hair right here. It’s already, naturally straight I straighten it. Just to get those little kinks out cuz I sleep with my hair, like wet, say, shower, and then I go to bed, I’m wearing this oversized jean jacket from brandy, melville, and then this dress I thrifted from di, and then I have my backpack, which is huge. Then I’m wearing my Nike Hall shoes it with some red socks – and I have this like little dainty sparkly necklace, there’s the outfit of the day at 7:21. So I’m supposed to be in the kitchen by 722 to make myself breakfast so I’m gonna go and do that right now. What gobble gobble get out of here mom wants to get this cinematic shots. Honestly, my dad thinks I stole his hydro flask, but this is mine. Kristin no, there’s like literally nowhere to place my camera in my car because it just slides around, but I just want to do the intro right now. Basically, what’s going on today is a school vlog blogging at school. Stresses me so bad. It stresses me out whenever I like wet, go back and like watch my old school vlogs, I’m like oh, I was so much fun, and so it’s like I’m like one day. I’m gonna be like so old and just I realize that it didn’t really matter so just anyway, I can drive now by the way I Drive by myself, my mom’s on thesea, I’m letting my car warm up, yeah, I’m gonna go to school today. Today is a bday and it’s also a half-day at my school today because of like teacher administration meetings.
So that’s nice, I thought that would be fun and then I’m gonna go out to lunch with some of my friends after school gets out. So I think, will be a good day to vlog. I can do this, I’m gonna go. Oh, my camera is not gonna stick when I try, because it just doesn’t. Okay guys, I’m now at school, I’m actually eight minutes early such a baby. Those financial literacy there’s a lot of fun in public, so we’re gonna go right, we’re in ceramics class and I suck so bad a ceramics. It’s a really hard class. For me, hey guys, this is hunters, play it’s so good, okay mines! Even worse, though, it’s supposed to be a cat, but it’s like all swirly and twirly, and it’s really bad yeah and it’s so thick and laughs I’d and I don’t know how to fix it. So is this Teddy, so school got out about an hour ago. It’s now 12 41. We went to watch and I forgot my camera. I had just grabbed my keys in my phone that way when I got dropped off. I’D have to lug around my backpack and as soon as we were driving there Mike, I forgot my dang vlog camera, so didn’t vlog that but – and I don’t think I got enough footage today at school for a school blog, so I’m gonna be my camera Again tomorrow, but yeah school, let out so that’s it for today probably see you guys tomorrow morning, the next day. Okay, love you mom bye morning, guys. I look like a snazzy librarian. Today, don’t worry right, but I’m running late, so I’m gonna say sayonara, bye, I’ll see you guys at school. Today, okay, ready yeah, say your name. You wanted to be in the vlog, so I guess everyone’s silent now! That’s so awkward, why my volume, my PE friends, will the right real-life friends to me chilling him. We just finished letters and jackets, it’s good at 60 degrees today, so I kinda have to do that So this is a sweater and it says research, because I love researching things and it’s actually, my friend make multiples if you’re watching this thanks for my pants were actually from H & M they’re, very high waisted and oh, oh she’s got a jig, oh right, bands From bands mmm so good, what about you? Oh by the way this is channeling Holly yeah.
This is Sean Breanna where’s Our offer from this is from really it’s so cute These are from cotton Literally, look How cute is yes, literally, look at her She is so own – oh my goodness, you’re watching this thanks for and we’re going to I’m allergic I just bit into this cookie without a good It’s a guys If my throat starts to close stop I have every penny where’s the EpiPen when, like we’re in the car he’s not into my oh she’s, okay, she’s good amount of gold good morning Are you doing guys literally every single time I see Eli, he asked to be in the blog I don’t just have everyone know we are doing alphago, okay, some red box, some girlfriend – I don’t know Eddie socks, okay, Levi’s, jeans Okay, I think this resume is Some rings He’s got eyes hey This is Michael He wanted to be on the blog there’s Jeremy That’s really good! Thank you, Michael bye, hey guys, we are in guitar class, my favorite, it’s so much fun, but you’re gonna judge you It looks so good down below anything Why is it actually kind of good? Oh hunter, this isn’t in Vienna right Marla You can’t do that to you test experience, my battery’s dying, hey guys, it’s fake, but look how glorious this is so good yeah I love my mom three hours Late L know I’m back home school also I just want to say thanks to anyone that goes to my school, that was in my vlogs going The thought of vlogging at school gives me so much social anxiety, but I like get over it like I’m able to get over it So it’s fine, but any time the floor just like nice about it makes you feel a lot better So thank you guys for that okay, I’m gonna blast now buh-bye guys have a good day good! Oh sorry, you can literally just check a banana cut you what’s such a waste I mama anyway, I was like you guys later have a good day Bye, padishah

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