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Emma Chamberlain’s high end clothing line try on / review

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone. Now there has been a lot of controversy over this brand and I actually didn’t really know anything about this brand. I’m not gonna lie, I saw it launched on the dough tap and I saw that there was like fluffy jackets tank tops and, most importantly, scrunchies. I love a good scrunchie but, as you guys probably know, do’t actually does not currently ship to Canada. So I just assumed I wouldn’t get the product, so I didn’t really give it much thought and then probably two weeks ago, don’t reach out to me and they were like hey.
Would you like to try Heike and I was like yes? I definitely would because a lot of you guys have been asking about it because you’re curious about it, and I I want to film what you want to see so long story short. If you’re curious on how I got these products, it’s because don’t sent them to me directly because I have worked with do’t. Well, not really worked with them. I’ve never been paid by dope, but I’ve done giveaways with do’t, for you guys, so I’ve never been actually like paid or sponsored to do something. The one thing I said over text was: if I’m gonna, do this haul. I have to be able to give an honest review. If I don’t like something, I’m gonna say I don’t like it and they were completely fine with it. I think they more liked the idea of the exposure, so that is what we’re gonna do. So it’s kind of a win-win Heike gets exposure. You guys get to see Heike and I get Heike. So I don’t know I’m really. I kind of am a fan of Emma Chamberlain. I cannot watch them before bed because they get me all like it feels me, and my friend are talking about this yesterday. It feels like things are like being thrown at you, while you’re watching them cuz. Your editing is so like whoa, but okay. So now that I’ve got all the info out of the way, I’m going to unbox everything that they said, I have yet to see what they sent me from the collection, because I actually don’t know, I’m pretty sure her collection is very, very small items. I’ve seen is like a red, yellow tank top yellow denim jacket that purple fluffy jacket. I think they’re called like poofy jackets. I don’t know I’ve never had one, but I’m excited – hopefully it’s in here and also the scrunchies, I’m pretty sure. That’s the extent of her line.. So I’m very curious to see if it actually is one size, because if it is, I’m surprised me and Emma we are kind of the same size. So if she made it her size I’ll probably be able to fit it, but that’s really not exclusive for everybody.
So but okay, I came in this big box. I actually ripped the Box open trying to see what it is and yeah. So, let’s get into this alright first thing they sent a card, I’m pretty sure this will just be for me yeah, it’s just some info on the items. Alright everything looks really cute love the packaging. Umm just gotta just gotta say one thing about me: I look so pale. I honestly look like a vampire. I haven’t been able to fake tan for the last two weeks. I know a lot of you are probably like thank the Lord Mia’s fake Tanner right now, but um I haven’t been able to so I don’t know what you prefer me having uneven fake tan or me being an actual ghost. So that’s what I am today. So please try not to be afraid, try not to get spooked anyway. It looks like there’s five products in here: lick open the first one. So here is the first piece, so it’s kind of this, what it’s not kind of it’s a white tank top the straps are very, very thin and elasticy and the fabric of this okay. Here I am guessing a fabric wrong again. What does this feel like? It feels not velvety, not silky, I’m trying to relate it to something I would honestly say if there was such a thing as faux velvet. That is what this feels like. I love the coloring of the tags. How she did like this really really light blue and then it says high key. It does look very small. Let me check the tag machine wash cold hang dry made in California, so it’s made in California. Here is what it looks like very cute, very basic I’ll put the price of this on the screen. I think she also was getting a little bit of heat for the prices being kind of high, but I actually don’t think her prices are too outrageous. I definitely don’t think they’re inexpensive, but I don’t think they’re like high-end prices. So if it’s a good product, I definitely think it’ll be worth it. So let’s go ahead and try this on baud. Alright. So here is the first top on. As you can see, it fits me like a glove. I think that I am the body type that this brand is kind of catered to. So I don’t want to say too much about the fit because I usually fit a small, and this is, I think, supposed to fit a small. So it’s good on that front, but I kind of didn’t think there was gonna be an issue there. I do really really like. I don’t know why, but the detailing on the tag is really cute.
It’s got like this nice feeling to it. I don’t know. I know that part like doesn’t really matter, but for some reason it matters to me. I don’t know it reminds me of a business card. I’ve once felt. I don’t really know now. One thing I didn’t really mention about this shirt is: it does actually have two layers on the top half and with all of these lights, you can kind of tell that the bottom piece is a little bit more sheer than the top piece, not as if it’s Like a big deal, I think if I wasn’t wearing a bra which excuse my bra straps, but if I wasn’t wearing a broad, then you wouldn’t really have to worry about like flashing anybody, which I do like that attention to detail on that part. I think Emma probably put that detail in herself because she understands the struggle of accidentally flashing people, but I really like how it looks. I love the feeling of it. It’s super super soft and I think it is well made it doesn’t feel like if I pulled the straps they would just like fly off, so I’m gonna give this one a thumbs up, but I do think that it should be available in more sizes. Okay, next PC one thing I really think is I love trying youtubers products, because when making my merch, I ran into a lot of problems with like not getting the design I wanted. I had to work really hard to make sure I got what I wanted, because I wanted it stitched in and like the shipping it was. The production was after the orders which caused it to take like a month for it to be produced. So when trying youtubers products, I just have like a big respect for them, because I know sometimes it can be more difficult. I’m sure Emma got like some help, obviously with her team, but I mean it’s still just exciting. I don’t know because when I launched my merch sorry making it about me, but when I launched my merch, I was so excited and happy about the product and I just hope every youtuber who launches things feels that same way, and I don’t know where am I Going with this no idea, alright, now we’ve got some of her scrunchies so excited to have some new scrunchies. Here is a white one, and these are actually the same fabric as that white tank top. If I was to wear these together, they would go together perfectly they’re, the same fabric. We got a red one, and these are actually very well made. They’ve got her little tag on it and everything stitched right on so red, yellow and white. All very cute.
I don’t know how to really test this, but I’ll try them on on my head in the next scene. Alright, so we got the three scrunch errs right here: the little scrunchies one detailing which I mentioned, but I really love the Heike logo right here. The local logo, so I think I will try the white one in my hair. It feels like whatever I don’t have any pressure on my bun, a great one comes out like before I’m getting in the shower or something the bun will just be like an A+. But if I actually want a messy bun to look cute, then I just can’t do it so wish me luck, alright, good tension, good pull, good tug to the scrunch I mean scrunchies are so awesome, I’m honestly so happy that they came back into style because they’re, So cute and like they’re comfy, I think that they’re honestly comfier than normal hair elastics. I also like the way they look on your wrists like these ones. I have on the floor. I really like these, like. I always have a blue one on my wrist. So now you can catch me with all of them on my arms and I like always having them to throw onto my hand. Why am i? Why am I talking about the scrunchie so much? I would say that it has good tension. Good fluff, good appeal. Look at that, I look like Cindy Lou, Who kind of a look: alright good. Oh my goodness, there’s actually so much products in here. Okay, what is under here? What is this? It’s so heavy! Oh, my goodness wait! What did she come out with a pair of jeans? No did she. This is called Reformation Reformation made from 100% recycled paper. That is insane. Is that real? Oh, my gosh correct me. If I’m wrong, I don’t think this is Emma Chamberlain’s brand. They might have just sent these cuz, they wanted to see what they looked like with the products which is really good because I’m actually wearing sweatpants right now. So I probably should be wearing jeans to show these off, but if this is actually made from 100% paper, that is so awesome and these are in a size. 25. I didn’t know I was getting these so I’ll put those on and I’ll use the bees to model the rest of the pieces. Alright. So let’s talk about the first things. First, there are 25. So I believe, that’s a 1 and I don’t think these are exclusive to rare clothing line. I think they just incorporate a lot of the things she likes like their. What is the word good for the environment because they’re made 100 percent from paper? As you can see, my legs strike again. They are a little bit too short, which i think is more me problem than anything.
My legs are a little bit of a on shape. They’Re pretty long. One thing, though, is they made paper super super comfortable, and usually I have gapping back here, but in these jeans I don’t like they have a lot of elasticity to them, which I really really like. These are honestly like jeggings on steroids. These are so comfortable, ok, opening up the next thing. We’ve got another tank top. Oh my word: when I’ve seen this online, it did not look this bright here. It is it’s a bright, bright, yellow same fabric as the white one same idea, the straps these are so so cute and it seems like this is the only size. So I don’t know I mean it’s pretty stretchy, but it is very cropped. So I think anyone who is bigger than a small/mediummight feel a little bit. What is the word gypped by these? Just because a lot of fans of Emma Chamberlain are going to be bigger than a small/medium, so I don’t know. I think that it should be available in all sizes. Ok, let’s try this on. This is a bright color like that is a bold move to make a color like this. Here we go, we’ve got a bright, yellow tank top on this is so so bright and off camera. My mom was like these are Ronald McDonald color, and I don’t mean that as an insult, you know that’s a compliment. Those colors are so those are those really great colors so same thing with the fabric super super soft. I do also like kind of the fit of this tape top in particular, because it’s tight right here, but then it kind of flares out a little bit really like it. Oh my tags, sticking out yeah, we got the Heike tag right there I mean I like it again, but I think more sizes should be available. I can’t wait any longer. Let’s open the poopy jacket, I don’t know if these are actually like called poopy jackets, but that’s what everybody seems to be calling them here it is. I am going to live in this jacket um. I am on a quest for comfort 24/7. I love being comfortable and this screams comfort. Oh my gosh, it is so so soft. It honestly feels like a very, very soft puppy. I think I better show this on, because right now it just looks like a brown blob so I’ll throw that on alright. So we’ve got the poopy jacket now, so so soft on the outside and the inside is not half bad too. It’s got a little bit of this I want to say this reminds me of like when I tried a whole bunch of prom dresses when I had that like kind of chiffon feel that’s what it feels like.
I am so excited for this jacket Oh my gosh, I love it I literally love this jacket and I think this actually it would fit a little bit more people than just a small It’s got obviously a lot of room in the arms lots of room even after being zipped up I think there’s more room in here Oh my gosh, oh my goodness, literally catch me wearing this in sweatpants This is taken my style from a comfy to a whole nother level of comfort I also liked it because you can kind of you can look the collar up alright and last, but certainly well This is another tank huh and it is the red color So we’ve got oh, I get it The scrunchies coincide with the tank top so to wear them together That’s actually a really really cute idea to get tank tops and scrunchies to match I really like that see how it fits probably will fit the exact same But let’s try alright last tank top we’ve got this velvety soft red tank top again, with the tag that I really really like, we figured out The camera was on manual focus, so we’re gonna show it again, and hopefully it’s focused this time One thing I actually like about this one that isn’t the exact same as the other ones is I think this one could be dressed up a little bit more because it’s more of a rich color I think this was like a black skirt and tights You could wear like Christmas party, Christmases, probably came and went New Year’s party You could probably wear this too You would dress it up, dress it down with some shorts and converse I do like this I’m actually really excited to have All of these I think they’re Super cute and again, you could put your hair up and match I kind of like that idea She had halves The scrunchies match the shirt Alright, you guys so that has been trying Emma Chamberlain’s clothing line a Heike What do you guys think of the clothing line? I know it’s not very extensive, like not a lot of pieces, but I actually was very impressed with the pieces that were made I think the coloring is really cute and I think the branding of Heike, like the logo is very Emma, which I like love the scrunchies I honestly just love scrunchies in general and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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