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(English) GRWM ___! What is it?

30 Sep , 2019  

It’S pretty hot today so, while doing makeup I’m gonna drink pocari-sweat., My skin is really tight right now, so I’m gonna start with skin care right away. This is an essence that I’ve been telling people that this is. My favorite item shake this to use. And this one is a clear essence that has fresher finishing.. So this essence fits better than the thermal one in the weather, like nowadays I’m gonna start with wiping out my skin with the gauze side of a cotton pad.
Ever since I used Life Plankton a few years ago. I never stopped using this Because my skin looks totally different when I don’t use this. Now I’m gonna tap my skin with the other side of a cotton pad. It really helps my exfoliation and pore care also softens. My skin, which makes me feel like my skin, gets clean Recently as people who are following my Instagram might know, People have been telling me to upload the dating vlogs more, so I uploaded a bunch of them, as they told me to, And then people started to Tell me “We, I’m making GRWM right now~. It feels like the weather got hotter, so fast, I’m, gonna use, this serum Oil and serum are separated in here. So I’m gonna mix them like this. For today I only brought the cosmetics that I use really a lot on a daily basis, So you’re gonna see lots of my cosmetic items that I use on a daily basis. When I do skin care, I have to put enough oil on my face and if not my skin gets sore.. The point of my skin care is how I make my skin oily even inside without heaviness or stickiness., And this Abeille Royale fits me pretty well. The next one is this: BobbI Brown Moisturizing Balm.. Soouffle cream~. Still it feels like mo-balm moisturize, including inside of skin better., But since the weather is getting warmer, I wanted to use cream that focuses more on the hydration., So I used this cream when I want to give my skin fresher feeling than when I use mo-balm.. Now I finished with filling moisture on my skin.. Next one is a sunblock.. I also saw you guys really a lot so it’s quite embarrassing to introduce this right now. Larocheposay uvidea xl melt in cream, But today, instead of using this I’m gonna use this one, which is in the same uvidea line, but has a tone-up function.
. I use this one when I don’t wear makeup, But I prefer this tone-up cream to use before makeup.. I bought this in Olive Young.. This one has 50 spf And ++++ pa.. The reason that I like this cream is that It’s really easy to make my skin tone-up right away after rubbing like this for couple times., It makes tone-up really naturally and easy without leaving white casts., So it’s really comfortable to use And also La Roche-Posay products, are Really mild It’s, an item that I get to use on a daily basis., Which foundation should I use for today. Actually, the one that I like to use nowadays is cushion products.. I get lazy these days, so I haven’t used foundations a lot, So the cushion that I use a lot these days is Doesn’t the case look like summer. It also has lettering on here. Even this cushion band looks like summer, Since I use lots of cushion products nowadays, I tried various cushion products as a test. And among those products I ended up with using 4-5 of them, So I’m.” Originally, I used to do cushion reviews, But there are so many cushions to review…. There are lots of cushions to introduce, but I’m still working on how to This cushion is really nice. It fills out the space between pores or skinfolds, really nicely., And I, like its finishing that, is very thin and makes the skin texture pretty.. You guys might be tired to see this powder again, So I’m gonna finish, putting powder on really quick without talking. And for today, I’m gonna start with lips first.. The reason that I am starting with lips is that There were lots of people asked me why my lips are so dark, But, as I told you in the vlogs, My lips are dark originally., So they look dark even in the pictures of my childhood. Anyway. Lip for today is It looks pretty as a base., Especially in the pictures that I went to the water park. They look even bluish, not even dark., I’m gonna fill out my lips with this coral and nudy colored lip balm. And I’m using this color literally everyday.
.. I also mentioned about its color’s brightness. So I’m gonna start putting this on from inside Those five colors that I showed in the haul are also the ones that I picked And among those five I think this Born To Be Red. Color fits my face. The best After that, I’m gonna put a powder on it slightly.. The next one is the brow. My go-to I like to draw my eyebrows thick these days, So I’m gonna do the same thing for today as well.. The reason that I’m drinking pocari-sweat is that Yesterday I got stomachache after eating soy-sauce-marinated crab. You must be careful when eating foods in summer guys.. I eventually went to the toilet back and forth. When that happens, you really have to drink lots of water, And when I get stomachache, I drink lots of sports drink in order to keep water in my body., So I bought a bunch of pocari-sweats and powerades and I am drinking them till today. I think the answer is to eat “cooked” foods, As I really love seafood kinds, so I sometimes get stomachache And it was the worst when I had oysters two years ago.. So even if I promised myself not to eat raw foods during summer, I forget about it. Next year Now, I’m gonna move on to the eye makeup And because I’m gonna wear a white dress. I used this bright red color for my lips, So I’m gonna do my eye makeup not too deeply but shiny a bit. This is also the one that I used a lot. This one is also the one that is really famous., so. I’m gon Na put this on starting from the center of the eye., This one is really pretty.. This is my base setup.. Oh, I forgot about shading, I’m gonna use these two at the same time., I’m gonna use, the peanut blossom, first. And then I’m gonna use this almond blossom, which has slightly darker color., Actually it’s hard to notice the difference. Even if you put the color a lot on under the chin darker., So I’m gonna put the color on here couple more times And also I’m gonna use almond blossom. To make my beauty line shadows., It was hard to notice the change when I used peanut blossom., And this is a diary that I’m using nowadays., Isn’t it pretty guys Tada~.
Actually it is a palette.. This was sent from this brand as a gift And at first I thought it was an actual diary, but it was a palette. I was totally surprised by that., I’m gonna mix these two colors for my base, shadow I’m, putting this on the top of the pearl area that I put on previously. Air-conditioner in my house is still not working. It works but I’m the first one who moved in this house So they said I can use it after getting some kind of check.. But people haven’t come here for that till now. So it’s, okay at night, because I can open my window., But during the daytime it’s too hot. I’m connecting the line till the triangular point.. It was really hard to find the triangular point area at first.. You have to find your own area so that your eye makeup becomes prettier., I’m gonna mix, this soft, pink and soft brown And put it on the end of double eyelid.. Recently, people who recognize me became a lot when I go outside. What I imagined was me: greeting people with high toned voice like “So great, to see you ” or something like that., But I couldn’t do it like that.. It is really pleased and thankful. When I meet my subscribers., I was always regretting when I looked back Thinking. “I should’ve been more enthusiastic, ☹”, That’s that.. Why am I forgetting a lot today? I’M gonna do rose shading with the peanut blossom. I’m, putting the shading on starting from this part of eyebrow.. Putting shading on this part helps my face. Parts look clearer and makes the center of my face. Look like it’s keeping its position. to the outside of the nose~ And using this tiny brush with tiny amount of color. I’M gonna connect the shading with the outer part. And also the lips., And this is a skill that I’m into nowadays. Using the peanut blossom. I’M gonna put it on the philtrum., Keep the brush with number 11 shape.. So you put the color on here till you think it’s too much. And next it looks hilarious if you finish like this, So I’m using this rest on the cushion and pressing it on the philtrum, Like this. And for the eyeliner This is also the one that I showed you a lot before.
I think liquid eyeliner is really put on the waterline nicely without spreading, After filling the waterlines now~~ Tada~, With this mahogany color I use this kind of dark as eyeliner, but with no flowing powder and no cakey feeling for the edge of my eyelid, Drawing the edge with the shadow, looks prettier and more natural like this~ I’M gonna connect it with the waterline to make it look natural I’M not finished yet I’m gonna also fill in the front part After finishing this What is the next next one is putting pearl on the beauty Lines, Obviously I’m using this pearl that I used few minutes Ago And good thing about this is that It is hard to put powder type pearl on the beauty line I have to use my finger for the powder type to make the color clearer, But this one is a jelly type or, I should say, it’s a type that leaves my handprint on it When I press it, It is put on really well, even when I put it on with my brush I have to put on this front part as well This palette is perfect, except that it doesn’t have dark Colors, I’m gonna use this dark color that I use a lot I’m Gon na put this part of my eyelid once again The last thing that’s left is blusher I couldn’t buy a case for this one, I’m gonna put it on in this direction This one lights up, my chick, naturally without messing up in spite of its whiteness I use this blusher all the time for any kinds of makeup that I do I’m finished with my makeup and I’ve not been wearing lenses these days and then I’m gonna come back with camera on after putting clothes, on It’s been a while that I’m wearing This kind of short white dress, with lots of frills instead of a long dress This is a bag that people asked me about in Instagram, It’s, Locle cross bag with weird way to put on It looks pretty when I shorten the strap, so I’ve been wearing a lot These days Away Bye~❤️

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