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Estonian national spider attack.

30 Sep , 2019  

Jerusem other poisonous spiders in this country. Where is the spider? It’s right. I don’t know. If there’s poisonous spiders, I don’t want to die. I’ve never seen it before and it’s starting everything. Just a Google mom. I didn’t care, I don’t want to die. I don’t kill stuff, it was white with a black pot. I wanna dies. Mom we’ve had a breach it I’m gonna sleep in the toilet tonight day, one in Estonia it rained and a spider good in. How am I gonna sleep? Okay, everyone knows there might be another one say that look, how you’re swinging on there Nefertiti Kapadia never to go there.
You are isn’t this fun, but back to go and look at a stone yard. Go to old town, you’re, ready. Here’s all the prams ready, yay we’re going to be going through all the places, a mummy planned for you to see me and daddy have been here but you’re here. For the first time, I’m going to show you everything. Finally, we are off to go and see Estonia. The car will stay here, we’re all ready to go. Are you ready guys? Let’s go see, is cry and like can you get out this? Why do we have to go that way? Let’s go that way: it’s there’s a game. Will it open? We do not know we’ll go this way, just in case the gate doesn’t open because they locked it up at night so that we’re safe in here right. We have to pump our tires they’re quite flat. Okay, we’ll go to the petrol station, which is right here, I’m so excited. I know it’s I can’t get over it. We finally do what we’ve always wanted to. I like we’ve done heaps up with one or two, but this is just this just blows it all. They probably just think it’s Finland everywhere we go the same place every time, we’re pumping the tires up before we go for a long work, sided yeah, yeah yeah later you know we’re gonna go see a castle. Yes, I wonder if there’s a princess there never did is going to get affected press again and aphrodite our spider hands. Very yes, you are the king. That’s right! I never thought of that. He always comes back with that and spider hands about. Show me spider hands. Now we’re heading into old town, Estonia I’ll run to the guys I’ll run, run, let’s head off and we’re going to show you a really cool wall. It’s that way and we can climb inside Cleopatra Cleopatra you’ve always wanted this shine children, some history. This is where we’re sleeping tonight, it’s warmer, we can sleep here, Paul leave the motor home and sleep in these things. These walls are so tall, so no one wants to leave because it’s cold or windy.
We need to go to the tower where they used to fire. All the arrows out of these streets are beautiful. What clear pictures checking out all the buildings what’s wrong with this one cuz! That’s where the crackers on our way they put elephant. What do you guys think of these streets? Are they beautiful? This Sonia is beautiful. We’Re gonna head down this way too fat Margaret’s Tower and now with conscious that Margaret’s Tower up there Judi goes near. Romeo runs your fat Margaret. So here they go. You want to go where are we Shakespeare that mum Marvins we’re outside fat Margaret’s tower and we’re reading the plaque here and it says clear putt you want to read it and read the one. This is on behalf of the grateful people in Estonia. It’s not lovely. It’s lovely to see everyone. It’s lovely, having countries help for the countries we’re going to this little tiny church – hey, let’s go Cleopatra, also wanted to hold on to the little tiny church. Are you having fun? It’s very heavy. Okay. I said to Cleopatra. She wasn’t allowed to look around the corner because she will get really excited when she sees this. Look good, okay, Cleopatra, come this way, you can read all the history in the books when we get home into the motorhome lives. I wanted you to see Judy go in the tour, go in it. Let’s walk this way, guys my hands are shaking. we didn’t bring winter clothes or, oh, my goodness, my hair’s, a shaky shaking for that cool little door. I never attended you wanna come out. She can help out now. Jerusem. Do you enjoy sitting like that? No, he doesn’t like it help me out. Everyone thinks it’s funny, your brother’s being a Houdini yeah, you can run across this wall everywhere, run run, run, run good question. All the doors are really sure right, that’s a big door up there. This is the Giant. This is the Giants place. This is one of the big people with I know, maybe someone I should film cuz. My hands are shaking all the time. King James. This is your castle. This is your castle you’re, the king of this castle and you’re the princess of the castle come on. Can you draw another one? Next, one Jerusalem, what break the other arm go on just do it? Can you do it? Are they all coming? Hey, that’s not cool, they might play Rolie polies on the way down. I’m trying to hold the camera straight. Okay, guys, I’m actually gonna pay you to go inside over here Let’s go there before it starts pouring down rain day, one in Estonia, it’s decided to rain daddy’s outside putting a prayer minica and we decided to buy some junk food.
We’ve got cheese and chocolate, cocoa, puppy thing, Omega Jernigan and we’ve got so Estonian biscuits and we’re gonna use the same paper plates to put our chickpea sauce and macaroni into after so even though it rains we spill any funds, and I’m gonna edit here And I’m eating the same kind of junk food What are you doing? What is it cold? Okay in English, I have read it in English Romeo What are you doing? Eating jerusalem? What’s the plans for the next few hours, you have a whole bunch of Rhino credits to put on Rhino covers on two iPhones no dust allowed under the covers: that’s a big job and then we’re going to pull out the board games What games are we not playing today? Everyone is monopoly, why we usually play for about four hours So we know sorry four days, that’s right! So we’ll pull out some board games They said it’s gonna rain tomorrow, so we’ll still film a little bit of tomorrow In the van and then on Sunday they said it’s gonna be sunny and we have already planed that we’re gonna go and see Yes, we are, we are going to the princess castle or she calls it Princess castle will vlog every day, Oh Nikolas, but you play Legos Yes, so you have You fun, do some other poisonous spiders in this country Where is the spider? That’s right I don’t know If there’s poisonous spiders, I don’t want to die I’ve never seen it before, and it’s studying everything just googled mom I don’t care, I don’t want to die, I don’t kill stuff, it was white with a black pot, there’s more of them and they just start crawling into my mouth We’ve had a breach it I’m gonna sleep in the toilet tonight day, one in Estonia it rained and a spider good in we can sleep Okay, everyone knows there might be another one It’s four days until the internet turns on you’re gonna come over here and get it look coming there get down the ladder I didn’t come and get it it’s right here, good night people Hopefully, we made it through the night every day, yeah day, two of our trip around Europe right, yeah we’ve been attacked by a spider and we won numero, no more bugs Hopefully, I saw a bee today, that’s okay! That’s fine! Go day to trip around Europe and stay two of our trip around Europe, it’s our second day in Estonia It rained all day we played board games inside and I edited to the USA It was a perfect day You you

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