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Evaluation of the iPhone 11Pro Max – Nearly perfect!

30 Sep , 2019  

Your guys johnathan here – and this is my review of the iPhone 11 pro max shut up to Luke for the intro track. Jackson and, like you guys, are amazing. That is a brand-new, never heard song ofter upcoming EP so definitely give him a fall to see when that drops. This, though, is the brand new iphone one of three new iPhones this year, the iPhone 11, the 11pro, and what we’ll be talking about mostly today, the iPhone 11 Promax which, after about a week, I have finally somewhat got used to saying before we get any further.
Let’s just get the memes out of the way not gonna lie. I kind of like that. Pikachu one don’t tell Tim Apple. They make their way to the iPhone 11, which I think does nothing but solidify. The fact that I think that is the iPhone for most people, but if you’re someone out there who wants all the things, the 11pro and 11 pro max, do you have some pretty enticing features, so I’m gonna straight out say it. I would call this the iPhone 11 almost pro. There are definitely pro features, and then there are non Pro features. I wouldn’t say, though, that’s a bad thing. I think it does a really good job of blending, both those worlds, which is pretty much exactly what Phil Schiller set up on stage and for us that means it’s a device. The pros can count on to get their work done, but it’s also a product for all of us who want simply the best product made, even if we’re not a pro and, more importantly, from there. I think this paves the way for future pro phones in Apple’s lineup. This is midnight green, which I think might take the cake as the best iPhone 11 Pro color, and if your team, Space, Gray or midnight green, you can fight it out in the comments below. What I want to talk about. First, though, is something that one surprised me into something that I don’t think Apple got enough credit for. but they quietly threw us all a curveball and did the most uh Napa. Like thing, and instead of making a thinner lighter, they thick this up like it is beefy with that weight comes benefits in particular battery life. It’s actually been confirmed that there’s nearly 4,000 milliamp hours of battery packed inside the iPhone 11 Pro max, which is kind of crazy, especially if you think about Apple’s track record one battery specs would never show up on a slide at an Apple keynote or definitely not Their website and two apples, users like yo, here’s, our brand-new shiny processor, it’s faster, it’s gonna give you all these amazing magical features with the same battery life as last year and this year, they’re, giving you everything we’re in this era of year to your phone Upgrades we’re yeah cameras get better, they get added more often, chips get faster, but for the most part, battery life stays relatively stagnant, maybe an hour here at the most two hours there, but what they happen.
11Pro mac specifically, this is five hours more than the iPhone 10’s Macs and you’re getting four hours more on that phone 11 Pro compared to the 10s, which is huge so battery life definitely pro. Sadly, there is no USB C on this year’s iPhone 11 Pro, which I personally would have loved to have seen. The good news is, though, Tim Apple is definitely watching. He’s listening he’s paying attention because they have finally included an 18 watt fast charging, USB seal, lightning, cable and brick in the box, which does make a huge difference. It is worth mentioning that, yes, the iPhone 11 does support fast charging you’re, just stuck with that five watt charger in the box, but with the savings and that $6.99 price tag. You can probably pick something up for maybe 30 bucks and I’ll drop a few options down below. I saw a few questions on Twitter asking how long it took to charge the iPhone 11 pro max from 1% up to 62. That was about 45 minutes 62 to 88 was roughly 35 minutes. 88 to 95 percent was about 30 minutes and taking all that and compiling it you’re looking at 1% to 95 percent in about an hour and 50 minutes. So you see we kind of get that first jolt during the first half of the battery fill up and then it kind of ramps them down. That’s really to preserve the longevity, the battery life, because, if you’re going full force the entire time, that’s like having three bangs in a day. So with that lightning port. I think that’s kind of the perfect example of where Apple’s trying to blend that pro world with the non pro world. It’s almost like they’re doing the dance of trying to please the significant other, but also the in-laws. At the same time, you make one move: they’re, happy, they’re pissed. You flip that they’re happy they’re pissed. You can’t really win again. I, along with the nerds out there would have loved to have seen a USB C port on this year’s iPhone 11 Pro. But then you got to remember: you have the other just regular average consumers if they saw Apple change, the port be like I got, buy a new cable apples just trying to make money off me where I do have a bone. To pick with Tim. Less talk is for whatever reason that lightning port is not USB 3, it is a painfully slow, USB 2 and that’s not a lightning limitation.
We saw USB 3 lightning on the initial iPad pro, so I would have loved to have seen that there. But again, that’s the nerd side. That’s the geek side of me. Do you most people care about that? No now I actually really enjoy the frosted matte finish on the back of the 11pro and the 11pro max. I wouldn’t say that it’s grippier, I think smoother, is probably the better word, but overall, it does feel better in your hand, which is important if you’re rocking a bigger phone, because we all remember what happened to my iPhone 10 s max rest in pieces. Call me crazy, but I actually also really enjoy, and maybe even prefer, the fact the Apple logo is now right smack in the center. It’s super clean is actually not even any iPhone text this year, just the Apple logo, similar to what you see on something like a MacBook now inside the 11pro and the 11pro max is the a 13 Bionic chip which you guessed. It is faster than last year. The a12 Bionic chip was already stupid fast, so I guess this is stupid or fast Faraldo. I do tend to use things like Geekbench to set some sort of baseline or to gauge expectations, but we’re to the point now where it’s so much more than just raw CPU, speed and benchmarks. I’m sure by now you’ve watched tons of finger tap 5,000 speed. But again it is so much more than that. Think of it like a car right, you’re only gonna go zero to 60 so fast, and if you do beat that speed, you are talking minut increments, where the advantage is something like the 813 Bionic do actually matter. Aren’t things like smart HDR, extender, dynamic range, stabilization portrait mode? Those are things that actually take advantage of the chip. He then pair that with specialized coprocessors like the new UN chip, which allows your iPhone to be spatially aware of its surroundings, that’s going to be helpful for future things like Apple tags, but immediately you’ll see benefits with things like airdrop, also that a 13 chip – it’s Not just limited to the 11pro, and in 11 Pro max, it’s in that $6.99 iPhone as well once again showing that is the best iPhone for most people also also processor Pro. So, while those phones all do share the same processor, where they do absolutely differ, is with the displace, with 11 Pro and 11 Pro max you’re, given higher resolution and OLED versus LCD on the iPhone 11 from smallest to biggest, you have the iPhone 11 Pro, which Sizes in at five point eight inches. You then have the iPhone 11, which is six point one inches.
And finally, we got the big thick boy, the iPhone 11 pro max, which comes in at a whopping 6.5 inches at a massive 226 grams. Now I’m not gonna lie Apple does have some pretty ridiculous marketing terms from time to time. It’s called mobile me paint me mochi, the super retina XD Arden and ridiculous names aside, the displays on the 11 Pro and Pro Mac’s are legitimately awesome. For starters, you have a better contrast: ratio of 2 million to one so you’re gonna get deeper blacks and brighter brights, and when you combine that with OLED and iOS 13 dark mode, it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s also brighter in every possible way. One. There is a sustained output of 800 nits and that’s something you’ve noticed in day-to-day tasks like messages Safari Spotify, but where it takes a piece from the protis Play. Xdr is there’s actually a sustained output of 1200 s that will kick in when you’re watching things in HD, r10 and dolby vision. That paired with the new spatial audio makes this thing a media consumption monster. Spatial audio is actually way cooler than I thought it would be, and if we go back to the iPhone 7, where stereo speakers actually debuted on an iPhone, that was a huge deal, and this takes it one step further now to clarify these still are physically stereo Speakers on the 11pro and the pro max, but with spatial audio and with dolby atmos support, it’s gonna create this virtual surround output. That’s gonna shoot left right all over the place. It is kind of crazy. You can find that with a PCB color gamut. True tone and is just a really enjoyable experience and, conversely, maybe you’re not someone who needs to watch HDR 10 or Bilby vision, content on your phone you’re gonna leave that to the big screen. That’s a huge reason to check out the iPhone 11, but either way the display is absolutely pro now as great as those displays are. One thing Apple killed off this year with the 11pro and the pro max is 3d touch for me because I’m coming from an iPhone 10, our eye could absolutely care less and on top of that Apple is replacing that with haptic touch. But I wanted to give you some insight from someone who absolutely loves to really touch say hello to Travis 3d touch. I always use the trackpad to highlight text and rearrange text, especially like pages or notes documents, and it saves a ton of time so when they were talking about haptic touch. I was like that features going away and it’s almost like I’m going backwards. But if you hold the spacebar, you kind of get the same kind of feature, it’s good, but not great putting it side-by-side with my tennis max.
You can definitely see like a lag time because the phone is trying to decide whether you’re tapping or you’re, trying to use haptic touch with 3d touch. It’s a hardware based feature, so you definitely get it being more responsive, but the benefit of haptic touch would be that in future iOS versions, they could add new features and improve upon the speed without having to release a new phone. So conclusion, yes, 3d touch is definitely still going to be missed a little bit, but haptic touch is a great start to replace that, and it’s only gonna get better also new this year across all the new iPhones is better face ID for me. I definitely notice a speed difference, comparing the 11pro max versus my obliterated, iPhone tennis max, but before you get crazy excited, I don’t think it’s really a reason solely to upgrade from last year’s phone to this year’s, because a lot of that speed does come from iOS 13, what I did find more useful than speed go figure is the fact. The face idea is actually recognized by wider and more extreme angles, so one that’s going to lead to better accuracy, but also in a situation where you whip out Apple pay at a store. Instead of having to bring your phone all the way out, here, look a little ridiculous. You can simply glance down and you’re good to go. What was also a very uh Napa like move this year was how proud they were of how durable these new iPhones are. Like they really showed it off, I, of course I’m not techrax, but the good news is. I definitely do drop phones, so I have to see if that holds up, but on top of that there is also better water assistance. It’s rated at 4 meters, deep for 30 minutes, so you’re getting double the depth this year and theory. You could drop this at the bottom of a pool and make it out a lot. So before we talk about that triple camera, madness on the back, the front-facing camera actually got a pretty substantial upgrade this year as well. There’s technically a 12 megapixel sensor sandwiched inside there. But the way it works is when you’re in standard selfie mode. Those are 7 megapixel shots and when you expand out to wide mode that takes full advantage of that 12 megapixel sensor, when you flip your phone into landscape mode, it’s gonna automatically switch to that wide-angle mode automatically, which is awesome. But you can also do this in portrait orientation by simply tapping those arrows, so yeah absolutely helpful having the extra width on the front-facing camera this year, but hopping over to portrait mode. Something new with iOS 13 this year is the ability not only to adjust the amount of blur the f-stop, but also the intensity of the portrait lighting there’s also a new portrait lighting effect this year called high key mono, and I was surprised with how well that Worked from facing portrait mode overall, across-the-board this year is pretty fantastic, smart HDR absolutely crushes it.
I think it does a much better job this year of not pulling down those highlights to an extreme level and keeps everything looking a little truer to life. Clearly. There were so so many slow fee comments and while I refuse to embrace that term, what’s new this year is slow motion. Video on the front facing camera 120 frames per second at 1080p. Honestly, I’m not sure how much I’m going to use this here is a mediocre backflip in slow fee, slow motion. It was cool hanging with loot and seeing them put it to good use like I could see being useful for social or for stories. But what surprised me most was how well the footage hung up in a relatively low lit situation. It’s not mind-blowing footage like you can absolutely see noise, you also increase the shutter speed which effectively cuts to life. So I was surprised with how well it held up what’s also new this year on the front-facing.. Now, just to give you an idea of the stabilization on the front-facing camera, this is straight handheld, just walking freely like a mad, lad but curious to know what you guys. Think of the quality drop a comment down below, so this might be one of the craziest examples of that extended range that I have ever seen this camera right here. That you’re watching on right now is an Arri Alexa Mini and you can see it is blown to hell. This somehow, though, is keeping the sky all the highlights. The harsh light, the shadows it just shouldn’t – make sense on paper, but somehow it’s holding it together. Mind blown honestly, I was really surprised with the quality on the front-facing camera, because I was shooting in 24p. You can see that extended dynamic range is putting in work. Literally, almost nothing is blown out which is impressive on a rear camera, but to see that on a front-facing, camera is even more impressive, as we flip things into a lower light situation. Here is how the front-facing camera performs. I then, of course, wanted to take things. One step further, so I plugged a shure sm7b, which is not a crazy, expensive microphone, in contrast to other pro microphones out there into an iraq Pro interface. This was lightning equipped so keep in mind. This was just recorded on the iPhone using voice memos and I was kind of blown away how you could transform that to the next level, using no computers, just your phone from there give me a fist bump Pikachu.
It is triple camera time and to break that down. You have your standard wide-angle lens, which is a 26 millimeter equivalent. We finally finally finally see an ultra wide option on the iPhone 11 Pro that is a 13 millimeter equivalent and what separates a phone 11 Pro from the iPhone 11. Is that telephoto lens, which is a 52 millimeter equivalent? Now, yes, Huawei boys, LG boys, Android boys. I know you guys have had an ultra-wide option for ever now: brofist, that’s cool, but if we’ve learned one thing with Apple is they’re, usually not first but they’re gonna. Do it right so to break that down and explain why you might want a triple lens system? It essentially gives you three different focal lengths or the ability to take three different pictures without ever taking a step, BAM, Ultra wide shot of the one and only jared leto and a sweet new Kevin canson shirt, which you guys can check out link below punching into The wide-angle lens you can see, that is what we’re normally used to and then BAM telephoto lens shot of that beautiful, beautiful beard having the ultra wide lens is super clutch and I would say it’s more useful than the telephoto lens. As someone who used an iPhone 10 R, as someone who didn’t really care about the telephoto lens, I will say, though, the performance on the telephoto lens this year on the 11pro is much better than the 10s and 10’s max. It now has an f-stop of F 2.0, so it’s gonna do much better in low light situations. So when you go from ultra wide to wide to telephoto, it does remain pretty consistent. I will say – and I’ve noticed you definitely take a small hit in terms of dynamic range when you hop over to that telephoto lens, but this year it is closer than ever. It’s honestly, where you’re getting 85 – maybe 90% of the performance of those other two lenses so to have an extra focal length that stacks up that closely can be really useful. And, alternatively, if you’ve seen those telephoto shots and they’re not really doing anything for you, the ultra wide and wide-angle lens are the exact same in the iPhone 11. Now one of the coolest new features on the iPhone 11 pro and the 11. The iPhone 11 just keeps looking better and better something that Apple really didn’t talk about on stage this year, Auto adjusts. So this works when you’re using the wide-angle lens and when you’re in the camera UI. You can actually see a preview of what the ultra wide angle lens sees in real time, which is a great example of one that a 13 put in work.
But what’s crazier is when you take that shot, maybe take a group photo, even if you crop someone out and you’re, not using that wide-angle lens. It’s going to capture that information from there. It’s going to stitch all that data and information together and say: hey dummy! You cut off Travis’s face. This is what the photo should have looked like. You can then, of course, hop in edit tweak and adjust. However, you like so, if you do want Travis’s face cut off, you can revert to the original photo. I will say it’s not super clear or intuitive on when a photo can be automatically adjusted. It will be awesome if Apple could add some sort of preview or just heads-up in the camera UI saying hey, this is eligible for automatic adjustment. If you did pick up one of the new phones and you’re confused on how exactly it works, though again one you have to use the wide-angle lens, not the ultra wide, not to telephoto lens from that iPhone 11 Pro and then from there. Look for this icon from what I’ve seen. It definitely works better in well-lit situations. It can be hit and miss when you’re in lower light, but when it works, it is a game-changing feature, so camera performance, dynamic range is better across the board. But one thing that I absolutely love about the iPhone 11 Pro this year is the ability to use the wide-angle lens for portrait mode. This is something that you were forced to do with the telephoto lens, on the iPhone tennis and tennis. Max and honestly, that’s a big reason why I stuck with using the iPhone 10 are again the telephoto lens performance this year is better across the board. But the fact you’re not tied down to that option is awesome and there’s something just really cool about a wide-angle portrait mode shot now to clarify that portrait mode is on the wide-angle lens, not the ultra wide lens, but that ultra wide is actually working in tandem With the wide-angle lens to capture depth, information, which is actually a reason, you can now use portrait mode on the on eleven with objects and animals, and not just people so super impressed with those cameras in terms of photos.. Video at 60 frames per second isn’t new, but what is new is the ability to shoot 4k 60 with extended dynamic range. Last year you could shoot 4k 60 across the iPhone 10 Are the eye from 10s and the 10s max, but that extended dynamic range was capped at 30 frames per second for reference.
This is slowed down to 24 frames per Second, you can see that extended Those highlights is ridiculous For contrast, here is the iPhone 10 Our 4k 60 slowed down to 24 and the difference is huge The Sun is destroying those highlights, and this is an example of the a13 again putting in work It is not just limited to benchmarks, so this is the rear-facing cameras, the wide-angle lens, we’re going to pull back to that ultra wide So it’s nice having that extra focal length and you can see that extended dynamic range – should be kicking in keeping that sky which is a fancy word for software stabilization, but the end result is mind-blowing this shot Here looks like it was shot on a freaking gimbal, there’s technically, no, oh, is on that ultra wide-angle lens, but it’s so wide that I don’t think it really matters, and I think these shots speak for themselves now I don’t want to turn this into this game of Thrones nerd-off between hallway boys and the pixel boys I just want to focus on the iPhone 11 pro I have repeatedly said this Apple will take their time until they feel something’s right in night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro is absolutely right right off the bat What’s really impressive, is it automatically engages once it knows? There’s not enough light You’D have to switch any modes when your handheld you’re gonna get about a two to three second shutter speed, so you don’t want to stay relatively still, but not gonna have to be a freeze-frame Some of the shots I got are super impressed, but I think Apple’s goal here is to keep it true to life, but I did get some pretty extreme ones as well What’s even cooler, though this is almost like a smart night mode, is when the iPhone knows It’s stable and steady, so if you’re using a tripod, you have the ability to get even longer exposure times I was actually a little good, a shutter speed of up to 30 seconds So the end result is something straight out of malcolm in the middle’ over all do’t night mode on the iphone 11 pro the pro max and you guessed it – the iPhone 11 nails it So the camera is without question Pro and overall, I would say there are more Pro features than non Pro features And result, though, is a really complete impressive package and, like I said, the iPhone 11 pro is almost pro, and I mean that in the best possible way, welcome to peddling jokes

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