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Evening/morning curly hair routine FT beauty forever hair!

30 Sep , 2019  

Guys got our own English scratch guard on these bitches yeah skirt down and they do it for free yeah. You know he was it more than summer thing. I said my morning routine and the night routine bought morning, curly, hair routine and at night curly hair routine. How to maintain it, how to revive the curls excited me started all that stuff. So if you know to this channel make sure you like I’m gonna subscribe, I hate saying that now it’s just so like I feel like.
but I mean what else are you really gonna say? If you want to subscribe, you want to see it again, make sure you subscribe, but then on implication Bob. You don’t see me again. Every no but yes, I’m gonna be honest with John that morning I did my makeup. I just finished as well nearly four o’clock, something like that, but I made sure to keep my hair exactly how I had it the headscarf just so I could show you guys, like this start to the finish. So I’m gonna film my morning with morning, curly, hair routine, now and then tonight before I go to bed I’ll make sure I’ll show you guys how I put it up and how I sleep with it all that stuff so anyways with all that being said, Cuz, I feel, like I said now from just rambling at this point, so first I have it in this little button and I could have just left it in my infamous pineapple little stop. What’s not infamous, I just thought of doing in it, but I’ve just been wearing it a lot with you like it, but um yeah. I initially had another pineapple, but I put it in a bun cuz. They. It was like kinda in my face and I’m Shauna lay down and it was all based on Mac there. So you just wanna think you know what it’s alright, oh, okay, what’s this one, she got it all right. So this is how I would usually wear it when I sleep, maybe you’ve got a little less wild, but I just want to put in a little pineapple style, so we’re just gonna. Take it down, be very careful how you take this out because they can wrap around the hair and tangle like it’s doing right now, I’m trying to not I’m trying to be careful with it, but I’m gonna Tom, I’m so impatient when it comes to certain Things so don’t one thing most people already noticed, but never I don’t care. If you have nothing, you better use the actual here that you have okay, see it’s tangled on a second, never use a rubberband, never use a roving, don’t use it on you.
Actually, I guess it depends on the type of hair that you have, but if you have four seed here or four eighty anything any hair, that’s coursing couldn’t hold the girl whatever kiss, maybe never what about reining in here, because that ultimately definitely breaking a rule. So just take that tape anyway, so this is what it looks like now. It looks like I can. Walk on, link is free, but I want the wet look. So I told you I was gonna show y’all how to keep the wet look and keep it tuned and find everything. So that’s no one’s doing now. First things: first, I’m gonna do using my spray bottle, which is only filled with the water, water and coconut crows, don’t mind my nails, I didn’t get them done in the raw. We already spoke about this, so I have a little bit of water in here. I don’t I don’t really need one, not really, but usually my Radha, let’s go over to the top, but I have been using it lately. So, whatever seen, I don’t want right here, just smelling like water tropics smell like vacation. So this is just what it looks like so now. Let me get that talk with that, don’t want it said tomorrow, so I take how don’t know these things on it. This is my hair towel. First things. First, before I spray anything, I felt like Diana Ross right now, I’m just gonna break it into two big sections: cuz, you ready. Unless you want to take your time you can, but it’s not that serious to me. So, oh, my god! This is such a process. That’s why I’m so happy! I don’t have to do it all thing, but gosh now what I also we do it’s tied up. My baby is cuz. I don’t want mine, I just to get right, so I’m gonna do that. Right now as well, let me just fix them up. Hope you guys can see me well. Sorry, oh no, I’m doing on how to put these back people walking. You know what I might add a little bit of us. We won’t really style this up right now. First, we don’t take some moves. We’Re gonna put it on the hair, not the lease. I pour free enough all that time for no complications. Alright, so we got that I just tied up protected now, let’s get into it friendly hi. Now, let’s do it. So. First things: first, I’m gonna just step eraser here I know I had a towel and actually no any more, but that’s all back one. I don’t want my clothes to give it. I thought, oh god, I wanna it’s really giving Diana Ross. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the most.
This is the most that I use just may oh, not that special. Oh I’m! I just put some in my hand, I’m just putting my hand rub it and just go from top to bottom. Put. It all to my hair right see that you can use the brush to like, I guess, really detangle it. I don’t really see the point in that, so I just do what I know it’s gonna buddy work it and make sure I send it back cuz. You know when you put your hair over your shoulders. Alright. So now you gonna, take your blow dryer. I usually put it on hot. I mean one and put it on high. You can put it on hot cold, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter, but I take that and I think my real job with the diffuser and instead of crunching it up we’re gonna just face on we’re just gonna. Do it like a face on cuz. We want the curls to get right, but we want them to stay long, bouncy and shiny okay, and I will show you how other tricks and keep the shine and everything locked in. So let’s ball shout across the back of my hair’s wet. Now we see it is a little damp, but it’s not it’s gonna eventually wet my clothes damp. It’s halfway dry, damn if that makes sense. So, as you can see, this is what the curse of looking like now, I wouldn’t even say, take damp either. It’s just like I could have went in and dried it a little bit more, but I know what the humidity outside most you guys know. I live in Miami right now, so the humidity is gonna eventually make my curls dry completely, and it’s gonna shrivel, regardless, but and of us a elongate, i’m Miaka so use that word, but to prolong the sheen and the wet look for hours. This is the best method, and I personally try to myself. So obviously, I just want to say something negative and just be half enough. You know. Do a little extra so and then I mix make sure to keep you guys updated throughout the day. So another thing I do too I’m not in machine. I use bio soak. This is one of my favorite favorite favorite. I don’t take a lot. This is my hand, and I just rub it on the top and just wrap all the hand together, and it just keeps it looking real nice actually shiny extra bouncy. You don’t want to put too much because once again, you don’t want a buildup of product. That’s not what we want so now we’re gonna take this headscarf whoops. I feel like it’s been sitting for a white bow, be careful.
Okay, edges be late, nothing is wet and yeah. That’s pretty much. What I do to rejuvenate the clothes after I feel like they’re, getting a little bit dry, whatever the case may be: that’s the owner routine and then once again, i’ma keep you guys updated throughout the day and they were gonna come back for a night. So I show you guys how to write this job so yeah, oh she’s, very tiny, she’s gonna check my check for that side. So ya, wanna know something funny. I never have my part on this side, so it is really weird for me, but I’m living for right now. I am alright, so yeah I’m gonna come up. I want to come back and I’m gonna show you that’s what it looks like a few hours right now, alright. So this is like a tool, one and a half two hour they go outside. I had to do a few things and I’m back inside. I just wanna show you what they hear so I had to catch them like a long way away. But yes like this, what I look like up close it’s dry, but you can still see it looks yes. Yeah looks like I just wanted to show y’all all right, so here’s how the hair looks after doing it earlier and the final cut since this morning has not yet puffy. I have been laying on it and stuff like that. So that’s party wearing looks a little bit frizzy, but this is how we wanted to look at night time before I want to grab my hair or you know, anyways, so basically what you’re gonna do. I always would say if you have a frontal, I will always say, tie down your hair first, because you don’t want your. The edges are your front to lift them up, while you put it in a ponytail, some people like it like extra messy. I like it like medium messy, but still me at the same time, yeah I still gotta be face.. I don’t know, but you know when you’ve got that good lighting. You just gonna move your face, be here looking happy right now. Let me capture this moment before I’m ugly for two days but yeah. So I just tired, I usually like to take my little ear tabs, the sideburns of the wig and like pull it out, and this one too just so, I know it’s secured down and all I do me, oh also to do to achieve this. You have to you, can either do the the method we are so a track under the cap. So when you put it, you want to wait outside, and you know what the checks show You could put a solid cat on a track under it or you can put combs at the back here, wig right literally right at the bottom of the cap and space amount of stuff, so it doesn’t like flap over.
So what I do – and you can put it, how high or low you want it, that’s your personal preference, so I like to make sure the top is kind of flat, and I, like the ponytail, really high, because I like how it folds really hearts I want to take my scrunchie I’ll go around once I’ll make sure all that here, oh she’s, and they gonna go over again remember this is not actually a stuff This is just a protective style I mean if you want to wear it up, that’s fine, but I don’t usually wear now It’s just gonna make sure his oh good and then I just dropped it I just play with it and boom The trick is to with this Technic style, say you Don’t want to say Ganga you just wanna walk outside if you’re here is warm enough, I’m on long as life is 26 inches So with that being said, when I put it in a ponytail, it covers the back So you can really see nothing You could stick it out, wait up now, if you want to take your scarf all right after you don’t protected your edges This is how about a nice little fun natural pineapple I really like this here, snuck away just all day now, if you notice actually as I am you just want to really really protected, I guess you could always take it and just wrap it in a quick, bun and just put a spongy on it Don’t forget a piece I definitely did I forgot this whole side, but it’s alright No! No, but you could take it up in a quick one like this, but a scratch it off with a bow That’s it I just go for one go to see and then you wake up and then take it You know once again, like I said earlier, just be careful how you take it down once again, I’m very impatient, but I do use good scrunchies like she stuffs wait We won’t sit again how come every time I always lose it I think I’m born good, there’s, nothing! I’m sorry! I was looking up at the viewfinder I’m supposed to be looking ahead anyway So you know it’s pretty much it for my morning and night curly hair routine I’m gonna see how nice little cute styles, my my patron, I mean – I probably been doing it, but we reinvented it so here we go anyways my love’s

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