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Expensive and cheap Concealer

1 Nov , 2019  

This is the one that’s covering my sins. Look at that my skin. I have a port-wine stain on half of my face as far as like the conditions it gets a mixture between like dry and oily. I have had really bad like cystic acne for a long time. Sometimes I find issues with with finding like a really good concealer. I want my skin not to react or get even more acne. I have it a Lego and now that it’s spread so much across my face. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup, but I’m definitely interested to see which concealers can work.
If I decided to do this, I am hoping to actually find like a good concealer. It would help me in some problem areas like not even my birthmark. I do. I think it’s worth it to pay if it works packaging, and I mean I get simple gets to the point. It says waterproof great. What I’m crying bad, sometimes the waterproof ones, are like really tough to take off. It’s definitely really creamy seems a littlethick. It goes on. Pretty smooth doesn’t really seem to be doing too much. Honestly, it’s definitely spreadable. I’m definitely covering up. My blemishes feels kind of wet, though, which makes me worried if it’s like oily. I read I feel like it gives me like way more of a shy that I already have. Let’s see if it’s gonna cover up this middle eye, though so it’s kind of see-through when it comes to like covering up play the dark to the light. So the coverage of it is not so good, based on the concealers that I’ve used before this one’s. Not too bad the whole like gotcha Covered, like full coverage, I would definitely recommend to just be like hiding of coverage. Okay, almost want to say, like it’s like five or six bucks, well, eight dollars. Well, then I’ll buy a couple of them honestly. If it was anything more than that, I would not be happy if you have dry skin. This actually might be kind of nice. I really like the packaging of it. It looks like you spent money on it, however products. I honestly usually like it when it’s a squeeze tube, so that way I can like put it on the back of my hand, smells really good. It’s really thick, it’s kind of hard to blend in you saw glide it off, definitely giving me some coverage. I do like the consistency, it’s very concentrated. It’s not greasy at all. I can see that it’s over top of all my pores I feel like I’m like seeing every single one.
It covers like my blemishes and things like that, but when it comes to the darker areas, the lighter areas in my skin, it doesn’t really cover for someone that may not need a lot of coverage I think this would be a really solid choice, but I feel like this is more just like a you got one pimple You want to cover it up and I think this costs probably around twenty dollars One two three: twenty three yeah, that’s about what I think Kat Von D would put it As I don’t know, if I had spent twenty five, I would say for that, and it’s because I know that it’s gonna last all day A lot of this is in a different language Let the cute beauts I like sleek in just simple supposed to pull it Oh there it is okay I do kind of like that It’s a stick form you can kind of just glide it on It goes on really well This definitely feels super light It was just so soft It feels like that If it’s on my face, it feels almost like moisturize Look at it Do you see that it’s? Oh, it blends really well like it’s thick and but it’s also movable This is the one that’s covering my skin It feels like velvet and it smells good So I wonder how good this would look for Instagram yeah It looks good, I mean it kind of has that little bit of a shine to it yeah the coverage is pretty good I mean I feel like I’d have to put like quite a bit on If I wanted to even out the birthmark, I think the dark spots that like covers perfectly the redness – I don’t quite know if it’s totally covering it up the way two dishes covered like a dream Susy’s, I almost want to say, like it’s: 20 bucks cuz I just that’s all I want to pay on concealer 33:47 It’s a terrific conciliar 1 inch is $70 A gorgeous French man, I’m gonna be playing as on me every single day It’s so good, but it’s so I’m given an 8 Kat Von D, 8 and a half, maybe a 6 v flip-flop like a 9 out of 10 seven and a half a 10 For me, I love experimenting with makeup Makeup is so expressive, it’s really good! You know tohave options as far as coverage goes, but I mean luckily I’ve gotten to a point of fully accepting me I’ve had vitiligo since I was 5 I’ve grown into it and I absolutely love it being different Is the new normal so stand out? Just be you, it’s gonna be fine darling You

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