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Explosive Full Face Makeup

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi there gorgeous hope you’re having a fabulous day. If you are new to the channel. Welcome to you, Wednesday and Friday at least I try to so. If you’d like to be notified of new ones in the future. Please subscribe and thank you so much to advance. If you do today, I’m showing you a full-on glam bombshell, makeup tutorial. This is great for date, nights special occasions shoot Who am I kiddin it’s great for the daytime too, because I wore it like that today.
I’m special like that. There’s no rules to makeup right I mean you can wear a dues time any place. Doesn’t matter? No! You know I break the rules all the time in this. Okay, so I’ll show you everything from start to finish and how you can get this look for yourself, hi first thing I’m going to do before I get into this look is put my makeup together. I haven’t even picked out the makeup. I want to use that. Might help right, yeah go ahead and add my eyeshadow primer, I’m using the Revlon one today and for my moisturizer I’m going with the elf jelly pop one. I love this stuff. It’s become a new favorite of mine, where it’s extremely well under makeup too, then. I have a new primer I wanted to try. This was sent to me recently by ciate. It’s there watermelon burst hydrating primer, which seemed very reminiscent to the elf jelly pop do primer that they just came out with could be a dupe of one another, but I want to try this one recovering from a cold at the moment. So if I sound nasal, that’s why I didn’t post on Monday. For that reason, because my throat was so irritated. So this is the first day I’ve been able to talk straight through, which is great a little hard for me to smell still at this point, because of this cold that I have, but I’m detecting a small hint of watermelon with this one. It’s a very nice light fresh scent. It goes onto the skin beautifully so far so good. Now that my eyeshadow primer is dried, I’m going to be using the Tarte tartlet palette. This is one that I’ve been picking up a lot more recently and I’m taking the shade supermom, which is the one that matches my skin tone here at the bottom, using that the brow bone first, like I always do, this is going to be a very defined.
Look so I’m first taking a pencil brush. This is the Sigma e30 and using the black eyeshadow from this palette. It’s the one called fashionista down here in the corner and I’m tracing the crease. With this eyeshadow. You can see the effect that you get there. The crease is now defined, we’re going to be blurring out the edges of that here. A little bit goes a long way, especially when you’re using a matte black like this. So I don’t really have much on the brush and just remember it’s a lot easier to add than it is to subtract next shade him. Take you from this palette is called wanderer medium matte Brown, that one right there is. You can see the kind of shade that I’m working with using a brush from the shop miss a website. This is their a Oh, a studio, one three two: I’m going to use that to blend the edges of that black or at least begin to blend it. The one thing that I do to check my blending is I’ll tilt, my head back to look at the colors and how they’re coming together and if I see any splotchiness, that’s when I go back and add a little bit more and really work on blending. In that area, then I’m taking the shade force of nature from this palette. It’s this one right here and you can see compared to the last shade it’s a little lighter by comparison, and this is going to be the shade. That’s going to buff out that middle shade that we just applied using the Sedona lace, eb0, 9 brush and basically picking up where that one left off and blending to the brow and then finally, taking the shape supermom again, I’m going back and getting rid of the Excess blending any remaining harsh lines, I’m going to live in this. Look I’m switching over to the huda beauty, desert dust palette using the shade Nefertiti, which is a light shimmery gold, and I’m going to apply that on the lid change my mind. I don’t want to use that I’m going to switch over to steel is kitten, which is a beautiful, lighter champagne shade. I just don’t like how gold that is coming across, so I’m going to take kitten and layer it over the top.
I, like that, a little better and when to go back with a little bit more of that black, that I used in the deep crease earlier and take those small amount of this apply it to that outer corner. For my eyeliner, I’m going with a gel liner from Inglot, this is one of my absolute favorites in the shade number 77, a very rich matte black, I’m using an angled brush first to apply it. This is a simple one I have from la girl and then I’ll be applying a wing to the outer corner and for that I’ll be using the Sigma winged liner, e06 brush just started rediscovering gel liner. I used it exclusively years ago and then I got into liquids, but I love gel for the madness of it, because some of these liquids are too shiny. I don’t like that shiny glossy eyeliner look, I did go ahead and do my brows real quickly off-camera. I used benefits browsing today. This is a simple powder. They dohave a wax in here too, but I didn’t use the wax today. This is shade number three you can see. I used that one right there, you really like the color of my brows and it’s so easy to apply so great stuff for my lashes, I’m using a brand new style that we’re adding to the lash line this week, they’re not on the website. Just yet. I’m working on getting pictures done and getting them on the website, so they should be there by Friday and definitely there by this weekend. So if you’re interested in them just want to, let you know that up front. These are in the style of cozy. Oh, they are so full fluffy and surprisingly lightweight and they have a very thin, flexible band to them perfect. For a look like this, you can see why I love these lashes, so much they’re simply gorgeous, especially with a look like this one. So I’ll have them linked for you below as soon as they are available. I am going to add something more to my lower lash line also, but I’m going to wait till my face is completed to do that. So we don’t rub everything away and have to go back and reapply it. You know the drill I’m going to apply my foundation.
This is the one from number seven. It’s they’re beautifully matte foundation. Shade though I’m using here is calico. Love love love this foundation because beautiful coverage with it lasts all day. It’s one you don’t have to babysit or worry about and that’s what I love so much about it from under-eye concealer, I’m going with my NARS soft matte, complete concealer in the shade vanilla, to set everything here, I’m using the Catrice Prime and fine mattifying powder. But I’m more focusing this under the eye area and especially in the t-zone, because that’s where I tend to get the most oily the fastest, let’s go ahead and do the lower lash line. Ever since I did the Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial. If you missed it I’ll have a link tree below I’ve really been loving, that pop of white that she applied toher lower waterline. So I’m going to do that again for this look using our Del’s want to get lucky gel liner pencil, and this is in the shade pearl. Now I’m taking you back to the 90s with this one who boy this is such a great pencil, because it’s so richly pigmented look at that a little bit and you have instant color lack of absence of color white is the color right. I didn’t really slather it on, though I’m more or less dotted it on until it all connected together, if that makes sense, so it’s not as harsh as if you would have just gone wrong with the pencil. I’m going back to that Tarte tartlet palette and taking the deep matte black shade that we initially used on an angled brush. I have the smallest amount of this on the brush by the way, I’m first going to line very close to that lower lash line with the black I’m taking the shade wanderlust from that palette on the Sigma e30 pencil brush and I’m going to use that to Blur the edges of that black and make this more of a smokey line under the eyes taking this palette from elf, it’s part of their modern metals collection and I’m specifically using this white shimmery eyeshadow at the front of the palette You don’t need this simple white, shimmery eyeshadow from any brand will work here and I’m going to apply that to the inner corners of the eyes to contour the face.
I’m taking this palette from w7, it’s their bronze & Glow palette and I’m specifically using the contour shade right there This is a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood contour palette just as much as I do, the Charlotte Tilbury version I’m going to contour a bit more heavily for this look than I would a traditional daytime Look because this is a night look, and I want a stronger appearance with this one I mean come on Look at the eyes I want the face to be just as strong, settle but strong, taking some of the highlighter from this palette Also on my finger and lightly swiping that up the cheek for the lips, you could stick with a traditional nude That’s what I typically would do myself, but I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone here today and go a little bolder with this lip Since the eyes are neutral, I feel like we can get away with it a little bit more here, I’m using Anastasi as liquid lipstick in the shade hitters, which is a deep red shade Yes, that’s Zachar! I wanted I tried a couple before this one and they were too red I wanted something deep Almost like a brown red, hey there yeah puppy, but dog me hmm I guess his butt missed me Like I mentioned, you can pair this look up with a nude lip It looks really beautiful like that, but you know I had to go a little bold today, a little be a little more vivacious than normal I mean hey if the shoe fits wear it If you’re interested in any of the products i used to create today’s look i’ll have all of them listed and linked for you below, they will be affiliate links I want to thank you for taking the time to watch and I wish you a beautifully blessed evening day whenever you happen to be watching this I’ll see you again soon and I look forward to seeing you again in the next one I forgot what I was gonna say, but okay yeah! Well, you messing me up You messing me up Stop okay!

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