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Extreme makeup removal.. God!!!!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome to this week’s oMG Tuesday. I am rocking a very bold blue lip because we’re going to use new makeup removers from Urban Decay. That are said to be absolutely incredible to take off my makeup, and I thought why not just really go for it and put on the hardest to remove liquid lipstick that I possibly could find. This is a lovely blue color from CoA. This is one of their liquid Velvets dries down. Matte is kind of a pain to take off. This is the shade Envy, and I have this guy right here.
The meltdown makeup remover lip oil stick and we are going to first start here. This is a $15 item and essentially you’re going to put it on and just wipe away your liquid lipstick. It’s going to be easy and effortless, and I don’t know about you, but for me removing at liquid lips sometimes is just like it’s just a nightmare. It’s kind of a pain you know, so hopefully this will work out. It does have vitamin E and ceramides and it does stay online. You can use this as a lip balm, as well separately from taking off in a liquid list. I have two other items from the meltdown makeup: remover collection. I have a spray-on makeup, remover, which this is what really caught my attention, because I almost use this as a makeup. Setting spray like keeping it out on my counter is actually very dangerous because it looks just like the Urban Decay all nighter, and you really just want to grab it in like spray your face 20 times. But can you imagine the disaster that that would be? If you had like your makeup, perfect and you’re like let’s make this last all day, and it actually to be fair, says that you’re supposed to spray a cotton ball before removing it on your face. But I really want to go in and just spray it on. My face so that might happen, and then we had the makeup remover cleansing oil stick. This looks like a deodorant and I’ve seen these from a few different companies. I’ve actually never tried one and you just put this on dry skin and remove makeup. So I’m going to go for the lips a little oil and then to the cleansing, stick and we’re going to see how all of these products measure up, because I’m wearing some crazy makeup. Right now – and I want to see if it can get me to a completely clean kind of a place so without further ado, let’s just get to removing the makeup. I look like a big ol hot mess right now with my blue lips and my Lululemon headband. Not ok, guys we’re going in, and this is completely clear, it’s so weird because it’s in this purple tube you look at the top of it and it looks like it’s blue as well.
Well, it’s not so I’m just going to go ahead and put this on liberally kind of smells, coconutty and minty. At the same time, oh yes, girl, get that lip off of your face wow. This is just a disaster. Oh, my god, I am slowly looking like Miranda sings like ice queen alter-ego, Hey well, my baby. Okay, now I’m going to take a cotton pad and just oh shoot. I actually worked pretty well for the top part. Let me just keep going with this. Okay, I’m going to clean the tip, go back in mmm. This feels very balmy and silky like I wouldn’t use this as a lip balm for sure, and I actually really like the price point of $15 for urban decay. To me that seems pretty reasonable and it took the lipstick off really nice, I mean blue lipstick. Absolutely is going to stain your mouth a little bit. That is the danger that you face when you wear blue lips, it just kind of happens, so we have removed successfully the lip now, let’s get to what I’m really curious about this guy right here is. It looks like a setting spray and it started to not well, it doesn’t say, don’t spray it directly on your face. It just says that there’s no rubbing or tugging for delicate skin and it’s an oil-free formula which really well with me I’m like wait. How is this oil free and it’s going to break down my makeup, which I’m wearing quite a bit of spray onto a cotton ball or hand, apply to face and wipe away makeup? Well, why not just spray it on your face guys? No, you want me to do that. I know you want me to try it out that way. Okay, I understand why you don’t do that now, because you could get it in your hair or on your clothes, but if you were naked and your hair was tied back, this would be an option, but instead I’m going to play by the rules. Now I had my fun for two seconds and we’ll just do this, but how is that oil-free? It feels like straight oil. What in the heck, that’s just me or is that kind of magic that it just completely within like two little swipes, really got my eye makeup off, I probably didn’t mean to it said to not tub. Why did I just do that? Oh, my god, be delicate with your eye area, okay and then wait. What is it saying now to do? It says to wipe away makeup? Okay, so now I am going to take some wipes and just one away, not bad.
I mean I was wearing a lot of makeup, so that is pretty fast and effective. Now the last thing that I want to do because I know I still have makeup on, though, let’s do like the towel check yep, I always double cleanse anyway. It’s rare that I will just use just one cleanser. I will at least use something to get my eye makeup off and then a regular foamy, cleanser or I will use a regular cleanser and then go in with a cleansing water. I just kind of go back and forth of always using two cleansers, the idea behind it. It’s really based off of Korean skincare, where you want to remove your makeup and then you want to also really deep cleanse the skin. I know that Korean skincare has something crazy, like an eleven step regime that you do, I think, twice a day, I don’t know, There’s something about it that I’m drawn to not that I want to do eleven things every single morning and evening, but you know it’s kind of interesting okay. So now I’m going to take this weird deodorant, looking stick and just now that’s got half oil in it. Yeah oil-based balm guys this smells like a shampoo that I used to use. Does that smell like it kind of like suave professionals? It’s the same difference? Okay, so I’m going to hit the sink now and see if this ladders up rinse it off, and I will be right back. My skin is feeling very, very clean and makeup free. It does feel a little bit tight, which is weird because this stick right here is an oil-based cleanser, so that’s kind of odd for it to feel as tight as it does normally. My foaming cleansers that I use and love all the time do not leave me feeling this tight. So if you have combination to dry skin, you might not be a fan of that. Also, if you get any of the foam in your mouth, when you are rinsing this off, it tastes horrible, like a chemical nastiness like I need a drink of something right now, because the taste in my mouth is awful. I don’t know why it just is so. I’m not a big fan of this cleansing oil stick and I didn’t think it foamed that much it pretty much just stayed as an oil. I have other cleansers that really well me and impress me and I’ll keep using those, and this was kind of mmm. Just not that great but kind of different, and I wanted to try it This is $26, as is the makeup meltdown remover, the spray, and this one actually I did enjoy because it is not oil-based, but it does have that vitamin E to nourish your lashes and, I think, spraying it on a pad, especially to go.
I mean come on, read the directions, they know what is best and it kind of gets stuck in your head, though, to be like super cute and just spray it directly onto the skin, not the best idea, but definitely the drawback is do not mistake This for your all-nighter, because the bottle looks very very similar This is really cool, though I do like it It did remove my eye makeup really really well I was wearing a waterproof inky black liner as a wing and some blue, which usually will stain my lid I actually could use a little bit of a spot touch-up This always happens, so it doesn’t matter what kind of cleanser I use I always get a little bit of a residual thing underneath my lower lashes Sometimes people will be like Oh my gosh Do you have your liner tattooed and like no? I just can’t remove my makeup Like nothing will I don’t feel like tugging all day long at my eye area, so I try to get it as best I can just got things pretty good and clean and I do enjoy it so good job on this Urban Decay and then I do really love this little guide This meltdown makeup remover lip oil Stick I’m actually going to put some on as a balm, and I think that’s actually probably a really great way to go If you use this to remove your liquid lipstick or a red lip or something, that’s really budge, proof that you just need a little extra help with this is great to then, do your skincare routine and pop this on as a last step, just to kind of You know give a little extra love to your lip area which, if you’re using those kind of lip products, you know all your matte and liquid lips You want to keep your lips as smooth as possible anyway, so I think this is really cool for 15 bucks It worked really well if it removed blue lipstick that is matte and had dried down, then I think this would remove anything So there you have it We have two hits one miss and oMG, I’m makeup free now and it’s still sunshiny outside whatever will I do please give it a thumbs up crazy, crazy, expensive makeup set That is for the eyes So I hope you come back for that I hope to see you then, but otherwise, thanks for hanging out with me today, I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow Alright, bye, guys, mwah, you

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