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Eye liner tutorial beginner: gentle winged eyeliner, eyeliner, gel and liquid eyeliner.

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m going to show eyeliner tutorial for beginners by using different eyeliner products, I’ll show how to use eye primer before I makeup apply it on top eyelid. In the brow bone, I prefer to use liquid primer without pulling skin too much. It creates oily frisking to help eyeliner and eyeshadow last longer. Please don’t forget. The outer corner of the eye then use a cotton tip to apply the primer close to lower lashline, which could be oily during the day.
Now I makeup will be super messy without primer. First, I’m going to use a Czech house eyeliner pencil, usually pencils, have very soft, color intensity and thick strokes. I’ve applied some eye shadow. You can see my waterline in my top lashes. There are some really lucky: people have their waterline hide inside when they open their eyes. This seems like they are born with natural top eyeliner, which is created by the roots of top lashes, to fill the gap between auto line and lash line. I have to hold my eyelid because pencils are quite hard for sensitive eyes. The color intensity is quite mild suitable for gentle natural makeup. The reason we draw eyeliner is our eyes. You need a better definition to be the main focus of our face to deliver energy or emotions through the color gaps, make sure the middle part of top eyeliner is not too thick. Unless you have long Upton eyes because of the hardness of the pencil will push skin away so have to hold my skin to finish the wing with fixed jokes, we have to be careful to keep the wing fine for the sins of spreading, make sure where your Eyes open the wing is visible from a natural connection with lashline for Louisville Ashley, I’m going to apply from out corner connect to the lowest point of lashline, which is close to the one third from the up corner, but not the middle part, because the thick strokes Can give a droopy look if we make the middle of lower lashline too thick, I’m using a cutting tip to soften the lower eyeliner, let’s see the before and after comparison, without full slashes, the pencil eyeliner is not too harsh for my eye.
Now. Let’s move on to gel liner, usually has good color intensity and is easy to control the strokes. The brush comes with the product, which is quite soft, so I don’t have to hold my eyelid. It’s your decision to have thick or thin eyeliner feel the color gaps. First, the precise strokes are suitable to fill the inner corner of the eye. Then fill the color gaps I’ll make the liner slightly thicker for better definition. You can finish here if you are not into winged eyeliner, but I’ll. Do it for the tutorial starthere I’ll add more strokes to lift out corner of my eye to define the wing, because when I open my eye, the eyelid skin is falling on my eyeliner to make it less visible after define the end of the wing. Through all the color gaps, just a check of the mirror all the time to make sure the wing will connect lashline in a natural angle, with the eye open just a few all the color gaps so that for the winged eyeliner for top eyelid hole over are Laid to fill the waterline from inner corner to the middle, the middle part could be thinner and lighter for out corner of my eye. I usually feel the lash line, but not the waterline to make my eyes slightly bigger the Kali until steamed make the eyeliner quite harsh on my eyes, but with false lashes and more eye shadow, you can see the eyeliner become less Hacha next I’ll go with liquid Liner pencil from Maybelline, which I used for my everyday makeup – smart and waterproof, very precise and good color intensity, easy to control the strokes. The precise brush is easy for us to fill the lash line and color gaps. But if I do some wrong strokes, it will be hard for me to wipe them away If you like, superfine eyeliner, you would be really satisfied with this liquid liner I’ll just add tiny bit to make it slightly thicker.
We need to check a mirror all the time with eyes open to find where to define the wing, because we have different eye shapes and eyelid conditions So we need to make sure the eyeliner look nice and even with the eye open our found The good angle of the wing connect the outer corner with the end of the wing, then through the color gaps If you like to make the wing longer, then just a follow the angle you defined, I will make it longer again to be more visible, then connected the wing with the out corner of the eye Is it easy to feel the color on inner corner of the eye with this liquid liner brush I’ll use eyeliner pencil to fill lower lash line from the outer corner of the eye? You can use gel liner to draw verify and darker liner if you have Jupi or downton eyes, but I like to have chunky liner to make my eyes look bigger, but from inner corner to the middle I need fine gel liner to avoid heavy or Jupi Look This powder is actually unnecessary and, as we need a better definition, I’ll apply some dark eye shadow to soften the obvious edge of our liner So you can see the eyeliner looks softer Let’s see the comparison, the eyeliner doesn’t look too harsh on my eye, comparing with the other eye with false lashes That’s the look after applied force lashes Of course the eyeliner looks much better So, let’s make a quick review Usually Island a pencil is good for gentle makeup with fixed strokes, but it’s quite hard for sensitive eyelid Maybelline gel liner has precise, strokes and good color intensity This brush easy for beginners, liquid liner pencil has most precise, strokes and best long-lasting, color intensity, but too hard to wipe away the wrong strokes Thank you So much for watching I’ll see you next time

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