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Eye liner vs eye liner printing – Tina try.

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s Tina here, welcome back to another episode of Tina, tries it in today’s episode I’ll be trying out eyeliner tape versus stamp on eyeliner both of the products I’m trying out today have been all over the internet, and you guys have been tagging me constantly Telling me to try it so today is the day I’ll be testing out these products. The companies actually sent me these, so I am excited to see if they work or not. The first product I have here is from quick Kat.
These are their eyeliner strips in the pack, you get 32 strips 16 left ones and 16 right ones, and you also get the eyeliner pen now for this pack. It costs fourteen ninety five. So this is what the strip looks like each one is labeled with left or right, so you know which eye it goes onto also there’s little numbers that help with the instructions. So you know which one to peel off the eyeliner pen is a felt tip. Eyeliner, that is, water resistant and comes off with soap and water. Now I’ve quickly read through the instructions. It’s not like super hard, but it’s kind of confusing because there’s different zones, you need to peel off at certain stages. So I think I might do a practice. One first because I know I’m just gonna stop this up like for sure so step one. It says: remove waxed backing from strip removing the backing from it place, strip sticky side up on scratch, pad below apply quick cap liner liberally to zone two on sticky side so on the instructions there’s a little like area where you can pop this on top and Fill it in so I’m just going to use it to shade in that little wing that’s Zone two slowly and steadily peeled zone. Three apart from clear transfer film, so that only in cat eye design remains on the clear strip: okay, okay! So it’s just two a pink area, so I’m left with the little winged eyeliner, I’m just gonna stick it on the back of my hand and test it out on the hand first. So just like rub it and then peel it off what what happened there did I do it too slow only like only a little bit of it came off, I’m pretty sure I did it right. Am I supposed to peel anything else off? Is it supposed to come off too? Maybe all says to peel this off too. I am so lost what the okay wait. I need to go through these instructions again. Okay, so it looks like I did it correctly. Maybe I just did it too slow? I am gonna go again and I’m gonna make sure I get it right on the back of my hand. First before I commit to doing on my eye. Okay start again, peel off the backing.
Yep nailed that one okay. Now I fill it in fill in the wing pink off, come on, okay, peeling it off! Well from this time, I’d like the online. It totally came off. Why why this is supposed to be easy? It’s not very easy. Okay, I’m trying it again and I think that part was supposed to come off with the pink, be wasted another one. Okay, oh, why do I feel stressed I’m going again, I’m gonna make this work. This is just gonna have to work this time. I’m wasting so many strips peel off the backing quickly feel it in who did it. I did it. I did it. Okay, now I’m gonna try on the back of my hand, rub it on and then peel off cooked. I swear. I did a fast enough. This time come on what am I doing wrong? I have no idea what is this? What’s what is happening? Okay, you know what I’m just gonna try it on my eye. I’ve had enough practice. I just don’t know why it just doesn’t work my hand, hopefully, with my I cut off the backing and color in this at least I’m getting faster at these okay, I filled it in I’m gonna peel off the pink beat no he’s. Okay, that’s what that kinda came off a little bit, but what can make the wood? Okay? Now it’s going to! Stick it on! Okay! Give it a couple rubs to make sure it’s adhered! Oh, my god! It smudged huh, then pull off from the inside. What the! What is happening, why is this not working? Am I supposed to peel that bit off? I am so confused. I’ve wasted so many strips doing this. Okay, going again: okay dun-dun-dun quickly, it’s lunch everywhere, whatever this is gonna, be a disaster, but I hate guys nothing: okay, smooth it on press it on make sure it sticks and then finally, some sort of result, not the best result, But I finally got it to sort of work on the back of the instructions. It does say if the transfer design looks a little funky on your eyelid at times fill in the gaps with the liquid liner pen at least. I have a little bit of a guide now and something managed to transfer onto my skin. It’s going to use the liner to fill it in. What do you guys think of these? That’s the line of filled-in I haven’t actually lined in here or anything yet, but to be honest, this winged liner is looking a little bit Amy Winehouse right now. It is a bit bigger and more dramatic than what I’m used to, but in the end I finally managed to get it to work. Did it work perfectly? You know, but I got this result so far. I am not loving this product. I don’t think it’s very easy to use and it’s not very effective because each time you do it, it’s gonna change and then you’re gonna have to fill it in anyway.
So when a they say, it’s a quick and easy product. Maybe if you had lots of practice over time, but to be honest, you would probably go through those 32 strips and then maybe manage to work it out. So, in my opinion, I’m not loving it so far. I find it a little bit difficult to use even as a makeup artist anyways. Shall we move on to the next product. Here I’ve got the vamp stamp kit and it contains the Vavoom stamp, the eyeliner brush and I liner ink. So you can get this kit for 3825 there’s also an additional vamp stamp that you can get. It’s like a little mini one, it’s their kitchen stamp. So that’s for smaller winged liners now a bit of background about the vamp stamp. It’s actually designed by a maker by nurse Veronica Laurent and she actually had a benign spinal cord tumor, which caused her to lose feeling and strength in her hands. So after that she couldn’t really do much makeup, but then she used that experience and designed the vamp stamp. It’s perfect for beginners or people with shaky hands, or maybe they had nerve injuries, but basically it’s an easy tool that you can use. That will give you a consistent, winged eyeliner, so to use the vamp stamp, all you need to do is just dip the stamp into the cushion ink liner and then you just stamp it on that worked so much better compared to the other one. Okay. Now, for the moment of truth, is it going to work as well on my eyelid, hmm that actually stamped on really well, maybe I and it a little bit too high. I would have preferred maybe a bit more slanted that way, but in saying that it totally worked, it was really simple. The wholething transferred onto my lid, unlike this one – and you know what another plus is. You can have your eye makeup done and then this stamp is on, whilst with this one, if you stick the tape on and pull it off, you’re gonna remove some of your eyeshadow. So I think this one this one looks like it’s way better. You also get a small angled eyeliner brush, so you can use it to fill in the rest, so I might just do that. So I filled my liner in like how I normally would, but I feel like this little stick is on a weird angle. I might just remove this quickly and maybe I’ll try the bigger stamp just to see what it looks like and maybe angle it a little bit better. Okay, I’m gonna try the bigger one out This is the ba-ba-boom stamp and same thing, I’m just going to dip the stamp into the eyeliner ink and then I’m just gonna stamp it on the back of my hair just to see if it works.
Oh, it’s a little bit patchy and I think I put enough eye light on it Yep much better Oh, it’s pretty big! Okay! Here I go with the bigger one hopefully and line it up a little bit better It’s actually starting to look a little bit like this one I thought this would be a little bit too dramatic for me, but after putting it on, I actually quite liked it I think compared to this one, this one definitely looks a lot better and it was so much easier to use and I haven’t even gone in to touch it up yet I think it’s a lot easier if you line your eyes up to here and then do The stamp at the end, because I feel like you can sort of see where your eyeliner is and sort of match it up better, but overall it’s actually a product that works I am surprised I do feel like I need to touch up this little corner to make it a little bit less sort of like angled, so I’m just going to get my liner brush and just okay, so I’m pretty much done trying for products, and this is the result I’m left with I think we both know which product is better Definitely this one This one is so much better than the eyeliner tape, even though the vamp stamp is much more expensive than the tape I think this one works so much better and you’re, probably gonna get more use out of it, because this you only get 32 strips, and you saw me I like, went through a few strips and I just wasted it because it just didn’t work But with this one, you can keep stamping it until the eyeliner ink runs out I also think the vamp stamp is a lot more innovative Compared to this I feel like because it was designed by a makeup artist I feel like it actually has a purpose and it actually gives you results whilst the eyeliner tape I feel like it’s more like a gimmick You know, and it does take a lot longer to use or even to learn how to use You saw that this one I kind of got straight away: it’s pretty pretty basic, it’s pretty straightforward, whereas this one there is a lot of variables that can go wrong So that is my verdict The vamp stamp is hands down so much better So that’s the end of this episode I hope you guys have enjoyed it if there’s any other products You want me to compare or to try Let me know below also subscribe to my channel If you haven’t already and I’ll speak to you guys next time, bye,

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