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Eye Shadow Palette collection and collation 2018

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I just wanted to hop on here and do a quick intro. I am going to be going through my eyeshadow palettes today. I’ve been in the middle of a declutter Syria series, and so that’s kind of what this is, but to be totally honest, I know that I’m not gonna do clutter a lot of my eyeshadow palettes. I kind of do that throughout the year. If I try something or realize I’m not reaching for it, I will go ahead and get rid of it.
So I do have a lot of eyeshadow palettes, but I use them a lot and you know this is my hobby. This is something that I really love to do, so I do collect a lot of pellets. It is kind of my weakness that is one area of my makeup collection that I’m really proud of. and we will get right into this. I do want to say, just don’t watch, I’m not bragging in any way. I’m just trying to show you what I have every time. I’ve done! Videos like this. I get a lot of comments about how I have so much stuff that I’m not using in it so wasteful blah blah blah. I will tell you I wear eye shadow every single day. I use this. I I promise I do I use it, but I have so many palettes that, yes, they can look unused, sometimes so just thrown that out there. so thank you guys so much and we will go ahead and get started okay. So this is my desk. I have this little basket right here that has pellets in it, so I’ll go through that first, but then my bottom three drawers and my Alex Dena also hold some of my pellets, so I will be showing you what’s in there as well. Alright, you guys. So let’s go ahead and start with head palettes that I have in this market. Well, sorry! So the first one I have is the Sephora pro warm palette, love that one. Then I have a color pop Z palette. This just has some of the singles from their festival collection. I did not buy the whole collection, but I got quite a few of them so that stays in here then I have a three marzi palette, so the first one holds makeup, geek shadows. Then this one is kind of a mixture of everything the top. I think top two rows are makeup: geek, there’s a row of morphe singles and then the bottom two rows are color pop and then this C palette is all color pop. Can you tell I like neutrals, trying to get more into the color, but make it our way there slowly that I have okay, then I have the morphe Jaclyn hill palette. I think that shadow just got worse, but hey I don’t know. Okay, then I have for marthy palettes, so the first one is the 35 warm palette 35w. This one, I don’t know if I ever even used it. No, I haven’t you guys. I’ve never touched this. Okay, I’m gonna set this aside and if I don’t use it in the next month, I’m gonna get rid of it.
Then I have these 35 t palette. This is the taupe palette same thing with this one. I’ve used it once or twice, but I’m gonna set it aside, and if I don’t use it I’m getting rid of it, then I have the 35 R. This is their kind of newer one. It’s not super new, but it’s the like Gold’s, so you have shimmers on the side and then four rows of mats on this side. I do really like that one and then lastly, is the 35o, so keeping that one, oh, I do have another morphe palette. This is the 24 G, the grand glam palette these hand sizes are huge. I will never get through this palette, but I really really love it and I like their new packaging too. I wish that it had some kind of a clasp to keep it closed, but I think this looks so much cooler than the old plastic, packaging, okay and then on the side. I have some more here, so this is a Z palette with all anastacio eyeshadows. This one is kind of just a random mix, so um. So this is a covergirl shadow. I think this is wet and wild. This was a benefit quad and then these were benefit to. I think these are morphe yeah morphe, and then this was like an old Too Faced palette a long time ago, then I have a bunch of English shadows and then a Stila shadow. I have the BH Cosmetics and Carli bybel deluxe edition palette. This is my beauty. Creations, it’s Olivia. I wanted this really bad because it is really really pretty, but the quality is just not there, so I’m gonna get rid of this one. I’m not giving to friends or family will be listed on my parchment and I will have that listed down below for you. So let’s move down into my Alex drawers. Alright, you guys so we’re gonna start with the bottom drawer in my Alex drawer, just because it is the easiest tripod wise right now so um. This drawer is not completely full, so I’m just gonna start. Obviously, I’m gonna start in the back like here, so this is the Pat McGrath mothership one subliminal palette. I this is the only one I have. I do keep it in the packaging just because she does not have labels anywhere on the actual palette. What palette this is so I knew if I ever got other ones I would need to know which one it is and then the shade names come on this like cardboard cutout. They don’t come on the palette, but here is the palette. It is really really pretty. These shadows are like, unlike anything, I’ve ever seen and then so that one’s like a pink shimmer, but if you put it on top of black, so here’s a black shadow whoops that didn’t smudge very well.
Also, I’m trying to not let my dog get in the makeup, but she wants to be right next to me. Okay, so there’s the black shadow. If you put this on top of black, it turns blue and not the coolest thing ever so really really like this palette. Okay and then I have all three of the little ones. So this is the mothership sublime bronze ambition palette. Then I have the subliminal platinum, bronze, then. Lastly, the subversive la vie and rose: this is the colorful one, really really pretty so keeping all of those okay, then we’ll start on this side. I have my deaf restart palettes, so this is the blood sugar palette. If I can get it off, oh man, I just break it. Okay, this is the blood sugar palette comes in this really cool case. It looks like a VCR and then I have the beauty killer palette. I did just order the thirsty palette. It’s supposed to actually get here today. but I needed to go ahead and get it filmed so that will be in here as soon as it shows up today. Then I have the persona identity palette. This one’s actually really good quality. I really like that one. Then I have my own estancia palettes. I have four Anasazi palettes, so I have these soft glam. Then I have any modern Renaissance and then the prison palette, which I haven’t used this prism one yeah. I got it like force myself to use it. My creativity is not really there and then the master palette by Mario, hello, pumpkin. This isn’t your toys. Okay, then I have the k’kaw and Mario palette. It’s not as good as I can. Experience used to be, but it’s alright, the dominique cosmetics, a lot tape, how it, I don’t think I’m gonna get the lemonade palette. I was going to until I saw and then I was like I’m never gonna wear those shades. I’m not a big fan of like pastel kind of shades, but I have the morphe kathleenlights collab palette, then my two at lordly palate. So I have the cat’s pajamas palette and the nudie patootie I haven’t played with a nudie patootie, a ton, but so far and actually liking the cat’s pajamas more, but I have to Queen of Hearts coloured raine palettes at first I have the Queen of Hearts palette And then the cheers to the beauty palette, this one’s huge and then lastly, the Kat Von D, a metal matte, this one’s cool cuz, it says metal and then, if you turn upside down, it says matte, because it has a metal shadows and then matte shadows. So this was like a limited edition Christmas one, but I really really loved it, so that is the bottom drawer will move up to the next drawer.
Now this is the second drawer or well second, from the bottom drawer in my Alex drawer. So it’s the fourth one down so ready on this side. I have some Natasha Jamuna, so I have the star palette. Then I have the tropic palette. I’m actually really liking this one and then I have a Laura Mercier artist palette, this one’s like very neutral, but it’s got kind of like a plummy tone to it. Then I have my 4, like two-faced, Big Ten palette. So I have these sweet peach palette, I’m showing you these backwards, cuz. Normally. I would be sitting here looking this direction, but you know we’re looking from this direction: throw to face chocolate. Bonbons hey face semi-sweet. I think this one’s actually my favorite out of all four of them and then they two Faced chocolate bar, oh yeah. I forget this. One doesn’t have their names on them, so it’s this. Then I have the Too Faced natural eyes palette. I know they’ve redone it, but I’m not gonna buy it. I don’t actually use this this much anymore, but it was my first ever high in palette. I thought – and I do still reach for it on occasion when I want just like a really easy makeup. Look where I don’t have to think, but that’s a good one. Then I have this Marc Jacobs palette in Lolita. I don’t know if they even make this Lolita one anymore, I’m not sure, but back in the day that was like the favorite standup. Okay, then, laying down right here I have some big Too Faced palettes, that I have some little things on top of them, so this is the Natasha Genoa mini sunset palette. These are really tiny like smaller than her normal 510 palettes. But it’s perfect because I will never make it through an entire eyeshadow and then I have the Becca Jaclyn hill palette. I know a lot of people got bad ones. Mine was good which actually like watching people on YouTube. Everyone says: there’s was good, so I don’t know if there will even work out one. I don’t know what happened, but then I have my Urban Decay Naked basics palette. I believe this is the first naked basics. Then I have the two faiths and Vegas, nay Stardust palette and then the Too Faced everything nice. This was a Christmas collection, so you get two blushes a bronzer highlight and then a bunch of eyeshadows on the top there’s some like a second row in here. So I guess I’ll start on this side again. So this is the Stila eyes. Are the window shadow palette in Seoul? Then I have these steel at matte and metal palette.
I don’t like this one quite as much, but it is a good one. Then I have my bad habit palette, so these are like dupes. He wants to stand up. Okay, this is the Aphrodite palette. This is a dupe for the huda. Beauty rose gold palette, which I do not own, then the Athena palette, which is a dupe for the huda beauty, desert desk palette, which I also don’t own, then the bad habit, solstice palette, which is a dupe for the Natasha, Genoa, sunset palette and the bad habit. Supernova palette, which is a dupe for the Natasha Nonna Leela palette, and I have the dubious place nubian palette. This is a good neutral palette. I want to try some some of juvie s places other palates now that I’ve kind of gotten into color just a little bit more. I want to try some more. This is the make it forever nine artists shadow Volume, one. The only thing I don’t like about this is that they’re all shimmer – there’s not a single Matt in here, so it’s kind of hard to make a full look, but I do really like these shadows and they have since changed. I don’t know if they change the formula, but I know they at least changed pans to like Squarepants. So this is the maker forever lustrous shadow palette. I don’t use this as much as I thought I would, but it is really good quality and then I have the urban decay ultimate, the ultimat, Naked basics or naked ultimate basics palette. That’s a good going to reach, for if you have something like they make it for everyone, that’s an all shimmer palette and you need something to complement it. But I have two colour-pop palettes. I have the dream Street with Kathleen mites palette and then the element of surprise palette, and then I have my four naked palettes, so I have the original naked be naked to the naked 3. I don’t reach for these this much. I do like that. I’m gonna keep them and then make it heat. I really love the naked Heat. I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I do really like you actually, okay, so that is the second drawer, so we’re gonna move up to this one. Okay. So this is my last drawer palettes. It’s actually like my first drawer for going from top to bottom, but it’s the last one we’re gonna go through and this one is the most full by far so this one houses like Tarte, lorac and then just a bunch of random things. So I’m gonna start over here. First, I have the Tarte TARDIS pro palette. I actually don’t use this like ever so. I’m gonna put this in my palettes that I’m setting to the site to try and if I don’t use it or don’t like it, I would get rid of it.
Then I have this Tarte palette. This came in like a bigger holiday set and got rid of that, but I kept this because I loved that it had everything you need in it, so six eyeshadows, a highlighter and then two blushes or like this really could be used as a bronzer yeah. So really like that, I have the bomb meet Matt nude, then my lorac palette. So I have the lorac pro one palette, lorac pro 2 and then the lorac pro 3. I don’t know if I’m gonna get the four that’s coming out. It looks very similar to this one, so I don’t know I kind of want to just for collectors sake, but that also seems really silly. So we will see. Can I have the lorac unzipped palette and the unzip gold palette? I don’t love this one. I’m gonna put this in my to try and then potentially get rid of. Then I have the unzipped mountain sunset and the unzipped the desert sunset this one’s really pretty. I think if the light is kind of washing this out, there was shadows. So I turn the light on, and now it’s like washing everything. Okay, then, back to Tarte, I have the Tarte tartlet palette, the tartlet and bloom palette and to the tartlet toasted. I know a lot of people are saying they like this better than the naked heat. I actually like the naked heat better. Okay, then I have the Tarte clay play palette. This was the volume one. You cannot get this anymore. I actually missed out on it, but he was on HauteLook about a week or so ago. So keep an eye on her. Look if you still want it may show up on there, but this was the volume one. Then I have some palettes kind of laying down right here, so put them in order, so they are in order. Okay, I have the lorac mega Pro palette. Not gonna lie, I don’t use these mega pros. Very often, this is the second one just because think the size of them kind of overwhelms me. I, like don’t even know where to start when I open them, but I do love the quality of lorac Pro shadow formulas. This is the third one and then the fourth ones so they’re really pretty. I just need to reach for them more often first. So this is the lorac beauty and the beast’ palette that one is really pretty that one’s honestly, it’s more of a collector’s thing. For me, beauty is one of the favorite movies, so that’s kind of just a collector’s piece, but it is a really good palette. Then I have the violet Voss taupe, notch palette. This is only by the box pot. I have it’s good, but I do want to try something else from them.
Okay and then I have the lorac Pro to go palette. This palette is cool because you can like lay it flat and open it and have your eyeshadows, your blushes and your bronzers, or you can open just one side, your eyeshadow or your blush and bronzer I’m gonna get rid of this. I never ever use it. I bought it thinking, I would travel with it and I just don’t so that one’s gonna go then I have the Cynthia Rowley palette. This came in like a birch box thing, so I’m gonna get rid of this. I actually really enjoyed it. While I had it, it was one of my first palettes I really ever had so I actually used it quite a bit, but I don’t reach for it anymore, so I’m gonna get rid of that. Then I have to Mac palette. So this is the eyeshadow x 15. This is one of the things like Nordstrom does or they make like the pre-made palettes. So there’s that way, and then this is the eyeshadow times 15 cool neutral, there’s some more Mac in the back, but I’m gonna show you these real quick. I feel like I’m, jumping all over the place, but they’re kind of not really by rant. So this is the huda beauty, mop obsessions palette and then they put a Beauty, smokey obsessions palette. Okay, let’s go through these real quick, so I have two of these covergirl true naked palettes. I have the roses and the goldens I’m gonna get rid of these they’re. Pretty good quality, don’t reach for them. If I’m reaching for an eyeshadow palette, it’s not those. Then I have the Milani most loved mattes palette and then the bold obsessions palette. I do really enjoy both of these I’m gonna keep these then I have the Milani must-have neutrals, everyday eyeshadow. I really really like this as well, but because I have the bigger, I just don’t think I need this, so I’m gonna get rid of it. Then I have the Sonia Kashuk eye on neutral palette. She actually doesn’t even make makeup anymore. She does, I think, strictly brushes now, but this is a good palette. I’m gonna keep it. Then I have what size drugstore this NYX love in Paris palette in Parisian chic. Actually I really like this one. It’s a pretty good one to like travel with it. You just want a small, neutral palette. So I’ll hang on to that, and then I have my two visi art palettes. This is the number one neutral matte and then the number five a sultry muse. So this one’s all shimmer, alright, there’s even more back here that you can’t see, but this is the rest of Tarte palette, so this is doesn’t have a name. This is a pretty old one. I’m gonna get rid of this. I think yeah I’m gonna get rid of it Okay, then I have these two, which came in like some kind of QVC set.
So I have this one which I think I’m gonna get rid of, and then I have this one which I’m gonna keep because I destroyed that shadow anyway But I do really like these shadows formulas, then I have this Tarte palette This is a be your own TARDIS palette This one is really pretty six shadows on a blush I’m gonna keep that one May the Starlight be your spotlight palette again, really pretty I don’t know all these tart shadows are like very similar They do the same shades all the time but they’re pretty, and I have this rainforest after dark palette, which I do really really enjoy So thank you for that Alright, last little stack of pallets Let’s start a little stock but they’re all little pallets Okay First, I have this Bobbi Brown mini eye palette I asked Minister Christmas not realizing how tiny it was so I’m gonna get rid of this one Then I have the NARS and God created the woman palette I just don’t like the quality on this I don’t think they’re that good, so getting rid of that one The Bobbi Brown old Hollywood palette I don’t I’m same thing: I’m not impressed by Bobbi Brown, the quality Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, so I’m gonna get rid of that one This one However, I will keep This is the everyday pretty lip and eye palette I don’t use the lip colors anymore, but this really is the first high-end palette I ever had My mom gave this to me when I was in high school, so I’m gonna keep that one Then I have the Mac center relic wah This is no quad It’s their 6, but I’m gonna keep this These colors are really really pretty, but also again, this is kind of more of a collector’s thing Senator fella! Then I have the comfort zone palette I’m gonna hang on to this because they read done it, and everyone says the formula is not as good now that they’ve redone it So I am going to hang on to that one and I have the sweetest candy trio and then walking on eggshells trio I’m gonna go ahead and get rid of both of those, so that is all my palettes Thank you guys so much for watching please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave, and I will see you next time, bye, guys

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