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Eyebrow killer 101

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey babe, so today we are not doing those special intro, we’re just getting straight to the point right now, I’m going to be just doing a brown totorial for you guys, I’m using the 7b brush by anastasiya as well as they’re everything dipbrow. I have made this tutorial probably about a month ago, but I didn’t want to post it. So I was like you know what we’re gonna go ahead and post it. So here we are. I just lined the bottom of my brows, literally as sharp as possible.
I get my brow. My brow brush really really super flat and fine to where my brush like when I applied my product. So it’s really really sharp and it’s not like really messy, and I literally kissed my brows. I don’t want to over line my brows. I do on the tail because, as you can see, my tell my brow is a lot thinner than the rest of my brow, but other than that. I literally just follow the natural shape of my brows. Now I’m just going through and I don’t really just go through and just brush products all through my brow. I do hair like strokes, so it looks like hair it blends in very well. It don’t look like you know. I just caked on a whole bunch of product, even though we know I’m doing that right now I get it, but it doesn’t look that way. It looks really soft subtle and it looks really natural. I forgot to hold the products up before, but now I’m just going in with my P Louise rumor find base. This is the the darkest base that they have at the moment and I’m using my Mac 252 s brush and I do not over conceal my brows. I’m literally making that concept that you know that um I shadow primer splash, like I people, say concealer, I’m making it kiss with that brow products. That’s what I’m going! You see I’m further away. I’m gonna go closer and I’m gonna sharpen it up. I don’t ever want to just start right on my brow, because if I start directly on the line of my brow, it’s gonna be too thick. It’s gonna be too cakey and I have that you know the chance of messing up and I don’t like doing that. So I like to get it done and right the first time. So I take my time and just build up to that sharp brow like right here I went straight up in freakin You see, I went too high in the very front of that brow.
I was so frustrated with myself This is why I wasn’t gonna post I’m going back up to straighten that out So it all looks even because that’s what happens when you try to take the product directly to the brow bone and try to conceal it right away You want to build up to it so now I’m going in and just shrinking that brow down just a bit to make it all even and nice and straight I always go back in my butt, with my dick brow with the same brush and go over That line to make sure there’s no concealer through it to make sure that it’s really really sharp you guys, because I am so you know part of myself and try to have my brows as sharp as possible So I make sure I go back even three to four times I don’t see me go back again with that brush again, that I shall be the brow brush to make sure that the line is just very, very, very crisp Now I’m just going in with my foundation, color mix with the P Louise 5 bass only because I don’t like to just put my foundation brush because it don’t give no no highlight to the top of the brow So when I mix it with the people wheeze, it gives a highlighted look So it’s very very good, but at the same time they don’t give you that halo brow that you want to stay away from I use the morphe 823 brush because this is my favorite favorite favorite for the favorite brush for blending out concealer and blending out cream products It is just so bomb and it cleans very easy So this is not a go-to favorite brush for that, and I’m literally just patting that brush and just blending it out really softly to where there’s no harsh lines You don’t want any harsh lines when you’re blending this out, because when you put your foundation on, you just want everything to just blend, very seamless and very smooth, and you know just blow dry see you know just real sassy I told you I was gonna Go back into that brow make sure it was really crisp I didn’t I wasn’t playing I was serious I gotta have make sure it’s all shop, but this is the angel I hope y’all enjoy This make sure y’all like comment and subscribe I love you on that catch y’all next time

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