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Fall Decoration Home Trip Danielle Farmhouse Autumn Decoration Page 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey y’all welcome to my channel. My name is Paige. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you, our fall home to court or super excited to be bringing this to y’all. If you didn’t know, if I was definitely my favorite favorite time of year, I think it’s just because it’s like the beginning of all the fun holidays, it’s just a feeling all the cozy vibes and I wanted to bring that into our home. I am almost nine months pregnant, so this year I decided not to go full force like I normally do, because I definitely did not want to be taking down all of this stuff with a newborn baby.
Make sure to leave me a comment down below about your fall decor for this year? What theme did you choose? The colors that you went with. I am so excited to see what you guys did jumping right on in we’re going to start with our living room, and this is the biggest room in our house. It’s the center of our home and it is most definitely my most favorite room to decorate and if you watched our different with me, which went off at the beginning of this week, I’ll link it up above and down below. In case you didn’t it’s pretty funny with me and my mama, but I was trying to decide on my pillows. I really really love the green velvet ones I had on there, but I think I’m gonna go without them. I’m getting Christmas vibes off of them. So I think this is what we want to go with. Let me know down in the comments, if you think I should switch him back to green, I’m not really sure, but I did change out the tray here on the Ottoman and I think I’m liking the way that it looks. I love the cozy blanket just hosts across there gives it a really comfortable vibe and this candle is from Bath and Body Works. I have no idea what scene – it is be perfectly honest with you, but it’s one of my most favorite places to get candles each season down below in the description box you’ll be able to find all of the places that I purchased this stuff from and if I’m able to find a link for something I will also have that down there as well. The only thing that I changed out on our collage wall was that wreaths, I just added a little bit of fall, berries to it, just to give it a little something-something and over here on my entryway table. This is another spot that I absolutely love decorating. Each season and I decided to go with this little monogram pumpkin – that I think I got an old-time pottery. The Scarecrow is give to me by my mama and that candle there in the middle is from one of my favorite small businesses, Noah Inc.
Oh candles, absolutely obsessed with them I’ll link them down below, and all these stems came from Hobby Lobby, but the vase itself is from home goods. Like I said I will have everything listed and linked down below that. I’m able to find this entryway table is not something that I can find online, but I do list a similar one. So if this is something you’re interested in or my couch or the pillows, all that stuff will be linked down there for you to easily find moving across from our sofa. You have our entertainment center and, it used to be like a yellowy toned wood. So now my Falstaff really does pop off of this white. It makes such a huge difference, so I love being able to decorate it now for the holidays. But this little swag thing here, garland came from Hobby Lobby after fall was over. It was like 87 percent off, which is the best time to get anything big like that from Hobby Lobby. Any printable that you see and my entertainment center came from Pinterest super easy just to print those off they’re free. So you can find pretty much whatever you want and print it off and put it in a little frame and all the little pumpkins and stuff I’ve just collected over the years that one, those from Dollar Tree. That is a really good place to pick up. Some really affordable, cute, tiny pumpkins and on the other side I have another printable. I don’t do too much for fall in my entertainment center, like I said, I’m trying to keep it as minimal as possible, but I definitely want some fall touches here and there moving into our kitchen and dining room. This is all I did in our kitchen. This year was just add this little box thing that I got it Ross, but I wanted to talk to you about the diffuser blend that I have going. So it’s four drops of lime, four drops of Mandarin and two drops of cassia. It is amazing, I call it my trick or treat blend. It is fantastic. If you have those oils, definitely try it out. If you don’t have them, you should probably get them I’ll. Have them linked down below as well as that diffuser, but the thing that I love the most this year would have to be my dining room, a centerpiece I am obsessed. I did show you guys me putting it together and the decorate with me, but you did not see this new face that I picked up at HomeGoods This pop of black is everything I am in love totally in love with it love the way it turned out.
Majority of those florals they come from Hobby Lobby I think it’s the perfect pop of color they’re, not too much like, I said once again trying to keep it minimal So I didn’t want to do too much on this table because Christmas time I go a little ham If you did not see last year’s Christmas tour, I will link it above, so you can see that I also wanted to keep that mirror Wreaths very simple So this is just a plain old, Magnolia Reed I think this goes with pretty much any season, and that’s really all that I done in the dining room and kitchen area I have never decorated our den area for fall before I did for the first time decorated for Christmas last year, but I figured because we’re spending more time in this room now I definitely wanted to make it extra cozy So I did pick up this road from Ross I got a ton of questions about where I got it from in that decorate I think I really loved us very simple, minimal touches in here There are literally two pumpkins in this room and I’m considering that fall decor, because I love them This gold pumpkin that sits right here on this side table is everything I got it from Ross last year and it’s one of my most favorite pumpkins that I’ve ever gotten and that, if you guys see me fighting over this blue velvety pumpkin over on the entertainment Center fireplace thing I should don’t turn the fireplace on because it really does set the mood, but it’s still hot over here in North Carolina, but this pumpkin I wanted to go in that room because I wanted it to pull the blues out of that rug and I just think it’s so cute and of course, sweater weather he’s burning I hope you guys enjoyed this fall home decor tour I really did love putting it together with my mama this year That was a really sweet memory that we’ll get to hold on to with that vlog that we filmed for y’all I am super excited now to decorate for Christmas I know I know I’m kind of like skipping over in my head, but as soon as I decorate for one I’m already getting ideas for the next So if you want to let talk Christmas decor down below in the comments, you definitely can comment what you’re thinking you’re going to be decorating for Christmas this year If you are new, I will see you guys in the next one I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day on

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