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Fall Decoration Tour 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, my home decor. So, as you guys know, I’m officially a homeowner just kidding. It is my first time meeting a homeowner and I’m so grateful for this because, as you guys know, before moving into the house, I used to live in a very small bedroom. I slept with my boyfriend’s a parent. I told myself like whenever I have my own home. I want to decorate whether it’s for Thanksgiving for Christmas for New Year’s for sometimes would say I don’t care. I want to decorate my house for every little season or for every little holiday that I can decorate my house.
I want to decorate it, so I think I snowfall is approaching us. A very soon fall is like September 20, something I have no shame in my game. I started decorating my house literally as soon as September hit. I started going to Target to Marshalls to t.j.maxx cuz. You know your girl is always a bowling on a budget, so I went to all those stores and I started looking for all these things – to decorate in my house at fur farm for Thanksgiving just to get those fall fives you know, and so I got so Many things guys, you guys know that I always do everything on a budget, so I got so many things decorated. My house is so pretty I decorate the front porch just so when people come visit us like they have like that. Nice warming welcome and then I also decorated our living room and also our kitchen. The delivery room is because we that’s where mostly, we spend most of our time like watching movies, hocus pocus, all that kind of stuff, and then also because the kitchen is where I spend most of the time. I don’t cook I spend most of the time in the kitchen because I eat there, but Jason my boyfriend is the one that cooks we spend most of our time there as well our bedroom in our kitchen. We really didn’t decorate it girl, just because we really don’t explain a lot of time in the bedrooms or like the upstairs. The mostly did for those like the bedroom and the restrooms is just like a boss into candle, and that was about it. I DIY had a couple of stuff because I’ve just got some ideas of Pinterest. Whenever I feel like beliefs, like, oh, my god, hurry decorate, I literally go to Pinterest and I looked up some info.. Don’t forget to give it a huge thumbs up if you love fall like me, I’m in love with fall. So if you love the fall, give it a thumbs up, also don’t forget to subscribe, so it can be important to your family. I’m get jumper you to hit the letter Bell sick.. So let me show you guys how I decorated the house we’re gonna start with my front porch, and this is what it looks like if the lighting is a little bit weird because of a Sun back.
If that sign says hello fall. I actually got this one and Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby was having 40% off guys their entire fall section, and I went crazy. So I got this hello Foss. I actually put some bricks underneath so it can be a little bit higher and then I got these scarecrows. I got a boy and a girl. I thought the really cutest thing ever so I picked up two of those and then I have to square Hayes that pumpkin on top is actually real. The pumpkins I got them on a local grocery store, the little corn and the little pumpkin. Those are actually fake. So those two add to the square Hayes. I got them also at Hobby Lobby and then these pumpkins, like I said I got them at my local grocery store. There were 999 and under guys I literally took advantage of the idea and bought as many pumpkins as I could and then back here. This is actually supposed to be in my reach for my front door, but it’s not like your typical week, guys it’s more of like a basket, and I didn’t really like it. I feel like I didn’t, tie all one together, so I actually put it in behind the little girl just so I can look like she just came back from like picking her flowers. I don’t know I just like put it back there. I think it looks good. Let me know what you guys think and then here I have another pumpkin and then this white pumpkin and then I actually change my my little mat. I had one this just hit, welcome and then this one I got it off Hobby Lobby as well. This one was 50% off. I just love that I said our nest. I feel like it all just combined like the whole theme that I had going on for the outside, so I got this one and then I got this flower mom guys from Costco. There was like $10, like 50 cents, something like that. It was super in excellence guys. I regret it. I feel like. I should have picked up two more just for like the back of the house, but I got this one and I cannot wait till all the little flowers start blooming because I just feel like the yellow and the orange flowers are gonna tie. Everything together, like just imagine when, like all the flowers, are blooming, it’s gonna look so nice guys, oh by the way, this one, the little flowery in the back. I got that one off the mark shows but yeah guys. This is a word. My front. Porch looks like let me know what you guys think. The only thing I amazeen is the reach for my front door, but that I’m going to go purchase that sometime at this week, so now let’s go inside, so I can show you guys, the rest. Hey, hey! There’s me so now we are in my friend entryway. I didn’t really change a lot in this section just because I didn’t really know what to do so, if you guys have more ideas by the way, if you guys see making empty spots somewhere on the house that you guys have like ideas how to decorate, please Let me know the comments down below.
I would truly appreciate it. I can only do so much from Pinterest, so let me know so for my front entryway that I still have the same year that I have from the house tour and then here nothing really changed guys. I still have the same table the same setup. I actually just added some yellow flowers. Just for like fall vibes, you know, take a shot. Every time I say fall or fall vibes. I still kept the same little basket where everyone throws in their keys here. I actually had a black handle on top of the stocked up books, so I just took out the candle and put in the little pumpkin that says, thankful and blessed. I also had two matching pumpkins. I had two of these that match perfectly fine, but I have a three year old that just feels the need to like feel on everything, so he was playing around. He dropped it right there and it just shattered. So I put this one, although he doesn’t like completely match, I feel like I still looks cute, so I have that one okay, so that is basically all I did for the entryway know when you turn to this side, let’s go to the rest of the house And let me show you guys all of my decor all right. Let’s start with this side over here so here I actually took out my Keurig and I put this little mug. That says a warm and cozy. I kind of like decorated this little section. So these are the little pots that I’ve been using salted caramel. I got this coffee from Marshalls and it is so good guys best coffee that I have purchase. So I just have like this little section. I decorated again. I got some inspiration from Pinterest and then on this side I kind of just kept the same decor that I had. I just felt like. It was a very nice combo like we have some little, you know, fall vibes and then it’s like more new trend. Kind of like tones it down, so this is what my little coffee station looks like on this side. My son actually decided to hang this up in the pantry knob and did this one? I got it from the dollar store last year and is still with us. It’s missing a little sunflower I had here. It went through a rough time what we were like movie, but he made it through. So I put that one up there. I kept my Alexa in the same place, so I put this little sign that says: happy harvest. I actually got that one also at Marshall’s, and then these pumpkins, I got them from Target from the one dollar section the dollar spawn, so I just put like a different color variation of pumpkins.
Just so I could like stand out. I didn’t want to just like put all orange, so I put that one neutral that one more like yellowish and a blueish one, and I think it looks pretty good. I did put up these kitchen napkins. I thought they were super cute. I put applied a white plaid one. I saw that orange one and then another pod one on this hi guys. I actually opened up this bug to this specific page because it’s just like I was like. Oh my god, it looks so cute. Am I gonna make the recipe – probably not I’m not really good at baking, but I just thought it looked really pretty so I opened it up to that specific page. Although it looks for very delicious and on this section everything stayed the same. I just put these yellow flowers with this little pumpkin again guys. The pumpkin is a firm, the target, one dollar section – this I got it from Marshalls and then this one I also got it from Target. This one was only three dollars guys as soon as I saw it. I snatched it so this is what my kitchen looks like from at this side. By the way, I think it was forgot to show you guys so this mug and thou – and I both got them from Marshalls last year and then that little pumpkin and the pinecone is also from Target the dollar section and then the little positive for my Keurig. I also got them at Marshalls. They are so delicious guys so that hole like right. There is Marshalls and then these two are targets all right. Let me show you guys now the rest all right now in my sink area. I have this missus mayor’s hand. Soap guys this is the limited edition sent apple cider sent guys. Oh my god, if you have not smelled this, please go to Target to Walmart wherever they sell. Missus mayors and please smell this hand. Soap, it smells so good. So I have this one. This one is also one of their fault, limited edition cents. This used to be a little jar for spices. I kind of like low-key broke it. I put some water, and then I just put these little flowers at that. I took up from like the rest of flower, bundles that I got from my local grocery store, so they look so cute. I just put them here and then this pumpkin guys is actually from the dollar store. So that is what that looks like on this side. I just have some flowers, I decided. Usually I go with a lot of greenery for the house, but since its fall – and you know like burnt orange and yellow those – are the kind of colors you use for this season, I decided to put up my flowers, but this vase and it looks really nice.
I like how it looks I added more pinecones and a little pumpkin at that one. I also got it from Target in this base, guys I got it from at home when I first moved to the house and by the way the mrs. Mayer’s hand soap, it’s that one. I got it at Target as well, so you can probably go to your local Target and find it and they have other limited edition cents, but I just like how, like the whole kitchen lives, I feel like it’s very simple, but yet it feels very fallish, very Thanksgiving ish or those even words, I don’t know I just like how it looks, I feel like it’s not too much not too little. It’s just perfect, though we’re gonna move on to my dining table, guys. Alright, I’m gonna be very honest with you guys. I am missing something here, so don’t fully judge my dining table. So when I was looking for centerpieces for my dining table guys, everything was like ridiculously expensive $35 for just a centerpiece or $40 $50, and I was like not today honey. So I DIY to my own kind of like centerpiece it for my dining table, so these appetizer plates are from Target. These were no actually, there were $3 for two of the and, like I said, I’m just missing a round plain orange plate to put underneath, and then this one on top just so I can stand out this a table runner guys. I got it from Target for $3. This garland, I got it at Target for $5 and these foam pumpkins. These three were from the $1 section at Target these two, the white one and the green one. Those were $3 from the target section and that one was a dollar. So what I did I just DIY to my own centerpiece made it nice sweet and some boy and right away, just put the table. Runner put the garland and then kind of just a punch at the pumpkins here like this. One is like coming out from like the garland this one as well, and this is what my dining table looks like again. The only thing I’m missing are the orange plates. Underneath the white ones, but over I feel, like it, looks very nice, nice, clean and simple. You know. So if you are trying to DIY your own centerpiece for your dining table there, you go girl. That’s a quick little inspo for you on this table that I have here. I feel like this here doesn’t really much. I don’t know how to feel about it. Let me know what else can I put here? Please. Let me know I have this is actually oh. No, it’s actually the right date. How was that girl? It’s the wrong we’re in the 16. Don’t worry it’s the 15 today on this site, this one! Okay, this I like you know it feels more fall vibes to me.
So I got this vase from Target. It was a $3. There was actually two. I only picked up one and now I regretted, because I should have picked up both and put the other one on that side right, but oh well, let me know what I can put on this side. I feel like this doesn’t really match right now, so I got the vase I put these yellow flowers and this pumpkins succulent they’re, our real succulents are fake. I got this one from Target. It was $5. This is also from the target section. They were actually for pumpkins four of these. If for $3, which was super inexpensive, I have this baked pumpkin tart candle. I got it from at home. If you guys go to your at home. Please pick up this candle guys it’s a little bit pricey compared to like TJ, Maxx and Marshalls candles, because almost ten bucks, but it is so worth it, it smells so so good. So this is my little section on this table. So in my living room area, I have this basket, and I put this throw blanket with this pillow. This pillow actually got it. I think about a year and a half ago from Ross – and I wasn’t like a huge fan of the pillow. It was actually on clearance, but I was like, oh my god, it’s on clearance, but I don’t like what it says like I just don’t like it, and then I flipped it over and I was like oh bitch. We can actually kind of like flip it over and know whatever noticed. So I got this one from Ross and I just put it like this. I just feel like it looks nice and cute just like a nice little pop of orange, so this by the way this throw blanket. I also got it from Marshalls. I basically live at Marshall. St. Jude’s, amongst all the employees, know me there, but for my couch, what I did is, I just got these pillows, the white pillows are from at home and then these burnt orange pillows are so soft. These are also from Marshalls. I got these last year, so this is basically what my couch looks like my throw blanket is also from oh, no that one is actually not Marshalls. My throw blanket is from at home when you sit down. I have my coffee table and this is what my coffee table looks like. I have both of these books, but I actually got from the dollar store. I just realized. One of my books is backwards. I am so sorry for that. If you have OCD that is going to trip you out, but that a blessed pumpkin, I got it from Marshalls. The little pumpkin is part of like the four pumpkins for three dollars that I got at Target and then I just put some little yellow flowers and a cup that I had in the pantry. So this is what my little coffee table looks like now. Let’s move back here, so I have my play buttons from my vlogging channel, which is the a family If you guys haven’t, follow me yet make sure to go subscribe to our blogging channel, and then I got to this at pumpkin this pumpkin.
I saw it on Marshalls and I thought it was so different and so unique it’s three pumpkins in one There was actually two of these, but another lady beat me to it So I only got one I was gonna put one on one side and one on the other side, but I made it work, so I got this one from Marshalls guys I thought it was very unique and very different The garland is from Target from tarjay that one was also $5 and then this sign is says: happy fall, ya’ll that one is from Marshalls right, it’s from Marshalls, yes, and for this I kind of found some inspiration from Pinterest I didn’t really know what to do with this, just because I was like what everything else is decorated besides this and I feel like it’s missing, maybe like a table runner underneath, let me know what you guys think I kind of feel like it’s still missing something, But please, let me know if you guys think it’s okay like this or if I can add anything else, then I have this pumpkin here is kind of like a sequin pumpkin This one is from the dollar store It was only a dollar, it wasn’t not expensive At all, then, I have this ADW home candle This is the pumpkin spice scented candle honestly, I am in love with DW home candles, now they’re, so good, and this one was only eight dollars, guys super inexpensive for a big candle and the one that I got from at home The one that I showed you guys previously was 10 and it was smaller and this one is 8 and it’s huge It’s like pretty big, but if you guys go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, definitely check out DW home candles They smell really really good So this is basically what my living room area looks like I feel like it’s nice and simple, so that completes my fall home decor Also, don’t forget to subscribe so it can be partly peeta to family and don’t forget to hit the little bell Stick if you guys have any ideas of how else I can decorate or if I can add anything else Oh please, please Let me know in the comments down below I would truly appreciate it Overall I love how my house feels I feel if you’re so cozy and so nice I love it Let me know what you guys think I’m going to just sit down on the couch relax just watch a movie, I’m gonna hopefully try to find hocus pocus, and I will see you guys On the next one, bye guys

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