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Family Decoration Tour 2019 My Mother’s Family Tour Farmhouse Decoration

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my Channel today, I’m going to be touring my mom’s house, I’m going to be showing you guys around and showing you all of her beautiful decor.. If you guys are not following me or my mom on Instagram, make sure you head on over and follow the both of us. We will be doing a home goods giveaway for you guys so make sure to check that out. The instructions for entering the giveaway will be in the description box below. It is super easy, so messages on these shelves is thrifted it’s from a local vintage shop.
So it’s hard to link all this, but this is from home goods and Kirkland’s, and then the cabinet itself is from World Markets most of the stuff that she has is from the same thrift shop that we both shop at. So a lot of the stuff that you see here can’t be linked, but the Shelf here you said, was from world market right. Your sign is also from. What’s it between you and me signs, I have one also, you guys have seen it multiple times above my pho mantle, which she made for me, but that’s also from her shop. So we can link that below and then, where did you say, those were from the hanging? Lanterns are from Hobby Lobby as well as the hooks that they’re hanging on okay. This is a target fund and this may or may not be available at Target still under they brought them back. Why did you get it last year? I got it last year. I’ve seen something similar if I can find it online I’ll link it below, for you guys and all the florals that are in here are mostly for Michaels, are mostly from will link any of these pillows. If they’re available on TJ Maxx, calm, sometimes stuff that you find at home, goods can be linked online. So I will check for you guys and if there is any links to any of these pillows I’ll leave them, if not check out your local home goods or TJ Maxx. This everything over here is thrifted, so I collect old suitcases just for the vintage feel. I love them in a home and then that tune isn’t Tim and you can just throw plants in there make an arrangement in there whatever it is. You want to do. This was an old dresser that I’ve had for many many years and it’s been painted several colors over the years and it stripped it down, and then these were from Amazon. So she can link those for you to all the flowers here or from Hobby Lobby, and then all of this is thrifted, except for the candlestick. It’s from Pottery Barn. The basket down here is an Ikea find and I think they still sell these in the stores. You may be able to find that this is an old Pottery Barn find that I got at the outlet and then most of this is from home goods, and then this is also thrifted.
This is a antique that used to be my grandmother’s and when she passed away, I inherited this. I just gave it a coat of paint and distressed it a little bit and then see you at the top down. So the cheer is from Amazon and I believe this is still available. This is a Kirkland, it’s a recent pillow and then this is the home goods pillow. The rug, I believe, is a boutique rugs or could be rugs. Usa, I’m not sure, but I’m not sure, Brett oh, look and see with where it’s from this one is from Target. I believe this is like a the wedding ring or the wedding tribal pattern, but I think this one is still available at Target calm. Amidst all of this is also thrifted, I love vintage items, things that not everybody has or things you’re, not gonna find just by going into the store. So this is from world market, so this is still available. I believe online and you can find sales on these, but everything else is found from a local thrift store that I love to go to I believe that copper lantern is from Target and those still may be available in mine. I did get it last year, but they still may have those did you put these on there too? Yes, so I’ll link the. What do you call these handles? Pulls hardware I’ll link those below for you guys, if you that’s an easy way to change up a piece of furniture is that candle from cuz I want one pretty. This was failed in Waco. The tin was found in Waco and believe it or not, I made it into a candle, so I tried my hand at some candle skills and didn’t like it. So that was the only one that was made. The clock is from Target and I believe it still may be available in the store. Some stores still may have it. I’m everything else has been directed found at vintage, antique shows or just local, antique stores in town. This is my vintage mirror wall and honestly, this collection kind of started with just a couple of these vintage frames, and I really started loving the patina and the way they looked in the house. So I started collecting them and it seems to be when you start collecting something you find things everywhere. So a couple of these are from garage sales. Thrift markets that we go to, and is this peppercorn by showing is okay. This is the same color that I have on my bedroom wall and then right over here is the same wallpaper that I have in the nursery. I will link it below. I believe it is out of stock right now, but I’m gonna leave the link just in case it does come back in stock.
It is a peel and stick wallpaper super easy to put on and remove, except that you have to get all the lines straight. That’s what makes it difficult alright, this is the extra bathroom where’s this from so the shelves there’s one in front and then girls show you the one behind those came from Ross and I’ve had those for a couple years. They look like they’re heavy, but they’re. Really not the candlesticks are from Hobby Lobby. The old mirror is thrifted in the old cedar. Mop is also a thrifted. Can that I found. I love that and then this is by UM Magnolia at Target, and then where did you get those sir from Ikea? Okay and I believe those are still available, and then that also is the prep horn, color yeah and the rug is a Tuesday morning find occasionally you can go in there and find really pretty rugs. It’s hit or miss, and most of the rugs in my house are by the la loi brand from Magnolia. It’s up here. The mirror is from Target, and then I put these tiles which I bought at. I believe it was Lowe’s and I just put those up there with some glue just to kind of get the wall a little bit of dimension and hung this shelf here, just to have over the sink just to put a few little essentials. These are from Target the Magnolia collection. This is actually from Magnolia and then I just popped in a cheap IKEA plant, and then this is the same little picture that I have in Cash’s room. We both found ours at t.j.maxx. I will link one below. I know the overstock has some, but I’m not sure if they have this exact one okay, so this used to be pretty south. It was a light blue color and I painted it with some navy paint that I had on hand and again use these. I think they’re called library, poles is what they’re called, and these are from Amazon, so I just bought a big pack of them and I’ve used them on a lot of my furniture. All of these things are thrifted from local, antique stores or thrift stores, and this is a little old truck. I love old trucks and I’ve had that one for a really long time. It’s supposed to be a kiddos toy and they do play with that when they come over. So in case you didn’t know, these are my babies, three of my babies. This is a flag. I love the Betsy Ross flag. I love the distressing that this has, but I bought this on. Amazon just hung it with a curtain, rod that I had on hand – and I already had the the cheapo rings on hand. Also, these are just some bubble string lights that I have in here for the babies when they come and stay. This is an old headboard that I bought at the same thrift store and it used to be black.
That is a green chalkboard paint. The bed is from Anna and I’m sure Britt can link that. Also most of the pillows on the bed are either IKEA or home goods. The bedding this light color bedding is Pottery Barn and it’s old. The oatmeal color bedding is a vintage store. Fine also shelf ledges up there of all my kiddos, you know all the babies are from Ikea as well as the frames. The mantel was an old Pottery Barn find many many years ago. It used to be white, so I paint it black and I added these black boards or they were there. You know just a normal board. I painted on black and then added this, and I had some old corbels that I added just to kind of make. This look like an old fireplace, and I love to put stockings up here at Christmas time when the kiddos come and stay just makes. This room feel a little cozy when they’re in here. This is an old headboard, also that kind of mimics the one over the bed, and I found that at vintage shop. Local also and, of course, all of my pictures. This was made for me by my cousin. So sweet when she first started making some little signs. She brought me that, just as a as a sweet gift – and I still move it around all over my house – so Missy I’m sure you’ll be watching them. Thank you so much everything else y’all is thrifted. I love to collect old books when I can find a really good deal on them fairly, similar to the one that you did at my house. It’s not like as thick or as tall, but if you guys want to do a faux mantel in your house, she has a small tutorial on her Instagram page. It’s still in your highlights right, so you go to her page and then check out the highlights and she shows how she kind of put together. The man told it’s at my house, but maybe yes, maybe we can get her to do another a tutorial one day, but it will kind of guide you a little bit if you have no idea what you’re doing so. This is all cabinets and took this cabinet off just to allow a little bit of open shelving. These canisters up here are from a thrift store, and I know y’all gonna get tired of me saying that, because nothing can be laying to be bought but and I’m starting to incorporate a lot more real plants. Brittany, compiling this. This is an anthropology fine and they have a whole set, which I would love to have, but one piece at a time, and then these dishes are from Pottery Barn that I’ve had for for a few years, I’m also a collector of old crocks and all these Flowers I found at Hobby Lobby and I went ahead and just stuck in my copper pieces and my wood pieces just to have honestly somewhere to put them this old breadboard.
I believe that’s what it was used for. It’s a cheese board, but I also found this at a local antique store and then these are the canisters. Just like Brittany has in her house that you can find at Target and then over. Here I did the same thing. I took off the cabinet door and painted all of the inside of these cabinets and in the very back you can see it’s the subway tile peel and stick wallpaper that I put up there. A lot of people think that’s a real subway tile. Until you get right up on it, you can realize it’s not it’s just a peeling stick and then, if I get tired of it, that’s a good way to dress up your cabinets. The inside of them bring a little bit of color and all the cups and stuff inside is either targeted. Thrifted um, I believe the copper is from a pot from Pottery Barn. Also so up here, the I love botannical prints and all these prints. You can find on etsy shop and I don’t remember the name of the Etsy, but if you just put in about animal prints, several of them will come up and they’re just they’re just prints. So I ordered those very inexpensive and then I bought the frames at Target and those are actually hanging up with command strips pantry door. This used to be open door and this pantry door. I found at a local antique store. It was white when I found an opinion it black and ordered the pantry. I don’t know if you can see that but or the pantry sticker on Etsy and the wreath is from kirklands recently, and this has changed up a few times. But we’ve got some vertical shiplap and then I just did the peel and stick black and white from target’s paper up there. This sign, if you follow me already, you know I made this sign. There is a another account on Instagram that I follow called uncommon farmhouse, which is a very classic traditional style, and I loved this sign when I saw it – and I just had a friend of my cousin’s, make me the template, and that is just MDF board framed Out and stained, and then I just stencil that on there and pull the stencil off and that’s what we made. But I love that it came out exactly the way I wanted it to come out and it looks almost identical to the one that I was inspired by. This is just a board really thick board that I bought at Home Depot. Everybody asked about shelving and bought these brackets at Hobby Lobby and just nailed it up they’re.
All the things that are up here y’all are honestly from home goods or thrifted. I love to collect old brass candlesticks and you can find these at estate sales. There are stores, goodwills, even sometimes, and so my table setting a lot of this stuff is old and it is from Bari barn. I hang on to a lot of these things for a long time. These, I think, are at IKEA and you can still get these, but just layering plates different plates for the seasons. That’s all you have to change a lot of times, and then maybe these are just. These are real pumpkins. I picked these up in a bag from h-e-b, and these are from home goods just layering in there. You could change it to put an apple in there. I do some yarn bowls at Chris time and you can actually drop those in there change the plate into something red or green or with the cute trucks on them. Whatever you want, does it take much? These are fake and around these candles. I bought these out in Waco in a little shop and you can also just change the candle rings for the season. I love copper, and so it’s very fall to me as long as as well as the brass and so incorporating all of that together, you can mix your metals, so don’t be afraid to do that. The florals are off from Hobby Lobby and I bought them this year again with the rug same thing. I love these little boy rugs and I believe this one was found on Amazon. She may be able to Lincoln, but I looked last night and these were sold out, so this table is a kirklands fine and I did find this. I believe it’s been a couple of years now. You may be able to find something similar, and I got a good deal on that, but that is where that’s from my lamp is a HomeGoods find the basket is a home gets fine. These are all real plants here, Home Depot. This is a home goods find also, and then all my wood pieces like that are just thrifted again with the shelves just wood stain put up with these brackets. These are a little bit heavy, so they tend to lean a little bit and I probably should brace this a little bit. So that’s from Amazon. If you see one that I got actually, yes, it can’t be binding in as long now. I believe I bought mine at a cute little shop when they first came out a while back, but I think you can get these now. Okay, do you know what stain you used on these? I don’t remember because people always ask me what stain is on my shelves and I Bryer smoke come to me.
Okay, it’s called briar smoke and it’s from Home Depot yeah. This is my master bedroom again y’all. My house is not very big. We’Re talking a thousand square feet max. I’ve had some questions on the wall panel, so this is a wall panel that you can buy from Home Depot and it’s a brick pattern. It’s red brick and on here I just tacked it to the wall. Did a joint compound on top of that and then painted it just to give it an aged look for the room. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am in love with these brass swingarm lamps and I purchased these on Amazon. Not too long ago and add them to my room, just to kind of keep the table free of a lamp, and I have no room on that side, so it worked out perfectly. This is a home goods find this little table, and then that is also the mirror. Is a home goods find, and I recently gave it a little bit of a makeover and painted it black. It had a grey color to it and I just gave it a la makeover paint it black. The shelves are from West Elm. We have an outlet here kind of close to us. The brackets are from Ikea, but the shelves themselves – and I just put two together to make one long shelf – the mirrors – are thrifted for little vintage shops as well as the candlesticks the books. So these pictures I saw this on somebody else’s Instagram and loved them. A lot of the way they look for a bedroom, so if you just put in be still my soul on Etsy, you can find these and have them printed. You buy the PDF, have them printed at Sam’s or staples, and then these are just put into Ikea frames. The rug is from at home and I believe this is a little brand also and then the one that’s on the bottom is a target. I bought that at Target com. They do have some of the smaller I’ve seen this one in the store. I thought yep and you can still buy that one online and just giving a little a look. So the vetting is from Amazon and I think you just Google chenille bedding, it kind of has a vintage and nostalgic look to it and several of them will come up. I believe the original one that I saw was sold out, but they do have several options. It’s just really pretty and all the pillows are from home goods or IKEA. This is a dresser. This actually used to be at Brits, and the kid was going to the Goodwill and I brought it hell didn’t know what I was gonna do with it, but I brought it home gave it a little makeover put some black paint These knobs are for me Emma’s on and bought these and then just put them on there, and then I stained the top all the way down or sanded it all the way down to get it to the bare wood and that’s about.
As far as I got as far as sanding, so that’s gonna stay like that all these things are thrifted These are thrifted, the box is scripted and the lamp is from Ikea Also, if you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen this mantelpiece This is not one that I made This came out of an old schoolhouse that had been in a fire I added the faux brick on the back just by adding a board and then doing a half, brick you’ll notice, a lot of brick in my house I just love the look of that in the work that brings and then also just did the same joint compound on there just kind of smeared that on there and that’s that’s the top piece I have did some shiplap and then just framed it out It used to be white, but I wanted a little bit more of a moody look, so I added the gray paint This is also the same color and it’s in the rest of my house, and then all of these mirrors have been thrifted I believe this is from Magnolia and then all the flowers in here are from Hobby Lobby This is a good way to add a little bit of character or interest to your room, so I just took off the bathroom door and then the hardware sliding door Hardware can be found on Amazon This is just made with two by fours and I believe these are two by sixes and either nail guns and glued together and then the hardware I picked up at Hobby Lobby and then just added a wreath to the door This is a good place back here to add a mirror which I like to do A full length mirror eventually right, it’s a good idea and then it’s covered yeah and then, as your fiddle leaf from QVC, my fiddle is from QVC Yes, so I can link that below they’re sold out a lot I get that question all the time and I will link it, but if it’s sold out just keep an eye on the link or type in your email and they cannotify you when it’s available again, that is it for my mom home decor tour don’t forget to check her out on instagram at honey bee farmhouse She does a lot of home decor posts and DIYs so make sure that you check her out and also follow the both of us for the home goods gift card Giveaway All of the instructions on entering will be in the description box below Thank you guys If you are new – and I will see you guys next time and it’s partition –

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