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Fashion and tradition: omelet, delicious

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up guys welcome back to another episode of trendy versus traditional, where we make two different versions of the same dish for today’s episode we will both be making specifically, we will both be making omelets, because oh, it’s gonna be nonstop with you today. Extremely excited cook that one episode – good luck thanks make make those eggs real good enough. What’s up folks we’re gonna be making eggs today of all the episodes we’ve done, I think I have the fewest ingredients on the table.
Yes, we have butter. We have eggs ham, cheese, green pepper ham and cheese is pretty standard. Traditional omelet green bell peppers find their way into omelets from time to time. There’s a lot of really crazy. Looking omelets out there, the one I’ll be doing today, is actually a tasty recipe. It’s called super fluffy omelette and it has over 13 million views. If that’s not trendy, I don’t know. What is the cool thing about that? Omelette, though, is that it was actually based on a dish that’s made in this pretty famous French restaurant, whose name I cannot pronounce its specialty is that looks like a really soft pillow egg. It’s like a souffle omelette. I’m gonna try and do that today. I have the tasty recipe which I will base this off of, but tweak it a little bit to make it look a little more like the og French omelette. Let’s get cracking here, we go first, we will be starting with a beautiful, green bell, pepper. Let’s go ahead and do that. I wish that made a way cooler sound. Are you gonna help me three two there we go. Everyone needs to bear with me in this time of puns. Anka, I know, has ton locked and loaded. This is going to be an extraordinarily big omelet, we’re gonna use 5 eggs 2 eggs in here egg yolks and egg whites, three egg yolks in here and separate three egg whites out. If I whip them up, it might help give it that, like fluffy texture. You can trust me. No one is gonna get hurt in our pepper cut up here. I thought that was dirt and I almost had a heart attack. I don’t think we need a lot with anything that you’re putting into an omelet the pieces should be relatively small, should have grabbed a bigger cutting board. But that’s okay move this into our Bowl. Here. First egg in we go boom second egg. Now we get to the split in part. I can’t say I’m like a true expert at this, but this is high. I can’t say I’m a true expert just doing my best out here really leaning in on the puns today. It’s gonna be an excellent time. Last egg perf we’re gonna go into ham land. Similarly, to the pepper, we’re just gonna cut it up into little small pieces, I just rolled and cut this ham up like you would herbs him does smell good, though just got a big whiff of ham ham in olive oil in there’s not gonna, be Any filling in this omelet, it’s just gonna be egg and egg and more eggs.
Now that we have eggs crack it’s time for some egg, sir sighs we’re gonna be doing a lot of whipping I’m gonna start with the egg yolk / egg mixture have. This is back up up here when case’ I get a little too tired, but let’s start off with the hands. Now that the ham and my hands smell, I can give me once honestly: that’s it. We’ve done all of our prep work. The next step add Heat. I’m just gonna be sauteing. Wake up the reason I’m heating up. The ham is because you don’t want to put like cold ham and raw peppers into an omelet. You want to give them a head start, because the eggs are gonna the eggs are gonna, go like that. Just gonna start whipping this up how’d. I do this for at least a five minutes. I’m gonna be here for a while guys. I feel like Chris is probably gonna get most of his done, while I’m still here beating this egg pans nice and warm in go our ham and peppers. We’Re just looking to get a little bit of color on the ham, lose a little bit of the crisp mists in the peppers. Then we’re just gonna take it back out getting real exhausted here. I’m feeling beat sorry guys, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m unacceptable today unacceptable. I actually think we’re looking pretty good here. They’Ll head kill this. There we go there, we go, I’m gonna wipe this hand pan out and then it’s egg time. Oh, but you can see it’s getting progressively fluffier we’re really just trying to beat some air into these eggs. You want it to be, lighter, give it like a souffle esque texture to play eggs and something to happen. We’Re just gonna cut up this half quarter. Tablespoon of butter toss that, in turn, the heat up and we’re gonna toss in all right. I’m gonna do three eggs cuz, I’m a hungry boy. The reason I do eggs straight into the pan instead of in a bowl, it’s just from like ease of cleanup and I’m sorry, if that’s lazy of me, I’m just kind of whisking it all together, breaking the yolks up and I’m also using a rubber spatula. Because, then, you can start scraping the pan, as the eggs heat up, they’ll start forming little curds, low and slow is how I would describe these eggs here. Alright guys it’s been about five minutes. Look at boom. It’s super airy. It’s a bit foamy! It’s fluffy feeling pretty good. So now I’m gonna set this aside now beat the egg whites running out of muscle strain, so I’m gonna resort to the electric mixer so we’re starting to get a little sticky cheer eggs are coming together.
That’s good you’re kind of scrambling them two-thirds of the way through in that last. Third, that’s when you let it sit as kind of this big crepe like form, I’m just trying to get this to a stock, beat stage we’re at the point where we have some pretty like really loose. Looking scrambled eggs, Oh quiet down! Stop it’s getting foamy in here, see how this looks. Oh looking, good just gonna combine the two now gently fold, the egg white. Soon it’s like a little cloud and then we’re just going to fold it in still super airy trying to be gentle. The whole reason I’m like going like is because, because I’m trying to beat some air into it, so you don’t want to waste all the effort you put into it earlier. This is where we’re gonna, let the eggs kind of let them just hang out. Let’s get some cheese going on, Let Me In sprinkle in some cheese Here I am a big ratio boy. We don’t want up too much of a million things and you bite into it. We just get a little bit of everything. That’s what we want. I’m not gonna use all of it just gonna sprinkle that in putting it on 1/2 and then, ideally as it’s cooking on that side, we’re gonna fold the other half of the egg on to the filling side. I’m just going to pour this in! That’s a lot of eggs. You know a little pep pad it out, Sookie, pretty good, so far putting this on a really low heat, because I don’t want the bottom to overcook, but I also need to make sure that the top is cooked cuz. Nobody wants to eat raw eggs huh, I’m gonna. Let just let us sit here for a little bit right now. It’s just a waiting game cooking takes a lot of patience like 50% technique, 50% patience, while I’m waiting, I’m gonna cut up some chives just a little bit of garnish right the finish line again, let’s stay upright, let’s finish strong. That is pretty close to setting up come here come here who wants to see Chris wrestle and omelet get on. This looks nice, except for this little extra tab here. Oh it’s something caught! So big excuse me! Well, I cover this up. There’s smell very eggy in here this dishes term is that you wanted to slide cleanly off the pan and then fold it like this perfect fold, the center kind of oozes out, and it’s just this glorious egg pillow look at it. It’s jiggly! You can see that the edges are coming off a little bit. Yes, I’m just gonna lift this up and slide it in, like so same thing here slide that butter right in the butter is there for flavor It’s also to make it a little more Brown on the bottom, really: okay, I’m gonna, take it off the heat and let it sit for a little bit because there’s still some residual heat.
Your my thoughts on this omelet, I feel like this is, like you got ready for picture day, feeling good you take the picture, and then you notice, like one piece of hair, is just like going the opposite direction That’s how I feel about this tiny little tear my confidence, Prix omelet fold, 98% I think right now, I’m flying near like an 82, which is a B a B We have a beautiful red plate here As long as we get the perfect fold, it’s very fragile you guys Okay, wait, push push how’s that look! Oh, it’s like oozing out, that’s kind of what we wanted to do You can tell that it’s difficulty What do you call this fluffy? I’m talking really fast because I’m really excited seasoning time kena! Oh I’m! Just so glad it turned out Okay, so have a little bit Luth there So yeah Is it a beautiful omelette? I don’t think so, but traditional home cooking, it’s not always gonna be beautiful, but it is gonna be delicious Three, two one! Oh no! This is the guy She tells you not to worry about This is sad Thank you time to invite someone in to decide which egg omelette will reign supreme This time we have our friend Sabrina, which really likes like so Sabrina, come on in okay First of all, I’m overwhelmed I’m staring in front of these two really different, but really cool plate This plate right off the bat catches, my attention It looks like a pancake and an omelette had a baby you’re, getting all your breakfast in one This one, I feel like needs some baking a Saturday morning, kind of like home That is what I’m going to very nice I’m ready to just dig in we’re Terra fried fried I want another bite at us huh This is like a cloud a souffle I really really love the contrast of the foam with the actual omelette itself I would order this You know what I mean, yes, which one is reign supreme even before we get to it You made a beautiful lawn Thank you You too, I gotta, give it to the og I don’t know, I gotta, give it to the og, it’s a humble omelet, but the taste is just what I think about on a Saturday morning I’m old-school except I’ll say I’m the most excited to try This as well go ahead and say it this omelet slaps I don’t want my win This was a good battle for something so simple We left it all out there Thank you for bearing with us thank you for bearing with our terrible egg funds um We will see you next week

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