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Father and Son Duet – Begin.

30 Sep , 2019  

Omega somebody’s getting a present who’s, getting a present, actually you’re, not daddy, is getting a present. You didn’t know, would you like to make sure it’s dry and, like dad didn’t know, he’s getting a present giving me a present? Yes, Gettys. First price tag off. Yes, take the price tag on it’s a nice harmonica, you like it good. We got joy. Someone also show us your perfect, always be my favorite. I’ve been other than black, so turn on its side.
Here’s Jerusalem’s one you want to see show them. They want to see you and dad of both wanted one sorry Paul. It took me 22 years to buy you one sorry, and it’s only taken me what I think you’ve been asking for about six years, so you can play music together. There do different types like this, you can play music and I won’t have to get copyrighted yeah. They cease together when you’re playing together. Can you believe, okay for everybody follow the viewers. This is the beginning. Aphrodite is all right, you might fall. This is what’s here: Aphrodite is playing with LEGOs right here we can see the future. These two are going to be playing together. Other people gonna be singing guitars pianos, and you guys on there and that’s instrument number seven for Ursula yeah. It is instrument number two for Paul guitar. Neither two three three well. Can we try to play? Are you supposed to do anybody know daddy how to play? I didn’t even know that you knew how to play 22 years of marriage. I don’t even know you could play those well, you know, 22 years of I won. I never knew that he had a play, Ursula Matheny, because I’m learning to do you have no idea. You can google it we’re good four hour drive to Helsinki now. Thank you. They can be stored. You’Re welcome. I stole mine in my in my in front and you do want to take your listen to the song. Can we go to Helsinki now now you can come in now, they’re ready. Yes, what color are we gonna? Go for what, of course, white no meth keep washing them, but they’re gray inside how many do we need Aphrodite? Oh no Mego cannot appear sitting there grab paper then bring them to the lady will buy those. Then we’ve got more seats at the table. All they have you take them to her she’s. That way put him up. We’Re gonna go and buy them up. You go. Oh, can you do? Oh, it does help good. Thank you. You could help her. We came to get in for next support pillows and they had bright ones. Can we buy the bright ones? Okay, bought these chairs, take them in a car and we’ll go and see If we can find some white wine, some with they’re very heavy, can you do it? Oh, oh there you go go outside.
Thank you, you’re, going out the wrong door We gotta Go this way You’Re such a good helper We’Re gonna have to look at another shop and see if we can find some white ones I know it’s cold and we’ve got rid of all of our winter stuff in the car yeah yeah yay and I just got a phone call from Jerusalem saying that we need to buy some kind of a water tank thing that goes on a table Double tablets In for drinking water – and it goes Omega and Aphrodite have a new present open it up we’ll pause for a moment we’ll make it Aphrodite It’s your new princess chair I know makers, okay, click it in your big eyes In a way now there it goes Aphrodite What do you think about that? Is that good, so quit screwing it on here? This has created two more seats in here and then amicus is going to be right Next to it will lift her in when you cut it down we’re learning Okay, there you go What is it doing? It’s watching you all in there that’s right She mentioned everyone’s in the car, with her yeah yeah yeah in my TV, I’m watching that’s right, she’s smart, so this is a before make up just had a shower at my auntie’s house last time I could wash my hair in a really really long Warm shower and kind of put some makeup on their makeup is ready I was really lazy I used just foundation and some mascara Theriault eyebrows mums Get your eyebrows tattooed want some of you It’s just they’re easier and a little bit of lip gloss We are finally leaving Romeo Finally, but first we’re going to go the dribble, I’m about to edit they’re gonna walk around The ship, Jerusalem – I am filming, please knocking on the table Look her new chair, turn yeah What’s that stuff he’s doing the same thing? Okay, you sit down So these are the seats for the whole six months because other children have to face the other way Jerusalem, myself are gonna, be at the front of the car Bro me and d’Artagnan are here Omega and Aphrodite Are there everything’s looking good? We got some Lego boxes of the back on that bed there, but we haven’t got time to put him in the car because the boat is leaving We’ve got these two seats We just put a new one We stayed at my cousin’s house here in Helsinki, just the lies or stop to see taxis mega, okay, so time to go I will step in to my little mobile Okay here we go This is where I’m gonna sit Oh put these things down here we come stone young, we’re going into the terminal, the boat terminal, the night you you

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