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Fay stuffed his nails into my house

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi everybody I’m Kirsty Meakin. These are phase nails. Yes, the famous phase, who was an absolute nightmare. I did her nails at home. She was due for an MPhil. It wasn’t a filming day for now now. So I thought I just thought me anyway, and just put it on my personal channel right, so I’m using the cuticle bit, which is from the complete pro collection of cuticle bits that we have on my website, which is I. So it’s pushing the skin away from that natural nail and what you’ll see is I actually press a button on my electric file, which is just in the left hand, corner and I reverse the rotation.
So now it’s going clockwise. So it’s important that when you move from side to side that you make sure the rotation of the electric file bit is pushing everything away from the nail. So it’s really important when you’re doing your cuticle prep. It also helps pushing the cuticle back as well. So it removes any non living tissue and you can see that I I don’t let the point of the bit lead the way and pulling away if that makes sense, but it makes sense to me: shall we with that? So, look what I’m doing, I’m never using the tip of that bit as the lead. If you get what I mean I hate we do. Of course I mean I do. I know what I’m doing, but you know hope you. If you know what I’m doing, I’ve waited to him all things him so yeah. We had a little bit of a chill many cups of teas just just enough there and now I’m going to use the proximal fold bit, which is again from the complete Procol action and the proximal fold bit has a rounded tip and it’s nice and soft. But what it will do is it will exfoliate that non living tissue and it will push it back the cuticle. So we reveal what’s of nail beautiful nail, that we can slap a load of acrylic on because that’s what I’m gonna do. I would have put a picture of these on when I initially did them on my Instagram. So it’d be nice if you want to have a look at how they looked originally and then how they live cat the end. So, oh, look, you can see me cuz, like in the botton, I’m just showing you about me, flicking the button and changing that rotation. So I’m pushing away all the time and now I’m using a 180 grit file and just smoothing and making sure that the natural nail is slightly braised and I blended in the acrylic.
That’s on the nail so just kind of debulk in a little bit as well. Because we need to rebalance where the apex is on these nails as well with the acrylic. What was the same before I really interrupted myself apart from yeah, they was fade, was a nightmare and I was thinking. Oh, should we film and you can hear the conversations that go on. In general, I thought we could just keep this to nails. So that’s what I did. but the music was too loud and my voice wasn’t loud enough. So yeah, I’m just gonna talk through the whole thing. So I hope that doesn’t annoy you if it does please comment below and I will adjust my editing style, not that I have one yet because I’m not great at it, so I’ve just put a little bead thin bead of clear acrylic down, and then I already Have a pre-mixed glitter: it is exactly the same pre-mixed butter that we used on face previously that she hid in a box. She had two boxes with their products and hidden in the studio and when she texts me, she says what have you got my products at your house now, if I know, but I’ve got loads of glitters. So I’m sure we can just you know, budget and scarfie, and she and she was like oh right and I was like well yeah. Well, that’s a right, so I knew that she would know and if I didn’t have the exact colors that she had in previously. So I sent Vanessa, who does all my sales to studio and she kindly picked up the boxes once their location was revealed because they were hidden in the studio and I’ve tapped that with it with clear and then I’m putting a thin bead nice and thin bead Of acrylic just clear and then I’m going in with I have no idea what this glue is called. I think it’s called bonwit’s or glam gold, something like that. It’s from no one else, surprise surprise. So I put the clear on first so I know, but I’ve got great adhesion and then I’ve put the color on and then we’ve got this mixer. I already did from the previous set picked up a clear bead of acrylic and then torch the glitter, and I started to slow it’s on making sure those side. Walls are nice and clean free from product, so we’re building up a little bit of an apex, but once I’ve got all the glitter right, so I’ve got enough for the glitter in there.
So I wanted that golden color is the background and then the raw glitter sort of on top of that. So once that’s done we’re going to go in with three year and make sure we tap all of that glitter and also build up the apex at the same time. It’s amazing. It does two things at once: not gonna lie mouths going a bit dry. Now, cuz I’ve been talking for so long. I’ve had a bit of a hectic day. I’m kept a memory, a source for their don’t show I’m doing a little singsong. I don’t show cuz, they want me to do a bit of a singsong because they have quick changes, so ya do missing them, so throw it’s a bit dry sort of bought myself a cup of tea up so on this now you’ll see it has a design. I’m still going to go in with a clear layer. I want maximum adhesion. I am using high speed liquid because all you can see I’ve done it pretty quick and I want it to set up pretty quick as well. I picked up some of that glitter and then I’ve also picked up. I know the color of this one. It’s called Bermuda Bay and it’s a gorgeous blue with a load of shimmer in, but I want to sort of like use that as well as the blue. Glitter and then I’m also going to place some of the gold glitter, so clear, bead again going in with that rose, gold, glitter and I’m continuing the design. So I’m just meeting open lining everything off, so they were sushis and swirls continue up to the cuticle without flooding it. Of course, I don’t want to love that cuticle. That will be a pain in the ass and, as I look at this, I do see needs a bit of blue glitter. On that other side, don’t you think so? I think I actually do do that. I think I may be able to go. He we got there there. We are needed a little natal blue glitter, just that I’m gonna mix these blisters all of doughnuts. I’ve got three or four different sizes of glitter and put like a scoop of each into a pot. Give it a shake up a cocktail and then used it, because I love how you get all the different textures of the glitter and it makes it really Sparkle. I never really liked using just one solid size glitter I like to mix it off of it.
I think you just adds to the sparkle so now I’m going in with the clear and we are going to tap and also build the apex, so we’re rebalancing the apex. If you can hear the shower running in the bathroom. That is not because I’m in the bathroom, that’s because my bedroom is actually close to the bathroom, but if they’re close to bathroom and my daughter is in the shower, because it’s school tomorrow and it’s shower time – they definitely need be nice and clean and fresh. I’ve got to do hair. I’ve done all the uniforms. Oh my god hope arise, arise. She’s got soap in her eyes. Bear with me panic over at least years now not got shampoo in her eyes. Um. She can see I’ve since fine. It’s all good brother, I’m back to business, so I’m using my metal file. This is a 120 grit metal fail, I’m using it on the sidewalls. We go straight. Those side walls are once up. Files went up there. It’s like wow, look at that. They also like to use it for the free edge because it gets it nice and sharp, but I just love the metal file because it’s so thin, but so strong, so it’s nice and thin. So you don’t eat away at product too much. It gets it everything! Nice and straight – and you don’t cut your client, which sometimes people do – and I do now under then, but I don’t anymore not now. I’ve brought out my metal files so now I’m using the shape bit this as a province. Um lie list not lie like loving. Dear Swarovski crystal at the end of it it’s a medium, coarse bit. It’s made out of ceramic, so there’s less heat that builds up because we’re gonna be on the nail for long. Yet we’re gonna be shaping it. Getting everything all nice and neat. I can make sure that the sidewalls haven’t got. You know too much product on. I can make sure that I go around the cuticle, I’m not gonna cut the cuticle cause. He’s actually got a nice soft around edges. Well, it’s also got a disband. The dust band is that colored band that you can see and it stops the dust from going into your handpiece So you can see I’m working around the cuticle there and you know it’s not going to cost the client because of that soft rounded and I do love the color combination of these nails, something that they wanted, which was rose gold and this sort of teary blue.
I absolutely love it not really done that combo before and I think it looks amazing and she is actually still in love with the actual colors together you know Sometimes we could change up the color by adding gel polish things like Ah, but you know she didn’t want that she wanted to keep the colors and she just wanted a little bit more bling, I’m going over where the hundred grit file, because I know that this nail is a little bit bulky and I just want to take it Down a little bit, but I don’t want to get rid of the apex, so I’m just taking that down with a hundred grit file I’ve already gone over with all the nails using the metal file and the shape bit But if there’s anything that I want to perfect, I will always use a hand file Please don’t judge me for the lack of nails, but I have on yeah my nails Look pretty mean Dean, so yeah using Swarovski crystals here, obviously, because there’s no bloody gorgeous and I’m putting the big ones on with acrylic I always like to put the big massive crystals on with acrylic, because I know that they ain’t going nowhere and when our zoom selecting the colors, I knew that I hadn’t got any pointy back that would blue or rose gold I’d only got a flat back So what I did is I built up the sides with acrylic So then I could put gel I’ve put a build, a gel around the edge of the stones and then I’m pressing in with my Pammy picker-upper pressing in the Swarovski crystals into the gel The only stone on here that’s got a pointy back is the large rose gold one and I think what is he actually called? Is it called whose fault it’s called antique rose? That’s what it’s called it’s a beautiful color and there we are top coated bit more bling on the other ones, Vladdy gouges! I love them Love, love, love them still got a great CT bond, I’m still delicious, don’t forget to subscribe and share and I love that shot got to have a close-up shot lobby’s I could just eat it It’s that nice, so your later guys, I love you all thanks for watching you

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