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Fernando Rickson – The saddest moment in football history

30 Sep , 2019  

But still one ranger Henrickson, not even a ticket for the month later, its premise music here is allegorical and I for cognitive, our school from the zeros are above normal car available in Daisy over, but they needle to help there’s no store to get any tail off Well, the themes noting the theoretical, already Alexa cactus here in the first six, like sake insula a wonderful wonderful moment, Rufio screams, aah creaking yang, my goodness a very special moment All 50 of us, a few Fernando Flores beautiful, walked out of 10 2004 2005 PFA Player of the Year from Nanda Wriston You look like a little He enjoys the commando circus Tamiya interlocks The way he’s sitting takes a ridiculous He was a winner as a player, and he said you can beat this thing and we will should have a success and he deserves to do so You know what’s up, ladies and gentlemen Unfortunately, Fernando can’t speak for himself today, but I have the honor of reading It’s worth to you, fellow blue noses Thank you Thank you for your support today The numbers you turn out and today makes me feel so happy It gives me fighting spirit when I played here I gave everything for the world’s most successful club and now the club, thanks to the legends who came today, they support, also give me a boost Thank you all I love you Rangers forever [ Applause, ]

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