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Finger blender?! Try using make-up cartridges and sponge foundation!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys so today I am here to do another review a review. Remember I was filmed in forever, so this is going to be a long one. So today I’m going to review another sponge after doing the Kabuki tulip sponge that was working in forever. I recently found out about the makeup bullet. I wanted to go in without any judgement because in my mind this could be like a far far cousin from the tulip kabuki sponge and then I know I want that again, so I purposely ignored reviews on this.
I know this has been out for a while. I’m definitely not the first to review this, but I just really wanted to get my two cents on this. I really wanted to try this for myself, so mm-hmm alright. So, let’s read what the packaging has to tell us the make a bullet a hide s: cosmetics, finger sponge, apply flawless makeup stat, it is hypoallergenic, it is latex free. It is washable and reusable warning. Your other makeup tools will be jealous when you transform your finger into the perfect cosmetics, applicator, blender and smudger to speed up your makeup routine, with the most user-friendly cosmetic sponge on the market, we’ll see about that, it fits snugly on the finger for absolute control. It flawlessly blends on every part of the face: it’s free of hands to hold other stuff as well, and it’s soft and gentle on the skin create a vine anyway created by an Emmy award-winning, celebrity makeup artist. Well, who look? Can we get cliffhanger alright? So I bought this little package that has three of them, so I’m just gonna I’m just going to put this to the test. Let’s see if this works alright, so it just made one damn. This is what the difference is like when one is dance and one is dry, just like a Beautyblender or any other makeup sponge when you make them wet and you rinse out the excessive amounts of water. You are left with a bigger sister. So this is how big it’s gonna get for you. You know we got no deceiving pictures here. This is what you’re going to get. So I am oh, my god. Oh my god, I have done my brows and the top of my eyes to get myself. Looking a little bit better so before I go in with the finger blender and going to prep my skin a little bit because Mom I’m dry, so I’m going to use is the urban decay.
B6 vitamin infused, prep priming spray! It’s just! Okay got some elf prep and hydrate bomb the stuff. If you have severely dry skin like I do so, this does is having spent time and beautiful okay. The time is coming for me to slip to remember, to wrap it up. Kids, okay, first, first impressions. I definitely expected it to be a little bit more snug. I expected it to like hug my finger a little bit more, it’s kind of like I can. I can take this off without any effort, so I’m hoping that it stays now going to go into my foundation. Today, I’m going to use one of my all-time favorites, the alum comb tense, is all Ultron super French up in here ultra 24-hour makeup foundation. I am in the I’m in the color 100 ivory neutral, and this is beautiful. It’s beautiful and basically what I’m going to do is pick up the foundation with the finger, blender and just hope and pray. It’s a success like for ones can ever view with successful products. In my life, gift tip, yummy, okay, we’re all tapping Dena’s foundation wrong and too must be in I’m already noticing that I have to kind of keep the sponge down. Using my thumb and my middle finger, cous else is going to go places that you don’t want to go. I mean so far, looking beautiful, where it looked at right up underneath so that I do that messing up anything. Oh, my gosh is this finally going to be a successful thing: oh okay, I’m going to pick up some more for my other side and just gonna start tapping. The texture of the sponge is what kind of compare it to it’s. Definitely not a condom. It’s definitely not a balloon. It’s definitely not a bell, pepper, definitely, not a tampon. I didn’t seem too crazy obsessed. Lately, the texture is reminding me of a more flimsy, less expensive version of the beauty blender. You know how the morphe sponges are ultra smooth. The Sigma sponge has a little bit more texture to it and, like the Beauty, Blender is like right in between it. All I feel like texture wise, is damn near like the Beauty Blender, but you feel that it’s a little bit more cheap.
You know what I mean and it’s not to like hate on the product. You can feel that the texture and like the quality of the sponge itself is a little bit more cheap and flexible. Now I will say this is blending in my foundation gorgeously the only problem I’m running into right now I have fake nails and when I try to use the tip when I put pressure on the tip right here, my fake nail kind of pushes through and I Feel like a little soft sharpness in the distance, and it’s like doing things to me and now this is where, for me it gets tricky anyways. When I have done my eye makeup before foundation, how people do what I will never understand, but how they reach the forehead without messing up their perfectly done brows magic, I’m going to try now. I think one of the questions you guys will have is if it eats up foundation like if you, if it’s like, if it eats a foundation more than a regular Beautyblender wood or whatever it’s tiny little bit like it, is soaking up the product, a tiny bit More but nothing where I’m like. Oh my god, I need a refund because you ate all my foundation money doing liking this actually, so the sponge has dried a little bit with all these foundations. So I’m going to reactivate it a little bit with Evie and pray and now it’s time for a concealer and I’m not even going to talk about which one I use anymore, because every rule is human anyway, you know it’s when you I’m going a little hand And the concealer today, I’m thinking about this other technique where, as opposed to sliding it onto your finger, why not use it as an actual sponge indices that work? One of the things that’s saying is that it speeds up your makeup routine, with the most user-friendly because medics ones on the market. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily really much faster than with a Beauty Blender, because take me a little bit to get that perfect, smooth blend into the skins or saying up the fastest sponge out there. I don’t agree now Am I having fun with this? Absolutely.
hoping that I would feel badly trust me, I’m kind of with you I like this tour bus I like what we go where Italy me when I bought the sponge This is never going to work out you’re going to look like a fool It’s going to read the tulip kabuki sponge all over again Okay, now we’re going to bake, so I’m going to remove all the creases underneath and go right in Let me actually use another finger blender for that as a puppet, this one laughs holy crap It gets it on and there we have it I i’m sure i’m shook to my crusty ass feet My mind is blown right now, like I expected this to go horribly wrong Like trust me when I say I thought this was going to be a nightmare alright, so I’m going to go off-camera and finish off My face and then it will be back to tell you my final verdict: Oh sick, Oh as they do, and that guy’s is what my face looks like after I’ve done my powder under eyes Contour blush I really thought it was going to be one of those comical ones where everyone laughed at me and I felt great about myself, but I actually think this is really fun and I like really see that the product works now going back to the claims that made It definitely is not faster than a Beauty Blender it flawlessly blends I totally agree with that because I feel, like my face, looks really good right now Overall, I think the product works and I think the part I liked it most for is baking under the eyes It just it just passed on that powder, so effortlessly and so beautifully without it looking cakey or too much, and it was like a mess even covered I loved it for powder I love your bread, so yeah That concludes this review on the makeup bullet finger sponge The finger Blender, have you tried any of these? If you tried them, let me know we thought of them So, as always Please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel Thank you again so much for watching I love you so much and I’m now going to phone home, boobity boobity, boobity body,

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