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First day of grwm (first grade of primary school)

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s going on guys, it’s like CBO three, get ready with me so this year I am going into the eleventh grade and it doesn’t feel much different from going in The tenth grade, I just feel like I’m right in the middle right in the middle ready to get out ready to be a senior to go. So today is going to be a get ready with me or my junior year school first day of school days. Am i excited yeah? Actually I gotta say I am excited. I know a lot of people are excited some school, I’m not excited to like actually go school, but it’s just the first day that I’m excited for everything else can stay at home.
Technically might get ready with me starts from tonight, because I start getting ready for the school day tonight. The night before I do that every year I, like pack up my stuff, make sure I have everything for every class pack up my purse and get my bathroom stuff done. Sleep wake up and you guys are waking up with me.. My is good and then we’ll go to the bathroom to do our bathroom stuff and we’ll go to sleep and we’ll wake up and we’ll go to school. so this is my. This is my review for 11th grade hi, I’m Alexis I’m going into the eleventh grade. My word for this year is focused because I want to be focused on my goals and, like I don’t focus on my schoolwork and I’m will make it out of high school alive with degree all right. You guys one floor now and we’re going to go through. My purse Peck it well, I don’t know if you call it pack it, but just put this up in in there that I need for school. So this is my purse. I’m gonna empty this down. We have my walle, which I need have a random earring, which I won’t need. Oh I have a winner, I’m not cleaned up my person, I don’t know how long so. I have good hearings. We got a charger. I know I’m gonna need it. I know I’m gonna need this, because um phone dies at school. This is a USB charger. I don’t even know why I have this in here. Have a block I have another block. This purse. Is this amaze? We have? Oh I’m gonna need this err pie and your phone bitch, of course definitely definitely have some beads some string. Oh my goodness. What is this? This has turned into a clean your purse, out with me lipgloss, I’m gonna bring that have a key. This is like an engine key got from a wedding, I’m a cool kind of want to keep you. These are some clip-on earrings. My cousin asked me. No, I don’t have other stuff this history. So now it’s empty. My purse is empty and that’s good, because now we can put stuff you will need so. The first thing I want to do is add the strap back to the purse, because well, I’m not gonna be walking around like this at school.
No, I’m gonna put one strap there, and this is a really key person. It could become like one of my favorites so just like that, and the only thing I’m gonna put back in here is a portable charger. Okay, I have my phone dying at school. That’s just not good wallet. Lipgloss make sure this is secure, because of will they will go everywhere. Purse charger err, pause earphones and that’s it. That’s the only thing that is going in my purse for school. Everything else is staying home. That way, my purse could be very, very light, so there’s that so now we have my back thing. So I did. Let me get to show myself pack my backpack cuz. It’s pretty much ready pack, but Mindy hi Sierra backpack love it tomorrow. You’Ll see me fill up this water bottle. I do that every single year every single morning I have to have water all throughout the school day and in the morning everywhere. Just water, yes, but other than that, my backpack is pretty much packed, it’s kind of heavy. So now that that’s done, I can get ready for actual bed. I don’t all the time it is. It’s um check. It is 9:15, I’m gonna be in bed by 10:00, so I think I can shower brush my face. I always do that. Brush my teeth and wash my face. I think I can get all that knocked out by 10:00. So, let’s head over to the bathroom and get that done. Alright, you guys so I’m in the bathroom now and I’m about to get in the shower. I’m not gonna walk here, just cuz! I don’t wanna watch Mary tomorrow or tomorrow. I’m gonna wear up buying the first day strictly because I don’t feel like washing my hair, I’m gonna take a shower any when I get out I’m gonna wash my face. Okay, so I just got out of the shower. I’m gonna put on my PJs for tonight for my bedtime and then I’m gonna wash my face and brush my teeth and hop in the bed. All right, you guys got the PJs on and now we can go over back into the bathroom and finish our way get ready. So to wash my face, I’m just going to use this purity made simple by philosophy. It is really neat all-natural pretty much and it’s a one-step, facial cleanser and then I just moisturized with some Nivea lotion, which is in this container. But I didn’t want to waste it so now it’s in this container, but it’s just lotion, yeah I’ll go ahead and just wash my usually I would take off my makeup. But I didn’t wear any makeup today and I get to skip that dip. So here’s a little tip – if you guys see your edges, make sure you really get around there, because if the oil stays it will cause your skin to break out trust me.
I know I’m going to freak out right now because I skipped a couple days and I went to sleep without washing the gel off my edges and I had a broken out the next morning. So, okay, now that my face is washed, I’m going to moisturize it with the moisturizing lotion I just use face and body lotion. I don’t use a special moisturizer. I find that this does job, so I just put this around everywhere. Oh my face. That needs to be more strong. So now it’s not everything but twice. First, I brush my teeth with teeth. Finding this, like the black charcoal steps for the goal, I’m going to do that and then I’ll just regular brush after okay. So that’s pretty much it now. It’s just bedtime all right, so it’s time for bed we’re gonna show these slips real, quick, good baby. All right! It’s time for bed now, I’m gonna sit my 35000 alarms and hopefully I’ll wake up. I will, I know, I’m gonna be anxious, so I’m gonna wake up, probably before my alarm yeah with that being said, I will see you guys tomorrow morning. I’m gonna hit the sheets, I’m probably gon, na put on either a record or a CD in my CD player or on my record player. I don’t know just listen to something while I fall asleep or I might even just turn on the radio so that it doesn’t end, and I just go to sleep well, I’m actually kind of tired. Today was it very very, very weird day I woke up early in the morning drove to Georgia and drove back. I know it sounds weird, but I didn’t have a purpose, so I’m kind of drained from that, but anyways you guys. I will catch you in the morning good night, sleep well mwah. Good morning six. I just woke up I’m out of focus because it’s so dark. It’s kind of early, so I’m gonna go ahead into my devotion and then I’m gonna get up and actually start the day so I’ll catch you afterwards, all right! You guys! So I’m a little bit more awake now it’s about 6:18! So was that that long, but I hope that my Windows is a little brighter now and I’m about to get the day started. Every morning I get a glass of water just because when I wake up, my mouth just feels so dry and sometimes I’ll sleep with water, like I said with a water bottle next to me, but it’s not cold. I’m gonna head downstairs and get a glass. Oh wow, I actually slept pretty good like I’m, not tired or anything I about to shower now and I’m going to go ahead and do my other stuff, like washing my face or brushing my teeth after we do that.
We’Ll probably do my hair and makeup. I’m gonna get breakfast left. I always get breakfast less just in case I don’t have time. I read you guys: I’m done everything that are usually do in the bathroom every morning, so yeah now I’m going to put on my night clothes again, just until I’m doing my makeup and I could put on my actual clothes. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Real quick, all right, you guys, so I am at the shower. I am done with all my bathroom duty cycle, ashing my face, brushing my teeth and taking a shower. So now I am about to start on my hair and on my makeup. I’m not good at doing makeup, I’m just not, but it was all dry, so I’m just gonna get into a slick bun. My edges are so curly and I get out the shower they’re just crew, I’m gonna go ahead and do a slick button to do my interest and then I’ll do my makeup. Then we’ll almost be ready to go. What time is it? It’s 647 20 hurry up, alright guys. So my hair is, I was gonna curl it then I decided over here – I’m not in here all right. So now I’m gonna go ahead and do my makeup. I’m gonna get my sister and do my eyebrows, because I can never do my brows. So let’s go to her and a description. You do my eyebrows, real, quick and then I’ll be back to do rest of my makeup. All right, you guys! So I’m back. She did my Eva’s for me they seem dark, but that’s because they are dark, I’m about to go ahead and do the rest of my makeup. I hope I have time to eat breakfast system in 23. I don’t think I will. I wanted to get like chick-fil-a, but I’m telling you right now. I do not have time, because chick-fil-a is perfect at this time. Pat’s not pathetic. I was just talking yeah and I wanted to put on my shoes, but I don’t think I’m in today either a lot of time on the first day of school. Shame now you don’t know how it’s gonna be always awesome utterly for everything, but I’m not sure being my eyelashes are pretty pretty long by themselves. They’Re like extremely noxee. I just curled him and you can see him okay. Last but not least, lipgloss, and I’m done. Oh, I made you some Holly. I call my mommy to do that. I, like okay, oh, how can i twerk how’s, my sister being a dog, feel I’m gonna have a good day all right! All right! You guys I’m pressed for time, but I’m not the taste of my clothes yeah we’ll go from there, okay guys, so I know normally for school. I usually pick my outfit with you guys, but this year my outfit is prefect Here’s my back to square foot, y’all a skirt, the tie, the all white shirt in the Blazer, so I’m gonna change it to my school uniform because, yes, I am in private school now, but I’ll talk about in the car cuz.
I’m really AM pressed for time all right, you guys I have to go now I’m in a rush, but I have to go now so I will talk about everything why I’m in private school, instead of public school now as soon as I get home from school, so probably the next clip So I love you guys Wish me good luck On my first day: peace on the streets, police – hey guys, I am back home from school It’s a tie off took the blazer up and everything So I look a little different but I said the shirt off, but I just wanted to tell you guys why wearing the uniform cuz I know I was rushing this morning, so I wasn’t able to say guys that I did switch schools and everyone is confused Like everyone is like, why are you wearing uniform? I’m like I switch schools that I don’t just choose to wear uniforms as well, but, yes, I did switch schools in That is why I’m wearing a uniform I’m back in private school One thing that I guess I don’t know why I never talked about it on YouTube I don’t know it’s kind of weird that now that I think about it I never talked about it there, but I was actually in private school from kindergarten to seventh grade and then I went into public school at 8th through 10th grade, and now this year I decided to go back to private school and I’m actually glad that I made That decision private school is for some people, public schools, for some people, and I public school, just not for me, so I am back at my old school that I went to for like eight years, so I had a pretty good day I saw my old classmates It’s really fun I just wanted to tell you guys cuz I know I didn’t get to tell you because I was rushing earlier this morning I’m that’s the teasing, so yeah If you ask me why I moved no reason I just didn’t like poke school in public school is, is for some people, it’s just not for me, so I really really hope you guys enjoyed this Get ready with me for the first day of school is very fun Had a good time hit the post notification Bella and it’s a subscribe button I love you guys and stay tuned My school vlogs might be a tad bit different because I go to a small school now, so just let you guys know but anyways I love you guys so much and I will see you in the next one Please

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