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First impression of BH cosmetics Jordan Byers

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys it’s Jordan Byers and yes, I look super rochet, but that’s alright, because we’re going to be doing a full face using only BH Cosmetics products, except for like a few things where I just like need a little bit of extra things like I did. My eyebrows with not BH and I need like concealer, but that’s about it.. So we’re going to be testing out some makeup together, doing a tutorial type thing together and it’s gonna be really fun and affordable.
so stay tuned for that, ok. So the very first thing I’m going to do is foundation, but I am a little bit silly because when I was ordering this stuff I forgot to get a primer. So I’m just going to use a primer that I have that’s not pH, but there’s like 2 things that our BH don’t get mad at me. But but I need a proper primer to accurately review a foundation. So I’m just going to put on these Smashbox photo finish foundation primer on first and then we’re going to go in with the BH liquid foundation in the color L to light olive, and I actually really like this packaging and it’s it’s in a nice glass, frosted Glass packaging, I feel, like I don’t know, this is just really nice, ok, so right off the bat. After doing that, first layer, it is a super light, found it not light as in the color but light it feels very light and natural on my skin. But at the same time, it’s also not intensely pigmented and extreme full coverage. I would say it’s medium to full coverage, but I feel like you could definitely get away with a second layer and not have it get really cakey or gross, or anything like that. Just because it is so dang light like I’m just concentrating now on like this area and then around my nose and only in the places where I feel like. I want a little bit of extra coverage, but other than that. This is a great foundation and I’m actually super duper impressed with this. It matches my skin very nicely, I’m very I’m very impressed, but now moving on to one of the other things that I kind of forgot about, which is concealer. So I’m just going to put on my Tarte shape tape really quickly and then I’m going to set my face with the BH Studio, Pro matte finish pressed powder, and it looks like this and I’ll tell you how I feel about it after I put it on. Okay, so that powder actually is not disappointing at all. As you can see, I feel like it really blurs my pores. Actually, I don’t want to get that close to the area, but my pores feel super well, not my actual pores, because I can’t feel my pores like what.
But my skin looks super like blurred. My actually blurred but like it just looks like a fresh canvas and I like that that duo that liquid foundation and this together fantastic, I am so impressed, but now let’s go ahead and do bronzer and blush. So today I’m going to use the BH Cosmetics, satin bronzer, and I actually like this packaging a lot. It’s really cute, but it looks like this and then I’m going to blush with the floral blush duo, cheek color, and it has two colors in there really really pretty I’ll just review those at the same time. Let’s just put it all, ok, so right off the bat, I was really impressed with this bronzer. It is a more warm toned, bronzer and if you guys have been around on my channel for quite a while, you know that I only met around with cool tones, but I was actually really impressed with this. It’s like warm toned, but not so warm toned where it’s like chocolate, if that makes sense like yeah, it’s a chocolaty, warm toned bronzer, but it’s not so intensely warm tone like it is. I don’t it’s just it’s shot perfect range between warm and cool and just like perfect in-between and I’m obsessed with it anyway, it’s moving on to the little blush this blush as oh, my goodness, it was crazy, intense pigment. I wasn’t really expecting that. So I kind of went a little bit heavy-handed, but all you have to do to fix that is just go back in with your foundation brush and lightly Pat over it, so that you have the perfect mix of that like soft little blush. If you know what I mean, so I just tapped over that with my foundation brush to lighten that down, but this is a crazy, intense, pigmented blush. So if you are not used to that, I definitely recommend now moving on to a highlight, which is my most favorite part of the full face here. I’Ll get my Anasazi at a 23 brush because you guys know, that’s that’s my jam and I have two highlighting palettes here. I have the nude rose, highlighting palette and the wild and radiant. Let me just show you both so this one is this one consists of a bunch of lighter tones. We’ve got a pink. I don’t really know why. I don’t like that. I don’t. I would never use a pink like a baby pink highlight like that unless it was like a duochrome, but that’s just like I don’t like that one, but I do like the other ones. I like this one, a lot that one’s pretty and then with this one.
This one is more dark, so I feel like this would look absolutely beautiful on darker skin tones, but let me just give you a little swatch Eastwatch finger swatch of these cuz. I want to see if any of them will work on my skin. Oh okay, so they look super super dark in the actual pan, but I feel like if you lightly dusted those on a more pale tone. Skin tone: you could definitely make it work and that Shyne was amazing. So I’m going to take this one right here and just go to town I’m low in okay, so, as you can see, my highlight is popping I’m not mad at any of these highlights. I definitely probably recommend this one more for bronzer skin tones and this one more for paler skin tones, but this one definitely has a better glow from what I can see so far. This one has a more intense glow than this one, this one’s more like natural and cute, but it still got that glow. Moving on to the eye ball, I’m going to use the BH Cosmetics. What is this smooth canvas, long, wear, shadow primer and just put that all over my eyeballs or not my eyeballs, oh right here and I’m gonna put that all over my eyelid and then for eyeshadow, I’m gonna be working with two different kits today I Got the Carli bybel eyeshadow palette and it’s actually super pretty it’s very light, though, like all natural, very everyday glam type palette. So then that’s why I also got this 28 color eyeshadow palette foiled eyeshadows. So let me just show you what it looks like. I, like. The packaging a lot like I like that, it’s see-through so that you can see all those colors instead of like a morphe palette, where this part would usually be black and you couldn’t see through, but here’s what all of these shadows look like. Okay, so I’m finding out that when you swatch one of these, what are they called again foiled shadows on your finger? It looks like wow, that’s going to be awesome and great, but I just like packed this all over the outer V and brought it in and it’s just like not foiled, and there is a ton, a ton, a ton, a ton of fallout on these bad boys. So I don’t really feel like, like none of these are really performing how I wanted them. Maybe um I’m gonna I’m gonna keep trying. How would I I’m gonna put one of these I’m gonna put this white shade in the inner corner hold on. Let me wipe off this brush first, but I’m gonna put that white shade the white foiled eyeshadow in my inner corner to see if it can actually perform and not be a little booty pop and by amount of focus, haha hi.
So, let’s see so you know that look so it’s a little sheer! I mean it’s right, it’s alright! It’s alright! But it’s not like that’s a different mm. It’s just not really very pigmented. We’Re like super intensely foiled like it’s alright, but it’s not like it’s not like the makeup. Geek foiled shadows, like those are ridiculous and totally worth the money, but this palette is just not doing it for me, I’m I’m done with that. Let for now! Okay! So don’t be mad at me. I didn’t purchase a BH eyeliner, but I did get a BH glitter eyeliner that I plan on using. So I’m just gonna use my own lorac eyeliner. Okay, that’s done! I’m gonna stop doing that accent because I’m not good at it, but yeah. I’m gonna do my normal lorac eyeliner and then put some of this glitter eyeliner on it just glitter and I’m kind of lacking glitter in this look right now. So I need some glitter okay, so what I have to say about this glitter liner, if you are scared of using loose glitter, pigments or press pigments because of how messy they get. I definitely recommend the literal liners because you can put them all over the lid and use them as like your statement, lid sparkle or whatever, like that, you don’t have to just use them for an actual liner. So I like this glitter a lot. I really like that Google gling gling – I really like the green glitter with the purple eye, so I just feel like they. Those two colors work really well together. So now I’m going to put on some mascara – I didn’t get lashes from them, so I’m just going to use some Hutta Beauty. Scarlet number eight lashes, and these are my favourite lashes from how to animate only lashes that I own from Hutta, because they’re, expensive anyways moving on the mascara that I have is the fierce extreme. We know fierce volume, extreme mascara, so the very first thing I’m noticing about this mascara is that it came on super clumpy and, to be honest, I’m not mad about clumpy lashes, like I don’t mind clumpy lashes. Sometimes I actually prefer clumpy lashes because I feel like it’s more dramatic and more intense, but if you are not into club, why is this an in focus and out of focus so badly? Don’t worry. I bought a new lens, so hopefully that problem should be fixed Anyways, if you’re in the clumpy lashes, I definitely recommend this, because it was super easy for them to become clumpy and dramatic, really fast, like I didn’t, have to build or anything it just like wet on like this and stayed like that.
I’m gonna go with this color because it kind of ties in with my eye look – and this is the one called Samantha Okay, I’m actually I’m very surprised by this liquid lip It’s actually really really really nice As you can see, it’s like it’s full coverage It feels nice Obviously, it feels like I have a lipstick on it’s not like one of the jeffree star ones where it’s like you don’t really feel like you’re wearing lipstick It’s definitely feels like I’m wearing a lipstick, but it’s not drying or anything It actually kind of feels a little bit Moisturizing feels good, it looks good The coverage is great This is only one swipe on both bottom and top lips, so the pigmentation, the coverage, was absolutely amazing I feel like if you are trying to get into the whole liquid lipstick trend I definitely recommend these because they are a lot cheaper than the Jeffrey star and the Kylie cosmetics ones dot collection, 11 piece brush set in pink I actually have it in black, but it all of the brushes are mixed In with all my other brushes, I absolutely love these brushes just because there is the most amazing blending brush it’s this one right here This blush brought the this brush I use every single day to blend my eyeshadow It is a miracle brush and it is in this little set and I think it’s super convenient and cute, so I definitely approve of their little brush sets So I’m giving it away to one lucky Joey squad member who is obviously subscribed to me on here and is follow me on Twitter and Instagram, which is Jordan, Lee Byers for both and I’ll be announcing the winner winner winner, I’ll be announcing the winner on Twitter So definitely be over there and stay updated or stay tuned for the winner of James um yeah Let me know down below what you think of all these products that I try today and if you think that you’re gonna try and get trying to cap some of these, let me know, and also don’t forget, to subscribe and put on notifications down below If you haven’t already to become part of the hashtag Jovi squad, let me get my main glasses cuz you’ll get mad at me on Twitter If I forget so well good well bit

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