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First look!! Benefit Longevity Camp Cosmetics Queen Holiday Series 2019! Free gift!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today, I’m gonna be talking about these benefit holiday sets and especially the 2019 one that just got released the queen of the camp so stay tuned and if you’re not a subscriber already, please consider subscribing. I do monthly giveaways. So moving on to a benefit, they had a collection last year and the year before that, and they were called Darley Dulli darling and complete the lore, and they had a few more of their dogs.
I really enjoyed collecting these tens. One of my favorites was the be right on girl, which I think it wasn’t what most of her bright a couple of products they’re very smooth. The tin would just open at the top, and it was really great if you like, collecting things. It was basically a twist top, and nowadays I just used it for storing. I believe they were like $40 or $35 each, but this year, they’ve gone up in price and I’ll talk to you about that. I really like the design on this one because of the purple and the turquoise colors combined and some of the products were full-size. Some of them were small. This one was $39 and it was one of my favorites dolly darling. I believe this came out in 2017 and very fun too. You know just use they had their official ad using the girls gone wild, which I didn’t buy that one and then 27:18. They came out with their Kate collection and gear before that, actually they came out with their San Francisco collection with the Globes, so I really enjoyed collecting these these tins just for storage, they’re, really fun, and if you really enjoy their products. I think it’s good also as a gift for someone you like, but but if you already have them that I don’t know if it’s worth it, this was the California love one which you know the products are the same. So this was a twist top work. You know you could take out the products from below, but essentially every year, you’re getting the same combination of their products. Sometimes some of them are full-size and you get the rest that are like not the same size. And then this was the tinier one. The the cable-car cuties, which ended up buying more than one because I thought I would gift it to other people and I ended up not using it or you know, ended up gifting them other things. So I ended up with next row, which is why I’m going to be adding some ways: it concluded the professional primer and there eyebrow product and a chief product. So, as you can see, it’s still all brand new and I kept it inside and the it’s a twist top. So you just have to be careful with that.
Moving on to the following product right by the bay, which is similar to the doll one that I just showed you this one again, they use that combination of green turquoise and pink in there, but you’re, essentially getting the same products that you know you had the Year before, just in any different – and these two are basically the same – just you know – movies the size of the total moisture product was different, but essentially it’s the same thing. But I really like talking about all these San Francisco monuments was definitely fun to me how, as a decoration, sometimes these get dusty cleaning them, but they’re they’re really fun to store now. Moving on to the other items, you know the again, the California love one. It was very similar to. I think this was the jolly one that came out the year before the products were the same. The tents were different. I think, as the years go on, they tends to get less pretty. Last year they came out with the cake collection, which I think I review for you guys and this one of my favorites had the Pearl primer in it, and these this tape collection was a little bit harder to use. You have to twist the top part pods to essentially use the cans, but I do like how they get creative with this, even though they don’t change their products as much as far as other brands. They do change their tens, so this year they came out with the queen of the camp, which I believe was similar to the one last year, one of the blue ones. I think, but it didn’t have the same more full-size. So let me know in the comment section below which one you thought was the previous again. These are just really the shape of the stands and the colors that are different here. Otherwise, the product is essentially the same, but the price went up this year. So so considering this wide range of Tim’s and I’m just having the same product repackage, I don’t know if it’s really worth collecting all of these either, especially I personally didn’t get the full collection this year, my favorite was definitely used before and some of the designs You know they’re just basically the same just so I want to get to this year’s product before that. I would make sure that you guys know what we we had three years before and so the queen of the camp. It has a number of full-size products inside it very similar to the cake collection. Last year I had a sneak peak at Ulta and they’ll be releasing some more products later this year with the same names, but it’s all going to be a camping collection So it’s gonna be camping, themed, but you’re gonna get your be right and you know there’s just in the shape of fans and trucks, so they’re going to be called honk if you’re hot and you know some more be right products now, the queen of The camp has four full-size products and it retails for $50, so each product is a little bit over ten dollars.
My favorite product is probably the the bad go Bang here, it’s very similar to the roller lash Then it has a brow product which supposedly keeps your brows in place for 24 hours, and then you get your pore fessional and hula, which they have in all their products Now, as far as the value for this this collection, I think it’s a good value, because they’re full-size products pair in mind that the bad girl Bank by itself is $25 The Porefessional is roughly about 30 to the is thirty, and so, if you add all that up and easily comes up to over fifty dollars, so so it’s a good good amount for your money Also, you can use the can later as storage for, for you know, storing whatever you like, after after you’re done, using the products which I’ve been doing also with the banker bang mascara, it’s been getting a lot of great reviews compared to their previous releases, such as The they’re real and it’s been reviewed as equally good compared to the roller lash You do need several coats to to get a good effect and you have to be very careful with it So because I have a lot of these products this year, I’m going to include my benefit collection in my monthly giveaway, as well as the abh noir Vina palette, comparing it to the Jeffrey star I bought two of these noir Vina palettes I thought I was going to end up destroying one, but I really liked it so much that I ended up yet and so I’m going to give away one of those novena palettes and as you can see, the colors are really beautiful So I haven’t swatched the one that I’m giving away so it’ll be included with the the benefit queen collection, so make sure you’re subscribed and also this month The youtube is not going to allow messages from, I believe, the middle of September so make sure when you subscribe, and you want to be entered in the giveaway to include your, whether it’s your Instagram tag or your email address, or any way that I can contact You, if you’ve already done it before you, don’t need to repeat it, because I’ve entered you in a excel sheet, so make sure you leave a way for me to contact you at the end of the month when I reach out to people directly and that’s all Thanks again hope you

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