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First to complete the shopping list challenge to win £ 1000!!

1 Nov , 2019  

I do quickly want to say that I’m gonna be giving away one MacBook Pro. So all you need to do to enter is go and follow my Instagram, the winner. So, as you guys can see today, I’m joined with a full family. So today I am joined my family as we are gonna, be doing it the first one, don’t read it up.. This wins 1000 pounds. I win because therefore I would not be losing a thousand pounds. Actually dad is actually gonna be on my team today. We know we should teaming up and we’re gonna get.
So basically, if I win, then I obviously only lose 500 pounds. So I’m really hopeful, I’m so actually technical, you’re gonna be losing either way. I’m gonna be losing money really hoping that we win basically how this works. Mom’s made two shopping lists with the same ingredients on each shopping list and both 14 see to go out and get the ingredients as fast as possible. I don’t know my way around a star to find normal things, but it’s gonna be fine, so we’re gonna head out into teams. Once we’ve got the items on the shopping list, it’s gonna be the first we’re back to the meeting.. We are ready to go and shop till we drop mum. Should we have the shopping list now? No peeking, don’t forget to hit a big thumbs up subscribe down below.. a little shopping. Let’s go shopping, go in the car and we are on the way, so it doesn’t actually start until we actually get outside as at the same point, because of the sea. We don’t want to like speed or anything like that. We just want to make sure okay, they’re, nice and safe, but then once we get to as that, that is when at the competition starts also, we don’t have to look at the list yet until we actually get outside as stuff, so we’re gonna head on Our way – and it was good – so I guess we’re both see the list mums – can be waiting outside she’s gonna, be the person to check and make sure we got the correct items after and that’s about it. So, let’s start our journey to answer the first time I spoke and unless you’ve got an ohm for a pack of 12, 2000 crisp and 2pi rice, cakes, basically really random stuff. Let’s not rush yeah, let’s work out, what’s gonna be when you stop going, you start going. You know yes Camille, so I think everything is in a different pot. Add something! Oh anything I do know where they are. He’s got a terrific vampire, which dad wouldn’t actually know on its own, and I feel, like the boys, won’t know where the tongue on that foreign pounds. For this way. No, I know where they are all the frying-pan stuff.
Now then, we need packet balloons. Loser this way, losing this weight. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go bright, glowing, stones, balloons, balloons, balloons, balloons right, dad got one thing off, do we need to ticket or we should have brought a pin to ticket globes that knee around this one, public blue? What’s Comfort blue poison, this for your washing machine, a great thing still, no sir, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick anyone! 12-Pack did I do 12 pipes. That’s it stick it in got it plus. We have three items down in about 30 seconds. I’ve been five innocent people yeah, we can get Raveena from there. Let’s get right, penis ready there. We go find the comfort. I don’t even know what comfort is apparently sorry for abortion powder where’s. He gone. Okay, scrap for comfort, we’re looking for a frying pan, a full, oh we’re in the right area. I actually can’t see a frying pan, no well, there’s a saucepan, so it has to be somewhere really super close. Imagine if they didn’t sell frying pans. I don’t know where else they’re being like, I swear, it would only be here and we’re not allowed to ask anybody. So I don’t like it actually isn’t in frying pan. Maybe it’s the other side, maybe there’s more pancakes or something I don’t know picture me. So four items down right now: halloumi cheese, fruit, winders, chicken, breast or quite the chicken breast is early chicken. Breast is somewhere at the star. So let’s go up here. Actually this is cheese straight ahead, so we need her moving. Why do I feel that halloumi cheese might be somewhere else? It might not actually be with the cheese like mozzarella right. It’s definitely gonna be around here somewhere mozzarella. Where is halloumi? Oh wait. Wait! Nope! Nope generally, if any hello me, but we are in the cheese idols, ÿÿÿ ÿÿÿ, ÿÿÿ yeah, let’s move on this guy right here, okay, this could be it. Comfort has to be down here. They don’t down saucepans. The Act shows how a saucepan I’m not seeing it. Where is it? Oh, she has to be picking the hardest part. Are you kidding me three things down high five dad we’re doing? Well, Oh check it in breadcrumbs. Yes, good for chicken guseong further in breadcrumbs. Let’s check in your breakdown, okay, count that kind of fruit. Winders, chicken breast – I don’t got you. Oh it’s chicken, breast right, let’s go back that, but we’re struggling with the old chicken breast. So what we’re gonna do! This is chicken made with chicken breasts breaded states dal-gu johns.
No! Thank you next course. Bones or semi skins got Bo similar size cuz. I feel like they’re gonna be hard to semi skims gonna be easy to find. I used to have hot response every single day, so I know exactly where these are they’re. The other side yeah. Well, trust, funds; okay, so see so eight five. Five. I think we good on that all right, yeah, let’s go and get the fruit winders, because I know where they are they’re like in the sweet ire that cross buns are gonna be around here somewhere. Let’s go: let’s go also. If we see separate, let’s just take something out that sure, but without a doubt we just got to make sure that there’s right fruit. Wine has got to be on this i’ll. Some we’re quick, quick, quick right, we’re on the wall pass and well they’re. Not in this aisle. Oh wait. We need chocolate, rice, cakes, do it rice, cakes? Are there that’s the chocolate ones, yep cheek eat, perfect, we’re smashing it next up. We’ve got the hope response. We bought them coiler, girls, the comfort, the Tampax, but we know needy fresh. We go to the service team, milk, rice, cakes, they’re, gonna be okay. Unless we parse anything out, no idea. I used to buy these all the time I should know where these are. I know they haven’t texted. I, though, we’ve been looking for the rice. Cakes for about 15 minutes can’t find my favorite anywhere. I Section they’re, not don’t know where they are going in between everyone as fast as possible. Look everybody me well semi skims in it guys right we’re entering the bakery so hot cross buns there we go easy reduced as well. What were they for I’m hungry, so we need washing liquid comfort blues to be exact. Come on Jay keep up, follow the hand, follow the hand Jed. It’s gotta be down here somewhere caught me down and got me down. You got me down comfort there we go. That’s blue, clear, blue sky yeah, that’s the one! So we’re still looking for the rice k da nakka halloumi cheese, pulling with the cheese must be around here. She’s have some family with Darius. Yes, there are companies in a different section, this one. No, she doesn’t need a massive one. Okay, we’re getting a massive one. Okay, right, don’t need to Luigi, so we need Tampax. This is going to be different. I have a girlfriend yes, but I don’t know where Tampax are right. How many toilet rolls do we need 12 they’re? All 24? Oh perfect? Well there we go what I like to see right: let’s do the Tampax last because I know they’re that direction, whereas fruit wind is a definitely around here somewhere.
How many things we got there 13 things right. I only got find fruit winders chicken in breadcrumbs and then nobody knows why are you gonna get known for us? It’s neither. It says at the top, no male or female. So at the moment we have six items. I feel like we’re doing. Okay, I wonder what the boys are on there. We haven’t even seen them in here the corner, we’re taking way too long at doing this to thing on. Oh, my goodness, we should have got this one, that’s okay! I wonder what no may get okay. Is it getting difficult? Yeah? Oh, maybe they’re done the sweet pile today, let’s go sweets, maybe sweets is there we go perfect Tampax. Where is it right? Seven items down skies the situation game. We think we’re doing really well, but we have seen no sight of the boys, so we have no idea how are they’re doing I mean we look like maniacs running around as though it’s really embarrassing, maybe skipped over like five times as well, we’re doing pretty well. Okay, so we’ve nearly got everything right beam our balloons – Oh God, we’re not doing this like very good. Our way, all right, so Jed is trailing behind slowly. Tampax is sound. This Idol, I think Tampax – is down this, I’m pretty certain. I have done this trip once or twice for Elise, so it must be around here somewhere Jay. Can you get the Tampax Tom’s conclusion? This isn’t fair? Why are we chasing tan PI, sir there’s nothing, the saffron won’t know they should obviously know where they are. We can’t find one: are they gonna? Be done this? So I oh this is that baby stuff? I think this is Tampax there. We go. Oh wait. Wait! No compact pants got me. Those ones quickly, quickly, guys I’ve got it. It’s where we were looking at earlier, literally plain sight right. All we need to do now is paying out. Hopefully we haven’t bumped intercept from dad were a bit worried only embarrassing he’s like slipped over like three times look. I always running, I’m absolutely exhausted. Every two. More things, we still need the rice, cakes, no idea where they are three winders and chicken brats, no we’re getting the cue to pay and dad would suffer on here so that either already done. I reckon they’re done you reckon they’re done I reckon it down the crowd the templates dumbass over once that poster yes, just too combative you, okay, we’ve looked round these aisles like five times, but they just can’t find we’re just running to the I don’t know where they are.
I feel like they might have done better than us Don’t you already here, we’ve beaten them and if not and we lost yeah, it’s not really an any need to rush, but I feel like maybe they’re paying at different Well, I can’t see them here so either They’ve actually won or they’re still looking but copies, I haven’t seen them run the store we’ve left, but they’re, not here moms like their moms over there suppose they yeah Let’s make sure we got everything and then I’ll go down the list We’ve got a gnome practical toilet rolls two pints of skim milk, chocolate, rice, cakes, comfort, right No, we need the blue fabric, conditioner, that’s honeysuckle! No job! We’ve got the whole thing on okay, you go back Oh great, thank goodness we’re gonna check Why so? We need to find a gnome, which I know where they are so I found a straightaway Let’s go, we can see them they’re, paying or making this dad they’re No good, they’re gonna be honest, they’re gonna be tough, oh no! No, they will they will Oh no, okay, once we get off fussing come on, we got it down here before yeah, but they’re on there and put yourself yeah, oh god, dad We should run that didn’t, seem the distance pain and we’re all right So we’ve all this new one and we’re hiding behind the car That’s a brand! That’s what they are right Look at these profit trying to go for our stuffing How can how can we say you didn’t win, know that they’re going oh and little right bean You know how does that count? It just says ravine we had to go back for this We got a different cook, we could we couldn’t find Tampax, cuz, believe or not Jen I don’t use them well We found five things in 30 seconds No, nothing ever leaked You in your garden, and I were a little bit upset that we had lost this challenge That was the end result Unfortunately, I did lose, although to be fair, I don’t actually think those cracker things that they bought actually count as rice cake, because I actually pacifically say on it Rice, cakes, let me know down in the comments what you got his thing I just hate losing If you can’t tell already I’m really competitive but don’t forget I will leave them down below, don’t forget to hit a big thumbs up if you guys enjoyed subscribe down below – and I see you all soon – bye

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