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Flash eye shadow and double wing lining? |How to achieve curly horsetail Ali sky on short hair

1 Nov , 2019  

Handouts.. It’s me girl, Fiona Marie, not even mini review. It was just a I’m just to try out on the new anastacio foundation and the powders. but overall, like my face, looks flawless yeah. I did probably my makeup magnesia and the areas that I get audience sohopefully there’s like okay, I’m gonna look luminous. I still look luminous, but I’m still gonna be met in the areas that I normally tend to get all the end era came together. So shout out to Alex chi hair y’all bomb here, if y’all definitely wanna get some hair checking out cuz like this curl like this is actually a sad place and when I actually put it, my mom’s, like you know, show the difference as you can actually Do it this way, which is really cute? You can do it to the Sun and have some hanging you’d be back, and then you can also put it like this this side.
If I wanted to put it on this side, which is really cute to give y’all some options, when y’all are doing a back, curly ponytail like I don’t know that wouldn’t work with a straight ponytail of you get some curls. So don’t forget it’ll check out Alex country lobe. We got some photo by news when it comes to, because the purchasing, if y’all, see how she does look then keep on watching all right now. So what my mama’s doing now is basically combing out my little baby ages. Love that once consumed anything really part in my hair and putting tracks in these are tracks from I think Empire from abuse, apply very cheap bundles of hair like $30 and just putting it into my head, and it’s gonna be like three tracks on each Side after the tracks, I added what she’s going to do is six in jail and basically swoop my hair into the back ponytail that she made in the back so also what she chooses got to be. Who so that D here could be like farm and she’s. Also using blow-dryer so now what she’s doing is now that everything is placed into one ponytail, she’s gonna add a braid towards the bag so that she can do the extended ponytail alright. So that’s at least sky packaging. You know what they say was 24 inches of four bundles of curly hair.
So what I think it was while awaits. Don’t get me wrong check my speech right below it. The link will be down there, but what she’s doing now is basically attaching that first bundle of hair to the end of the braid and she’s going to roll it up, attach a stitch and then she’s going to roll it up again attach the stitch basically securing The bundle and then when she gets to the very top of the hair she’s going to take a piece of big curly, hair and roll it to cover the tracks, a quick, easy back, ponytail y’all and your confidence in various styles. What she’s doing now and she’s? Basically, taking her fingers and trying to comb out the curls to make them more fuller and she’s going to also raise them so that they can have value alright. So let’s make up turn so what I did was, I did my brows. I set my brows off-camera and what I did was I took took my kids, professional and deep dark brown to do the back of the brows, and I took my altar brow pencil in the shade brunette to do the front of my brows. Now. What I’m doing is taking my Bacchus early from LA Pro concealer and concealer, taking the best bass in the world, which is purely it’s in the shade number five and I’m packing it on the lid. And then I want to take my 142 concealer buffer brush to buff everything out, so there could be a small cami alright, so I just got the Warriors to powder in the mail and I had to use it so I’m gonna go take this dark brown Shade and my washing 7 bunch of working and pack, and that on the outer V of my lids, going to the same palette, will take that burgundy and a morphe brush and basically padding the out of the area that I thought the first shade or to basically Blend out the edges of the first shade and to the any to duck so I’m going into a morphe brush. No, it’s a Mac brush a light and then I’m going to take that brown shade and put that on the brow bone area. And then I’m also going through that black envy palette, and that is on a Mac two to one and basically adding some more definition to it. So it won’t be a cut crease.
Today, it’s Lumia, regular eyeshadow. Look! So now I’m taking my wolfing to conceal the buffer brush and patting the area so that I can have somewhere to put my shimmer shade. So I’m taking my P Louie’s shimmer shade. I don’t know the name of it, but I will leave it as Kazan below and I’m going to basically place this only where I have the available space set. So I’m just pressing that glitter into it and then I’m also gonna add peaches and cream pigment in the shade preen in the inner tear duct area, and then I’m also gonna take my Mac know. I’m gonna send my winner when running a week. So I’m going to do something a little bit different. I took this liner that I got from the Mac Holiday Collection and it was like a goal. It matched perfectly with the delay shade and I am going to basically just try to sketch it out. So it’s like a liner type of look and then I’m also going to double line it. So that’s one line – and I will set right underneath that goal to try to make it pop more and the right that I’m using is from the fenty collection. That’s from her summer collection and what I’m gonna do is put some mascara and my lashes from my lash line. That’s gonna become really food on my eyes and I want to get more into the face bright. Talk-Through part. I am going to do a voiceover, but for foundation. I want to try the new anastacio and the you know powder today. You know what’s fun day anyway, start off much. We want regular skin routine, got wondering for the last am using my lashes by the way. A little bit of this just a little bit really like that. I’m sorry I’m trying and I really like that packages. It’s like a sleek north package. I can show y’all north all the way, but it’s shiny – and this is like Mac, a medium for full coverage and for 90w just want a little bit of coverage. I still covering my dark marks sort of clean. This is a tool to Daddy okay Well, that looks looks for coverage immediately, so cool that looks, and I just swiped, but this is how much I got and it’s just a slightly like.
I said the one locked art tape shape to give me a little bit more coverage in the dark This one Just is on, but I liked a foundation Oh I like it so far right I can’t do a full review because I can’t do it for review, because it’s late, I’m not unless I see a foundation, stick y’all is in the shade earth it’s time to try the powdered who’s ready, like I tried on my elbows, but like damn Okay, like okay, that’s the shade banana They had a dark shape, but damn near the shades with Danny going like really a sponge I got a lot of powder, so it kept sitting up on the back of my here Just doing it like get the powder melted into my skin, I actually like the shade banana So just don’t know, leave like this yellow cast or something like that I hate for to blue, so I’m pressing it into the skin pressing it back Nick I’m not striving person, poundss yeah steel fix a price foundation It’s like a powder cutter and this in the shade in W the perfect match perfect to match My skin, like that, is that a perfect match, like the foundation, is good, but, like the the powder just really made it just so on during that, is I’m gonna take my anymore easy about it Well win it! So I’m gonna use this fixed bus Go take my morphe barnes blush, i’m gonna take this and blush trio This is the cocktail party line I want to say, holder, beauty, nixon, I’m gonna Take this a lipstick from liquid lipstick just call fabulous Thank you guys so much for tuning in to this tutorial, don’t forget to comment and subscribe and also click the email button Once you subscribe just so, you will be notified on all uploads that I bring to this channel there’s Just only it so y’all can see me y’all, know y’all wanna sing It y’all go singing, you know Have you tried this foundation before you know how to check this foundation and if y’all, have definitely want to know your thoughts? Your thoughts on this uh nation, again don’t forget to go check out the description bar for Ally, Skye

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