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Foundation cream concealer. God!!!!

30 Sep , 2019  

. I got completely carried away and went in a whole different direction with my makeup. What we are trying today is actually concealer like a really cool concealer, but in my brain I was like keep it natural like do the minimal like go with like a very everyday natural, quick makeup, look and then this happened. Sometimes I really like it’s like my hands just do something else and they want to apply all of the cool makeup in front of me. I tried out the Smashbox photo edit eyeshadow trio and pickme.
They have had these trios before I told you about them, but look at I mean like I can’t I’m so distracted. my god. Does this not make you want to just like be full glam, just like during the week for no reason at all? Yes, yes, we’re gonna get to it, I’m wearing nothing underneath my eyes at all, because we’re gonna scooch in nice and close. So you can see everything and we’re gonna test out the new from pur cosmetics. Shake and bake right, I feel really old when I say that for some reason, but that commercial is really funny and then of course, it reminds me of Talladega Nights, which is like one of my favorite movies of all time. This is a powder concealer, which i think is it’s really strange like do we need to it comes with a sponge. I just dropped that on the floor, though I feel like to be competitive in the marketplace of everything being kind of like wow. Look at this transforming like crazy lipsticks that turn into glitter and, like all this crazy stuff and like roller, eyeliner and everything’s, getting kind of crazy. It’s almost like what I think in my brain makeup, clickbait when larger companies do these kind of things. I just think that, but you know Here I am trying it out because I’m curious, so I guess I clicked on it this miraculous concealer it melts into the skin to mask imperfections and sets to a smooth, long-lasting, crease free finish. This doesn’t say if it’s full coverage or not I’m kind of thinking that it’s not gonna be full coverage will see. It says, dab a small amount under the eyes you, the contour blending sponge. I think what we need to do is just get really close up to my face. You can see everything and put on this powder to cream concealer and then, of course, I am gonna wear it all day and do check-ins for you guys. So, let’s just get straight to it all right, you guys, we are nice and close. I have the shake and bake powder and I have a sponge.
I actually do have all three shades, so you know why don’t I go ahead and swatch those for you we’ll just do like an insert. I have the medium shade, the light shade and the dark shade this product is $26. I’m going to put it on the back of my hand, I don’t really know how you put it on underneath your eye without like touching it first, and it does kind of turn into a cream kinda right away, so we’re just gonna hope for the very Best, okay, this is so trippy. Do you see that so it says to use the sponge, but honestly, this sponge is literally so hard. I hate this kind of a sponge. It’s a little tricky to kind of like get it off the back of your hand and like get it under there, while it’s a powder mmm. Do you guys see that, though, it’s not wanting to like blend in with my foundation, it’s very difficult to blend. What does it say, dab a small amount under the eyes using the contour blending sponge? Okay, I’m gonna kind of like take it off one eye and retry doing it exactly the way they say to do it friendly reminder just so we’re all totally clear. I am not wearing any powder on my face whatsoever, just a creamy liquid foundation, nothing that really should have a weird interaction. You know all right, so I am going to just put a little on the sponge just a tiny little bit and do as they say and just yeah that worked better, actually, okay, so they know what they’re talking about. Not me, oh my god, just what did my nose? Oh, my god. It that’s, probably really unhealthy for me that, like burned my nostrils and my lungs whoa all right. This is strange because it does turn into a cream, but it definitely has a powder finish. I’m gonna try getting it kind of in its cream form just to get like closer to my tear duct right, where I feel like I need more coverage mm-hmm in theory, this is a really cool product, anything that is powder to cream. It just feels like it’s more fun to use and the idea that it goes you know from a powder to a cream and that it has powder built into it, and it’s going to set and lock and be crease resistant is pretty cool. You know it’s on. I’m gonna wear this all day. I’m gonna see if it truly is super crease resistant. I’m not gonna set underneath my eyes with powder today, but I’m gonna put on blush bronzer and a little highlight, and I will be right back now that I have other makeup on.
I do have to say I don’t hate hate this. I wish there was a little more coverage. This is a more natural finish which is going to work for a lot of people. I just happen to be someone that likes a lot of whole coverage underneath my eyes. So for me, I want more out of a concealer, but even still with it being very naturally do have to say I used a lot of the product and it took a minute to really kind of like build it up. You know blend it out, go back in with my finger and get it to look how I wanted it to look. I guess I’m just gonna have to kind of go through the day. I didn’t powder underneath my eyes, which does feel really strange because I always powder underneath my eyes, but that was the step that you don’t have to do with this product. So we’re right here we’re on the fence with this shake-and-bake all right. I will see you guys in a little bit and I am feeling pretty defeated. You guys. I just looked in the mirror, and I was just like huh like I had to do like a double take, so I was like um what is happening right in this region like what I mean and look at the unevenness of the concealer I mean my eyeshadow Looks good sparkly bits. Those are like nice side. Note I’m wearing the NARS long-wear foundation again for the third time. I I don’t like it. It does not work well on me like I’m noticing that, like it’s, just not transfer proof at all, and I can’t stand that because any time you bump your skin it kind of just like moves things around anyway, so that’s falling apart. So I feel like a greasy uneven blotchy mess and then I look underneath my eyes and I’m like I’m like what in the heck. I hate my makeup right now. I don’t, I don’t feel good and concealer is supposed to make. You feel less tired and it’s making me feel like I look more tired. I really just want to take it off. I want to take all my makeup off. I think it’s really important that you do set your under eye with an actual powder and that’s probably why I never get these smudges, and this actually really like illustrates it. Why that’s such an important step – because this is the lash paradise under here – that stuff? Never moves on me period so long as I powder underneath my eyes and don’t let any of that oil get the product here to kind of like melt on your face, because I have not rubbed my eyes I really have not uhm so long as you do that it doesn’t move, but this is just a joke deep.
It was a mistake Well, you guys um, my eyeshadow looks sparkly and fabulous actually extra, sparkly and fabulous now that it is nighttime and I’m sitting here in front of these big lights I’m just like Oh, it’s so pretty, but the rest of my face kind of looks like the makeup slid off everywhere, because it did so the shake and bake failed me um it just you know I already talked about all the problems Not enough coverage really difficult to apply You use a lot of the product and it is expensive, so I think you would go through it really fast It is cool, it is interesting, it is fun, but will I be reaching for this? No, would I recommend it? No it just it’s just not For me – and I do want to say – I do feel like any other concealer – probably would smudge my under eye area The difference is, you need to powder your under eye area, so I do feel like if I did powder the under eye area, but it tells you not to I want to make that clear But if I broke the rules – and I didn’t listen to that – and I powdered anyway – I probably wouldn’t have a lot of this smearing going on through here, but it happened so now we know what that it just does not work It’s not worth it James is sitting in here with me, and I really want him to see this come here James, shake and bake, it’s shake and bake, and I helped I just want you to see this How cool this is Okay, are you ready yeah? We put some on no, but we need to see if it creases or not on you It’s not gonna happen Put your finger in it That’s weird! Oh wow! Isn’t that so straight! That’s so cool! No! Isn’t that strange, yeah, it’s not so weird! You can use like a brightening No can I just see if it goes in your creases? Oh god, it’s the wrong color For me, this is me so dark I know it’s not! No! It’s medium! It’s fine! It’s really! Okay, I’ll! Wipe it right off under protest! Zip, that’s how it ends is how shake and bake ends hey, buddy yeah this product is horrible, so we’re gonna sign off James is super happy right now and um Oh, my god, crazy man Alright, I love you guys so much I hope that you found this interesting and satisfied your curiosity If you had seen this product alright, it is fun to play with, though I’ll give it that I love you guys, and I will see you all in my next You

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