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Foundation of new Fenty professional filter water moistening pants

1 Nov , 2019  

Thanks for returning. As you know about the thumbnail, hydrating long wearing foundation. So if you’re interested then just keep watching alright, so I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you there’ll be timestamps below. If you don’t want tohear my little blurb on what I have to say about this foundation, now, I’m gonna say that I have five shades to swatch for you all alright. So let me just quickly go over the deets about this foundation. As you all know, this is her hydrating foundation.
It’s got 50 shades, it’s supposed to be long wearing and medium coverage, which I really did find that to be the case and supposed tohave a natural finish, which I really do feel as though that is the case. I actually have the foundation on right now, but I’m not going to tell you which shade it is now does say that it’s supposed to be for normal dry and combination skin, and it does have grapeseed oil in it, which I really like when foundations put some Type of ingredient in it that in the foundation that’s going tohelp us, you know over the long run. So I can really appreciate that, and since I elected to get samples, I really can’t show you the bottle, but the only reason that I picked up the samples is because, as you all know, the Sephora sell is right around the corner and you know I just Want to save my I wanna save some money. I know I know I can’t be the only one that wants to save some money plus. I thought it would be kind of fun to let you all determine if I did pick the correct shade out of all of the ones that i swatched, because for those of you all who saw my Pat McGrath foundation, that foundation was super dark and a Lot of you are recommending shade 23, and that is a perfect shade. It’s beautiful! I really can’t show you how the tube looks and she just has a looks like a squeezy two, but it does have a pump on it. Oh and I forgot to say that it alsohas sodium hyaluronic in it, which is a really good ingredient. It’s just going to. You know help keep the skin moisturized and hydrated while you have on the foundation and it does retail for $35 and you do get one point: zero, eight fluid ounces, which is a little bit more than what you get with other foundations. So let me just say that, as these swatches that I have, I dohave 350 360, 370, 385 and 400 to show you now again when I went in the store.
I don’t understand this, like one of the stores, was actually being stocked. Okay – and I don’t want to say – I had to I kind of had to beg them a little bit to give me a sample – I’m not sure what that was about in the second store. They were missing shades, so they were missing 380, which I wanted to get for you all to show and 390. So that is why you know my must have some shades missing, so I just wanted to bring that to your attention. If you are wondering well, why is she missing some shades in the swatches? So basically one store matched me at 350. Okay and you all know what the color IQ they take that little machine, and they put it right here right here and like right here: okay right here, right here and right here now what I did differently at the store that matched me at shade. 385. I told her to mark to put the little wand at the darkest spot on my face, which would be my chin, so she put it here here and here, okay, and that is the store that got where I got shade 385. So I was matched at two different shades with the same type of equipment or whatever it’s, and it’s probably because the wand or little machine that they had was not at the exact same spot. On my face, that’s probably why they came up with a different color at each store, but I’m not really sure I really do like this foundation. I think that it is absolutely beautiful. It’s comfortable! It’s like wait. I don’t feel anything on my skin and that’s with two layers. I did me to go ahead and set this foundation because it was just too dewy for me to skip that part, but I think it’s beautiful, please let me know what you think about it down in the comments. Next, I’m gonna go into swatching and applying the shady bet I think match the best. So don’t forget to tell me down in the comments which shade that you think best match me so onto the swatches alright. Sohere we go. I have five shades that already told you that and that I am going to swatch for you. I have 350, 360, 370 and 385 and 400, so I’ll just start off with shape 350, and here it is just so. You can kind of see what it looks like before I swatch it and 350 is that’s 350.
The next shade that I’m gonna swatch is 360 with. This is 360. Okay, wait again: 350 360. Alright! And next I have 370, and this is what 370 looks like in the little container, and this is 370. So the next shade that I’m going to swatch is 385 and 385 is what I was matched at one of the other sephora’s, and this is 385. So I’m gonna swatch that one right here – that’s 385 and I’m sorry, but again they didn’t have 390, so the next shape that they did have was 400 and this is 400 all right. Sohere’s the deal so I’m going to kind of let these sit and dry down a little bit and I’m going to be back just in a few minutes after it kind of dries down. So we can see if it’s going to oxidize or if the color is going to kind of stay, true to what you’re, seeing now so I’ll be back in a sec. Okay. Sohere’s what we have here, I feel as though I stride down pretty good or enough. This one is 350. Where my brush is this, one is 360. You can see that’s kind of whitish. Looking a little bit. This one is 370. This one is 385 and this one is 400, so again, the very the first Sephora matched me at 350, okay and the second Sephora matched me at 385, which would be this one. So it’s kind of light it’s in between these two that you, this one looks tohave a cooler undertone in that one. I think I’m just going to stick with the 385 as opposed to the 350, even though I think it could work so we’re just going to go with that. Alright, so I have my favorite brush in the whole wide world, and this is the Sephora Pro 56. You all see it and all of my foundation reviews and then I have a sponge. This is just a no-name Walker and sponge, but it does the trick so we’re gonna go in with you. So, as you can see, I’m not sure – or at least I’m not getting full coverage, you can still see my acne scars right here. Alright. So now I’m going to use a sponge on this side to see what I get and it appears to go on easier with a sponge and I’m actually liking the shade. I’m not sure about you all all right. So this is what it’s looking like with a sponge, and this is what it’s looking like with a brush to me It seems like I think, I’m getting full coverage with a or fuller coverage with the side of the sponge, so I am going to go in with the second layer.
They really didn’t give me that much So let me just go in with a second layer I don’t normally go in with the second layer, but I know there are some folks out there that want to see how it builds up So I am going to go ahead and add a second layer on this side You – and this is how it is, or it has built up with a brush okay, and I have to say that it does feel good It feels like I have nothing on my skin Let me go ahead and do the other side a second layer with a sponge, so you can see what that looks like you all right, so this is it This is the side with the brush, and this is the side with a sponge Let me know how do you think they did with this shade match of 385? So what I can see it looks good yeah I don’t know it always looks different from when I am actually filming Looking at you and looking at the camera, as opposed to when I actually get ready to edit, but I know you all will let me know down in the comments So let me go ahead and finish with my complexion and I’ll be right back alright So I’m back with my complexion done and let me tell you this foundation literally feels like I have nothing on even with the powder It feels really good and I think that it is Gor Just I mean this is one of the prettier foundations that I have been reviewing and I really like it and I honestly like the shade I think the shade is right I mean I know you all are gonna Tell me what you think down in the comments, but I mean just look: I mean wow a good match It feels good It’s got some good ingredients, its hydrating, it’s not going to you know for its older women or kind of getting on up there Women, by the way, my birthday’s September, 1st, just guess, you already know I’m gonna be 48, but anyway yeah just for women with mature skin, and things like that I think this is a great foundation Now I don’t think it’s full coverage or anything like that I think this is kind it’s buildable I think it’s pretty That’s all I can say Let me know what you op take down in the comments Are you gonna pick it up during the sale? Are you gonna pass? Let me know I’d love tohear about it

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