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Full face affordable pharmacy cosmetics John Maclean

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone, so one of the most highly requested films that I have been asked to do by you all is to create a look using predominantly more affordable makeup to use products that are more accessible and slightly less expensive. No, I thought this was a marvelous idea, as I know that I have a very wide unveiling audience, but predominantly a younger audience who may not be able to afford luxury high-end makeup in great amounts. But my own kit definitely has a variety of affordable makeup and expensive makeup.
As I said here on my channel before I’m a great believer in results. I like things to work. I, like the result to be great irrespective of an expensive process or irrespective of an affordable process. That is certainly my viewpoint on all things. The result is key, so sometimes that will require you to use a product or a method that might be expensive or affordable. I’m certainly not a believer in one shoe fits all, but when it comes to makeup and the cost of makeup, I do get asked this quite a lot. I think people feel as if they’re expected, to constantly invest and the latest thing or to be able to afford the latest thing. Now that is a trend, and we all know I think trends are designed for the anxious. So, in that event, you must look at what you need. What is the kind of look that you want to go for, and today’s fellow I’m going to create a look that is overall, just a polished, scrubbed up a simple look that would be wearable for work for a special occasion for anything. It’s just a very practical look. That’s what I want to create a day using predominantly more affordable products, some products I will not be able to substitute, because if your skin is very fair, like my own and certainly if you have dark skin, you will know this to be the case as well. It is very difficult to find products that are affordable or from the drugstore or from the high street that work for the very palest or the very darkest of skin. You kind of have to use more specialist products if you are working with very fair skin and, like my own, ordinary darkest skin tones, so I had a really great rummage of to make it today to find products that are more affordable some of these products. I know may only be available in the United Kingdom, but I’d recommend to you to always be of the mindset to find what you need before. Finding either a brand or a price tag find what you need, irrespective of where you are in the world and negotiate on that basis of what you’d need so the freshly clean shaven face. I have gone in with some Charlotte Tilbury, the magic cream just to replenish the skin after abrasion, but first of all, I’m going to go in and color correct.
My dark circles underneath my eye just to reduce the appearance of the blueness and to do that. I’m using some okra Lonsdale McCullough cream concealer in the shade d1 on a Charles Fox, eight one, four, six, four zero five brush. I’m just apply that very strategically to the areas where I need to reduce the amount of blueness and purple know the derma color concealers. Come in very small individual pans, which are not too expensive, I think they may be about 4 to 5 pounds, if not less. But when you buy the 30 gram bottle, it’s usually a little bit dearer. Suddenly, if you are off the very finished of skin or the very darkest of skin, you will know how difficult it is to find shades that are applicable to your skin tone. I will point it as well, sometimes the more professional brands that are more aimed at professional makeup, artists that you may have to source from a professional makeup, artists, retailer, like Kryolan or Charles Fox, on different websites geared more makeup artists. They tend to have slightly more affordable options and products that are more specific, so I definitely think that you get more bang for your buck when using them, as opposed to something that is perhaps drugstore or high-street. So the specifics you may have to use high-end or luxury or find a more specialist brand, which usually tend to be more affordable and to blend that I’m taking an elf, flawless concealer brush, which is blending it by patting it and where you may see it to Be reduced, you could always go back in and apply a little bit more just to lift the color up an affordable, concealer brand. That also allows you to color correct, as they do, retail to shave. For example, a white agreement, a very yellow sheet and an orange is the LA girl Pro. The LA girl Pro of course became very popular because the greeted shades that were very affordable, very similar consistency to the MAC Cosmetics, Pro Longwear concealer and they comprehended many shades for darker skin tones. Now they have added a pure white shade to the concealer range and slightly lighter shades, so I think they’re very, encompassing of all skin tones and very affordable. I think the concealers, maybe about forming five pads, which it’s probably less than ten dollars, couldn’t be too exact. As I’m not 100% sure where the currency is standing at the moment, but it is very affordable, so the under-eye discoloration reduced and brightened I’m not going to go in with some foundation so far foundation.
I’m going to go in with a classic L’Oreal infallible foundation in the shade porcelain. Now we all know when drugstore brands or affordable brands do a shade called porcelain or alabaster or shades that are apparently for the very first of skin tones. They usually are at the orange or yellow so not necessarily suitable if you have very fair skin tone, however, this is quite fair, but today I’m going to mix it with a little bit of illamasqua skin base in the shade white. This, of course, is not an affordable product. However, if I were to make the recommendation for an affordable white based conditions and then the huge can just add a drop of a pure white finish, you just used to lift the color of the foundation. Is the LA girl Pro Foundation? They do a white foundation also a lot of specialist brand like Kryolan or bands that you may find in professional makeup stores or stores that are aimed at professional makeup artists. You usually do tend to find a white formulation there that probably won’t be retailed for a very high price. However, this is what I’m going to be using today. Most of the whiteness that I use do tend to be more high-end, and I’m just mixing the two of these together on my little plate and I’m a planners with a Tina and sha number 9 brush. Now it may appear as if I am slapping at almond, hoping for the best, which is what I’m doing as I do tend to just do, that with foundation or not, but Lurlene eat with it now this may appear like I am putting on way too much, But this formulation is actually quite thin, but it has pretty good coverage. What I’m going to do is just apply it everywhere and then stipple it into place. That is my preferred technique for applying foundation. But the l’oreal infallible in the shade porcelain does have quite a yellow undertone to it, and my skin was slowly red today. So it is useful for neutralizing that I’m just taking the remainder of that product down my jaw and onto the neck just to conceal any discoloration. I also like that to be a seamless blend between my neck and my face, and I’m going to stipple and buff that, in with a furless cb2 brush and just taking a fraction of the product onto the brush and stippling it home, I kind of use buffing Brushes the way many people use beauty blenders, which I’m actually yet to try. I’ve never really used a beauty blender, although I know that they’re very popular with the young people, I’m going back in with our elf flawless concealer brush just to dab on a little bit of kryolan’s, Gemma, color cream concealer in the shade D, 7 or 7.
So the derma color concealers are affordable just in a smaller amount and of course it looks like a pretty decent match here. However, I just ran lavatory. Well, I didn’t run. I dropped it very rigorously. Now the lighting woman in the laboratory is as unforgiving as the Old Testament. So it’s fantastic for highlighting whether or not a foundation is in good order or not. This foundation is a relatively good match when mixed with the white, but my goodness, which is quite yellow on me, so I shall definitely go in with some of the stargazer whitening powder in just a moment. Now I’m going to go in and make sure that I set all of this through from what I remember, this foundation did tend to have a more dewy finish and mixed with the skin base, which of course has a satin finish. It is likely to slide around and I don’t want amounts and talons to happen. So I’m going to go in and set my foundation with some of Ben eyes natural set powder. Now I always put loose powder in a ball, especially when I have to pour it out of the bottle. This thing I want doesn’t really have a tray, you kind of have to pour it out into something, but I would like to put into a pool. Otherwise, it starts to fly around and it seems almost as if, though, we were in a cocaine Factory, I’m just setting that through the center of the face. First of all, I do tend to set my nose quite thoroughly as it gets quite shiny if it’s not set quite thoroughly, it might be mistaken for a chandelier and it’s taking some of that powder and I’m pressing it into where I’m going to apply my contour, Because it’s very important to do this and, as you can see, I’m stippling on the powder – I’m not buffing it around, because this foundation has a slightly more gooey texture to it. I know that if I buffed it around, it would disturb the formation on the skin and the brush removes link as a mac cosmetics, one three eight brush and I’m just pressing that into the forehead and stippling at all and when I’m applying powder, I always just Feel through just to see where I have missed, missed a little bit on the chin, then I’m taking a Wayne Goss number two brush, I’m just pressing it into the areas that are quite a little bit more precision.
So that’s the base more or less set now for brows, I’m going to be using my Inglot palette and for brows. I shall leave in a combination of these two shades here, and this is really very much what I mean when I say that you can use one tone for eyebrows as well as eyeshadow and as well as contra know. I have custom ly built this palette. Of course, you buy their shadows as individuals and then placement into the part. The eyeshadows themselves are only around six pounds, so you can maybe buy one or two of them. If you wanted to save her about. All of these sheets are specifically picked for the practice, but amongst the bottom six I can build a whole facial architecture of these, certainly on myself, but first of all, I’m going to take this shade right here, which is a shade three four nine and I’m just A planet first of all over the Mac 260 brush and I’m just stenciling out the shape. First of all, with the initial shade now sketched in I’m, going to take some of this three four eighth color and begin to sketch in individual hairs to create texture and depth within the eyebrows, with small sketching motions, creating the illusion of hair. Now I’m taking this Maybelline Color tattoo, 24-hour cream eyeshadow in the shade tree by 98 Festival, stippling and patting that onto the eye with a synthetic zovut 2 to 7 brush, then going in and softly blending and buffing the edges with a natural fiber Java, 2 to 7 brush luring out any harsh edges or lines, ensuring seamlessness and gone back in and applying an additional layer just to build up color intensity and blending. As you go then, taking a cleaners over 2 to 8 brush, I’m just further softening any edges. Maintaining the illusion of gradients, no, I am applying some of that cream eyeshadow on a Charles Fox, eight one, four, six zero to one brush to the lower lash line and underneath of the eye, just ever so slightly creating the illusion of shadow and softening any edges With a Charles Fox, eight one, four six zero three one brush, then taking this three to nine color on an alumn Aska angled brush, applying that mainly to the roots of the upper eyelashes and thickening its shape more towards the outer part of the eye. Then I’m taking these Inglot eyelash curlers and giving my eyelashes a thorough curl. Then I am going in with some of the bombs. What so type of mascara. You may use any mascara of your choice and I am applying a strong quoted at working it into the roots of the eyelashes. First of all, then, to contour I’m going in with a combination of these two shades, three for two and three four: nine: three.
Four, nine is much colder. Three for two is much warmer, but mixed together, they create the perfect contour shade upon my skin tone and I am applying both with a crown brush. S 205 pointed a blush of brush stippling patting and buffing the product on very gently. Ensuring a soft subtle, gradient of seamlessness and the other side, so I’ve had a slight technical failure. My microphone had ran out of battery and I was totally unaware I didn’t bleep at me. It didn’t make a noise, it didn’t lash. So I was unaware that it had no power and a large segment of this film has sound missing, but I shall ensure that I have put in a voice over so that you know exactly what I’m doing so. I’ve applied those two contour shades now and now going to go in with blusher. Now blusher is one of those things, that’s very universal. You can get it at any price point and it’s usually fantastic. You can also use lipsticks as blush as well as Rouge. So you have many options when it comes to blusher when it comes to affordable options. I absolutely love bourgeois range. I think their blushes are beautiful, really sheer and pretty and just they’re sophisticated, and I absolutely love them another affordable brand. That, I would recommend, is sleek makeup now this isn’t necessarily a blusher, but it is a contouring palette and it’s more aimed at deeper skin tones, but these shades are fantastic. I can use them as eye shadow as well. So this will look great if you have medium to dark and particularly dark skin can work on skin as fair as my own as eyeshadows, but it’s marvelous – and this is the sleek makeup – face form contouring and highlighting palette medium 3. 7. 4. Then there is the sleek makeup blushed by 3, pumpkin palette: 3. 6. 3. Now these colors are quite wild and I think they look great on absolutely everybody and every skin tone, of course, on skin as fair as my own, you would use a quite a minimal amount of it very softly, they’re soft amount of pressure. It would look absolutely great, and I use these colors just to warm up a look or to complement a look. However, if you have medium to dark skin, these colors will also look great on you, so’s, a very Universal palette, but today I’m going to be using the sleek makeup, face, form contour and blush palette. Light 373. I’m just going to play a little bit of that to the cheeks on is over one to six brush.
Now it has a slight of golden reflex in it, so it will definitely warm up my skin, but I’m only going to play a very faint amount of it just as a hue just to warm up the cheeks. Now, when I apply blusher, you can see I’m almost applying it everywhere in this section, but I’ve only planned it very lightly, and the reason that I applied almost everywhere in this section is just that we create a really seamless gradient, as I like blush to be One of those things where you can’t see with starts or stops and the other side, and then just in light in certain areas. I’m going to take some of this stargazer white pressed powder usually comes in a black pan, but I have of course decanted mine and I have it in a custom palette and I’m just using the same Wayne Goss brush that we used before I’m just lightining. Underneath the eyes and the cheek area, just ever so slightly now when it comes to highlighter, I absolutely love the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter. This is actually only three pounds, so it’s very cheap. It’s marvelous, though it has a very pinky pearlescent shade, which looks absolutely fantastic on my skin tone, and this is initiate peach goddess and name very suitable. For me, this is also another shade of theirs, which is this beautiful, blue, shimmer color. It’s called pearlescent Sheen. I tend to use the combination of the two together. I love both of them individually, but I also love them combined together, but today I’m gonna go to use the peach goddess, I’m just taking a great amount of that and then stippling it onto the cheeks. Now, because I’m very fabulous, I’m going to go in with some of the pearlescent Sheen in the blue just apply a little bit of that on top, and then I take a little bit of it on the top of the nose a little bit on the chin. Just to lighten it up slightly a tiny bit of it through the forehead just ever so slightly, and you can always pinch the brush, so it becomes flatter just take it through the breath and just to soften that down and was gone in with my two two. Eight brush in voiceover from before now Phillips, I’m going to remove some of the excess foundation for which the dead applied earlier that got on my lips with some comics lip balm, which is this fantastic and affordable lip balm. I use this with my kids, absolutely marvelous. What I do is I just roll and press it into the lips, roll and press, and I keep doing that until I’ve removed all of the product. This step also removes dead skin and then I just take it off with some coarse roll Now I don’t really mind of Italy Phillips looking a little bit messy because I’m now going to go in with some chapstick.
This is the medic This is also very affordable and fantastic Now it is ply a thick layer to the lips First of all, just to moisturize and replenish the lips now good to go in with some L’Oreal lip liner in the shade six five six honey This color is actually a very similar color to mac cosmetics, lip liner in the shade subculture No because I have applied lip balms to the lip, this will actually make applying the lip liner a lot easier and, first of all, I’m just lining the lips and removing any asymmetry and with the lip liner now applied, I’m going to take some of sleek makeups Lipstick in the shade, like ooh-ahh, which has this very beautiful, Sheen lonely, really dabbing it onto the lip I don’t want to have a thick opaque layer I just wanted to be present, but not too heavy, also a great affordable option so that more or less completes the look I had a lot of fun creating this look and I really very much wanted to create a look that was very simple, very polished, refined and seamless, nothing too complicated the sort of look that you could wear anywhere and everywhere somewhere That is easy, simple of brightening and professional looking, and I definitely make the recommendation when you are choosing products you don’t necessarily have to have the latest thing or the coolest thing or the trendiest thing or the most expensive thing just go for what works for you At that present time, but remember sometimes you can use one product for more than one use, so you can have a contour that will work as an eyeshadow as well as for eyebrows, so you could actually go for a much better quality contour that will work for Many things, so you get more than one use out of it, and all the products which that I used in today’s forum are relatively affordable Asides from the skin base, lightener the white foundation that are added to my foundation, just to make it the right shade But of course there are substitutes for that foundation You can find a much more affordable white based foundation formula on the market, but I hope they will friend to this vellum, either interesting, useful, helpful or beneficial once again Thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care Bye,

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