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Full face challenge using only children’s make-up! |Kitten mother

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m going to be doing a full face of kids makeup challenge. Nicky’s girls started this challenge and lots of other people have done it and now we’re gonna. Do it Wow. With six on this channel, I used to do little makeup tutorials, where I had kids makeup and stuff. I mean it wasn’t as like quality makeup like this stuff. This is like power makeup where the makeup I had – and I was six – is like these little gel makeup. I don’t think I’m good at putting on the blush right, Josh, single or the living one Monster High kit that I had had fake lashes in it and we didn’t find any of that.
But we’ve got enough to make up for it and since I’m only 12, I am NOT going to be doing any the contouring or highlighting other people are doing, but you want to see that in yo check out other people’s stuff, my brother Micah, those are right. There two guys I’ll probably be able to hear them in the background a lot. So the first thing I want to start off with is some BB cream. It’s in color to light and to everyone who’s ever done this challenge. It matches their skin tone, but I don’t know if it well line, but I also got a brush set from Claire’s. I don’t think it all really matches my skin tone, but maybe maybe it’ll work. Maybe it won’t I’m using an eyeshadow brush and because they don’t have a foundation brush for me to use they have a nun, blush brush and tons of different, smaller brushes. So I guess it’s going pretty well so far. I know other people, other people who do it are like. Oh man, streaky, you know where you’re just like it’s fine, probably come on the kid, and I don’t know too much about makeup. I want to blend it with my fingers in a bit because it’s streaky and weird – and I was that it’s my little baby brother over there so now that I’ve done that I’m going to do some eye shadow and I am lots of different eye shadows to Choose I have this one, which is a fashion angel one, and I’ve got this giant kit from pinkfizz full of full of lots of our eyeshadows and lip gloss and comes a different makeup stuff. And then I got a Barbie Barbie makeup kit, where I have lots of stuff in it. So here we have all this stuff. These two little things are soft lip gloss. These are the blush. These are the pearl lip gloss, and this is the whole thing. A lip gloss, so this is basically just a lip gloss kit, so we’ve got that so we’ve got the heart palette open.
So we have this. This brush and uh the brush has left the hair ties in it. Lotsa hair ties in it. I was wondering what this little compartment was. I thought it was just a mirror that flips up, but no it’s a compartment that has a hair tie, explosion, laughs, the shimmer glitter, and then we have multi nail polish. We have lip gloss and lip colors and then sticky things on the back of them. So I can stick it wherever I want nope that didn’t work. Stick it wherever I want. No, it fell. I got cute feathers. I got a flower headband, a flower crown. It’s not exactly flower crown, it’s a flower headband and I also got mascara I’m going to do a greenish blue, look because because that that’s nice, so I’m going to take this brush and take some of some of this. Some of this color and put that on my lid, this brush does not feel nice on my lid, it’s pokey, it’s very sharp, took a weapon. I must switch over to this brush. This brush seemed like it might work better. The brush that I used for my BB cream, I’m going to add a bit of some light blue, because I want to get that turquoise with in there. I don’t know if I can touch a light, blue and kids makeup funnels I’ll show up to well. So I’m gonna put this light blue on my inner corner, see if that works out well, go in with a darker blue, because that one’s not at all showing up. I guess that kinda, you can kind of see it subtle. All right gotta go more on the other side, so I’m gonna go in with this dark kind of dirt. This dark blue, that’s kind of Navy and I’m going to put it on my ass, my outer-v and then go into the crease. These colors here is not too good with with uh, with with working, so try your best to get them on there. I’m gonna try and go in with some of this blue here and see. If I can get a more of a solid blue, I guess I guess that one’s okay, I’m gonna, go in and put a bit of a highlight on my brow bone. I’m gonna use this color right here on the palate and one of these this is a sponge tip applicator great. So now I’ve got that still put on my brow bone and sometimes that I’ve done that I’m gonna go back in with some green and put it in the middle. I’m gonna put right on the ball of my eye on music. I’m going to use another sponge tip applicator because all my other brushes, I don’t know just going to use one of these alright, so I’m gonna do some blending in that and I’m worried the blending.
It’s gonna kind of mess it up a bit. But what’s gonna, I hope it’ll turn out fine, so I’m going to use this light light green color and put it on my under eye like as a under eye liner. So now I’m going to go with the same brush and fill in my eyebrows with this color. Here it’s the only brown color besides, ah nothing, so I’m going to use this, I’m not going to do some fancy eyebrows, like all the other people did, because I don’t normally do that to my eyebrows, so alright! So now I’m going to attempt to do some glitter eyeliner with this, and I don’t know if I should use green or the blue, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do glitter liner, because all these colors didn’t really show up too well. I doubt the glitter will help to well either but might as well give a shot. So I’m gonna go in with the green glitter. Oh wow, oh wow, it’s that so it was a lot more than Tommy. It’s a sticky tight! That’s art! It’s going to be like glitter. Well, the good is not working out too well, but don’t work as a liner, but I guess we could use it as sort of a shimmer on the lid. We also kind of get the eyeshadow away of it. So now I’ve got a big mark of my skin right there. It’s like Pat’s, going with green again, because would you look at that? Well, the glitter liner didn’t work out at all and it doesn’t really work for anything else because it ruins the eyeshadow. So so I’m going to put on some mascara and then move on to the blush. I know some people who do this use fake lashes, and I don’t know if that works too well for it, because kids make up our kids make up exactly as false lashes, but from what mommy told me that the Monster High one had had false lashes. So now that I’ve got that, I’m going to move on to my blush and there’s tons of different blushes to go to at the moment – and this word liquid blush – I’m not gonna use that I don’t look weird. I’m going to use this one so quiet like I would my humongous brush getting there alright. Now I’m going to move on to the lips. I have this gigantic palate lip gloss, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to put some lip color on it and then put some of the gloss on some of the pearl gloss I’m going to go in with a red one, because red is a nice color, so I’m going to put that on and then go on.
One of the pearl glosses nothing’s happening absolutely nothing or maybe a slight difference Does it go on too well and after you put on it, feels a bit oily? I guess doesn’t go on well at first, but if you do it enough it’ll work, so I’ve got tons and tons of gloss to choose from I’ve got the matching gloss and I could do but I’ve got a whole pound of gloss mmm It smells very strongly of baby powder, so I’ve got the pro glasses and I’ve got the normal glasses and I’m gonna go with the pro gloss because they are real fancy and trying my best all right So I’ve got that on try to get it on there So now that I have done that, I’m going to go in with some glitter and put it on my lips, because you can’t have too much glitter this kids makeup You know I put all of the glitter on it I’m gonna go in with some sponge applicator because I feel like that will work better than last time It’s not the best glitter, it’s more of a liquid glitter, Michael’s megalopolises and there you have lots of glitter that will never escape my life Alright Now I have my accessories, which is my flower headband and my and my feather earrings So I’ve got to put these on and they’ll be and I’ll be finished Yay, kids, makeup fun Now I’ve got that on I’m gonna go with some feather earrings, alright So that completes this look and now I have a full face of kids makeup and accessories from Claire’s So there we go there, you have it I wouldn’t wear it out, but I feel like if I wore it out and nobody would find it weird Some child people would look at me and be like Why is a Chung wear eye makeup? It’s ruined in her brain, so that’s as I’d probably be like, but then they don’t feel like Oh, look at the kid just have in front of makeup yeh, but I definitely wouldn’t wear this out I’D wear just normal makeup like like any normal human does So I usually do makeup stuff, usually cosplay stuff I don’t do normal everyday makeup looks, but whenever I’m almost 13, whenever I turned 13 Let her lifestyle youtuber tights, but I hope You enjoyed this makeup challenge Please comment: share subscribe thumbs up for strand by a Jimmy, see y’all truck

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