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Full face challenge using only children’s make-up!

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m just gonna apply this to my bottom lash, hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. So, a few days ago, I uploaded my 100 coats of liquid, lipstick and eyebrows. So today, I’m taking on that challenge, challenge accepted today we are doing V hold on. Let me get the proper title. I don’t know I don’t question her she’s, a makeup goddess me. On the other hand, I’m not as talented as her, so I’m very yeah, I’m very scary for this challenge. That’s okay! We’Re still we’re still gonna do this challenge, so I went out, but all of my kids is makeup.
They’Re all laid out right over here and we’re gonna. Do this yep yep and we’re gonna succeed. Do you guys, like this? Okay, hmm? This is no no okay. It’s a challenge. do it alright, so I think we’re ready to begin it so David.. Let’s do this alright, so we are ready, ready to begin and usually I start with a foundation first, but I couldn’t really find a foundation and I’m not really surprised because kids don’t wear foundation. I actually went to three different stores. Atwood declares the toys-r-us and justice, which is another kids, clothing store, and they asked the lady at justice if they had a kid’s makeup section and she’s like oh. Is it a gift and I’m like nope? It’s for me she’s like oh, and it was so awkward, but I did find this concealer from Claire’s, so I’m just gonna use this and hopefully it’ll work, and I guess I’m gonna start underneath right here and see where that takes me. I, like the color, though I think the color matches me and to blend it out. I’m gonna use this super cute sponge that I got from Claire’s. Oh wait! What what is happening here! Oh it’s on the sponge. Okay, take two we’re gonna have to use our fingers because this sponge, it’s not working yeah. So I’m just gonna do the exact same thing and just apply this right here and then I guess I’m just gonna use my fingers to blend it out, because that sponge did not work at all. So this is working a little bit better, much better. We’Re getting somewhere people we are getting somewhere, and this is not a bad concealer, not bad at all, and I’m very happy that this is my color all right. So now, moving on I’m gonna take this guy right here. It’s so cute! I’m gonna take this powder. You go this way open open. The other way come on that I break it. They break you. Well, I’m gonna take this powder right here good.
Why does it smell so good? I’m going to use this powder brush that I also got from Claire’s and just basically apply this all over my face to set my foundation alright and it smells so good. So that should be good. We’Re gonna move on to the eyes and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do to to the eyes. Do I want to do purple blue teal? Maybe I don’t know authority to decide. I have so many kids to choose from. We have this one and this one and we have another one right, yeah. I went crazy at Claire’s. I bought. I bought way too many stuff that clear. So I got too excited and Nicki was right. Why are kids makeup so expensive? Why so? I think I’m just gonna start with this makeup kit right here that I also got from Claire’s and I’m gonna take this this purpley matte eyeshadow and oh this one kind of stinks. Oh this one has a funky scent. Well, this one smells like burnt crayon. Why? What? What I’m just gonna apply this all over my crease and see where that takes us, we’re kind of getting somewhere kind of yeah? Not really it’s sort of a little bit yeah, it’s working! It’s having the hardest time blending all right, I’m done with this side! For now, I’m just I’m just gonna move on to the other side. Why don’t you wanna blend we’re gonna be going back to this kit and I’m gonna? Take this really light pink color and apply this all over my lids and hopefully that’s a good idea. Let’s see this is gonna be cute, is it gonna be cute? Oh, that’s! That’s not bad! Actually, yep, that’s bad, but what will go with it? We’Ll go with it. I’m gonna stay very committed to this. Look, there’s no turning back. Okay, so we’re gonna have to reapply the purple eyeshadow, but I’m gonna take this one right here. Maybe this will save the day. Who knows who knows? Okay, this one’s not bad. I have to lightly dab this dab, or else the pink shadow is gonna come off. Okay, so we’re gonna move on for now, don’t judge the eyes. It’s not done! Yet it’s not done yet. So I’m gonna take my concealer again and I’m just gonna reapply a little bit of this, because I feel like there’s a ton of fallouts all right so far so good and I think I’m gonna have to reapply the powder because we lost the Powder, so just gonna take the powder again and apply this underneath. Well so far, so good all right. What is next, maybe we should do, should we contour? Do I have anything for contouring? Wait.
Do i? Oh? No. I do so. I bought this from Claire’s. It’s a bronzing bronzing beads, so it basically has a ton of pearls inside of it. Kids makeup are getting fancier and fancier these days. What is this I didn’t have this when I was a kid hello, mommy. Yes, I’m filming you say hi to them say hi to the Internet. Sam come on. How do they expect kids to open this wait? I actually have no idea how to use is hot. How do you use this? You do like this. I have no idea if this breaks my nail break it. So this this is a fail. We’Re gonna have to move on and use something else to contour our face. I found something to contour my face. This is another kit I got from Claire’s and I’m gonna take this color right here and use this this brush up. Let’s see how this works starch right here: okay, that’s, not bad! Okay! We talked about how fancy and professional this looks. I got this from Claire’s, so this legitimately looks like something you can get at Sephora what’s happening these days. What is happening? This is not bad at all. No we’re gonna curl up, I’m never gonna. So I think we’re gonna do the blush. Is that what we’re gonna do so going back? It seems this kids. You can actually see the stinky kids you’re gonna actually open this up and there’s really cute slushes in here that I really want to use. So I think I’m going to mix one two, three, four, all four blushes and I guess apply that to the apples of my cheeks: it’s getting a little bad. She. Why is it bad? You know, don’t be bad. She this played me. This played me big-time. Now. My cheeks are all patchy right here. I’m slowly regretting this all right, that’s the that’s the best I can do so we’re just gonna move on. Let’s see if we have something for the eyebrows okay, so we don’t have anything for the brows, but I think I’m gonna use this guy right here. This kit came with a little black pencil, so I’m gonna use this for my eyebrows. Maybe if I just lightly apply this to my eyebrows, it won’t be as crazy, so we’re gonna try it. I don’t want to go overboard with this. I tend to go Craig Craig when it comes to my eyebrows, so I don’t want to go too crazy up. Okay, okay, that’s that’s enough! All right! So next I think we’re going to be doing Is the eyeliner, the wings and a very scared about this, because this is either gonna it’s either gonna make or break the look.
So so I got this from Claire’s, it’s a liquid eyeliner and why is the packaging at Claire’s just so intense, oh wait! So before I apply my eyeliner, I’m actually going to be doing my false lashes first I also got this one from Claire’s, which was very expensive by the way you are so expensive, I’m never gonna I don’t know why that sounds Second, my head bright We have the lashes on so now we’re gonna move on to the liner and, I’m very afraid, oh okay This is this is not so bad This is not good at all This is actually a really good eyeliner I actually thought it wasn’t gonna be as dark, but it totally is it’s it’s working people it’s working for some reason The felt tip of this is slanted, so it’s a little bit more challenging to do the wing and also it’s so pointy that it’s really poking my eye Oh my gosh, it’s so pointy! So I’m gonna go back to this kit and take this purple eye shadow again and apply this underneath my waterline Oh, my gosh Jun You scared me, stop scaring me Jun You hurt her! So now I’m gonna go back to this baby eyeliner right here and apply this to my waterline just a tad bit Oh, I almost poked my eyeball, oh did I buy mascara I think I did right I wanna do a skirt Wow, yes, hey Jimmy! So I have this mascara right here again also got this one from Claire’s By the way Arnold and I watched a bed moms over the weekend, it was so good, also Mila, Kunis, so gorgeous Yes, we are down to the last step people all we have to do our Phillips and we’re gonna be done So I have this one from Claire’s It’s just it’s just a lip gloss right, so I I’m gonna go with this This color right here, mmm all right Look and I I’m not gonna lie This was a very I think this is the toughest a challenge I’ve ever done on my youtube channel, but nonetheless I had a really fun time doing this, I’m so happy This challenge exists because it was super fun it to film, and if you guys want to do this too, I highly highly recommend it, and even if you don’t post it on YouTube or you know, you don’t have a YouTube channel, you can grab a few friends And do it all together? Okay and I love you have an amazing day and I’ll see you soon

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