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Full face Concealer – Tina try.

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s Tina here welcome back to another episode opportunity I as it now. I recently received all 50 of the Fanta Pro filter concealers, and so I thought you know what I think today. I will film a full face: makeup challenge using just concealers. Now there are a lot of shades here, fifty to be exact, so I need to go through and pick out the shades, but I think would work for today’s a lot should I open them or let’s watch them actually I’ll just jump online and find like a Photo of the swatches and then I’ll just pick the shades on there.
That will be the easy way. Okay, so I have my shades picked out. I got like the lightest one, the darkest one, some pink EO ones and something I think I can use for like my eyes and whatnot so shall we get started, let’s start off with picking a concealer that I can use as foundation. I have a couple colors here, I’m just gonna swatch them and see which one is really close to my skin. So that’s. The three shows I’m just gonna blend it out slightly with my finger, just tap it out now these concealers do oxidize a little bit and since I’m applying it all over my face, I’m just gonna, let it like set and then I’m going to see Which one blends in the best, I think I will go with the middle shade, which is 190. I have this like huge pimple on the side of my face and it’s really like swollen and it hurts, thank goodness we’re using concealer today. So that’s gonna be covered up in no time, I’m just going to apply 190 everywhere. I have a feeling, I’m gonna end up looking a little bit cakey. I am using concealers all over, so it might be a little bit thick. I’m gonna cover this guy up. It’s so swollen. It hurts. I do notice that the concealer is harder to blend out because their formula is thicker. Unlike you know, foundation it kind of just slides onto your skin, whereas this kind of just sticks to one area. Moving on to concealers, this will be, like the easiest part, actually found to pinkier shades in the range it’s 320 and 270. If you have dark circles, these can be used as correctors. I think for me. I shall try 270 just gonna pop that much on and then blend it out. I wonder if auntie will come out with color correctors. I know they already have 50 shades, but like it’d be nice if they came out with like a peach in a salmon color or maybe like a green to cover redness. That sort of thing, I think, will be handy. You can see that it’s not to add that darkness instantly now I can go and highlight and conceal I’m going to use shade 1:45 and I’m just gonna use it under my eyes.
Oh it is really yellow. Isn’t it? I think it’s gonna make a dramatic highlight. That is the easy part done now I am going to contour. I think this shade will make a good contouring shade. It is 3. 8. 5. I just picked a car that would looked more neutral and less warmth. So I’m going to just map out my face: maybe I’ll just do the cheeks first and then blend it out still looks a little bit more orangey. Doesn’t it don’t pop some just a little bit around my forehead? It’s looking kind of wool. Doesn’t it I thought this shade wasn’t as well: that’s okay I’ll just it would just be like I’m a bronzing contour, I’m gonna contour, my nose just by like and then I’ll use my fingers to blend it. It is really orange. I think I applied a little bit too much, I’m gonna blend it. It’s looking very obvious. Oh no, I didn’t even apply that much it’s getting a little bit patchy. My nose is so flaky. Why are you so flaky today? Look it’s just getting more and more flaky the more I touch it. Okay, I’m just gonna cover up with that concealer I use for my foundation and I am NOT going to contour, because my nose is just really flaky. Let us move on to brows. I’ve picked at the darker shade in the range, which is shade: 4, 9, 8, and I’m going to attempt to use this to feel my breath. Last time. I used foundation for eyebrows and it worked, but I’m interested to see if I can create, like the hair stroke brows, that I’ve been doing lately. So I’m gonna I’m gonna try to join the little hair, strokes and then fill my brows. You that’s the color there, let’s see if it works, so I’m just using an angled brush and and hold my breath it is. That was a big line. Let me just take it off. That is way too thick. Let’s go for a thin line this time. I guess it’s kind of working and kind of not working in a way. My eyebrows are starting to look like a fence, let’s just fill in the rest and see how it looks if it doesn’t all just blend everything out. It’s looking a little bit better, but maybe the lines are still a little bit too thick and I mean the colors a bit warm, maybe I’ll just leave it for now. I’Ll do the other side and let’s see, let’s just see getting it even is sohard. I am not very proud of my brows today and I think is working guys.
It’s it’s not looking that great, I’m gonna conceal underneath. Oh definitely not the best brows I’ve done, but let’s just let’s just keep it. It’s! Okay! Moving on to eyes, I’m gonna use like dhaka shades to do like a brown eye shadow. Maybe I can do a halo eye with this one in the center, this yellowy color three four five. I think I shall use these shades and create an eye. Look with that, I’m gonna go in with a brown shade. First gonna be like a cream shutter. I think I applied too much and I’m just gonna try to blend the edges out and make it fade away. I think the trick is to just like let it set a little bit on the back of my hand and then apply it. So then it kind of feels more like a drier texture. It doesn’t kind of like blend everywhere. It’s actually looking pretty good. It’s not bad, it does look like a shadow. I can’t I have more faith in this look now. I’m gonna go in with a darker shade and just try to create some more depth in my eyes and the outer corners we’re gonna apply a little bit into the inner corners of my eye. Just stocking that up. Sir kind of creates, like a halo eye, this is actually looking pretty good, like I don’t think you could tell it I’m using concealers for my eyes, then pull the center Muniz, it’s like musty, color and then just tap and blend it with my finger. That actually looks pretty good. I’m gonna smoke out my low lash line. Now I’m going to line my eyes using the darkish, a that I used my brows hope it isn’t all smudge together. So far, it’s not like moving too much. So it’s good, I’m gonna pop some of that mustard color. As me in a corner, highlight, I think my eyes turned out pretty well, they do fill it a little bit naked because I don’t have lashes and mascara on so I think I’m going to apply a little bit of that for lashes, I’m using a shorter style. This is shy from particulars medics and I’m gonna quote my lashes, especially my lower lashes with the Marc Jacobs velvet nor mascara. It is all slowly coming together. Shall we move on to cheeks? I don’t know this is gonna work, but I am going to apply shade 320, one of those pinkier concealers and I’m gonna try to use it as a blush. So I just use my fingers to blend it out yeah. This is working. It’s actually looking really good. It’s like a more natural like peachy blush I guess I am actually really doing this as I wash it covers all like the floors as well as applying color, because you know sometimes when you apply blush, it takes off the foundation and concealers underneath and if you have any like imperfections, it just shows.
But you use concealer as a blush You get the coverage and color something now to finish off this look I need a lip color Hmm, I feel like Maybe I should do something a bit more like nudie, because my eye makeup is a little bit like darker and more dramatic, especially like my brows That’s really bold! So maybe I’ll try this color I have no idea how this is gonna Look, let’s just go with it It’s kind of weird me putting concealer on my lips, but whatevs, it’s kind of looking a bit pooi I don’t know if I take this collar, this is so dry It’s just accentuating all my lines, I’m not taking this color I think I might apply like a warmer shade Okay, I think this taller is better than that first one, and that completes my local water You guys being Oh, I think it’s ela, Oh Mikey, I gotta Do that lipstick trick yep get rid of the excess concealer? No, it kind of tastes Funny already I am done with Vita log This is a full face of makeup, the mascara and lashes using concealers This turned out a lot better than the full face challenge that I did using only foundations because you can seal this up more pigmented I feel, like the eyes, turned out a lot better The Browns don’t look that bad now, but I have everything else on I first saw looking a little bit too, like bold, and you know the historic swirl looking more like fences they weren’t as thin as I wanted them to be But overall I think this look really came together and I don’t think you can tell that I am wearing just concealers anyways make sure you give it a thumbs up I will try to do it Another full face challenge Maybe using lip sticks I’ve been meaning to do it for a while Now, because I have this like box of lipsticks at home, and a lot of the colors are a bit too funky, so I feel like I can create a a wearable look with those, though I would need to find a lipstick that matches my skin anyways I’ll Figure all that out later, but for now make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and also follow me on instagram at tina, underscore yong, that’s it for me I shall speak to you guys next time you

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