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Full Face First Impression Test New Makeup

30 Sep , 2019  

What’s up, you guys welcome back today, I’m super excited because we’re gonna be testing out a bunch of new products. Oh, my god, like literally so many awesome, cool amazing things has launched recently, so I am so eager and excited to test them out with you guys today, like your girl, it’s dope make sure you guys subscribe to my channel if you have not already and click That little bell right next to the subscribe button to be notified. All of my future uploads because YouTube is always trying to play us and not send out notifications and things so make sure your notifications are on and oh I’m super excited, so we’re just gonna go ahead and jump right in Ryan to get in the hair Out of the face her usual with my bright, yellow, clip first we’re gonna start with primer, I’m so excited to try this.
This is from Tarte, and this is where quench hydrating primer. I have never tried this and just recently came out, and you guys know that I have dry skin, so anything the word quench I was like. Yes, I need it. It looks like kind of like a gel consistency why this ooh? This reminds me of like there was like this gel moisturizer that I used from a brand, and I forget what it was. I want to say dr. jart baby, very, very similar. Oh, it feels so so nice on the skin. Oh my gosh, especially cuz. It’s like 100 degrees in my felling room right now, so this literally feels amazing. It also has a really nice Center to like very, very fresh, which I like for foundation say. I want to try out this new guy from laura geller. This is their filter. First luminous foundation, so this is like super interesting because it actually has like crushed pearl in the actual like foundation. So it’s supposed to make the face like really beautiful and luminize, but it’s a matte finish. So I think that’s very, very interesting um. I have a couple different shades here. I have medium, I have fun and I have buff. So, let’s take a look myself. Tan is like kind of old and crusty. Now I leave for vacation in a couple days, so I’m trying to like wait till right before I go to redo it. So I’m probably gonna go with the lightest shade that I have. If it’s well, dejan actually has a concealer like counterpart as well, which i have so we’re gonna test that out after, but let’s see, guy is the lightest. Women have so I’m gonna start with this. This one is in the shade buff, it does say, shake well on it, so I’m gonna shake it up alright. So this is what it looks like. There’s a pump hallelujah, I’m gonna pump some out on my finger and go from there whenever you first gonna foundation always takes forever to pump out oh okay, so it’s very liquidy which normally I like with foundations because they tend to be like less drying.
I think this one might be a little too late cuz, actually we’re gonna try to match the face to the neck, but let’s see as we blend it out, I don’t know it actually should probably be okay blending out very easily and actually giving really really Nice coverage – I didn’t know what to expect as far as coverage goes because I didn’t think it was gonna be like the full list of coverage um. But it’s giving me very nice even coverage, so no complaints there. I did actually go to like a little brunch kind of like promoting the launch of this foundation. They are not paying me or anything to like use this foundation. but we basically just learned like a little bit about the foundation and laura geller like herself, is actually telling us that this foundation can easily be applied with your fingers. But I’m going to my Beauty, Blender, you guys already know. I’m actually really impressed this. I feel like this looks beautiful on my skin and I am seeing how it is a luminous foundation, but it’s matte like if you look at my skin, you can tell that. Does have a little bit of a sheen to it, but it does dry to a matte finish and it’s actually very, very beautiful, I’m more full coverage than I thought it was gonna be like. I would definitely call this at the very least medium, but definitely like. I feel like right on the cusp of like medium to full, so I thought it was gonna be less coverage than that. I really like it. Okay, so, like I said this foundation does have a concealer again, also called it filter first, and I have the shade light in the concealer. So let’s try this out, oh and with this supposed to have like a finger tip applicator. So basically, the applicator is supposed to mimic a finger tip which is actually really cool, so I’m gonna pulse them out, so I’m just gonna kind of dot it underneath my eye. I don’t know how much of this I really need. I don’t know how like full coverage, this is gonna, be what actually feels really cooling and nice. I like this applicator a lot. It’s very soft, I’m actually gonna run this in, like a triangle like I would normally do just so, we can give it a fair shot. Well, this feels really really nice. I’m hoping this blends out nicely, because this applicator is actually very nice. I wouldn’t use the applicator that I actually blend it out, like I’m gonna go in with a PD blender put a little down my nose jus just a highlight in Brighton.
So now I’m gonna go in with my beauty, blender and blend. It looks like this maybe a little bit more sheer of coverage so like how it blends around my nose and stuff I like, but I feel like underneath my eyes if it might be a little too sheer. So let’s see how it is. Oh, it’s actually nice. It’s definitely more like natural, it’s not like you know, tart shaped tape or something like that which is gonna, be super full coverage. I would say the foundation is more full or of coverage than the concealer is, but it actually looks really nice on my under eyes like, and it does leave them looking hydrated, which I like. I think this would actually be a nice concealer for like every day. I don’t know if you were doing like a super glam full coverage. Look that you would want this for that, but for every day I feel like it looks actually really nice underneath my eyes all right. So I went ahead and set my under eyes with my Laura Mercier, the secret brightening powder, I’m just cuz, that’s what I had available to me and that’s not new, so I didn’t feel the need to show it. But I do have a new setting powder for the face this I’m actually really excited for. So this is from Too Faced, and this is their Born. This Way at setting powder, but they’ve always had this, but then when they collapse its Jackie ina, they came out with more shades of it aside from just the original translucent. So this is in the shade medium and I’m really really excited so I’m gonna use this all over my face to stuff the face. One of my favorite aspects of this loose powder is that it has this that’s like permanently on here, so you don’t have powder flowing everywhere, so you can literally just close it when you’re done, which is amazing. I hope this isn’t too dark. I’m almost a little nervous that it actually might be, and maybe the translucent one would just be better for me I’ll try and go in with a little bit. I think this might be, even though it’s medium and that’s typically like the kind of foundation shades. I wear, I think it might be a little bit dark, which is fine, because the translucent one works for me, um I and put a little bit on and see if it’s too dark. I put it on like down here. Oh no, oh! No! It’s actually! Fine! Okay, I don’t want to go in with like too too much, but it blends into the skin nicely. It’s very finely milled, which I appreciate already so I assumed you guys didn’t so we can get started on the eyes. I am so excited because we’re gonna be using the new Laura Lee Los Angeles phosphate palette.
This is like so pretty. I am sets with the colors. This, I feel, like is gonna, be a perfect traveling palette as long as it performs well, which I’m hoping that it will so yeah we’re gonna go ahead and get started. I’m gonna go in with deadlines and we’re gonna bust this guy into the crease. Thank You Laura for putting a matte neutral transition. Color girl, you already know this map seems to be blending really nice upon first application which, like, if you don’t really have to work at it too much to blend it. Then we’re gonna go in with nine to five, so I’m gonna start to bring this into the crease kinda to bring some warmth in there. This one is also blending super easily. So so far, the mattes in this palette are very, very easy to work with and sometimes mattes can be. You know difficult to kind of blend, but they seem to be blending really easily. Then I’m gonna jump in with clocked out, and you use this to really deepen up the crease. I’m actually gonna buff this into the outer corner as well, and then into the outer crease, like she’ll kind of give a little bit like a cat eye defect to the eyes I’ve been liking. Doing this recently, he used to just go in with a tiny bitand your brush and then just built it up. So I used to go move away too much. My brush never looked horrendous and took forever to blend, so I’m just gonna build it on up. I feel like so much of YouTube. Right now is just like you know, testing new products, which I absolutely love to do, but then I forget to talk about. Like little like technique, things that helped me, you know, because obviously I’m still learning every day you know about makeup and how best to apply itand stuff. So a lot of times I forget to like share those little things with you guys, so I’ve been trying to make an effort to you know, keep some of that stuff in and like tell you guys more and I’m gonna jump back in with 9 to 5 and buff out of my lower lash line, I may go in with a little bit of clocked out to what I want to put this color down but really smoke it outand then on a smaller, more fine brush. I’m going to go in with clocked out. I just don’t want it to be. As far down below like I did a 9 to 5, so I’m just gonna go in with a little tiny bit press it up right near that lash line. I make a living for this. I would say I really like it now. I’m gonna go in with on the grime I’m gonna use that to highlight debating.
If I wanted you on the grind all over my lid, I want to go in with the more yellow shade. I think I might want to do that just for something a little different. Oh, this is a beautiful highlight, though, go God, and I’m also gonna pop on the grime, just in my inner corners – and this is just like completely dry brush like I didn’t even spritz, my brows, with the fix plus when we do all over the lid I’Ll use some fixed blush, but this is like hella pigmented, even without it. I think to do something a little bit different, I’m gonna go in with hustler, which is like this bright kind of yellowish mustard, almost color and I’ll put this all over the lid. So I’m gonna just spritz my flat brush with some big plus and then go in with hustler. Oh, my goodness, gracious! This is so pretty and so pigmented holy crap. What back? Oh, my god, freaking cest like what is going on right now. Oh my god! I mean the mats were beautiful, like they blended really easily, but like this is like next-level like this. Is such a beautiful color and it is so pigmented and sparkly, and I’m gonna be getting like. No fog, obviously do keep in mind. I did spare my brush for fix+, which does help like to minimize fallout but like with helping mint, and this is I’m kind of surprised that there’s like literally no fallout at all this eye, look is literally just giving me so much life like I love it. I know skip on liner and lashes today because I want to test out a new mascara and I feel like when I do liner. I can’t really see if a mascara is good enough, cuz the liner kind of hides the mascara, um and so do lashes. So we were just gonna go right into mascara. This is new from hourglass. This is the caution extreme lash mascara. I love the pack Janus. I think it looks beautiful the gold I really like, and it feels very like luxurious, which is very hourglass. This is what the wand looks like honestly, the wand doesn’t look like super special or anything. It is a bit tapered which is cool, so we’re just gonna go in and just this outand see how it works. It’s definitely not a super liquidy formula, which is nice, it’s more like thick and it’s not like going everywhere, so that is cool, definitely separating my lashes, well Wow dang! I just like look straight in the mirror, and I was like oh my god wow. It actually separated them really nicely and kind of, like picks them up and like leaves them where you want them. So I’m realizing the more layers you put on.
It can clump up a little bit, which doesn’t like really bother me that much because I, like my lashes to look not clumpy but like a little more voluminous, but I think the more layers you do. It can kind of clump up. So this is like a mascara where less is more. I should have probably just left it with like the first coat, but I tried to go in with a little more and I feel like we’re looking a little spidery ish, but I still do really like it. I would just suggest using only one coatand not kind of layering it up like with 100 layers or you’re gonna get kind of clumpy lashes, but I do actually think it did a really nice job on defining my lashes, because my lashes are not long. They are like translucent, so you can’t even see them, so this actually did a nice job alright. So I went ahead and dude you guys back outs. We can finish off the face. First, we’re gonna bronze on the McGlynn with the new NARS atomic blonde palette. This palette looks so beautiful. I really want to try the eyeshadows in this palette as well, maybe in another tutorial, but this does have a bronzer in it. So I’m gonna test out the bronzer today. This bronzer does look a little dark, so I’m just gonna go in with like a little tiny bit on my brush. Oh, it actually isn’t like it doesn’t apply as dark as long as you only go in with like a little bit. It’s actually really nice. It gives like a nice bronzy kind of natural glow to the skin. It has a tiny bit of shimmer too, but really not that much, I’m actually just gonna go in with that same broad sort of contour, even though it does have a little shimmer. It’s not a lot, so I’m just gonna use it to contour out the cheeks as well yeah. When you go in with a more like concentrated amount, then you can really get that pigment up. It looks nice. Is it contour for my blush, for my highlight? I’m so excited I’m gonna be going in with the Melisa Michelle Ulta collab. This is the bling on the glam cheek palette. How pretty is this? Oh, my goodness, okay, so I’m gonna go in with this blush right here and I’m gonna tap this on my cheeks. Oh so pretty I love it! I’ve been getting more into blush recently in the past. I used to a lot of times like not even wear blush at all. Just gonna blend everything together now um, but I’ve been getting more into it. It just adds like a nice little nice little flush cuz. I always had a lot of redness in my skin, so I like never used to wear blush because it always be like well Why am I gonna make my skin more red? I was just trying to get rid of the red, but I like it now, and there are two highlighters in here – I’m going to swatch both cuz they’re, both so pretty okay.
So this one’s more like pinky and then this one is a more like a bronzy Oh they’re so pretty, but I think I have to use the bronzy one that is in the shade bubs I am gonna go and pop that on my cheekbones, yes, girl, oh this is so so pretty Oh, my god, when the light hits it It’s like The prettiest Sheen love it, and this palette is very affordable It’s from the Ulta like ulties actual brand, and you can really build this up to be like Hello, binding last, not least, we got to do our lips I really want to try one of these new huda beauty, the Demi matte lips I have so many different shapes, I’m trying to see like which one goes with this I cut you the bright red, but I feel like it’s almost a little too much with it Like my eyes, right now, so I’m probably just gonna be boring and do a nude, because I feel, like my eyes, have like that yellow and I knew it would probably be better Maybe I’ll do a little bit of a darker nude like this one’s a little bit darker This would be like the kind of new that I would normally always use this one’s a little darker, so I’ll use this one This is in mogul, so these are Demi Matte so they’re not gonna dry like super matte, oh my god, they apply like a gloss, they feel so nice they have a scent hmm I don’t know that I actually really love this scent The scent is it’s different It’s not bad Almost maybe a little cinnamony, I don’t know I can’t like put my finger on what scent is well These are a really pigmented, oh good god They apply really nicely very like smooth and creamy Alright, I feel like this formula is bomb because it is so so pigmented and applies like so nicely to the lips I just I don’t know, I’m not crazy about the smell of this, and I can’t pinpoint what even the smell really is I feel like I will still use this, though, because I did really like the formula like literally crazy, crazy pigmented and applied very easily, but this smell is a little bit of a turn-off to me Alright, you guys, so that is everything that I had to try today If you did please, you shouldn’t give it a thumbs up, and let me know what your thoughts in the comments on any of these products you guys gonna get them Are you gonna skip on them? I would love to hear thank you guys, so some watching and I’ll see you very soon

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