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Full face gold goddess tutorial for no more than $10

1 Nov , 2019  

look using only products under $10, so wherever you live in the world of these products are the cheapest. You can get pretty much like wet-and-wild Milani Rimmel. All of that good stuff, but in America all of these props are under $10 in Australia, they’re around the 10 to $15 month, because everything in Australia is so much more expensive, surprise. If you guys haven’t used essence makeup before you have to use it, their products are so good and super cheap.
So this one is the eyebrows stylist set, and I have a light brown shade and a dark brown. This one was literally six dollars in Australian dollars, which means pretty much anywhere else. You live in a well, it’s going to be cheaper, so the quality of this is incredible. It is super pigmented I like to use the darkest shade and I’m just going to make an arch in my eyebrow. I literally use this like every single day and then for carve out my brows to make them a really sharp underneath here and super precise, I’m going in with the Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade at like 10. So I’m just going to take a little flat brush like this, a little bit on the back of my hand and start drawing it pretty much a straight line on my brows, because I have slow brows for the eyeshadow. I’m using a makeup geek so make up. Your eyeshadows are six dollars to the individual pen and they’re one of the best quality eyeshadows. You can get out there. So this shade is chickadee and I’m going to use this to make my crease nice and peachy orange. I remember back in the day I used to use only makeup, big eye shadows, that’s how good they are, but I haven’t used them in so long. Obviously, that’s still amazing. So I’m going to blow this up nice and high up to my eyebrow and just take it in little circular motions to make sure it’s nice and soft peanuts. Just learning how to bark then the next shade I’m taking is also by makeup geek, and this one is called sidekick. So I’m taking a smaller blending brush and I’m going to work this in my crease. This color is so beautiful. Now going back in with a chickadee to blend out the edges just very quickly, and now I’m going in with this morphe eyeshadow in the shade a high-class. This is a pressed pigment and to me this looks like the perfect bronzer shade: let’s do the swatch! Oh, my gosh, that is so intense, I’m just going to go in and pack this on, my lid, oh, my goodness, is sort of soil. Looking. I love it now with a makeup bag. I’m just going to clean out underneath my eyes because we did have a little bit of fallout and I’m going to clean up this line here is blue.
The next color I’m taking is in the shade it conceded. This one is from morphe as well. I’m just going to very lightly highlight right, underneath my eyebrow here to make sure everything’s go away now, it’s time for the foundation that this one is a Milani can seal and perfect in the shade a warm beige. I actually love this foundation so much. I’ve only used it like three or four times, but it has a Mervin coverage, so I’m taking that on a kabuki brush and just going true fastest and look. How was that color is it’s so neutral? I find it so satisfying to watch this ready, but we are, I love how it covers up all that redness like straight away. This is literally better than a foundation that I have, that is $300 la Prairie. What are you doing now going back in with that fit me concealer, I’m just going to conceal underneath my eyes. Oh my god, I’m obsessed with this eye shadow. I love that orange e shade peeking up through the top hole, alright going back in with my beauty. Blender to blend it out, I always need to look directly up, so I can get under all those or wrinkles and then to set underneath my eyes to make sure it doesn’t crease, because any concealers I put are under my eyes that I don’t bake with crease. Is really bad, so this one is the Rimmel match perfection silky loose face powder in the shade transparent if you guys haven’t faced before it might feel a little bit weird for the first few times, because it makes underneath your eyes like super tight and the wrinkles. Do show up a little bit more. I always just put like heaps of mascara ordinary comes to cover it, and that way, it literally just doesn’t budge at all and then to set the rest of my face. I’m taking one my favorite powders ever this one is the Rimmel stay matte in transparent as well, I’m just going to take a kabuki brush and just dab this on my face. I want this to be glowy, but I can’t go without setting my face because everything just creases so we’ll add on other products soon to make it Wally and then to set my eyebrows really quickly, I’m taking the NYX eyebrow gel in a shade brunette. I can’t do my makeup without setting my brows lightly. I don’t know why I literally just found a little eyebrow hair in that cool. So what I like to do is just push my brows upwards to make them look a bit more full and messy. You know. Toufool effortless, but like still chunky monkey for the lower lashes, I’m going back in with a chickadee and taking that from outer corner to inner corner.
This color is seriously so you need and then, with a smaller pencil brush, I’m going to take a shade sidekick and put that a little bit closer to the lash line. Sorry, we can make it super dark up and hold these two colors work. Sorry world together and then going back in with that light. Color again, I’m using this to highlight right on my inner corner and honey. Let me tell you I am packing this on and then for the mascara. I’m taking this one from essence called a Beaulieu Matt stylist 18 hour, where I’m just creating my top and bottom lashes, because I am about to put on some massive falsies now it’s time for the fun part, which is a bronzing up the face. So I’m going to take the Milani that extra-large all over below and I have the shade fake can how convenient okay so I’m going to take an angled brush and, firstly, I’m going to take the warm tone tutors to contour. Put this right in here with a little angled brush. That’s really nice, then I’ll. Take this warm uttering right here. This one has a few shimmers in it. I’ve never used it, though so it’s time to see how it goes really digging in there can’t really see very much coming out. I mean it can see it, but it’s not as intensive. I want it for a bronzy look here, I mean and of course I’m going to bring this on my jaw bone as well to make that more defined, and then, lastly, around my hairline and going back in with my Rimmel stay matte and just clean nurses right Underneath my bronzer – oh my god, I literally just realized my favorite bronzer in the world is $7, so this one is from BH. Cosmetics is called the satin bronze light and it’s in the shade tropical tan. I only just recently found my love with this product and it is sari good if you’re a really glowy face. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this product, so I’m just going to put a little bit on, because we really have an orange face for the blush I’m taking this line from essence. It is called the satin touch blush in the shade. At 10, satin coral and these blushes are amazing. It’s so pigmented Let me show you guys up close, so this is the color here, it’s very neutral, perfect for like everyday wear, I’m just popping this on the apples of my cheeks just very lightly, because I want most of the focus to be like on the bronzer cheeks, which Look like I’ve actually dumped my head in Doritos, and so many people are going to hate.
This look sharp line, which I get not for everyone, but you don’t have to apply as much bronzer as I do of course, free well to do whatever the you want I feel, like blush just adds like a healthy glow to the face or Migron s I am so excited this next from atomic open it first, this one is the wet and wild illuminating palette and I have to shade 320 catwalk pink So, as you can see, this has a massive range of different highlighter colors that you can use You can go for a pink look, a pearly white look or a gold, so I’m going to go in with the gold and the lights like pearly color, just with a fan brush and like all of these look so pretty I’m actually so excited I can’t see this, you guys know what I’m thinking This is amazing It looks to the other side Oh my goodness Thank you wet and wild okay, just for a lull, I’m gonna put like it all over my face because it is a bronzy look right and because this is a fan brush like you can go, you can go in and put some into my nerves If you guys want, you can go in with a setting spray to make it even more joy So I’m going to take this one from ELF is called the makeup mist and set three men I really want to be extra and add some lifestyle aunties Under my eye, I’m thinking maybe like on the inner corner or just like under here You know how I run down that I’m like such a trend like follower I might just put it like in a corner all right, we’re doing this in my grade A like a yeah is that I want to put them in my other corners, which is that weird for the lips, I’m going in with this Jordana easy for lips Are lip pencil a shade, honey dip? Okay? So on top of that, I’m taking a chichi ultra glossy lip this one’s in the shade We call that’s going This is like a warm tone news and they’re So pigmented, oh, oh, it’s cause amazing If you guys haven’t tried the colourpop lip glosses, you need to try this color It is so beautiful and so glossy and you don’t even need anything underneath it like It shows up just like a lipstick with a gloss on top okay So here we have finished a makeup Look I actually love how it turns out, especially with the Monte’s I feel like like literally every single product I was so so impressed with so that goes to show you don’t actually need to spend a lot of makeup for good quality products please give it a massive thumbs up, but

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