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Full face jelly makeup hit or miss!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys.. When I think I have this genius idea and I go type it in YouTube – and it’s like oh cool great 200 people have already done this. It would be really cool to do a full face of jelly makeup because it seems like it’s just like this trend. That’s like exploded now, the very first jelly makeup I think, and I’m probably wrong it ever came out – was whenever the buxom team did the glazing eye gloss, and I reviewed these so long ago and Hank. I called them jelly eyeshadows, because dude they’re they’re legit all right.
She dried out a little bit. We won’t look at her. Oh my god dried out as hard as a rock I’ve. Had these, I think, they’re like 2 years old. So I guess that kind of goes to show you what shelf life is normally about. Oh, it says 6 months shelf life to be fair. Oh, hey there this one too, this one’s very late, but this one is too so some of them are still ready to rock and roll gosh. I need to go back through my makeup and get rid of some of it. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Some of those are so good. We’Re just gonna go ahead and toss the rotten ones III titled, that’s what they were. They totally should have named these jelly eyeshadows and they came out with them. Jelly stuff has exploded and then the second product I think they came out was the for solid jelly bean highlighter. So I have so much jelly stuff. I have a jelly foundation. I have a jelly bra product, I mean I had the new wet-and-wild jelly collection jelly face primer, so we’re gonna be trying out some wedding, Wow jelly eyelashes jelly eyelashes. What you think right now you at home, you’re literally sitting there like jelly. I, like I, don’t have jelly eyelashes. Unfortunately, if they had some, I would be trying them right now. let’s jump right in. I do not need also this hat on my head. I think it’s cute and then, whenever I looked at myself in the mirror I was like. So this is like one of those things where it’s like cuter on other people, and then I put it on and I look like I’m seriously about to conduct a try. So obviously, the first product I’m gonna be trying out is the brand new wet and wild jelly face primer. What in God’s name jelly face primer? Who am I? What year is it? This is some futuristic 2019 makeup. We thought there would be flying cars, but really all we got was jelly makeup. It looks like a little boobie implant in there so clear. Can I see that? Oh I love it. I love textures. I love weird squishy things like I don’t know like I’m into it. Are you guys? Let me know, I just dropped it all over my phone.
You know it’s really strange. I had this product like all chunky like this from digging in it, and I set it down for like two seconds to make a phone call and it went completely flat, perfecting back, which is very interesting, so I’m going to take a little dollop. Oh there we go of it, I’m going to rub it in between my fingers. It feels like I just wiped a jelly all over my face. It does not have a scent to it and it feels somewhat moisturizing all right. So it’s called clear canvas and it’s a water-based primer and it’s not tested on animals, which is great. It’s one of those primers can tell yeah. You can see my skin. It makes your skin a little bit tacky, which I personally like, and it also feels a bit hydrating. So I’m here for it so far, so then I went over to YouTube and then I went over to the Internet and I typed in jelly foundation, and this is the only thing that pops up it is called aqua, jelly BB cream. I do believe this is a Korean skincare. I got it off Amazon and when you look in there actually the texture is a look. It’s jelly. It is. Can you see that jiggle severe yep? It is a jelly foundation, it smells so good. Oh, I just wish this is a candle, so I could light it. Naturally, it’s too light, but you know, Korean makeup is light makeup. So here goes to a light foundation day. Always fine! Oh, it smells so good. I could just sniff it on day, so I’m going to take the m6 brush of love I’ll. Never do that again. Ok, great she’s, like little minute acting today. Oh my god, it’s like a really strong scent, but because this is so good, like I’m not mad. At it like I’m like okay, I can deal with this and it’s since it’s like a BB cream, my face my neck, but since it’s like a BB cream, it’s like blending in like nobody’s tomorrow and that’s very like coverage. However, I do think the product looks pretty on the skin now this point my skin is quite tacky because of all the jelly product. Okay, is it too light? Yes, do, I think, looks awful? No, I don’t really like I’m kind of into it. I’m not gonna lie to you, but next I did not find a jelly blush per se, but I found this cushion L’Oreal blush, which is kind of jelly like not really, but it is, but it isn’t, but I picked it a little too much, but I Actually picked this up walls in Japan to just add this to my cheeks, where will kind of stay in theme with what’s happening, so this was the glow blush little glow blush cushion in sunkissed coral, and then it has the Japanese writing on the back I’ll.
Probably never throw this away because it’s kind of like one of those keepsakes from when I travel to Tokyo. Let’s move on to jelly highlighter. We have a lot to talk about because I’m gonna talk about all the jelly highlighters that I have so. I think the first jelly highlighter was the jelly beam from purse Olly. Now they have the rose gold color as well I’ll open it up. So you can get a look see poop, Oh literally, I’m ruined this shirt. There’s like makeup all over it. Okay, here’s the rose gold II won, oh my god. The whole thing just fell out the whole thing. This is about ten weeks worth of highlighter and then it’s all over my phone, so don’t be stupid. With your jelly products of those two highlighters now wet-and-wild came in with a dupe, they just dropped to you. It just says mega jelly highlighter, but it’s more like a paste. If you can tell like it’s like the first all-in-one would be plopped onto my lap. Let me show you again: it’s very jelly like where that see the other dupes, but this is more of a pace, so there are different consistencies, but I will swatch gosh such a little bit goes the longest way this is farce Ollie. This is one wild. They pretty much look identical. Oh yeah you’ll get a different consistency, but, as in colour of the highlight you’re gonna get the same color for a fraction, the price deep, dupe, alert. Okay, then it week they came out with the jelly make them jelly highlight from Almay again these are they. These are actually jelly like like this has bounced too, and you can hear them vibrating when you touch it and you see it’s like it was so satisfying see how it’s like jelly, but these are not the best highlight, and I don’t recommend these to you, they’re, Not glow either more chunky. Glittery, like those are straight-up little kid makeup. Next up is the LA girl glow up and again early girl is more of a formal brand. I kind of halfway broke into this one here. It is and yeah it’s very jelly like it’s a pretty cool product, then I want to show you this color. It’s really pretty. This is the LA girl one and the color name is glow girl, yep cool girl. So those are the jelly highlighters I have on deck, I’m actually gonna tap into the wet and wild one cuz. I’m pretty excited to see how this works, because I haven’t tried this one. Yet I’ve tried to force all the ones and I like them a lot, that’s very glowy who, like blinding and I’m just, I use a lot of cream products on my hand.
Sometimes your hands can be seriously the best tool, especially whenever they’re clean, unlike my hands right now, my gosh, this is so Khloe, so yeah like this could totally be a dupe again, but you’re just gonna get a different texture with the dupe of the one Wops I brought a jelly eyebrow tint. I was looking for more of a jelly brow pencil than like a tint, but this is all I could find jelly I brought in okay, so we’re tinting our eyebrows. Here we go now. This is not my first time on my channel in tinting eyebrows, I’m not gonna act, shocked and freak out and be like. Oh my god are so dark, because I’ve already played that game and yeah. It’s actually not so scary. Once you take off the tint, but you just want to kind of get the tint in a particular order. I mean place a very particular place. I think what the tin is like it doesn’t last like once I wash my face. Typically, the tint just like comes off so it’s like what’s the point in tinning them just drama, because people want like a really light and to be honest, this is titled jelly tin. I don’t know if that’s just a selling point but to me it the texture of it, it’s very similar to all the other 10 okay, why? My lovely eyebrows are drying. You’Re gonna have to look at me like this. While I talk to you and it’s gonna be very distracting, but we can do this together. So we’re gonna talk about the jelly eyeshadows that come out now wet and wild did drop their jelly eye line, eyeliner eyeshadow collection, as well as the highlighter primer, but is kind of more putty like rather than jiggly jelly. the glaze and eyes from buxom, then color pop came out with the jello jelly, much eye shadow, so open it up, and it’s kind of similar to the wet and wild. It’s kind of like putty, like by the way this colors are really cool. It’s like an iridescent blue purple. I got two more shade: they had a cranberry and a gold in the wet wild, and then they have the actual jelly mud. So color when I was like two different kinds, this is Half Moon. It’s called the jelly much eye shadow. This one is co, this much jelly, much wow. They just completely change the packaging. That’s interesting, it says, keep me so you can keep it sealed from drying out. That’s also a really cool color. Let’s I dropped it in my carpet and now it has cat hair all over it. Okay, that is such a cool color. Look at that! Okay. So, let’s do eyes, because the browser just gonna take a very hot minute to dry and once they dry, that’s kind of how I goes also they have.
We jammin is the name of this one. It looks very pretty eyes want to show it to you real, quick from colour-pop. It’s like a pretty white champagne plus a lot. Lastly, I picked this up a lot while back, I think from Sephora is called iridescent and jelly. It says its eyes cheeks and lip product. Obviously I haven’t tried it before it’s still in the package, so I did just open this one and this one is VIP. Probably the definitely the most jelly, like you see that the most by far jelly like out of all of the products whoa yeah this one by far, is more jelly than the color pop and all of them. I kind of want to use this to see like what happens. It’s iridescent, so it’s like cold wetness. It’s like a cold, sticky kind of barely shows up situation. Yeah, it doesn’t really show up. I think that has to do with the arid essent nests. So I really want to try which one should I try this color pop one next here we go. Oh yeah, this one has a ton of pigment to it. Dude I barely put my hand in this, like I it so lightly. It’s like a massacre on my eye, I’m actually gonna, take a brush and just move this product around. So it doesn’t look like my eye is rash II. Actually, don’t live kind of want to try this green gold shade from wet and wild. So just tap. My brush in it so I feel like this is gonna make my eye look less like I have a bad rash. I got difficult to work with they’re, definitely more difficult to work with in a simple eyeshadow, because they’re not like a cream eyeshadow they’re. Just like a thinner, more slippery formula, which leads for a little bit of patchiness, and then you end up with. I have like three different eyeshadows on right now, and I mean to be honest. It it looks like I barely have I shadow on so it’s gonna be a very light. I’m just gonna put the gold one over here. It’s gonna be like a very light wash of color over your eye. So if you do like the lighter look, you might like these, but again they are a little bit o tricky per se kind of build it up by just packing it on But you do get a little more color all right, I’m gonna curl these lashes and just put on a little bit of mascara because they don’t have jelly mascara, oh and if you didn’t notice, I didn’t have jelly bronzer either tried very hard to find some, But you know some things online said it was jelly bronzer and then, whenever I clicked on it, it most definitely was not jelly monsters.
Okay, oh okay, so who’s gonna be the brand that comes out with jelly bronzer I want to know me I really don’t think there is any like true Juli actual jelly bronzer out, so wonder Who’s gonna do that First now I’m going to peel off my brow tint with this spoolie It was a little turd hanging off I think I lined it up a little bit better, it’s kind of like a green brown color Add it up a little too hot I’ll admit Still my brows Looking looking a little green, you guys see like how that looks like a greenish tint So this is just not my cup of tea Understood, got it! Okay! Let’s move on to lips! Oh poor lips, a lot of the jelly products that you can use on my lips and your face and your cheeks and I so I want to kind of take Is this even say this? Is this illuminator, but I want to tried this one on my lips This one is from LA girl, yeah she’s, too shiny, okay era Doesn’t one definitely said for loose, and I think it would be a little bit cool a little bit cool chemical If we add it, I mean just a tiny bit of this red or from wet wild I added just like the tiniest amount, because I didn’t really want bright red lips Eridan said one I think it looks quite pretty good This is my final look, I’m not putting on false lashes today, because my makeup is so light, airy and jelly like so it’s just like do I need the false lashes I don’t really think so Is this one like the first times, I’m not wearing them? Yes, so let’s just appreciate this moment: okay, the makeup it jelly makeup, it’s just like really light airy makeup I think the only thing was you like makeup That’s like super powerful are the highlighters like I really like it now, I’m doing a full face, a feeling Makeup is different than just adding one or two pieces of jelly makeup into your makeup routine The only thing I would say is grow the brows nasals and the face needs a little bronzer A little bronzer wouldn’t kill me, but besides all that, I think it looks fabulous I mean my makeup kind of it’s like a no makeup makeup Look that just kind of accidentally happened, but I did enjoy doing it Thank you guys so much for being here and watching The secret word is jelly belly comment That would be awesome, and I love you guys so much

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