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Full face yuan store makeup challenge!

1 Nov , 2019  

. Today, I’m going to be doing my entire makeup with just $1 makeup and I’m super excited because I don’t know about you guys, but every single time I go to the dollar store. I see that there’s new makeup out and I always wonder like so today: I’m gonna put it to the test and girl. I got you, I won’t let you know if it’s good or if you should just save your money, so I’m gonna review everything. I said: go let you know what I think and what I’ll see how I end up looking like.
. Alright, so obviously we need to prime our face so since I did not find a primer, I did find this intensive cream nourishing care. This is like a lotion and I’m going to apply this allover my face and I don’t know we’ll see how it works. It’s just literally lotion, so I’m gonna put it all on my face, got it and kind of juice. Okay, whatever is left, I’m just gonna put it on my hands, so they won’t be cross, see I have to apply lip balm. I always do because, if not, my lips will end up so so chapped and it’s like the worst feeling ever okay, this most like fruit punch like hi-c fruit punch. This is exactly what it smells like: mmm, okay, I’m gonna start working with the browser. Now my shake, I already have kind of like thick brows, so I don’t want to make them any thicker than what their earlier and then I don’t have a spoolie to like comb them out. Oh, what am I going to do? Okay? So, let’s see, let’s kind of like just use my fingers to blend it out. It looks bad yeah. It looks bad, I’m going to use the light shade, which is like kind of like the concealer, and this is way too peachy way too peachy undertone me. Oh, my god, okay, let’s see just going to blend this all the way down. Maybe this will help the brows look a little bit more. Decent okay looks a little better right. So for the pencil, I am NOT a huge fan just because it’s like such a bulky tip from this side and then from this side as well and actually, if, if maybe I could have gotten like a better shade. Maybe I would have liked it. But the fact that they don’t have my shade, but even then I just kind of don’t like a ton and we’re gonna go in with the eyes. So I define my eyes. I always use concealer, and I found this LA Colors concealer in this one is in the shade nude. So I’m gonna take this put it allover my eyelid and see how it works. I’m excited no, it’s so nervous. Okay, let’s say so. It doesn’t feel like really thick formula feels more like watery consistence. In fact, the thing is just to have coverage like honey. Are you gonna cover girl? You is not working hunty. No, this is not working, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! The IC is just like basically like lotion on my eyelid: it’s not working what, if we like, Pat it in maybe, let’s see, maybe if we Pat it in it, looks so much better right, maybe not no, it has the same effect.
What if we use our finger, maybe with our finger or look a little better, okay yeah with the finger, it looks a little bit better. So this let me use my finger, so I have to set it in place right and I’m gonna use this la colors nude polish, this one right here and I’m gonna use. Let’s see, let’s use this shade right here, I’m just gonna press it down into this skin. Oh, oh, my goodness that was like a peachy color. I grabbed the wrong one. Oh my god. I meant to grab like this vanilla, color right here. Oh, oh, my god, I think I’m gonna messed up my whole eye ligardi now for my transition, color I’m going to be using this peach one and then this brush. I did get it at the dollar, it’s wet and wild, and this is the blending brush and I’m just going to take this allover the crease and kind of blend. Okay. So this one is pigmented. Actually, I was not expecting to be pigmented, but it’s pretty pigmented, it’s kind of like a light, peachy color, so this is great for the transition of color just because it’s very a very light color, not too dark. You know. So that’s perfectly fine for this one. Now, let’s try it it’s like mommy, pink right here in this corner. Let’s try that Bobby, pink, color and nope can’t tell a difference. Let’s try a darker color, okay, let’s give it a chance. Let’s try this brown right here! Yeah! You see all that! That’s a lot of fallout, but I mean they are $1. Okay, so that one’s kind of like a little bit a bit more pigmented, but not too much you know, but okay, this one was more pigmented just because I left tons of product on the brush. Now what I want to do is I want to try to create like a halo eye when I take this versus some morphe seventeen. I didn’t find a brush like this from the dollar, so I wouldn’t be using this morphe one gonna take smoky, which is another palette from LA Colors. Take this dark brown shade right here, so the smoky palette doesn’t seem like it’s that bad the nude palette. It’s definitely nude like super nude, you won’t get a lot of color out of it. Definitely not this smoky one seems like it’s doing pretty good, not like fantastic but better than the nude one. Now I do want to take this shade right here, which is like this pretty like champagne, shimmery color right here, I’m gonna use my NYX glitter primer.
That was super affordable as well. I think it’s like five to six dollars so super for the wants wall and I’m just gonna start to create the halo effect on the lid. I think I mess it up. Huh, let’s take this brush from the Wet n Wild and let’s take that shimmery color that I told you guys and let’s just Pat it on the eyelid. Oh that’s kind of good. I think the glitter primer definitely helped oh yeah, that’s pretty! Okay, so the good or primer, I definitely did help that made a huge difference. I’m gonna tell you that guys right away, because I know without the glitter primer, this color right here would have not been this pigmented. Oh me, likey likey, okay, we’re gonna! Do this sigh, I tried finding lashes at the Dollar Tree, but they don’t have any. So I’m going to be using my Lillie lashes that I got up at Marshall’s for six dollars, everything that I’m using if it’s not from the dollar stores like under six bucks. What I think about the two pallets? Okay, so if I could choose from the nude or this monkey I’ll go as smokey just because this one so far by the ones that I tried there are way much more pigmented than this palette for the eyeliner. It’s actually pretty nice except it’s purple, but if it was black it would have been better. You can probably start with the foundation, so I’m gonna be using the sassy and chic moisturizing foundation and I’m going to be using my morphe sponge. That is six dollars. So I’m going to put this allover my face and this one is in the shade medium. I waskind of surprised that they had medium. I don’t know if it’s going to be so full coverage or not, but we shall see it doesn’t have a scent to it, which is kind of good, because if it was gonna have a scent, it might have just gave me like a headache. Oh, even then it’s way too light for me right. I almost forgot. I got a dry concealer, oh my goodness Peter. How can you forget this is to cover up the dark circles which I’m super excited, because if this works girl you’re, you know I’m gonna. Go restock on these because they’re $1 to cover up all the darkness, like, let’s cover up this more here, this darkness that we have going on because girl, I have not slept at all now that I’m applying it to my face. It does have like this strong scent of perfume. I don’t know if it’s, because now it’s mixing with the intensive cream, but I put us a primer or if it just gets stronger, but ooh good thing. I have another concealer, so I can cover all of this. Retinas that I have under the eyes, okay and then we’re just gonna work on the forehead right now. It feels mostly not so much like a foundation, but if it was more like a BB cream and even smells like a BB cream, you know how BB creams have kind of like that sunscreen scent with like a little bit of lotion.
That’s mostly what it reminds me of versus, like an actual foundation for concealer. Like I said, I got the LA Colors concealer and let’s just apply it, and hopefully that saves the under eye area, but actually it did pretty good. I covering the darkness, as you guys can see, I look a little bit more awake the foundation. I don’t really think I’m liking it just because it’s more like a beauty cream, instead of a foundation, abut the concealer corrector I actually kind of like it. It’s kind of good, so now, let’s take the regular concealer, and hopefully this saves the look and we’re just gonna brighten up the whole eye area. Now this one is in neutral. I couldn’t find a shade and light just because I was like okay, if I find a shade in light, that would be perfect to highlight the whole under eye area, but there was only neutral, so neutral shall do the work. Oh, my god, I almost forgot on my lashes. I need to pop those on right now. Yeah, it doesn’t have a lot of coverage, I’m very sad okay, so you know it’s just blowing the whole face. Okay and now we’re going to do the powder and for the powder I got this LA Colors contour. This is in medium. Alright, I’m gonna take my morphe or 3 brush and I’m gonna use this oh hey Molly. Did I see that it snowing in here snow? It’s such my god has so much fallout, it’s not even funny. Oh, my god. Okay, let’s sit the under eye area. You know what I have a tiny airbrush that uh I’m gonna use this one just set. It set the whole face. I’m gonna take this one right here, which is the morphe g5. I’m sorry guys, you’re like oh, my gosh you’re using so many morphe brushes. Sorry, I could have find any other brushes at the dollar I was trying to, but I had no luck. Gon na set the whole face. Oh my god, you can definitely see my under eye circles and it’s not so full coverage. Let’s do the now for the bronzer I’m gonna take my morphe art for I do have. This is like a subscription, if you guys don’t know about it. This is what I have so many more of you brushes. So, basically, every month for $19.99, you get three to eight brushes per morphe and you pay $19.99. Like I said, and if you sign up using my link down below in description box, you get a one free brush your first month. So, instead of three to eight, you can get three to nine brushes and it’s super nice. I really like it. You core your brush collection super fast, with good brushes like there’s such good material. It just $19.99.
Whenever I used to heard using the subscription that when you go out to buy brushes, are gonna, be like oh, my god, they’re so expensive, okay, now we’re gonna take is that bronzer, okay, the bronzer, doesn’t help us much fall out. Ask the other one. So, let’s see, let’s start browsing the face, the bronzer so oranjee, let’s see, maybe maybe it was just the lighting. Let’s see, mmm yeah, the bronze are super orangie all right. Now, let’s do the nose for the nose. This is my favorite brush to contour my nose. Morphe forty seven brush the best brush to contour your nose and then here to cut the nose. Oh my goodness, I look like Rudolph now. What did I do? I forgot. Oh, this has power, oh my goodness, I’m a hot mess right now. Let me just blanch these lines. Oh my god, I forgot we’re going to do eyeliner on our waterline. Okay, so should I do black or brown black right? Okay? So that’s two black: let’s do black on the waterline! That’s not working! Okay! That’s not working yep! Totally! Now we’re you’re not even working, don’t even try those pencils. No, these are the eyeliners from Beauty benefits. Don’t don’t try these not good the LA contours. Very Orange II didn’t like it, nay, not so much. Let’s take this blue color right here, a drop shadow. Let’s do that yeah tell us at this Brown at the drop shadow as well. Let’s use our mascara for my skirt. I do have this beauty benefits lengthening mascara, so it definitely doesn’t add like volume it just lengthens your lashes, all right. I have the lashes on and now we’re going to do highlight for the highlight I got this LA Colors shimmery loose eyeshadow with a brush, but I’m gonna use this as my highlight and see how it goes wish it. Okay, we’re gonna put it on this little cardboard that I have here. Okay, I think that’s enough and I’m gonna take my favorite highlighter brush is the morphe e61 brush okay and I’m gonna swirl it all around, and let’s see how this goes. Oh, that’s blinding, but it’s a little too white for me if it would have been more like a gold color. I would have been perfect, but let’s see we’re gonna keep on adding it, and this fits up on the nose here and then some on the chin. I think I like I know like that, it’s kind of pretty and then let’s add a little bit more bronzers, because I didn’t get a blush kind of forgotten, so we’re gonna add a little more bronzer. So I can just look like bronze Stop the lashes start popping them pretty nicely, don’t want to be adding more to the nose down here and then down here.
Okay, what’s left that looks right, so we’re gonna do the lips I got this LA Colors, Auto lipliner, and this one is in this shade: natural, okay, oh yeah This is definitely not true You can’t even see it yup You can’t even see it mm-hmm It’s such a light Pink colors, mostly like super nude shade, like a super nude There you go so this I don’t like it It has to no sort of color to it It’s extremely nude, and I thought it was gonna – be like a little bit more brownish, but don’t like this one, this one right here, the LA Colors shimmery and lose I kind of like it It’s really pretty as a highlight, and even I think, as a eyeshadow I’ll be even prettier, and now, let’s do lipstick for the lipstick I got this beauty benefits lip gloss and this one is CIN crap and we’re gonna put this allover the lips, and this smells like go to chata I can’t get over how good it smells It smells delysia So we have the lip gloss on I’m gonna do an overall look of what I think of everything So this is what it looks like This is what the whole makeup looks like Okay So, let’s start with the brows, the brows don’t look that bad the pencil could have been a little bit more darker than what I’m perfect the eye shadow does not look bad I don’t think it looks bad at all What do you guys think? Let me know No, the eyeliner like I, was telling you guys I kind of like it It’s really pretty it’s like a pretty purple Color like I said the eyeshadow doesn’t look that bad I rather go with the smoked palette versus the nude and the highlighter looks kind of nice It looks really really blinding the bronzer looks a little too orange on the lips It looks like I just have nothing on, because it’s like super sheer, but other than that I think we did pretty good Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below the foundation is a little bit too late for me and it definitely was not full coverage, but I think I’m really liking that I look Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below it was definitely fun Putting myself to the test with all this makeup from $1 don’t forget to subscribe not gonna wanna miss that it’s amazing Also, if you want to get to know me a little better make sure to subscribe to the vlogging Channel right there and if you can’t get enough of me here – is my Spanish channel So you can go ahead and subscribe Love you guys so much and I’ll see you tomorrow

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