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Geoffrey Stars Sell Outdated Lipsticks…?

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys so, yes, I still didn’t unpack for my holiday. I’ve been blocked by Geoffrey star as a matter of fact. Don’t worry. I still see the tweets, but I have been booked, which is just the thing in itself. It’s like I’ve, never actually criticized him other than the dream. Shawl situation the whole buy sister scandal. That was really the first time. I’ve usually just like said. You know it’s Geoffrey start doing jeffree star things and I guess Geoffrey start doing jeffree star things means I get blocked, which is fine.
I mean it’s the same of James Charles. He blocked me because I tweeted about him or some other. It’s like he didn’t block me when I talked about all your allegations and stuff, but then I call you out on a poor interview thing and all of a sudden I’m blocked. It’s like you know what I’m also just like, not a big fan of James Charles. So I guess that’s why he brought to me, but, like you know, if he saved some puppies or helped to have global warming, I want to be like a post to that, so you know get on that. Instead of running your mouth all the time it’s it’s like, I tried to basically what I’m saying is. I tried to stay objective as much as possible if James Charles actually saved some puppies and helped with global warming. I’D be like yes, sister go sister, but because he’s not and all he does is run his mouth or like talk about Ebola. I am just not a big fan and I’m gonna say that so yeah. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, I tried to say as objective as possible, but sometimes I can’t help myself, because so the deal is Geoffrey start every year for a a while and now has been doing. I think this is this is either the second or third time he’s done this. He releases mystery boxes, which those different tiers at different price points is basically the vibe and this time the most expensive one had lip ammo in it, which is the bullet lipstick that he carries he’s done this a few times now. As I said, the criticisms of just the mission boxes in general are that the stuff that is in the boxes, it’s usually stuff that didn’t really sell out. Well, so it’s usually not the popular things. It’s usually not the most wanted thing. So if you were looking to buy something from Jeffrey star, that’s, like you know, really popular. That’s, usually not what you’re going to get in the mystery box.
So if you just want that, buy that, instead of trying to get it in a mystery box, because it probably won’t happen, usually like the most popular shades out of things – will not be in mystery boxes like if you’re looking for a highlighter, the most popular ones, Will not be in there or you should be like a green one or like the black one, like ones that aren’t as wearable on as natural or like everyday now. That’s the second criticism. Pretty much is that most of the things in those mystery boxes aren’t wearable. For the regular Sally chart or the Sally’s, it will be like a black lipstick or a blue lipstick, a green lipstick, and I saw that before it will be like a green, highlight you know not everyone likes that some people do like a whole natural look. So if you’re into natural makeup, no green stuff, no purple mystery boxes, aren’t for you once again, I usually recommend just buying individual products rather than a whole mystery box, because you’re not really gonna be able to get much wear out of it, and some people Have said that the makeup is actually old and it shouldn’t like not expired old, but like almost 6 by 8 old. So it will either come to you expired, allegedly or like they have it for a while, and it expires before, like the 12 months thing that it usually says on the box. I know some people said that there was allegedly a collection from 2017 in this box, which was the black lipstick. The info on this is kind of hazy. There’s not that much criticism. There was a few enough for me to cover it what’s happening in this current mystery box. Is that some lip almost came sweaty like if you don’t know what I’m talking about like I’ll put up on the screen? It’s just like the outside of the lipstick is wet and there is a smell of expired lipsticks. Now, if you’ve never smelt an expired, lipstick or you’re, not an avid lipstick wearer, you won’t bring. You know what that that is like. If you wear lipsticks regularly, you know exactly what I’m talking about it’s that crayon smell like play-doh, and it’s usually not the small. You want on your lipsticks, so that is the expired smell, and that is what people are saying they can smell on those lipsticks. Now that is very believable, because that does happen every now and then should he be selling almost expired, lipsticks, absolutely! No! I don’t.
If that’s what’s happening, or if it was just a fluke now, people are saying that they’ve also found fibers in the lipsticks and pieces of glass. Now this is very oddly familiar to Jaclyn hill. I don’t know if you remember that whole situation, Jaclyn hill, her lipsticks, came with sweat, smell little bubbles in them little beads in them pieces of glass pieces of metal pieces of hair. So now is this just a fabrication of more drama, because Jaclyn Hill has been staying very silent. Is this just people trying to get attention on Twitter and rekindle new lipstick drama, big sis or how well that happened last time, or is this actually happening in those Jeffery starch need to address a problem or find out soon? I believe the sweat, the smell and the fibers like the hairy bits, because I think those are things that can happen to anyone realistically, but not really the glass. I think the glass is kind of pushing it. There’s never really been a problem with that. If this was like a reoccurring thing, I would be more than happy to believe that that happened, but the matter of fact is it doesn’t so I just don’t know how much I believe that until I get more info more examples, if that happening edges, I’m not Sure, if that’s something that I want to believe personally now, the reactions to this have been pretty much like either outrage like with the Jackson, Hale cosmetics, which is more than welcome. Of course, some people are saying this is fake, because obviously the drama of Jackson Hill died out and people just want a reaction on Twitter. Like all like you know, spicy et all people are upset that Jaclyn hill got backlash for it, but Jeffrey’s tarush swiftly cruising through without any backlash. because some people don’t really care about my opinion and also like you need all the info. Don’t know why I’m explaining this Jeffrey started didn’t get as much backlash as Jaclyn hill, because these are one-off examples. This doesn’t happen a lot. I’ve haven’t really heard much problems at the lip hammer or any product of Jeffery stars as a matter of fact, at least not in the last few years, whereas with Jaclyn hill, it was the majority of lipsticks that had problems with it and only a few one Of pieces that were okay, so in here the roles are reversed, so you’re able to kind of accept that a few lipsticks, a few products from a makeup company will have some kind of a problem, because that is, you know, there’s a high chance of a few Of them being a bit e during production, you could just return them and call it a day when 99% of your lipsticks are bad.
That’s when there is a problem. That’s when backlash is necessary to get that company to react and retract and do all of that which Jackman tale didn’t do you know you get all that backlash and no recall, and then you just go in disappear, I’m very disappointed with Jackson Hill, although she cares, But I think it’s so sad that you’re, a CEO of a company, a grown woman, if you will and you’ve just gone and disappeared, I’ve never seen another CEO do that I’ve never seen. You know, like the CEO of Maybelline, get like poor reviews on a product and just disappear. It’s just kind of sad and your customers, as well as fans, deserve so much thing better than you at this point as rude as that sounds they deserve so much better and I hope they get better and I hope they never buy your products again. If that is how you’re willing to treat them now that judgement Hilty is over we’ll go back to Jeffrey star. People need to understand that jeffree star cosmetics is a business. It’s not a friend handing you a mystery box for fun and, of course, the mystery boxes are going to have products that are less popular and products that don’t really sell well, rather than the popular products that they know they can sell. Regardless of the mystery box. It is a way to basically just get rid of stock like just stock laying around. That is how a business operates. I don’t know what people think that’s some kind of a tea thing. Most businesses will do that most businesses at the end of a collection and will do like sales on products start on selling. Well, usually, if you look at sales of makeup, it’ll be the shades that are like unwearable Those are the shades that will usually be on sale, because those are the products that aren’t really selling well, rather than putting on sale products that sell well with the full price I mean it just makes sense.
Doesn’t it product should never be out of stock, though any products on sale or any products in mystery boxes or any promotions whatsoever should never be out of stock, make sure that the product isn’t out of stock? If you can smell anything weird, if you can see any beading sweating or anything, please go and return the product don’t use it just because it was a good deal, because that good deal could end in an infection, mainly if you’ve got any cuts on your lips Or anything you just don’t want that in your system Please go get, get she’s, go return it If you did get a sweaty, Jeffrey, Stehr, lipstick that smells a bit expired Do you contact customer service? Don’t tweet about it to you know, get attention either tweet Jeffrey star, but also contact customer service, but like nowadays, I’m so angry about seeing people used to wear some kind of like a communication centre like people used to instead of customer service people used to Instead of the police, the first thing you should do is contact a professional, and then you could go into where if you want to get some outrage going, if you need to contact the police contact the police, if you need to contact customer service, do that a Long whiff to it, I just I’m sick of people using tor on its own That’s just like a Help Center products should also never be almost expired, because when you get them and they say 12 months, it should be 12 months to expiry not to so If products are almost expired, that is also unfair, and if, after two months, they start smelling funky, please do contact customer service and stop using the lipstick immediately This should be addressed by Jeffrey star, even if it is just a fluke, it should be addressed as by Jeffrey star, as a CEO of a company in a calm and a professional way Unlike Jackson, Hill, which I will reiterate, has disappeared and hasn’t said anything people are in fact, still waiting for their refunds give a thumbs up Every time drama happens a few times a week So if you want to know when that’s happening tunnel since off’ occations, follow me on my social they’ll be description down below and i’ll see you in my next one bye, guys

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