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Get my daily make-up ready, John MacLean.

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone, so today’s four is going to be a get ready with me and I’m going to be creating a look for you. That is just a kind of makeup and a makeup that I would wait on meetings. It’s just a polished. Look, it’s very simple! Its refined, it doesn’t require a lot of product or a lot of makeup or a lot of skill. But it’s kind of look that I personally like to wear the most, as I’ve stated in many of my films before personally, I don’t like to wear extensive makeup on a daily basis or makeup on a daily basis.
For that matter, I associate it so heavily with WAC, so I prefer to only wear makeup when I’m either working or if I have work or an event or whatever or when I’m creating makeup tutorial filament to be shared on now, my skin is totally bare At this point I have no makeup or moisturizer on my skin whatsoever and it is freshly shaven. I shave off my eyebrows and the remainder of the facial hair that I have around my beard area and I might do a film about this specifically about hair removal. As I think it might be quite insightful and useful to many of you that may be interested in the processes involving the removal of facial, hair or hair of any kind. I have actually undergone laser therapy as well as electrolysis, which are, of course, two different methods to basically push it. That was designed to kill the hair follicle killing off the hair, preventing her from green again. I’m currently it’s down to go in that process of laser hair removal. I prefer the laser to the electrolysis. I’ve found Laser to be a lot more effective on me so, and you still have to shave now and then it’s actually quite sparse. The hair I have but there’s quite a concentration bit around the chin. It’s still, but I assure you I am hell-bent on expelling all hair from my chin. No hair shall comprehend the well of McClung. So, to begin, I’m going to take my most currently relied on moisturizer for those of you who are regular viewers, I’m sure yours are very used to seeing it. It is the MP release, lock, cream, concentrate and what I do. First of all, to the high points of the face and to the areas that are quite dry eye over all have combination skin, it’s more on the dry side of things. So what I like to do is just apply that and then you’ll sash it into the skin. I took it onto the ears a little bit as well, and I always take my moisture turn the neck and onto the deck ratash area is some very important to moisturize your skin and moisturize your body, and I really must hash it around the jaw area where I still have a slight growth. The reason I do that is because, if I have to shave tomorrow or tomorrow, when the hair starts to grow back in by applying a lot of moisturizer, it softens the hair just ever so slightly.
So the hair ends up being less coarse and less prickly and less painful when shaving the next day, it’s very similar to wetting. Here it’s easier to cut hair when it’s wet as it’s more malleable. So it’s a similar sort of philosophy. It might be different for everybody, but on me I have found this to be very helpful and I always keep a little place towel nearby, just to wipe my hands into it. If there’s any excess moisture still on them. This one is bio boots. The chemist, then I take a slight amount of Bobby Brown extra eye Repair Cream and I just apply a tiny bit of it. Just on the highest points of the cheekbones, I always dab and work in white into the eye now working around the eye area. I do tend to always dab or step along. I know this makes the most calm cool toys, but you can always drag the product in as well. I don’t like to move away from the eyes, as I believe it pulls the skin, but I much prefer to work in wood now. I’ve made sure that I didn’t apply too much moisture to my eye. Bruh area, of course, remove my eyebrows and redraw them on. So that I can get the exact shape, I want my natural eyebrows draw downward, so I much prefer to redraw them in in a shape, that’s more suiting for my face and my features bringing balance overall now for eyebrows. I go in with a cream product. First of all and then go to the powder to set the cream, but first of all, I’m going to take some off kryolan’s derma color cream concealer in the shade d40, which is this beautiful, green based grey. And I take that on a nice eyebrow brush. And I really saturate the brush. First of all, the great thing about this brush is that it’s not too precise and I use it because it’s quite stiff and hard, so I can really dictate where I want the product to go and I just start to draw on the shape. Quite simply, no, I don’t like the Ivar’s to look too need order to be too sharp a lime and at first I just try to match them up as best as possible. I don’t necessary, try to give them perfect. First of all, once I have them looking very similar, then I perfect them. You can always take the brush and just hold it up to see if they’re level, with one another one of the great aspects of using cream products for eyebrows. That is just very malleable.
You can move it around, but in the same event, it can also be quite tricky to work with one way of amending floors when drawing on eyebrows is by taking a q-tip or a cotton bud, whoever you refer to it in the region. You are placed, and this one is by Muji if these mini cotton buds that have the very small menu to head to them. What I do is just remove any product that isn’t quite right. Now I like to keep the press quite soft on the face. I don’t like to have them too severe too strong. I like them just to be framing, but not overly noticeable another tip and trick that I’d recommend as well when you are drawing the tails on the eyebrows. The outer parts, if you want them to be level with one another tilt your hand down and place the brush in front, so that they are both in line with one another. That way you create a more symmetrical eyebrow. So this stage, that is the eyebrows more or less drawn in and almost complete, but I’m not going to go in with the powder just yet, I’m only going to go in with powder to draw in fine little hairs, just to add texture and depth to the Eyebrows, but at this point I’m going to do the rest of the makeup. First of all, so I can go back in and amend any mistakes that I might have made or disturbance from when I’m applying the rest of the makeup to the look, and one great tip is that if you feel as if you’ve applied too much product, you Can always just tap with a clean finger which just removes a slight amount of the product? It still gives you the imprint it shall just make it appear slightly softer and also by not completing the eyebrows. Once I go in with the rest of the makeup that will provide me with engaged as to whether or not I need to go back in and apply more eyebrow product or leave it. So it’s a great way of estimating by just leaving something until the rest of the makeup is applied over. Although the look is quite simple now because I don’t sleep, my undereyes is quite blue, so I’m going to go in wet summer, kryolan’s demo, color concealer, initiate d 1w just to color, correct and I’m a planet on a Charles Fox, eight one, four, six, four: zero. Five brush just bluest areas slightly into the inner corner corner, and that will also just lift the eye upward. And it also took a little bit of that peach tone just to the areas that are quite a little bit of color correction. Just on the chin. And then I’m going to take a synthetic zovut, two to seven brush and just stipple the product, first of all, dabbing and stippling and patting very, very lightly. Then I take is over CB to brush, which is a synthetic buffing brush and very compact.
I just start to stipple it just melting it into the skin. No, I don’t necessarily go in with primer, but because I’ve applied quite a considerable amount of eye cream and moisturizer. It serves as a fantastic base for applying product subtly on my own skin. My face is slightly red. It’s certainly in the center part of the face. It’s quite red. I look like some sort of piece of flesh that you might see in the book shop, so I’m going to take some of Kylie cosmetics, skin concealer in the shade pearl. Usually, I would use Kat Von D lock a concealer in the shade L one neutral, but today I’m going to going in with the color cosmetics concealer in the shade pearl. What I do with that is just apply quite a bit of it to the under-eye. Just to conceal we’ve just applied and round the sides of the nose. This is an area I get particularly red in now. The great thing about minimum makeup is that it is applicable to any skin tone, irrespective of ethnicity or color, so you can really adjust. This look on the basis of your own self, I’m just concealing any problem areas, and I always tilt my head back and just take the concealer on to the neck muscles like I always do this with product just so that I can make sure that I’ve taken Out any discoloration on the jaw, and then I take my fellows cb2 brush again and I just start to stipple that product into the skin. It’s quite a full coverage concealer. I do forget that, and I just buff it into the skin and if you feel as though you’ve applied too much product, you can actually just buff the concealer around just so that it creates a very in seamless layer on the skin, so probably Pierre’s on camera. As if, though, I’ve applied quite a lot of the concealer, but I buff the concealer out into the rest of the skin leading a very fine layer. This just adjusts the tone so that my head and my neck are all one consistent color. Now I’m good to cream up entre and to do so, I’m going to take some of Alaska’s cream pigment in the shade Hollow now. This is too warm for my skin tone, so what I actually do is mix it with some of the d40 that are used on my eyebrows. So these two colors, when mixed together create a perfect contour shade. The warmth is there, and also the gray once mixed in with it. So for these two shades, I’m able to create a custom color – and I do that by taking my Mac 130 and I mix the two together on my mixing plate, and then I dab it on the back of my hand.
First of all, no just stipple it on first of all, barely need any of it. Cream contouring is so easy and the great thing about mixing contour shades. What you can actually do, if it’s looking too cool or two one, is go back in with a little bit of whatever you need just to counterbalance the tone, so it’s definitely a fantastic way of contouring and, first of all, I just walk it on not good To meet or anything brush it into the cheek great thing about cream products. Is that they’re very easy to blend a lot less forgiving, then powder? And I go back in with my buffing brush from before and just soften the edges, ensuring seamlessness and with the same brush and buff it into my little fist, teller from earlier just removing the excess product, never blushed, I’m going to apply cream blusher, and this is Alaska’s cream blusher in the shade libido, and it’s this bright red, color, absolutely beautiful. This is actually a multi skin tone product. You can use it on the very deepest turns on the very fittest and all in between it’s absolutely fantastic. Of course, you use the concentration of sitting to your skin tone. I of course use a very fine amount of that, because my skin, of course, is very fair and going in with our Mac 130 from before and just dab. It very frightfully dab it and I remove the excess product on the back of my hand, and I just apply a slight amount of it to the cheeks and I just keep on buffing it until I’m happy with it. I really like my skin to look youthful. I then take our two to seven brush from before, and I just Pat it underneath the eyes just to blur in any of the concealer that has started to settle in my finer lines and I’m going to go to pirate ever so slightly and to do so. I’m taking Laura masses, invisible, pressed setting powder in the shade Universal and really just setting underneath the eyes first of all, where there’s over two to eight brush and taking it on a real techniques. 300 brush I’m just lightly setting the rest of the face, but I’m just leaving the rest of the face as it is. Last of all, I’m going to go in with Bobby Brown long-wear cream eyeshadow in the shade, and I apply that just onto the eyelids, with a Urban Decay, concealer brush very similar color to my natural skin tone, and I do both eyes quite quickly. This just really balances out any veins or discoloration on the eyelids and just buffing it in with a Mac two one, seven and I like this particular cream eyeshadow as it’s got quite a light formula. So I don’t really feel it on my eyes that much to add depth and sculpt to the eye I’m going to take some of England’s Purdue eyeshadow in the shade tree for nine.
It’s quite a similar card to mac cosmetics, Omega and I just very faintly take it through the socket just wing it out ever so slightly, and I just want a slight bit of definition. I don’t really wanted to have that much of a presence. So I’m just blending it so just returns a slight bit of definition to the eye. It’s the donuts of flat and curling eyelashes, and for mascara I’m going to go in with some of the bombs. What’s your type, which is my usual mascara and I’m just applying quite a heavy coat of mascara? That’s one thing I always make sure I have lotta long now when you apply it quite a pale eyeshadow to the lids and don’t apply anything to the underneath. It can make the eyes sometimes look a little bit bald, so I’m just going to go in with some of that 349 color and apply it just a very faint amount of it. Just to the underneath of the eye, as I find that this just contracts that boldness you can always connect that round into the socket. I always like to do this and it’s super easy. Just move them around like so, but of course go back in and blend to ensure seamlessness. I really actually just like to look like a better, more polished version of myself and that is really kind of what I do when I apply everyday makeup now, I’m going to return to the eyebrows I’m going to use this shade right here, which is in grits Powder eyeshadow in the shade 4:8, very similar to the c49, for which that we used upon the eyes. But this shade is just a little bit darker and what I’m doing on that is just adding slight tiny little hairs. Just drawing in little hairs, which creates the illusion of real eyebrows and then you can change direction and Pat it. I think, because of my appearance, because I am, of course it may all that chooses to look predominantly more female. I think we’ve lost presume that I’m good. We live this crazy lifestyle and look crazy every day. The irony is that I’m almost as conservative as the Pope, if not quite old-fashioned in many ways and have been around for a very long time, there have been many periods throughout my life where I’ve been considered very modern. I mean the Tudors thought I was immensely modern Elizabeth, the first, who was actually a frenemy of mine, accused me of being a modernist many a time.
However, to this day, I’m unable to forgive her for getting me addicted to sugar before I go in and line the lips and apply lipstick, I’m going to apply a little bit of chapstick. This is the medicated one and I’m going to allow that to saturate into the lips. Whilst I apply highlighter now, I’m taking the Real Techniques 300 brush for which that I used to powder the skin and I’m just buffing it into my cloth, removing any of the excess powder. No, I always like to wear some kind of my lighter. I don’t care if it’s a liquid highlighter or a powder highlighter or a cream highlighter. I, like my skin to glow, and today I’m going to go in with this absolutely beautiful dual chrome powder highlighter by Laura Sela in the shade diamond dust. I’m just patting it on. I wanted to almost melt in with the skin and it just adds the most beautiful luminescence to the skin, and I apply a little bit of it to the forehead and a little bit of it around the face and you’re like highlighter to be stuck in one Place I like it to be kind of everywhere, so that, even if it is a slightly artificial, looking color it’s consistent, so you glow greater than the gods, and I always like to apply a little bit of highlighter into the hollow of the neck. Just so that when you turn there’s a slight luminescence and also a little bit of it just here as well now my own lips are quite miss Shippen and I don’t like to apply quite a lot of products to the lips. I’m only going to apply lip liner today, I’m not going to apply lipstick because when I go out and I’m having meetings, often inside the oven dinner or lunch or you drink coffee or something – and I like my lips to feel comfortable, I don’t like to have To worry about my lips or lipstick, smudging or having to touch up or whatever so I like to just go in and correct the shape and for those of you who are regular viewers of mindless shall be no surprised. I’m going to go in with some of the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat lip pencil in the shade. Pillow-Talk and all I do with this is just correct: the asymmetry because I actually really like the color of my natural lips. I just like the lips to look symmetrical and fool. Now I find that pillow talk can be a little bit light, so I’m going to go in with some of mac cosmetics, lip liner in the shaders mics, and I use this color just to intensify definition, as it is a similar tone to pillow talk. But it has more depth and with the spice I line the outsides, you can actually block the lip liner off It also weathers down, so its appearance isn’t so severe, and now I’m just going to come back in with my chapstick from before and apply that to the lips.
So, overall, the skin is actually quite natural and quite bare and certain areas you can still see freckles and slight imperfections when it’s just polished, it’s just scrubbed up and the features are brought into balance so that moreless completes the look It’s a very simple look I think it is particularly suitable for most occasions certainly – and this is my everyday kind of look – this is a sort of look that I wear when going out As I said, I don’t wear makeup every single day I only turned to wait when I want to wear it, it’s very easy to do It can work on absolutely any skin tone Of course you just adjust it to the colors necessary, but the overall idea behind it is just about refining oneself Very simply we’re not really adding on anything we’re just refining What’s already there we’re refining the features and we’re polishing everything up, balancing it and just going with it as that, it’s such an easy look, even as I’m staring I’m noticing a few little blemishes that I wasn’t able to conceal from the fore and the reason I’m Covering them is because it is in the beard area So if you have a collection of discoloration or marks or whatever it does tend to look like five o’clock shadow, even though I don’t have or get a five o’clock shadow, I’m just good to go in and just gently cover them with a little bit of concealer As they weren’t invited to the party scene, is’s is the last film for which that I shall be sharing in January now I would have take this opportunity to make a slight announcement I will be doing a masterclass and meet and greet here in London It shall be my first ever masterclass, but it’ll be the opportunity to come and to see a demonstration and tutorial live and to learn from me as well as to make me my team and I are putting everything together But at this point I’m not going to say anything further of course, in the coming weeks, all information like tickets dates time location shall be unveiled to you now I have had a lot of fun, creating this lip for you here today and I hope that you’ll find today’s film either interesting, useful, helpful, beneficial or entertaining and once again thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care Bye,

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