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Get ready to go to Victoria’s Secret Film Party with me! | Windsor, Devon

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my bathroom so super exciting. It is December 2nd which, if some of you might know, and for those of you who don’t know, is the day that the Victoria Secret shows airing, I’m so so excited to see the show I’m actually going to the viewing party with all of the girls to Watch yeah, I thought it’d be really fun for you guys to have watched me and get ready for this evening. I’m getting my makeup done by my favorite makeup artist. Her name is andrey.
Ani she’s been doing my makeup for a couple of years and she kills it. I think manager like kind of a cool like smokey eye, I’m wearing this like bedazzled navy, long-sleeve, super short dress and her hair. I actually just cut all my hair off. I don’t know if you can tell but um took a couple inches off and I’m actually just gonna keep it pretty simpletonight, because my makeup is kind of crazy. So I’m doing my hair myself, which it’s already been blown out and cut. So I’m just basically touching up where it’s kind of like curled up a bit, and I just want to straighten if I got or like it’s been by having my ear. So I get that where I just wanted to be straight brush my favorite Mason Pearson airbrush super gentle gonna brush it out. Then I’m using this GHD straightener. I will link it below because we don’t know the exact name and I’m just gonna go over. My hair, where I think it needs a little extra love these little baby, guys sometimes I’d like to take my brush. Thank you, Joe commander. Like can you help me with my hair, so yeah, of course, do you want it strange perm? The viewing party is really fun, because all of the girls that are in the show are obviously invited and they rent out this place. It depends where you should look like a studio or like a lounge or something where they have TVs and they rent it out and they set up a huge projection on the screen. It’s like a movie theater, basically in an couches and all the girls gonna sit down and watch it together and honestly, like make Soho experience even more fun for us, because whenever a girl like walks or does something fine everyone’s like cheers, it’s like everyone screams For each other, so that energy is just so much more fun when you can all watch it together and I’ve actually only been, I think, to two viewing parties, because I was working other years out of the state or her country the other years, that it airs. Actually, I’ve only gone twice so this will be my third TV party.
This is my sixth show but their viewing party. So this was pretty quick because of the fact that I had already got it blown out and then after she does my makeup. I’Ll, probably just run through it one more time because she’ll have to push it back to do my makeup. Oh and I’ve got some little little guys here. No, I have some obey sorry or II beg for or Ebay try, texturizing spray or BAE, I’m gonna. Just spray that in because it really adds like volumes when I hear – and I don’t know just too much because it gets kind of sticky – then I also have Moroccan oil love. This brand was actually just in the Moroccan oil campaign. Dry, shampoo, um just add some fullness to my hair, I feel like I mean I did just wash it. That’s not like it’s a oily, but I don’t know why I feel like it just leave some roots and I don’t want. I want my hair straight, but I don’t want it like flat. You know what I mean, so you just give yourself a nice head, massage. No, I’m not done, but almost massage. I some makeup from the day I’m gonna just take it off using a derma. I actually have these little clips that are great because they don’t leave any creases in your hair. That’s hence this littlething that I’m gonna use to pin my hair back. I think I had drama and I’m just gonna remove. All of I think I use a special eye makeup remover, but in this case I’ve barely had any on so just some budderball on a little cotton pad. This is bye, moochy they’re, amazing. I will link this to below they’re like organic cotton or something, and I find the ones that, like Walgreens, like leave little pieces on your skin sometimes, and I think that these are great for those now, I’m gonna use my dr. jart roller. To give me cheekbones the red carpet, look y’all just really helps that. I mean this is great for the morning and night especially morning when your puppy and you need to kind of deep puff, and I have an event or something I like to just do it to help them about 80 years. So redness is normal and then I’m gonna do this Joanna Vargas, rejuvenating serum one-pump oily. So you don’t want to do too much but free makeup. I like to get my skin super moisturized and for my moisturizer, I’ve been using lately this dr. Barbara Sturm, who I love her face. Moisturizer she has great products, just been keep my skin super moisturized and supple. With the new I base, my makeup, Norma felt and a French brand. I love it and I’m ready, hopefully my micarta city person – and this is where we are at so far We’ve got a nice liner, it’s okay, you guys can keep talking one, and then she got this amazing navy color, which she’s gonna put like.
Oh, no, I’m just like Okay, just do do my thing Do your thing: yeah, it’s gonna be super cool It’s gonna match my navy dress and then it’s gonna be super smoky and we’re thinking of doing probably nothing below the eye and keep it super clean, because the top is gonna be more dramatic But if that looks horrible, then we’ll put something below the eye Oh yeah, I’ve got my base, so I have one eye done well, I mean I have one eye with with blue This is the left side going for an asymmetrical vibe? No, I just wanted to pause and show you guys so mm-hmm major It looks really cool Hmm sparkly! Hmm, I’m just getting powdered right now! God knows I need a lot of powder, but it’s cool Imagine, hair down I think I went a little contouring, so this is the final look She’s gonna just do a little on my neck, because honestly, there’s not much worse than some girl who’s got like a tan face in a panic It’s like maybe just the texture, yeah yeah yeah, true, that I also have like a really largest off again kind of like a man nursing thing, so I like to blend they like to blend, but I am, the dress – does go up into like littleturtleneck style So I only need to do half my neck in the nude lip which she just put some balm on now, but I might just wipe it off right before I go on the carpet So it’s just Matt and that’s it questions concerns well I guess you guys Aren’t gonna see this till after it happen, so I get to the truth, because you can’t give me advice right now, but it’s cool So this is the final look Super sparkly baby dress from Alexis and the shoes are boop-she If I wasn’t start leading up and then haired, they thought this might look super straight sweet with the pop I three four there we party with snack I know it’s been a good night when you change into Cody We change into slippers and a Victoria Secret job at the party honestly had the best time tonight It was like a reunion with all the girls watching the show together so much energy and so much fun in the room, and the show was amazing I was so happy with it Let me know what you guys, thought of it and all the girls, your favorite moment and performer and don’t forget to like subscribe comment, and I will see you guys next time you

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