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Give me the curls I always wanted

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey, how are you and welcome to thank you, because, honestly, I usually left with my hair and also I just really want to know what my hair wants for me, because I should get it. My hair is always just living its own life like we are on completely different planets, and I have no idea how we can communicate so we can figure out how to work together. We are not agreeing at all at the moment. I’ve been talking about my hair for a while now, as you all probably know, and I actually got a lot of comments from you guys that said that my hair probably is curly but has the since I am treating it so badly.
There are no curls anywhere. So what you guys have been recommending me is to try out the curly girl method and I looked into it. Okay, they all said that you’re gonna notice, like a difference in like two or three months, which I am like way too impatient for that. Okay, like I, do not want to follow a strict regimen for like 2 or 3 months, like I am just way too impulsive for that, like I want to change my hair whenever I feel like it. So what I stopped, I’m not going to the girl method, but I am going to curl my hair with these things and I’m actually very excited for this, because I absolutely love Korean hair, especially if you, like short hair. Like me, if you like a whole head full of curls, it’s just beautiful okay, so I’m going to try and do that today as well. So I think it’s gonna take a very to do so. Let’s use yeah stock good. Also, please don’t forget to follow my Instagram if you don’t follow me yeah, so I bought five packages of these rollers because I have a lot of hair and I want to get like small curls. I don’t want to get like wavy curls. You know I want to get like small, pretty tight curls, because that’s just amazing, so I got a bunch of them and I hope they are enough. They should be. I got like 60 of them, so I hope they’re enough and cool disclosure. I have never ever done this before in my life, so yeah. If I’m doing it the wrong way, which I probably will be doing it the wrong way, then please don’t hate me.
Okay, I’m just experimenting right here, I’m just I’m just trying some things out. Okay, so let’s get started, I don’t know how I’m gonna start, but unless me to get started like I don’t even know how I should section my hair up like this is already going pretty bad but yeah, okay. So what I’m going to do? I’m going to take a little bit of water, go spritz it and then a little bit of hairspray. Oh God, then just roll it up. Ah, my arms are already hurting. I don’t know, oh god, this is so difficult the roll over there. This is really difficult. Okay, quick: do this thing a double day? Oh shit, the first one. I don’t think that one will turn into a beautiful girl, but you know at least I did it. At least it’s stuck on my head right now, right, yeah, okay! Next, no, I do people do this, I don’t get it. No, please stay here, maybe even tasted a little bit. I feel like such a weak, versatile listening, like I’m only holding my arm, Oh for like five seconds and so much. Maybe I feel like try leaving the house for once. I don’t know: okay, first always done yeah. I do not like this process at all. Okay, I’m gonna be honest. This is taking way longer than you probably should take. Also, I feel like it’s not gonna. It’s like, I think it’s gonna turn out pretty bad right now, it’s an experiment. Let’s just see what happens, maybe I should try and do it a different way. What, if I do like this? Well, it wasn’t way faster, okay, okay, I got some hope again guys. I found a better way to do it, which is gonna, be easier for me, and I don’t know this is like the way you should actually do it, but I’m just going to do it that way, because otherwise it’s gonna take me a very long Time and I don’t want to spend our work on my hair and then roll it further, Bing Bing Bing get it stuck. Yes, beautiful, majestic, oh my god, oh so yeah! I guess this is such a loop right here. Hey guys! Welcome to my new hair, okay! So I think, even going to like fast-forward this process because honestly is very repetitive.
It’s very much the same thing over and over and over again. So let’s go through this side of my head and I’m going to try and do the back of my head, which is gonna, be horrible and then I’ll be back. Oh chica, I got my hair in rollers. Wait. Let me see oh yeah, so I guess, and I’m just gonna have to get to sit in my hair for a few hours to make sure that all my hair is dry and then we can take it out so bad. I can already tell Oh God, I’m just gonna sit and think about the choice. You said I’m making my life and then I’ll be right back and I’m gonna show you guys the end results. Yeah, okay. I look so ridiculous with these rollers in my hair – oh my god, but uh yeah. It has been an hour since they put on rollers in my hair, which is not a long time. Okay, I know what you normally people like sleep with these things on to make sure the hair is completely dry, but I am a very impatient person and I just do not want to stick with this stuff in my hair for another hours. So I thought why not get myself a blow dryer and just blow dry, my hair, I’m not sure if it’s like dry, yet I am just going to take one thing out and then see it’s dry or not, because you know I would be a complete waste Of time, if I would take this out before my hair actually dry, because then I literally did everything for nothing, so I go to do one test strand go to see how this one looks which feels dry. I don’t know I don’t even know what dry is anymore. Let’s just take this one out and see: oh, you wouldn’t use any hairspray. Look at this. It feels dry, No okay, so I’m just gonna take everything out cuz. I just can’t wait anymore. I wonder what it looks like so, let’s get crackin look at this girl. It’s kinda cute, though, like of course I’m not doll. I’m gonna try and like brush them a little bit, but so far it is kind of cute Okay, it looks kind of cute.
Oh, this one is like wet still, oh god, no! Okay! Well did I get everything I think I did Oh, Oh God wait Let me just kind of like scrunch it up little bit I have tiny curly bangs, oh wow Oh my god, just like whips My eyeball, I really can’t do anything right Can i oh okay? Well, yeah, let me just I don’t It needs to be a little bit more symmetrical as well Did I show you guys the back of my head because I feel like it is terrible wait I haven’t even loaded it myself It’s like slowly starting to grow on me I mean the only problem Well, I think multiple problems first problem, I’m just not used to seeing myself with this hair, so I I really need to like get used to it You know Second Li second, I did, I just didn’t – do a very good job at curling it So you don’t really see like a lot of curls, but it’s more like about a fries You know I like it when you have like very defined beautiful, shiny curls, and I don’t really have them So that’s kind of throwing me out a little bit but honestly, like it, also looks kinda cute, though right I’m actually just gonna cry about how ugly it is, but right now I am, I am kind of feeling it also Let me know the conversation down below what you think of my hair, because normally when I don’t like my hair – and I said I don’t like my hair – everybody actually loves in my hair So I’m very curious to see what your reaction is this time now that I actually love my hair, maybe everyone things like absolutely horrendous, but I’m sitting you’re like oh look at my beautiful girls, so yeah guys if you did, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up Also, please don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram If you don’t follow me yet, and also please don’t forget, subscribe to this YouTube channel If you wanna see me fuck my hair up, you know more because I’ll probably be fucking it up in the future Again I Hey Hey so yeah again

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