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Glass skin primer… ha-ha???

1 Nov , 2019  

I have a new, exciting primer to test out you guys this one states that it is gonna give us glass skin. It is also supposed to grip our foundation to our faces. I love a good long wear. Look I like to do my makeup once and then just kind of like set it and forget it and not have to deal with things smearing smudging, clumping cakey, falling apart dulling. You know all of those ten thousand different things that can happen throughout the day where, like your lines, poked through and your pores look like crap, I don’t like that so, like I make it my mission to find products that are very long long, where I would Like an eternal wear primer like if someone could make that I’d be so into it, but we will start with just the gripping primer from cover FX, I didn’t even say who the gripping primer was from.
So this is the gripping primer, ooh plus firming hello. I do love that this is a unique jelly texture that is going to create a glass-like finish on the skin grips makeup for flawless application and long-wear perfection. This is for all skin types. It’s vegan free of parabens gluten mineral oil, fragrance talcs, talax, stalks. There’s! No s there talc sulfates and phthalates, so this is right up my alley as far as being a little bit reactive and sensitive with a skincare and things that I put on my skin. So I’m gonna try this one today with my L’Oreal foundation that you guys know I am obsessing over. but I’m gonna wear this one with this primer today and then tomorrow, I’m gonna do another test and I am going to use the water cloud primer that they just released. So they released a bunch of different primers. There’s a mattifying one, there’s a blurring one. There’s this gripping one a high moisture one, and then this anti pollution water cloud primer. So I wanted to try out the two that I thought were the most unique in formulation. So we’re gonna do a two day: wear test: how about that guys we’re gonna hop right in and prime the face. So this one right here is very thick, just sayin I just shot the insert. I haven’t worn this on my skin, yet I haven’t, you know, put foundation on top of it warned it none of that, but I was putting it on the back of my hand and the immediate thing that you do notice is it kind of feels like lip Gloss like not as thick as a gel, clear lip gloss, but it has almost a shiny finish. It’s a little tacky, which I like.
I think that is the gripping part of this, so I’m just gonna stop yakking away and just get some of this product on my skin. I woke up like this with my brows. No, I didn’t yeah. I have my brows on. I just kind of like. Don’t want you guys to have to sit there and stare at me with no brows or, if I decide to like film full application process like aren’t doing brows, so boring ooh. I don’t like watching people do their brows. I always I’m like next fast forward ooh. This is really sticky. Can you guys hear that it’s like foundation, primer, ooh yeah? It doesn’t smell, like anything, there’s no fragrance! I like that nothing to irritate my skin, so this primer is best for normal to dry skin. According to the cover FX website, it is $38 for 1 ounce. That is a little bit up there, but you don’t need a lot. It’s pressed in so nicely and I think I’m ready to rock and roll with a little bit of foundation alright. So I just looked on Sephora and it has four stars. A lot of people are very, very happy with it, and I will say this: you know everything that they just came out with. They do have a primer for everybody like every skin type. Concern. So definitely take a peek. I really appreciate their approach with ingredients range of color formulations for different skin types. I would say they are one of the most inclusive brands, I’m just like you know, giving them a round of applause. For doing good things, so I have to say you know I love my L’Oreal foundations. I already know that, like I love that foundation so much, this is going on really beautifully. I like the stickiness of it. So while I was kind of rolling my eyes just like a tiny, maybe like a tiny little bit at the word gripping like what is a gripping primer like, are we serious right now and like glass skin who has glass skin I’ve, never seen glass skin? Well, maybe I’ve seen it a couple of times with two very rare people in real life, but glass skin seems like this next level, unattainable or yoga skin. Have you guys heard of yoga skin? I can’t that being said. I do notice that it does kind of grip. Your foundation, like it’s blending, really nicely as it does usually, but it is kind of just staying put.
So I am so curious to see how my foundation, where is I’m gonna use all the stuff that I normally have been using. So I know how I should look by the end of the day. The one thing that I am craving and missing just a teensy, teensy teensy, tiny, teeny, tiny little itty bitty little bit – is some poor fill. So this is not a pore filling primer. It is not like getting in there and smoothing everything out, so it is making my skin hydrated even and gripping my foundation, but I still need like I need. I need this. I need some Tarte to kind of right there, but beyond that I do enjoy this. So I’m going to finish up my look and then we will hang out for the rest of the day and I’ll show you how everything is going. I don’t know if it is this primer, I don’t know what’s happening. I feel like I’m having such a good skin day, like everything is extra good. I used a foundation that I loved, because I wanted to put this to the test with something that I knew gave me good. Looking skin already and blended well and wore well, and the L’Oreal infallible. The new, 24-hour one or up to 24 hours is a really solid foundation, and this made it better. Oh my god, and like the perfect dream would be if I did like just a touch of a poor fill right here and then I would be in business. So I am curious to see you know if the wear stays in place. If this helps the longevity I want to find out about that, so you guys are gonna come with me and then also I’m really curious to see it using the different primer tomorrow. If there is some type of an altered difference in the wear time, and just in how I feel after I’m done doing my makeup cuz right now, I do feel a firm effect like I just feel, like everything is just in place and good and gripped to My face so yes I’m into it. I also really like my eye shadow, let’s just give a shout out to the eye shadow for a moment, because this is an indie brand and I love to support an indie moment. Okay, this is JD glow it. This is the emerald shadow from their metallian collection. Oh my gosh, you guys. I can’t this is like so freaking beautiful, so I did apply this wet and then I padded it a little bit dry on top and then I went in with one other one. This guy right here all listed in the description box below cuz. I can’t take that sucker out of there, but I put that on top – and this is what we came up with.
Oh, my gosh, you guys it is so mermaid beautiful, but also like a little bit grungy. I need to go, I don’t know, but it this is good. I’m gonna explore more they’re prod. It went on so nicely yeah it for a good makeup day. All right, let’s see how many hours it takes for this makeup to fall apart. I will be sure to capture it all, and I will see you guys in a few hours day, one of wearing the gripping primer is actually going so well. You guys, cuz there’s a whole lot of them in here. I love it. When I don’t have to touch up a ton, I haven’t added any other powder. That’s a good sign! I really feel like this is going to be an incredible incredible primer um. I do want to show you guys something welcome to the land of makeup. Oh my gosh, I am planning – and these are all future giveaways – that I’m gonna be doing so be sure to be subscribed. So I was this up. Stay lucky yeah thumbs up for good luck. Yes, I am gonna be doing more giveaways very very soon. I just wrapped up the last one and chose the winner and I’m yeah dealing with that. There’s crap everywhere here, excuse my makeup mess so in which one was it here. I noticed that I had PR sent over. I don’t know why I purchased the other ones. Myself, but I already had them here, which means that the gripping primer this one and then the water clouds this one, I will place in an upcoming giveaway thumbs up for good luck and these ones the dewy, blurring and mattifying I’ll test out as well. I don’t really think I need super mattifying right now. So that’s just like not my gig at the moment. I do want to try the blurring. Do we no not into that either my skin’s doing enough on its own. I have weird skin, it’s very glowy dewy, but definitely has some dry patchy areas. That’s why I think I’m so into this one, but I’m thinking these two together might be the dream team guys I’m just in like such a better mood not doing five a week. It’s like the craziest thing to me, but yeah so far, so good at a gripping primer who knew well friends I watched this is us. Cried did a lot of touching my face, which I do a lot. You guys know that. So that being said, like literally, I rubbed some of my makeup off right here, all in all so good, I love this or tomorrow, I’m trying the other one out.
I’m really curious. I’m gonna try and do like very, very similar steps, maybe like different eye makeup and definitely different lips, but similar steps for the face and we’ll investigate everything came off of my mouth and chips and salsa so good anyway. I am going to bed cuz. It’s like midnight again, I don’t know how that happens, but look at this skin good skin day. The rest of the makeup has expired and so have I. So I will see you guys tomorrow, good night, hey guys, day 2 and we’re on to another primer. I feel like a mess. Oh my gosh. Oh, my hair is horrible right now we’re just gonna go with it. I’m getting my hair redone tomorrow, and it’s just at that point where, like everything just looks so gross, there’s no point in even trying to make it look pretty and I’m trying to decide. If I want to stay kind of light or go darker, we shall see. I won’t post this in time like I’ll have new hair, while this is up so go check out my Instagram and my snap and Twitter, and all of that that will be below in the description box. If you want to see talkies new hair, let’s dive into second day primer, so I’m just gonna do the same drill same makeup. I’m gonna do different. I makeup but same you know a foundation, concealer powder, everything the same on the face. Blush bronzer highlight everything the same. I will have everything that I used for both days in terms of my lips and eyes, additionally kind of sectioned apart in the description box as well. Here’s the thing you guys yesterday I had such a solid makeup day. I felt from the time I was finished doing my makeup to the time I took it off. Everything was just like seamless, perfect feeling locked in feeling like it looked fresh and any time that I would do a check-in or like a quick little picture, a little selfie like I’ll be like wow. The skin looks so nice. My ultimate desire with that first primer is to try it also with a blurring primer, and I think that will be like the best. But today I haven’t even opened this puppy up the water cloud primer. Now this has pollution and blue light defense. For those of us raise your hand who can’t get off of our electronics and we’re our phones all the time, there is a blue light that our skin does soak up, and the reason that I do believe in this is because I am a big fan and Believer in red light and it’s healing properties, and that is NASA technology.
They use red light to heal astronauts in space. I remember reading an article about that now, like oh, yes, lights done, bring it on and it really does work lower inflammation helps the body to heal, so your skin does absorb light and that’s why we need to use SPF and not be out in the Sun. For too long and not burn and protect ourselves with all of that being said, I still look at this and I’m like blue eyed defense. How like how I don’t really understand it, but I think maybe it’s a good thing, so we’re just gonna see if this improves the application the wear time. All of that, I also use the exact same skin care, so I have the same moisturizer on serums. Everything the same, I really wanted to see if I had a different experience day to day with the two different primers. So this one is a weightless cooling mousse. It’s cooling that refreshes skin and helps defend against pollution and blue light rays creates an ultra smooth canvas, love that or flawless makeup application perfect for all skin types where, as yesterday’s primer was better for normal to dry, let’s just get going whoo. It is actually kind of blue and puffy. Oh, that feels nice. Hmm, I can smell like a veggie grill, even though I just washed them and a veggie grill beyond burger for lunch. It’s lunchtime by the way I’ve been so slow with my day, I’m having one of those days, but, oh god, I hate that mustard smell like when you eat food and you wash your hands and your hands still just like. Oh that’s gross. At least this doesn’t smell like anything, because if I was smelling like perfume mustard, so this is not giving me anywhere near the same feeling that the other one did it’s kind of sinking in right away. It’s not giving me like a big moisturization. Kick it’s just a little bit sticky, but it doesn’t have that dimethicone feel to it. It does have a cooling feel, maybe slightly moisturizing. It feels nice. It feels more like a serum than a moisturizer like it’s just, not very thick, even though, when you first put it in your hands, it feels a little bit thicker when you start spreading it across the skin.
It just kind of melts right in very quickly like a serum, you don’t have to do a lot of work with this. That’s cool we’re gonna go into our L’Oreal gosh. I just love this so so much and take a few pumps right here. I am going to apply this with my Beauty, Blender and just do the use. You know wow she’s Blanc, no brows, no, nothing! So just I need some contour ASAP all right. So I’m gonna finish up the face. You guys know the drill and then we will go through the day and compare the two as to how each of them wore right. Now, initially, the foundation went on pretty much the same. The gripping primer had a little bit more of a firming feel to me. This one doesn’t so that’s the only thing that I’m noticing, but the foundation went on the same. There’s no peeling, it went on smoothly and now I’m going to contour conceal, do the rest of it and I’ll be back hello, how’s it going. I’m filming. Yes, you know when you’re gonna have one of those casual days and you’re gonna keep it light and quick and not complicated you’re, not gonna do a bunch of the eyes and lashes and all of that, and then this happens somehow, when I’m on The phone like, I don’t stop like I start laughing and getting into that conversation, and then I forget what I’m doing and then poof here we are, I’m like in the full full glam situation, so we’re just gonna roll with it. The face makeup is exactly the same as it was yesterday. The one weird thing I’ll say it again, and I noticed it right away – is that I don’t feel that firm sensation that I did with the gripping primer both of the primers. They don’t really blur this one just felt more of a moisturizing cooling, interesting feeling I don’t know, I’m kind of I don’t know we’re gonna see how this goes, but I am all set for my day, so I will see you guys in a few hours From now – and we will just do the comparison of how this makeup holds up Manny, you ready go, get it really dude. Okay, let’s see what else you can do come here. Come here sit so pretty show the people, your tricks, good boy, Pookie, lay down good boy. You’Re such a good boy he’s the best pooka intense shaking over there. The husband is making me protein shake cheers guys more calories for Tati and her muscles that need them Appreciate the husband yay, the husband, oh my god, that’s thick.
What flavor is not no! It’s not taste like no more to me how’s My makeup, yeah, just out of curiosity for no reason at all How do you compare this makeup to yesterday’s me? Thank you say you know you can give me your truthful honest answer Think it’s the same You you can’t tell I really don’t yesterday was firmer I don’t remember what your makeup look like yesterday: okay, bye, we’re leaving this conversation now yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say so far I think I like the way yesterday’s felt like yesterday’s felt just a tiny bit better They do both look the same like I’m, not getting shiny or anything, and I think that’s partly the foundation The night is not over, though it is still young, we’re heading out of the house It’s so exciting how’s, my makeup, so my hair is god-awful makeup Good pretty good kind of the same was yesterday You guys know there should be all there’s Look there really We have like a huge difference So it’s past 9 o’clock now we’re heading home, crappiest lighting ever everywhere I go so I’ll See you guys in a little bit ah heavy night guys, so I just finished watching this is us It is past midnight, so I gotta hit the deck The makeup suddenly turned kind of shiny and oily about an hour ago It was really strange because the primary yesterday kept me a little more modified this one’s just slightly dewier, so you guys know where I was headed with all of this I really prefer the gripping primer I love it I’m actually super excited to use again tomorrow and I’m gonna use it with my Tarte blurring primer and then I’m gonna use it with cover affects his blurring primer in here Buca, um and yeah That’s where we land – I hope you guys found this interesting for me to try out a primer two days in a row at the same foundation ring the bell and all of that jazz because YouTube’s been just the teensy weensy weird again recently, so please bring the Bell good energy vibes for everyone Alright, I love you guys so much go have a good night day whatever

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