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Go to the thrift store with me: Autumn 2019 / amazing deal! Chicory

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today we’re gonna be doing another shop with me. Some rifting edition I haven’t been thrifting since I was younger and we haven’t been thrifting together. So I was like this is gonna, be so much fun because you guys know I love shopping and I love a good deal, so I’m always all about finding sales finding stuff at a really affordable price, especially clothes. I really don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes, so that is they’re gonna be doing today.
. I am pumped to be working with them today. Let me tell you, I love thredUP. They actually have inspired me to be a lot more conscious about what I’m buying especially clothing, and I’ve decided to make it a goal of mine to be a little bit more sustainable when it comes to shopping for clothes, clothes that I don’t use, I do donate Them and I sell them on Poshmark, but I’m like you know what I don’t wear a lot of my clothes a lot. So why not go thrifting. So I’m like I might as well go thrift in, because I can get such a great deal and I can find really great brands. So if the write up is actually the world’s largest online thrift store, they have so many really great brands, like name brands, front to 90% off. So it’s like the best way to shop for secondhand stuff. That’s a really great quality. Some of the stuff is actually even new and like brand new with tags on it. So I love throwing up, and I know you guys will too so I will have a link down below for you guys to check it out. If you use my code, you actually get 30% off your purse to wear so make sure to check the description box before you leave. I almost forgot to mention. Also, my favorite thing about throwing up is the fact that they do have an app which makes it super easy to just shop right from your phone you’re able to filter through and depending on what you’re shopping for you can go through and filter out, your searches. So, whether you’re shopping for accessories, shoes, clothes, different brands, women’s juniors – they have it all in there, so it makes it really easy to just shopping from your phone and find some really amazing brands and deals so definitely check it out. I encourage you guys to download the app I have it and it’s super easy to navigate. So I’m gonna show you guys a couple pieces that I did get from there and then we’re gonna head out to Goodwill and do a little shopping and see what else we can find so hope.
don’t forget to thumbs snack and let’s get Stone it and start thrifting. So here is my box full of goodies from thredUP. I have all of my clothing pieces in here. You can see everything is wrapped up so nicely and I love the little polka dots on the wrapping paper as well. The polka-dots are right on the box super cute, so I’m gonna do a little Tryon portion and show you guys some of the pieces that I got okay. So this is the first thing that I got just a really cute. They did a jean jacket. This is actually from the bethany mota collection at arrow pastel, and i love the way that this fits. I got it in a size, medium and i just have a white bodysuit underneath, but i love this acid-wash super super cute and I just feel like with this eye makeup. Honestly, I’m really digging this look so originally. This is $60 on thredUP, only 18 99, which port a jean jacket, you guys know theya can run really really expensive, and this is like really good quality. So such a great deal – and I love the way that this fits next up. We have these adorable jeans, I love just a classic blue jean. I feel you can wear these with pretty much anything like with the bodies through a sweater, a flannel. I love the way these fit. They are super high waisted. They fit really nicely that are very stretchy and comfortable, and you can see that they hug the body really really nicely so these originally $48 on thredUP only $14.99. I love the way these fit and I’m not a big Jean person, but these I love. I also wanted to mention that I am about to try on this hoodie, but it does come with the original tags on it. So sometimes you will find that certain pieces will have original tags brand-new, which is like such a steal, because you’re still gonna get it at a discounted price, even if it does come with tags. So I love that about thread up as well. I love this hoodie, it’s basically a cropped hoodie that you could pretty much wear with anything jeans like I’m wearing today or to the gym with leggings or shorts biker shorts. It’s just such a casual, versatile hoodie. The quality is so nice. It is so soft and I love this color, so this is actually the sweater that I just told you guys that has brand-new a tags on it, so this is like brand-new for a really great thrifted price.
So originally this was $60 on thread up only 1199 and the brand is Prince Fox, which is a brand from American Eagle, so love this hoodie and it does come obviously with the hood on the back. If you’re wondering so love it okay. So next up I have this really cute casual dress. This is actually from the Kendall and Kylie line originally $48 on thredUP, only eighteen ninety-nine. So I got this in a size medium. It does fit really nicely. As you can see, it’s just a really cute simple dress, but I feel, like you need a bout with this just to kind of cinch in a little bit so that it hugs the body a little bit better. So it doesn’t look so boxy. So I just threw this on. Obviously this is not a belt that I would use, but I just wanted to show you guys that I felt what this dress would be super cute. I need to get something. That’s like better. This is just like a cheap belt that I have but yeah something that would just kind of cinch it in like that. You see and then it’ll be that much cuter, but I love this outfit like some sandals or something okay and just to show you. This is what the dress looks like without the belt on, like I said, I’m not gonna use that belt with it. I just wanted to kind of give you guys an example of like sort of an idea of what it would look like if you did have a belt, but you can see like it does fit. It’s really comfy. I love stuff like this, because it’s so quick and easy, but it kind of just like go straight down my body where I feel like with a belt, if you kind of just like tie it that way, it’ll just like look a little bit more flattering, but I love this outfit. The last thing that I got is this super adorable halter top you guys know. I love tops like this there I feel like really versatile, also not just for summer. I could always throw this under a jean jacket and be good to go as well. That’s probably what I’m gonna do, especially once it starts to get cold out, but I really like this even with what I’m wearing like the jeans like for going out or something I feel like this is super cute, so the brand is airy. I got this in a size and medium originally $24 on thredUP for only $6.99. So those are some of the pieces that I got from thredUP now you can go ahead and go in stores and start at thrifting.
Ok, I got a couple of things here. I got this really simple gray crop top. I’m gonna try this stuff on before I get it of course, and then I got this for the gym. I thought this would be really perfect and simple. This is actually in a large, so it is a little bit big, or at least it looks big. So I’m gonna try that on first, but it’s from the brand chalky and it looks like really good quality, and then I also like I showed you guys found this Penn State shirt. This looks really big, but I feel like it would be perfect for fall with some leggings and then just the forever 21 bodysuit, which I really like this color. It’s like a blue purple and it’s really really cute. So I’m gonna try these on, but I’m gonna browse around here and see what else I can find. They have a lot of variety here. I’m obsessed with animal print, I feel like this is super cute with like some black skinny jeans and like a little cami underneath I love it. It looks kind of oversized I feel like I could just tuck it into my jeans, so I’m gonna get this and try it on you know. I know I already have like two turtlenecks, but I love turtlenecks with jeans and a fall in winter. This with like a light pair of jeans and some little like booties or something so random, but I love how everything in here is color-coordinated. I haven’t been thrifting, like I said since I was younger and I remember it being like super messy when I was younger, but I love how everything is like super organized here, I’m actually finding like a lot of really really cute things. Okay, clearly, I’m obsessed with sweater other, it’s like my favorite, so lots of like earthy tones for fall, so I’m gonna try this stuff on, and hopefully we have a lot of winners and, of course, it’s affordable, which I love. I love me a good deal. Okay, so pretty successful trip, I’m about to pay for everything right now, so this is the yes pile. I’m going to show you guys a little try on haul. Once I get home, I found a lot of really really cute stuff, and then this is the no pile which isn’t bad. To be honest, there’s only four things here that I’m not going to get just because they didn’t really fit properly. But everything else is a winner, so let’s go pay and then try everything on and shout out to actor for always helping me out with my shop with Me’s, alright guys.
So I am back home. I’m gonna show you guys what I got. I’m gonna just put each thing up by twos up on my mirror right here I have everything in hangers. I am of course, gonna wash everything just a little FYI. So the first thing that I got is this really nice long, sleeve, Penn State shirt for those of you who don’t know I did go to Penn State I graduated last May and I liked Penn State stuff and especially for loungewear, it’s very comfortable. It’s casual! It’s cute, so I got this in a size medium. It is obviously still very oversized, but with like leggings and moccasins is just a really simple, lounge outfit. So love that and then I also did get this zip up. Long-Sleeve perfect for the gym. I like how it’s all black, I love wearing like black clothing to the gym, and then I also like the like white kind of trim that it has on the sides. I feel like it’s very flattering. Next, I got two turtlenecks I feel like you just can’t. Go wrong with them, especially for fall and winter, with some jeans. So the first one is like a nice taupey brown color. I got both of these in a size, medium. The brown one fits a little bit bigger than the black one, but I feel like tucked in it would still be fine and then the black one is just sleek simple, but I love all black. Obviously I feel like it makes you look thinner, so you can never go wrong with all black and then I got this running shirt, which is like a really nice rose, pink color. I think this is perfect for the gym. This is also in a size, medium, and I love the way that it fits it’s a little bit bigger, but I don’t like to wear really tight clothing in general, but especially to the gym. So I really like that, and then I also did get just this really basic long, sleeve grey crop top. That I feel like would be perfect with just a nice pair of jeans, or maybe even some leggings and an oversized sweater over top. And I like the little scrunchy detail that it does have on the sleeves and on the bottom of the shirt. And I actually got this one in a size large, I feel like with my boobs and the large was much needed I really love these next two sweaters, because the colors are perfect, so the first one is like a really pretty cream shade it’s in a size, medium and it’s like a cardigan sort of sweater.
It has some buttons on the side and it has a tie as well I just feel like this is really casual You can throw it over anything and then I, the other oatmeal colored sweater, which is also a little bit oversized a little bit longer So I feel like I could wear it with leggings or jeans or anything, so I did end up getting the animal print button up I believe this is like cheetah or leopard I love it I love the colors It is a little bit more oversized, but I would wear this with some high-waisted black skinny jeans and kind of tied in the front Maybe with like a brown smokey eye and a red lip, I think that would be a really nice fit, though I like the oversized look with this particular top, and then I did get this really nice burnt orange e Brown sweater This is actually in a size Small and I feel like this sweater could even be a little bit off the shoulder, which would look really nice as well, and the last two pieces that I got are two more turtlenecks So the first one I really love this color and I like the way that it fit This is actually from H & M It’s brand new with the tags on it and you can see it does have a little hole right up There actually did that by accident when I was trying it on I stretched the neck portion a little bit too much So obviously I just ended up buying it and I can just stitch it up It was super affordable So it’s not a big deal I’m just gonna sew It and it’ll be like a brand new again and then I got a baby pink turtleneck This shade of pink in particular, is my fave, especially with some blue jeans So those are the last two items that I got so that officially completes this shop with me I hope you guys enjoyed it thrifting together Hopefully this inspired you to go out and thrift as well, don’t forget to check the description box Once again I do have a coat for you guys to get 30% off your first order on thredUP and once again big I love you guys so much don’t forget to subscribe before you leave and I will see you in a few days in my next one, we’re just beautiful

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