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Go to the worst nail salon in my city (wtf…)

30 Sep , 2019  

Good morning guys it’s cure here, welcome back to my channel.. I’m going to get my nails done, which is my favorite thing to do, except for the fact that I’m not going to my regular nail salon today, I’m actually going to the worst review nail salon in my city. I live in Atlanta. So there’s a lot a lot of nail salons around here, so I went on Yelp and I just looked up which one had the worst stars. This is the one that I found near me and this one has two stars.
It has two stars on a yoke and I just want to read some of these reviews for you before we go in there, so we both know what I’m up for someone said. If I can give this place 0 stars, I would excuse my language, but the workers in this place are rude s. If unprofessional and can’t even do nails, this nail salon is so ratchet loud and ghetto it’s in the underground. So what can you expect? The workers are always loud and unprofessional. There’s bums inside sometimes selling things like socks. What? What? If I give myself it don’t waste your time here, go to a different place. This place is horrible and a waste of office space I’m gonna be so mad. I’m about to be so mad man, this lauren is all over the place. First off is ratchet literally the last time I came here. Customer who appeared to be a blood gang member rushed out without paying threatening to shoot. This up, there’s gotta, be a joke. Oh, my goodness, I am actually not excited starting route. 265 Peachtree Street Southwest. Alright sis lead the way I don’t know where Northey is so I wanna. Let you guys know that I have my nails done and I’m taking them all specifically. For these reasons, so I took one hand off, but then I got too lazy to take the other hand off, so I’m gonna just have them do it and they probably gonna be like this girl is ready.
She only got one I’m gonna drop. My camera – I just know they’re gonna – think I’m so ratchet like I only got one set of nails – honest okay since you’re gonna have to stop talking over me all right. So the GPS is telling me that I’m here and yeah, this look kind of great all right. So I’m here, but I don’t know where to park like where is the parking? Can I just park on the street? Does that can I do that? Cuz? I don’t see nobody else doing that, but I’m bout to lunation is on your left, 65 Peachtree Street Southwest what all right, that’s it Jesus hick can I park I’m not sure what apartheid I think, I’m just gonna turn around. Where do you park? I don’t. I don’t be in the city, I don’t know where to park. Oh now I gotta go all the way back around really. This is confusing me, oh, but they had a bird, oh, my goodness, so I don’t know where to park. I bought the park over here is three dollar parking yeah? Let’s do that this ain’t, my element – and this is the area that I’m in, Oh God, smelling we hi um, I get a full set, so this hand doesn’t have anything on it, but this hand does so. Can you just take all this paint off and make this thing? Look like this. You gonna do a whole new set. Okay y’all hurt, so what four nine six I feel really and actually changed my mind. So he’s like why the my wife, first of all it smells like straight weed in there like death smell, is ridiculous. Let me cross the street anyways. I am pissed. Look at the freaking shape. They look like some duck feet, nails they look wide and boxy. I told him that I want to do the short and coffin short coffin. I don’t know what this is. You guys can’t really see, but the nail polish is really um messy I wish it would focus better, but look how blocky my nails look.
I am disgusted I’m not gonna sit here and like trash the whole thing cuz it wasn’t that bad like it wasn’t horrible, but I wouldn’t go back, but it was cheap Ok, don’t get me wrong I paid thirty dollars for my nails and, in my other place, I’ll get the same exact thing It’Ll cost me like 45, but I hate my freakin nails This was a horrible experience It’s smell disgusting In there my nail man had a full-on attitude with me The whole time like before I can even sit down yeah absolutely Why are you so mad? It was just crazy Let me just let you get a better look at my nails Oh, it won’t focus, but can you see the paint job it’s like on my cuticles? It’s so boxy the shape is Oh, I just hate the shape so much Oh, my god What in the world and then I have acrylic? Oh, it won’t focus, but I have acrylic all under my nails like I’m trying to like push it out, but this shape is disgusting That’s the main thing I’m worried about whoa, guys, I’m gonna rape This whole experience on a yo, I’m gonna give it three stars, maybe two and a half, because it was in a very like bad area for me to be by myself On top of that is stunk in there and he was just like throwing things on the floor the whole time On top of that, my nails look ugly On top of that, he had a nasty attitude so yeah two and a half stars for me When I go back, no did I expect more because it was in the hood Yes, because, usually when you go to the hood, it looks a lot better Like the hood, I always do the best nails, but I was highly disappointed Anyways, I’m on my way to class, I’m a little too bougie follow this, but it’s whatever I’ll talk to you guys later bye, guys

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