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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome to this week’s oMG Tuesday. We are in a new environment – oh my god, but it is not the new Beauty studio. So this is just a new space that I finally had like some wallpaper put up and some currents instead of just like boring. Nothing in the background, so I thought maybe I would give it a try filming in here and doing something a little different, because we are also doing something a little bit different with this week’s oMG Tuesday, instead of trying out one product and going through the day.
I picked up a bunch of really strange, weird items that we’re going to kind of talk about. I went to Ulta and I literally was zigzagging through the store, I’m always on that weird mission to find something new that jumps out at me that I’m like huh. Maybe this could be cool, or maybe this would work. What is this crazy thing that I’m holding this is from Bed Head? This is the texture averted. This is a tourmaline ceramic texturizing iron, and I saw this and I had to have it. I was like how, like you, can do some damage. This could also be a self-defense weapon. You could actually probably use it in the kitchen Pacific strange, I’m actually going to keep this up and we’re going to try it out. I specifically wore my hair spray today so that I could see the kind of curl and texture that I could get out of this strange curling iron. It kind of does look like a weapon right. I mean you could like scrape your windshield with this in the winter. What is this, this dust heat up to 400 degrees that has an auto shutoff. It will set you back 29.99. So, let’s have some fun and plug this sucker in and see exactly what it does. I’m going to go on medium high, that’s kind of what I always do. I never like cranking irons up all the way, it’s kind of weird. Yes, it doesn’t have like a little thing where you like, set it down and it doesn’t touch your table, but what the heck we’re just going to go with it and hope that I don’t burn the place down. But before I go in with the hot tool, I want to put on a little snail CC cream from tendrĂ¡. This is an all-in-one anti-aging CC cream for your hair. When I saw a little snail on here, I’ll just Rose, you know snail secretion. Apparently, it’s a good new hip thing and it’s great in your skincare, it’s great in hair care. It has healing properties. Literally, on the back of this, it says it’s going to help doling thinning break and tris dryness elasticity, porosity, scalp, irritation, unmanageability, which learners I have, and course textures has no parabens no sulfates, and it also says that no snails are harmed in the production of this Product, why do I feel like a snail on here and I immediately think it’s going to stink.
I don’t like snails. I love animals, but, like anything slimy to me kind of makes me want to go. I actually read the article with like an actual snail facial where they literally put snails on your face and they like kind of climb around on your face. I don’t know if I could do that. I think I might think that I would be like a good sport and then I would actually throw up like during the treatment and run out screaming, and it would be like a whole, traumatic event in my life. Okay, so, let’s see what this is all about. Comes out kind of like any other hair cream and actually those smell very good at all. To be honest, it it smells very patchouli and a little bit musky. So this is a leave-in cream, you’re, probably more likely to put it on wet hair before you blow-dry. Oh it’s this, but you can use this on dry hair, so there we have it. I just use it on dry hair. I kind of smell a little bit like straight patchouli. Now, while the curling iron is still heating up. Actually, that’s hot hell right now, okay, but I want to move on to one more thing before we go back to the hair. Let’s take a look at this weird little guy from Tony moly. This is the ink cushion liner and it looks like a calligraphy pen, which I don’t know what a liner itself is and I’m like. Oh well, it’s you crazy product. I just think that this little guy sitting on your vanity, it looks kind of cool right. I think it’s me, so I want to try this on the back of my hand and see what the ink is all about. Oh my gosh, actually, that’s a lot different than what I thought it would be. This actually just got even cuter. So this is your for your eyeliner and it sits on the top like this. I love that I keep being surprised more and more through the journey of opening this product up, so you actually have a cushion liner right in here kind of similar to your cushion foundations, let’s kind of go in and see. Oh, that’s like really intense dude. I need to put on my eyes like right now, yeah I’m kind of living for that right now. I kind of love the packaging. I love the formula. Oh my gosh, look. How rich that is! The brush is fantastic. I kind of need to get over. I, like you, okay, moving on. Let’s go back to these freaking weird thing that is heated up now, I’m going to do this the way I would like a normal wrap around kind of a situation: curling iron – oh my god! Why is this so weird to me and interesting? We’Ll just do a few pieces.
A lot of you guys always want a tutorial with my hair. Really I don’t do anything like that spectacular. It’s not like I’m like putting cool braids in my hair. Anything like that. It’s blown out and then I wrap my hair around like one and a half inch curling iron, and that is about it. It doesn’t really get more coal or spectacular than that. What is this iron for you? Is this the right way to use it, because I kind of think I just jacked everything up that looks horrible so supposed to just like be right at the root. You look the root for something. What are you, if any of you guys know how to use that? I hurt, because makeup is the thing that I am good at comfortable with understand, hair stuff kind of makes my head spin a little bit. So if you’ve seen an iron like that – and you know exactly what you’re supposed leave it in the comments below another haircare item, I have different topics which I actually really enjoy. The power that you just kind of sprinkle on your scalp. If you have any areas of your scalp that are more visible, doodle, italic or if you have thinning hair – and you want to cover that up to totally cat – and there are little fibers – they work magic. I have a tablet back here that I usually cover up with a little bit of teasing and hairspray, but I used to really love using the topics. The actual fibers just to cover that up and I’m really self-conscious of it like I used to feed photos, might be likes by bulk, but my phone spot and every hair stylist is like to calm down. It’s not a bald spot. It’s actually where your hair is parting and growing like this way, and that way, so it’s fine, it’s natural. It happens with most people’s hair, but with darker hair against a very pale scalp. It feels to me, like it’s very, very visible, long story short. I have this guy now on hand that I am really hopeful, for. I think this is going to be cool. This is actually not a dry shampoo and it’s not just these fiber colored bits themselves. It is actually a colored hair thickener. So this is like a texturizing spray that when you use it at the really is going to give you a little bit of coverage as well ieave your roots done anyway, so I’m hoping maybe this will work out a little bit. Oh, my god, do you see that oh whoa? Do we see what just happened? Whoa? Oh? What am I done? Actually I do really like that. I can tell from feeling it the texture is really nice really gross brown pigment on your fingertips.
So if I just think in front of me I’d be washing my hands, I think that’s a pretty cool product, it’s a texturizer and the little pigments all in one, and it has a nice just really. Nice gritty feel I love using the orb, a dry, texturizing spray or the triple sec from dry bar, and I think I’m going to put that one in rotation for sure I kind of like I just put my finger and electric socket right now. I don’t have a big mirror in front of me either, so I’m kind of going off of the monitor – let’s just put the hair back for a moment, James making fun of me so hard for this. I have a weird habit of taking makeup brushes and using them kind of like a chopstick to secure a bun, just been a weird thing that I’ve been doing recently, I don’t know, did you guys in high school ever like to stick a pen in your hair? I used to do that all the time until my mom got so mad at me, one time because I was leaning back on the couch and I like got glue and curl moving my head around because I didn’t have to cap on it. I have a lipstick duo to try out that I’m really excited about it is the smokey lifted from lipstick. Queen, we all know. how many of you guys loved. I will link it below it’s a green lipstick that color changes with your pH and your body temperature, and it’s become a product that my mom’s obsessed with. So she discovered that through of course. So this is a lipstick duo. You get a matte formula, lipstick and then you get these smoky with topper, which essentially, you can put over any matte lipstick that you already own, and it’s just going to make it a more intense kind of smoky effect. On your lip, I only know what that’s all about, but you know knees, I’m serious as me, so I had to grab it and try it. So this color right here by the way is so of my alley. This is like such a beautiful gorgeous nude. That’s actually not that mad. What are they talking about? This is pinky nude Center. It says, get ready for the biggest trend since the smokey eye. It’s the smokey list, a sheer black with gold flecks meant to be layered over a full coverage lipstick. So I guess not a matte with just kind of making that up, you can apply the smokey with tougher over any full coverage. Lipstick or you can break all the rules and wear the one. If you want to it does say that this is a matte lipstick. It’s that this is satin matte. What does that even mean? I don’t really think so. It’s a really beautiful color, but this set will cost you a $35 So it’s a pricey little duo, we’re going to see what this guy right here is all about.
I got a dual major close-up for you guys, because this is kind of hypnotizing to look at okay Let’s go in, I don’t really get it past, really pretty peachy color, but I don’t know that I was paid $35 for the duo when the topcoat is just weird mayonnaise for your hair Actually, no, it’s just tony moly tricking you with the cute packaging Again, this is called the heyyo heyyo hair sleeping pack I use this tonight I will report to you in the description box below of how it went down There is not any English on the back of packaging, like the only English you get is the name on tear and the beef scent is vanilla and coconut, and that is for all hair types Why does this have such intense packaging on it? Really hey Jose? Oh, oh, my god, it smells like bleach, I’m not even exaggerating Oh my god, I smells like bleach, oh okay, cool! That’s why they put plastic eyes, because if anybody open that up and smell that they’d be like nevermind someone’s about to walk in the door right now, hey Jose! Oh, come here! I want! I will you James come here Yes, I’m not fit for camera It does not matter, you still come online and put them together, no smell It wait heyyo heyyo what the hell is Now we tricked you what is a hair, conditioner and now you’re bald I said it smells like spa because it smells like it smells like cleaning stuff Would you support me putting this liberally on my hair and going to bed like you know, I think the CEO actually smells like a clean bathroom and it would just be weird sleeping next to you like that, and I will clean that room cuddle me as I Do later, I kind of see one more weird product like out of the corner of my eye that I want to like crawl on the floor and go and get hold on This is not that crazy, but it is kind of different It’s a shower foam I’m a big fan of hand, soaps that are like Sony and don’t make a big like gross mess You know I’d say like in your bathroom: you have the option of like liquid soap or the phonies, and I like to phone me soap and now there’s a shower for me, this has the deep moisture, nutriyum humor and complex whatever they have going on So you go like that: can you wash your body? Ok self-explanatory? That was not that gravy That’s just me really reaching alright Please give it a thumbs up If you did, I love you guys so much, and I will see you all in two months

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