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Golf with Robbie Williams – MatchPlay Challenge

30 Sep , 2019  

Alright guys welcome back to the channel I’m down here aboard here in Wiltshire, beautiful Golf Course: I’ve got a guest to the channel. This guy is a superstar and only recently I know this guy plays golf. Everybody welcome mr. Robbie Williams, hello, everybody. I don’t think plays golf is I attempt to hit the ball? He’s done all right. So far, he’s done all right, this is kind of session number two we thought while we’re down here. Let’s do a little mini match, so where did the golf stop Rob? How did it all well? I was a junior member of course called Burslem in stoke-on-trent and I think it was fifty quid a year to be a junior member.
There I played for a couple of years and was obsessed, but I didn’t have any lessons and I kept practicing mistakes. Okay and although I love the game and love watching golf on the TV and was engrossed with it all, I just wasn’t progressive and then a joint take that and that took up all of my time. Next time I started playing, I’m not stupid about 2425 played for a couple of months. We’Re still practicing mistakes got frustrated jacked. It is then, twelve years ago I got obsessed obsessed and I was hitting 200 balls a day coming on the range playing 36 holes coming home and watching the DVD when there was DVDs to watch and then repeat the process. This was before wife. You had before kids yeah and then I had their ten over and an eight over and a seven over then a five over, and I saw I’m that guy now I’ve, cracked it and then I couldn’t break a hundred for about ten games and I kept going Right, I didn’t know what I was doing. You would think that at that point, you’d go and get a lesson yeah. I did not. I threw my clubs down and I didn’t pick them up again until five weeks ago. This time, I’m enlisting the help of professionals in the shape of mr. Rick shields, even though I wasn’t playing golf, it’s really frustrating with flashes of brilliance that make you keep coming back. But this time more than any other time I’m not gonna give up. This is a race to single figures. There you have it so before it rains down here we were actually gonna get out on the main course, but it’s been horrible weather, so we’re going to shoot out a little mini cosplay for your holes and see how Robbie Williams plays golf. Did you get good news? Last minute change of plan rocks going on the big course you’ve been promoted? There’s nobody out there because, honestly, the rain has been biblical.
All morning. We didn’t think the golf course link and like deep politeness: it’s not stopped raining, but we’ve we found a window of opportunity. We’Re gonna. Take it so I’m gonna play three holes, probably gonna play 10, 11 and 18. How many shirts you giving me? I’m gonna get really no way to on each I’ll. Give you one shot on each one shot each and we’ll we’ll play for five pounds: five pounds, five pounds all right, then yeah. So here we go ten fold just under 400 yards both going. We driver’s stroke index 9 welcome folks to the three hole boy band, invitational rake wasn’t necessarily in a boy band. No, you should have seen the dance moves he was cutting in my kitchen last night because of that he’s allowed you good luck, everybody straight down par. Four, nothing much to it couple of bunkers book tea shop walls. Do you find oh look at it, easy, so Rick shields on the 10th hole. Yet you know what I didn’t quite catch it, but it’s in the middle and it’s got a distance. I’m happy bit left so depends probably 190 away, which is in between clubs. For me, yeah, a distance that I can’t reach. It was a good Drive. You swept by a little fairway, but with it being so, what we’ve serious got no roll out or pins down there. When I hit this, I’m there for one right, that’s a par five for me, I’ll just lay up and go for it. My sensible wait here for I okay I’ll shut. That is perfect. That robbed right into the mouth of the green today, the weather’s, a big factor, the cold and the rain, although it’s not raining right now have considerably lessened the distances yeah Rick cities Drive. If I was being honest, it’s 210 a one to five left of the green, so I written about 270 280 I’m going to hit a pitching wedge, try and fly it all the way there always replace you did it I’m a great shot there just pull their Bit so it’s gone a fraction long, so 58 degrees got about 50 yards last window. Shoulder-To-Shoulder 58 degree. Greens are soft, so you can fly it all the way there puts it close and piles on the pressure, I’m off the green just to the left. We’Ll probably will be putted, ah, you’ve nipped it come up short just slid under it.
A little bit put in front of the green. No book left himself a long path. What now? What, if you enjoyed about you, return to golf so far up what I’ve enjoyed is a purpose getting up in the morning, knowing that I’m about to do something better myself or maybe frustrate myself, but in between promo for albums doing gigs. Various appearances have something to do and an aim yeah. What you’ve got coming up. You’ve got an album called out yeah, but it’s not until Christmas, but I’ve got a bit of. I got some odds and sods to do before then I’m entering the fresh air. You know and I’m enjoying the flashes of brilliance – that’s pretty good, close Rick shields, everybody! Okay, my god, that’s good! Okay, so I mean for for I’ve, got this for a hawk this for a half. Yes, nice work, good ha ha. 11Th, all 187 par 3. 4. I and I hid in a for I because I’m not clearing my hips and I can’t get distance with my irons but come and ask me again in three months: changes right, that’s being realistic with his distresses right nice for iron, it’s a little bit of the Right best here, you got a shot down there, though, but not perfect, but not around this okay, so my shot was a bit toilet. Let’s see how it’s doing right, misdirections the call Oh social golf for you whispering. I felt like you were no! No! No! It’s just doing my Peter Alliss. I was big in you up, but I was doing my Peter Alliss commentary. What’s this then Rick well yeah, it’s 58 you’re in a little bit of a rough live, but you’re only 50 yards away from the flag. So it’s yeah shoulder to shoulder 58 degree and the confident one you’re always better to be a bit long on this. That’s a beauty that is a beauty. Wow nice shot rubsip our wet Sun don’t hit quite as far behind the ball and not quite a longer swing yeah. It’s pretty good jump on the green, give myself a chance with path. Rubs fortunes come on, so I want your nice few weeks close pocket stroke and it looks fine in distance control very hard to judge get our back shafted out of good practice, just a par on number 11. You know what don’t mean anything go in right. Let’s head down 18 last hole up in the match, so final hole of the March rough can’t lose he’s one up one to play. We’Re here. In the 18th holes, we’ve jumped across 370 yards going back towards the clubhouse good-looking hole.
Actually, a slight dogleg to the right. Rob’s got the big stick out, got the big stick out and I’ve been turning about these big bombs. I’ve been eating, but so far you’ve. Yet to see one hopefully I’ll be able to shift the hips get through it and prove that I’ve not been making fisherman tails it does help. snap, the left leg, all my life, I’m not snapping my left leg, the time to do it and drive it master come sit down a bit. I got finished, it’s all right thing going the bunker. No! Thank you not a bomb, but a whiz-bang big shields, doing one of the race to Dubai. Okay, not the actual golf tournament, just excellent Judy for a didn’t, see it, but you posing really well. So I think you liked it finish, and I find the book. No, it took a little bit of a tight line. Hopefully it’s carried the real long garbage, but it might just be rough, but I cut the corner off a little bit too much should be right. Okay, let’s go find it so 150 front 162. The back Rob and you’re just in the roof of this left-hand side. Well, I’m in a bit smart gonna take the 5-iron yeah, that’s sensible, give it a bit of wet roof, there’s not much wind. You ideally want to chase it up. This is what we’ve got: that’s it she winning formula, and then that happens and that’s golf everybody. That’s golf in a nutshell, guys. I told myself to do all of the things and then my body and mind you spent still I’m there for one right. If you ever find a golf ball like that on the golf course yeah, it’s a 2007 Robbie Williams, golf ball and got about 70 hours left in okay. So I’m on a bank, yes where’s, my wait! Where am i fee? Ideally, you want to try and position yourself as closely with the bank as possible, so try not to fight it too much yeah the ball will off this type. A lie with a wedge is more predominantly gonna go to the left. So basically, the ball is above above Rob’s feet, so you want to go slightly right at the flag if it does pull left. It’s actually in the middle of the green. I’D go not as far right as that. Keep going show me what you got. I take it all back, told you take it back, so Rick’s absolutely creamed this one. This is just a different game When you cut out that corner there bomb it over that tree and then just place it 40 yards from the pin.
That’s what you want! You got to be like well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen Rick shields has done just that How many yards no pressure where’d he go, excuse my zoom-in skills That was the first time I’ve attempted to be Pete Finch Okay, it came you prove me wrong You know that’s knowing your own game This is what we got left Rob’s got this for par, but effectively a birdie with his shot, and I’ve got that for a birdie but pulled up a little bit short Rob this down the hill mines up the hill down Here on the 18th hole that burl wood beautiful Golf Course definitely worth coming playing for the best part in history Oh, oh, that wasn’t far off I give that Rob right in for bogey for par So I’ve got this Oh five pounds Please! Hmm unlucky! That’s tough backdrop: hey thanks, Rick, so yeah, I think Robbie’s uh Robbie’s game in the last few weeks has come on leaps and bounds, but I came down here about three weeks ago Our main mission was to break 100 Rob’s doing that comfortably every single round Now, what’s been your best so far, 84 84 yeah, that’s pretty solid yeah What’s the goal for the end of the year, what would you love to shoot? I reckon I’m gonna get myself a really easy target to hit okay to be not delusional So I want to be hit in low weight is towards the end of the year That’s realistic! You know it’s sensible three out of five times each round Let’s, let’s do that and get a crop and get a proper handicap It’s 13 at the moment, but I that’s yeah, but you know it’s tough to play to the ante cap systems a bit of a bandit in itself: okay, Rick Thank you very much for coming down to bare wood today and taking me through my paces Your channel is amazing It’s entertaining now for a couple of years I want to thank you personally for me to get back into golf all those people out there in internet land If you are interested in golf, come to this man channel he’s the best one That’s out there I don’t go, follow up and see What’s going on, he has a great user Chandler’s vloggy Williams, definitely worth checking out right, peace out see y’all soon, and that is me and Robbie Williams Out on the golf course You

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