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Gothic upper dark lips John Maclean

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone I’m going to be creating a look for you today with dark red lips. No, I think dark lips can be worn by absolutely everybody. It of course, depends on the finish, the texture and the opacity, so some people will suit a dark rate which isn’t very, very opaque. It’s very sheer certainly on individuals that are more mature. I do tend to find sheer formulas in a very dark red. Do tend to be most flattering, it also depends on your skin tone.
Some people will suit a much warmer dark red, where some people will suit a much cooler, a dark red, something that’s more blue, based like myself. Of course you can wear whatever you want absolutely, but there are certain steps, techniques and characteristics to bear in mind when picking a dark red to wear or choosing a dark red to wear. I am a great believer that anyone can wear a red lip and certainly a dark red lip. It just has to be the correct tone for you for your skin tone for your eye. Contour your lip shape. All of these things are very important, because dark lips do tend to make lips look much smaller than they actually are. That’s something to definitely bear in mind if you have slightly thinner lips, but if you are very large lips, it concerns look a little bit stuck on the kind of look that I’m going to create today has slight Parisian references. It also has some 1920s and 1930s references. Red lipstick is a color. That’s been worn everywhere, all around the world. It doesn’t matter what culture you are in red has always been a color that has been used in makeup for millennia, but with the kind of look that I’m creating today, I like to blank the face, and what I mean by that is talks. You were a very simple makeup all over the face, so very clean, very natural, looking makeup, not too much on the eyes, not too much on the cheeks, but the lip becomes the focal point of the look. So I know when you’re applying dark tones to the lips, it can wash out the rest of the face. It can drain the color if you have super fair skin, like my old, alright super dark skin. This look does seem to look fantastic, but if you are someone that fits in between that spectrum, you might have to adjust the tone you might have to add a little bit more bronzer or blush, but let’s kind of like I’m going to wear any blusher, I’m Just going to wear the dark lips and then come to her and very faint contouring, no, I have already gone in and applied foundation, concealer powder and eyebrows, and today I have already gone in and used embryo Lee’s black cream concentrate just to moisturize and prepped.
My skin for foundation, I applied Kat Von D’s Lockport foundation in the shade light 42 neutral for under eye correction and pin point concealing here and there, where need be. I used one of kryolan’s derma, color, cream concealers and for additional coverage in areas where required. I applied Kat Von D’s, Lockard concealer in the shade L one neutral. Then I applied Studio, Fix powder foundation in the shade n, w10 and then lightly set it all through with a translucent powder. This one is by Inglot and it is their mattifying at loose powder. I then stenciled out a base for my eyebrows with kryolan’s Democrat cream concealer in the shade D 40 and then set that cream in place and drew in tiny little hairs with fine strokes with some of mac cosmetics powder eyeshadow in the shade of brown. Now, as the base and eyebrows have already been applied, I’m going to begin on the eyes and I’m going to keep them very, very simple. So, first of all, I’m going to go in with some of mac cosmetics, powder eye shadow in the shade of Brule and I’m applying that all over the eyelid and buffing it up and out to the eyebrow on ears over two to eight brush. This tone is slightly darker than my natural skin tone, but it’s fantastic at just evening out the eye and acting like a base for our transition color, I don’t tend to use primer on the eyelid or Paint Pots. I do tend to find Paint Pots usually come in a rather feldman your alike color, so they don’t really suit. My skin tone, I’m just buffing that outward winging it up and outward onto the brow bone and slightly into the temple just a slight amount of shape, but very very faint. Then I’m taking a little bit of that brulee on a Mac, two one, seven and just buffing it underneath ever so slightly and as most of the product is no no longer really in the brush and is buffing everything through just ensure seamlessness, which is something I’m Very fond of now, I’m going to play only a slight amount of mac cosmetics, powder eyeshadow in the shade or mica, which would be a contra car overall, so she’ll be using it on the eyes just to add a little bit of sculpture and definition as well As on the cheekbones to contour, and I’m first of all applying that underneath on a Charles Fox, eight one, four, six zero three one brush – and I don’t want to apply too much of this – I just want there to be a pink shadow so that we have Some shape you can always go back in with your two one, seven from before, and just buff that through that’s really all I’m really going to apply, depending on your skin tone, just use, something that is your contour color.
That will work fantastically if Omega is too light for you now, instead of taking the color through the crease and blending it across the eye like that, what I’m actually going to do is apply it above the crease slightly just about everything that is pale on the Lid remains pale, but we will still get sculpture through the eye, so I’m only taking a tiny bit of that Omega on my to one seven and I’m just stippling that on first of all stippling it round the area that I want to darken rather than buffing Through and as you can see that just lifts the eye without reducing any of the lightness on the eyelid, but also sculpts and broadens the eye, I will give an example with a clean two on seven. Instead of taking your blending brush and drawing through the crease like that, what I’m doing is drawing outside of it, so where the line of the creases we draw on the other side of it, on top of it, rather than going through that, that is what I’m Doing just on top of it, you can go back in with your two two seven and just sweep over what you’ve applied now. One thing that I think is Sacre sent is to connect what you’ve applied underneath into the socket, or would you apply it on top? Just let it all looks meet unless, of course, you’re doing a look where you do not wish to have that. I’D always make the recommendation to do so and were not drawing in the lighter here. I’m connecting the bull round just like that and I’m connecting the two together on an anklet pencil brush. This one is the 8o h, PS brush and, as you can see, they’re just connected together now and then I’m quickly going to go back in with our two and seven and just blend those edges just to ensure that it is as seamless as possible. And if we compare the two eyes together this one that we’ve applied this technique to lift the eye, whereas this one doesn’t have the same additional lift or enlarging, and you can just go back in and blend everything through. It’s all very faint, and so that there are less seems to be seen now. So that’s all of the eyeshadow now complete and I’m going to curl my eyelashes and give them a really good curl, and then I’m going to apply, of course, some of the bombs. What’s your type mascara in the shade black, my current go to mascara. No personally, I don’t have the best relationship with mascara, as I’ve stated in many of my films before so I always like to apply it.
Mascara was looking down in a mirror so that I can see exactly where the mascara is going and then for the underneath of the eye, and I don’t really want to apply it too much mascara to the lower lashes, I’m just going to blacken them ever so Slightly I’m just taking this lash brush by mac cosmetics, just a planet very faintly, so that more or less completes the eyes. I’m then going to take some of mac cosmetics, powder eyeshadow in the shade or maker again on a screen face brush and just stippling that on first of all and when you stipple it’s a good idea to concentrate a lot of the color. First of all. In the area that you want to be the darkest and then blend outward so that begins to fade into the area where you don’t want to see contr and by just building it up ever so slightly. You just ensure a really seamless finish and I much prefer the technique of stippling, especially when you have applied foundation previously, because it is less abrasive to the foundation that you have previously applied, because when you sometimes move very hastily across the skin, when you drag across It it can disturb the texture of the foundation, so sometimes it is wise to stipple instead and I’ve taken that contour color quite far over just so that the face looks really sculpted and slightly gaunt and for highlighter I’m going to apply some of MU a sundress. Your skin and powder highlighter on a mac cosmetics, duo, fiber brush – I quite like applying highlighter on these sorts of brushes, as they very gently go over the skin. So you can buff them more so than you can with a denser brush. They just build up the color beautifully just taking a slightly underneath the brow, a slight event of that just to the bridge of the nose. It was like a little bit of highlighter now, as the bridge of my nose is slightly repressed and taking the remainder of that product. I’m just lightly dusting it over the forehead just to give the region a slight glow, not that my forehead really requires highlighting, as it could be mistaken for a small continent, you could probably do with the surgeon. So that is the look overall complete now. I think this is a great look, just as it is. I could always go in with a tiny bit of lip liner to correct. There is symmetry within my lips and then apply some lip balm or eight hour cream and be done for the day. Fantastic. Look. It’s universal, every skin tone can wear this.
Look. Anyone can wear this look. Of course you adjust it to your skin color and to your eye type, and I shape it’s really just about enhancing and refining your features as they are. But now it is time for the dark lip and today I’m going to go in with some of elam ascus lipstick in the shade, which is this beautiful, dark, deep red color. Unfortunately, this lipstick has sadly been discontinued. Now I hope they bring it back, as it is a fantastic color and every one that I applied to all of my clients, all of my friends that I’ve used this color on the all fall in love with it, because you can wear it as a stain. You can wear it quite heavily. You can wear it on the eyes because it can be worn as a you could even apply a little bit of it as a blusher, just as a very thing to stain on the cheeks. It also looks beautiful when you apply an opaque layer of it to the lips as I’m going to do today. A similar color would be darkside by MAC Cosmetics, as well as Tom, Ford’s Black Orchid. Every brand tends to do a dark, lipstick, but growl is definitely a unique color, as it’s got quite a black undertone to it. Another trick that I would recommend to achieve a color similar to this or, if you want to just deepen or vamp up. The look is by applying a tiny bit of black pencil in amongst the lipstick once you’ve applied it, of course, by working the black lipstick in on top and amongst the red lipstick. It will just deepen the shade and you could always go in over the top of it with a little bit more red lipstick if you feel you’ve applied too much black to the lips now, because this is a very strong color, the lips will require some lining. The lips will definitely need to have a sharp line, otherwise it will look quite asymmetric and in first of all, just applying that to the lips. These sorts of colors are duty to look fantastic on every skin tone and ethnicity, certainly on very fair skin, and this sort of color would just melt into a really dark skin and by rubbing the blip stick into the lips like. So you will push the product around now. As you can see, my natural lip shape is incredibly asymmetric, so I’m going to have to go in and work the product in with a lip brush as well as line the lips now with darker lipstick. I do prefer to apply the lipstick festival to the lips so that I can get a guide a way to place and draw all my lip line, and I definitely feel more confident with the lipstick on first and then going in with the lip liner, because the Color is so strong.
I don’t want to go in and draw a line before applying the color, where I could make a mistake. So this method of applying the dark lipstick first makes the process of join the lip line very much easier when you apply dark lips. Quite quickly, I would make the recommendation that you ensure the lips are symmetrical and then you’ve applied the lipstick symmetrically and that you line the lips to look as symmetrical as possible if your lips are uneven. Milah, of course, are very uneven, so I’m going to go in and perfect the lip line, but because it is such a strong color when it isn’t perfect, it can look incredibly messy and cheap. So I’m now going to correct the shape and to do that, I’m going to use mac cosmetics, pencil in the shade night, moth and one great thing when lining lips is to look in the mirror and to look down. You can see that this side comes over far too much, and this one is drooped slightly. The underneath is slightly larger on the right side compared to the left side, by standing back from your mirror or moving further away from it, and also talking and moving you can really see and how its overall form appears. I’m just going to start sketching in and with this kind of color, I’m definitely going to over draw up because it makes my lips look quite small and you could just keep on moving back just to see how it appears, but because the colors are dark. And this lipstick is matte. You can get away with over drawing the lips substantially more so than you can, with a nude, lipstick or a lighter one. So the lining of the lips is now complete and they’re just going to take a MAC, Cosmetics, 231 brush and just merge the lip liner and the lip stick together and with these steps you may have reduced the opacity of the lipstick. So I’m just going to go back in and apply a little bit more just to even at the tone. So that is the look more or less complete. I don’t normally wear dark lipstick. I think it tends to make me look a bit like a man, and I’ve really gone for that effect since 256 BC. However, when you wear red lipstick and particularly dark red lipstick, it really emphasizes any redness in your face So, if you’re, somebody that may have acne or spots or blemishes or any form of redness or demarcations, because the red lipstick is so polished, looking you kind of have to make sure that everything else is slightly polished and especially with the red which just brings attention To redness and certain areas, so I’m just going to go back in with my studio, fix powder foundation and just stipple on top of areas that are slightly red.
Well, there’s over one 1/4 brush because the toll of the lipstick it just highlights any of the red elsewhere in the face, and I was starting to look a little bit like a strawberry tart and, of course, once the lipstick is applied, you can really see how Much makeup you need to add, because dark lips do tend to wash out the face they wash out all color They could almost make other features, look quite small, so looking at this now, I think I need to add a little bit more eye shadow to the underneath of the eye, as the lipstick has made the eyes Look slightly bald like a plucked chicken ready for boil So I’m just going back in and applying an additional amount of Omega to the underneath of the eye and plant quite heavily in the inner corner and slightly deep and of course, just blend all of that through and then take a tiny bit more of it Through the socket just ever so slightly and by standing a little bit further back from the mirror, you can see just how much makeup you will actually need also by looking at a mirror from afar You will also see how it looks at different points so that moreless completes the look It is quite a strong look, yet it is very simple and very easy to apply It’s also quite wearable for many occasions, but I think red lips look fantastic on everybody I also think dark red lips Look fantastic on everybody This look could also pay a slightly androgynous, so I like to wear it with my hair back as I think that is one of the more flattering styles on myself when wearing this kind of look dark red lips, I think, can look absolutely great on everybody, depending On how opaque you apply it, some people suit a very sheer some people suit, a very opaque and some people suit it in between It also depends on what tone you’ve gone for some dark Reds are warmer, some dark reds are more orange Some are more purple Some are more blue and some are more pink in their undertones, but I think when you find the one that is right for you and depending on how you apply it, it could look marvelous on anyone I seldomly wear a dark red lipstick if at all really but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating this look for you here today and I hope that you have found today’s film either interesting, useful, beneficial or helpful and once again thank you so much for watching and, of course, Take care bye,

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