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Grade 4 cinnamon roll: Amateur food scientist

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a level one chef, I’m Gabrielle and I’m a level two chef, I’m Tracy and I’ve been pastry chef for over nine years. I bake probably like once a month very rarely something as fancy as cinnamon rolls. I used to make them all the time with my grandmother with my Nana. Whenever we would have leftover dough from making nut roll, we would take the leftover, dough and mix them in rolls. Cinnamon buns are usually made with a fresh yeasted dough, such as a brioche, but I wanted to step it up a notch, so I’ve decided to go with a croissant dough for my cinnamon buns, so to make our croissant dough we’re gonna start with the actual De Trump arjo portion of the croissant I love cinnamon rolls I wish I could make them in like a homemade from scratch way, but the only way I know how is with pre-made pizza dough.
It contains flour and probably some other stuff entirely sure. So we are gonna put two kinds of flour: all-purpose and bread, flour, which is a high gluten flour. So I just put in my butter sugar, which is really the crux of this dough recipe, because it’s a buttery and sugary dough. You need a little bit of salt, while this is still mixing. We want to go ahead and prepare our yeast I’m going to put in my milk, which is room-temperature water, also lukewarm, that will go into our cold, wet ingredients and we’re gonna dissolve our ecig awesome. It has that delicious thing. That’s gonna make it into a beautiful dough and then I’m gonna crack. Today today we are gonna combine our wets with our dries. I like to mix up my wet ingredients first and then I like to add in just a little bit of flour. So I just keep going through batches of putting in dry and since my wet ingredients, we’re gonna combine this until it just comes together. I know I’m gonna transfer it onto my bench and now I’m gonna just roll it out real fast into sort of like a rectangle. Oh, it’s so weird. It looks like the villain in an anime. I’ve been watching and it does get messy. If you have a phobia of skinning your hands a little dirty, then I don’t know: maybe you don’t wanna use this method? Okay, so what I’m gonna do now is just knead it until it becomes slightly smooth. I’m gonna transfer this to my plastic wrap. The next thing we’re gonna do with it is transfer it into this other bowl. I’m gonna go ahead and grease it all right. We’Re gonna give it another hour and a half to twohours to let these dries and do its thing. You’Re then gonna take this and put it in the fridge for about 60 to 90 minutes. It needs to cool it down right now. It’s too sticky to roll, so we’re gonna give it a little neck.
I’m just gonna roll. This out, that’ll just take me like an hour or two tada, beautiful giant glob of dough. This was rising for about twohours, so I’ve just taken my Joe out of the fridge, that’s rested for about an hour and a half, and I have my butter prepared and ready to go we’re gonna encase, our butter in our dough. So that way we can Greek in our lamination process. At this point, you want to make sure you have a good amount of flour to your workspace and because you greased it, it should swap right out and now we’re going to Pat it out into an oblong shape, because we kind of want to get it. As close to a rectangle as possible, I’m going to roll this dough into about a 12 inch square, the some reason McStays round. When I roll it. It’s not gonna be a perfect rectangle. You usually use parchment paper, but if you, I guess I think it’s working against, I probably should have put flour on the parchment paper. There’s there’s a couple factors that if it’s sticking to you, you might want to retrace your steps then go back a little bit. Second attempt here, I’m gonna flower, it whenever you’re working with any kind of Joe that has yeast in it, such as pizza, brioche, any really kind of bread dough. You want to work really quickly rolling out your dough really shouldn’t take more than maybe five minutes. Ten to 12 minutes – what’s really important here, is to not overwork our dough. I don’t know what happens if you overwork the dough, but my gut sense is that it’s not good if you’re working with a pizza dough and you overwork it, it’s gonna become essentially like a rock. So I’m pretty happy with this. We have about a 12 inch square cut. My edges aren’t too thick, not too thin. Just write as Goldilocks would say. Now we’re gonna take our barrage or our butter portions and actually encase it inside of our dough and now we’re do begin to fold our flaps up and cover our butter. You should have a nice square. What we are gonna do is roll it out, and now we’re gonna proceed to fold it into a book turn. This is our first turn. We are gonna. Do two of these to give us enough layers now this goes in the fridge for at least an hour. It’s honestly fine! If you have little holes and things because it’s just like places for filling to go through, you know yum yum. So this is a dough that we’ve done. One more set of book turns on, and then we let it sit overnight. So we’re able to work with it again and roll it out to make out the sock, cinnamon buns before I start actually putting in the filling is I like to brush it with milk? I’m just gonna take some room temperature butter and brush it all over.
My pizza dough plate to put a little bit of egg wash on our top. Just that way we can seal it up. It’s something that my Nana does. I want mine to taste as much like hers. So that’s what I do know it’s beautiful your beautiful baby. I’m just going to set the dough off to the side and get started with my filling so we’re gonna begin by just creaming together, our butter and our sugar, now we’re gonna add light brown sugar going to combined brown sugar and some cinnamon, I’m just Gon na whisk these together we’re using maple gerrae, delicious Berlin’s, an immense pinch of salt, and then we just have some furniture, and here we have a homemade cinnamon, bun filling. So now I’m going to put my cinnamon and brown sugar mixture on it. I love Nutella. I love Nutella, so I’m just gonna go ahead and paint it on. It feels like I’m painting a picture on a piece of dough and my paint is my Nutella, what’s more fun than that, so now we’re gonna take our filling and we’re just gonna spread it all the way through the end kind of less-is-more. For this, I’m gonna add a little cinnamon. I think that cinnamon Nutella goes really well together. The next step that we’re gonna move on to new is just shaping our cinnamon rolls rolls. We are gonna fully roll each cinnamon, bun individually, he’s very gentle. He very just tender and loving cuz, it’s go, it might fall apart. Honestly, I stand by the theory that if it breaks a little that’s fine you’re already using store-bought pizza dough. Who are you kidding? We want to cut one inch strips. We just go ahead and start rolling it up. Yes, sohere is my hello: it’s funny cuz, it looks like a burrito. It looks like a giant burrito we’re just gonna cut it so try to keep it even about an inch apart. Gon na try and do this really gently sort of squashed, and this goes into the tin. So we are going to put these rolls into two 9-inch round cake pans, gonna start with the ends to get a little practice because they’re, the worst kids they can touch. That’s no big deal have a party together there we have our two pans and now I’m just gonna brush the tops with butter, because everything is better with a little bit more butter. This also kind of makes it nice and brown on top and gives it that golden color, when the dough’s coming out now we’re just gonna go in and sprinkle them with a little bit of sugar once you’re done rolling all your cinnamon buns up, you’re gon Na set them somewhere warm, so they can begin the proofing process.
Let them take a little nap before they go back in the oven, which is what’s gonna make our clips aunt cinnamon buns light and fluffy you’re gonna see they’re actually getting basically double in size. Again, you won’t recognise the one there. So these have proof for about 45 minutes. Let’s take a look they’re, so pretty in new we’re gonna make these in the oven at about 375 for 20 to 25 minutes until they’re golden brown and delicious. So, let’s do it traditionally, cinnamon buns get glazed with a cream cheese icing, but I of course wanted to step it up and we’re gonna use a marscapone. Instead, marscapone is basically an Italian cream cheese and I really love it for baked goods, so we’re just making like an icing kind of thing. I’m just gonna mix this butter heavy whipping cream in here kind of feed in about a quarter cup of milk. So after I finish mixing this last bit of sugar and I’m gonna go ahead and pour it in the next rack and of course, some salt, and now I’m gonna just start adding water just a little bit at a time and then we’ll just try And get it to sort of a nice lazy. This I really like a frothy and fluffy glaze, so I like to mix it on high to really get a lot of air whippin we’re not looking to aerate this. We just want everything to come together, yeah. I think that’s probably the kind of texture that I would like, so you can drizzle that goes. Oh, I think lady’s done Denso. These are fresh out of the oven they smell so good. So these have just come out of the oven they puffed up. Just the right amount you’ve got to let these cool down after they come out of the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, so that the icing doesn’t melt everywhere. So while these are cooling down just a bit, I’m gonna take some regular sugar and ground cinnamon. This mix these together and now we are going to toss each nice warm bun in our cinnamon sugar, so my cinnamon rolls are baked, and now I’m gonna put some icing on them. I’m gonna the best it anything like this, but just pretend that they’re pretty just gonna take a spoonful swirl it around go ahead and put on as much as you want. I’m just gonna get a little more nuts at this. I feel like more icing is better and then we are gonna glaze them with our marscapone glaze. These are my cinnamon buns, and here are my cinnamon. Rolls here are croissants cinnamon buns with our marscapone glaze, all right. Our cinnamon rolls are ready to eat, and so I’m gonna take a bite that works. The dough is buttery and spongy.
This is so good. I think I’m gonna have to teach this in my next croissant class. Some people call them cinnamon rolls, while others call them cinnamon, buns buns rolls who knows, but typically cinnamon rolls are rolled baked and topped with a glaser icing and cinnamon buns are baked and syrup and turned out from their dish once cooked each chef used a different Dough as the base of their cinnamon rolls Emily use. Store-Bought pizza, dough, Gabriele made a homemade enriched yeast, dough and Tracy made a laminated croissant dough. Each of these dough’s are distinguishable by their fat content. Emily’s store-bought pizza dough is known as a lean dough because it has a very minimal amount of fat. Gabrielle’s homemade dough started out like a lean dough, but the addition of buttermilk and eggs creates an enriched dough. It’s going to taste absolutely delicious Tracy made a laminated dough by layering an enriched go with thin sheets of butter that acts to tenderize dough by shortening the long gluten strands and preventing them from clumping together. Emily’s lean dough has more gluten development, contributing to the rolls crusty exterior and airy interior gluten also provides elasticity, which poses a challenge to rolling out the dough. The enrichment in Gabrielle’s dough provides a soft interior and tender crumb. Tracy’s laminated dough will become flaky because the water naturally found in the layers of butter will produce steam and puff each layer individually. Our chefs chose different ways to fill their cinnamon rolls Emily coated, the dough with softened butter and sprinkled over cinnamon and sugar, Gabrielle’s spread Nutella and cinnamon over her dough and Tracy made a compound butter with sugar, cinnamon maple syrup and bourbon delicious bourbon. The sugar in the filling is hygroscopic or water-loving. It attracts water from the dough causing the dough to dry out quickly and stale after baking. If you prefer soft rolls and still want to use sugar in the filling keeps the sugar hydrated like Gabrielle did with her Nutella. I should just start calling it a Nutella roll, because that is really what it is or like Tracy did with her compound butter. A European butter would be a good way to distinguish that all of our chefs used a lot of cinnamon in there filling cinnamon cinnamon, giving the rolls their signature, flavor and aroma cinnamons flavor compound cinnamaldehyde is fat soluble So when combined with fat in the filling like our chefs did with butter, the flavor will be distributed throughout the roll, increasing its potency and producing a pungent cinnamon flavor.
All of our chefs use the same techniques to shape the dough you’re going to go ahead and roll this puppy up They stretched out the dough into a large rectangular shape, spread over the filling rolled, the dough into a log and slice them into rolls, after shaping their roles, Emily baked hers right away, whereas gabrielle and tracy allowed theirs to proof before baking It’Ll be worth the wait Proofing is the final fermentation step that allows the shaped dough to rise before baking During the last proofing step, the yeast in the dough will continue converting sugars into carbon dioxide gas leavening The bread before baking, the enriched dough that Gabrielle and Tracy used require a longer fermentation time than the lean dough, Emily used due to their high fat content And will benefit from the final proofing step when the cinnamon rolls are subjected to the high heat of the oven They quickly grow in volume due to the increased rate of fermentation This process is called oven spring Once the rolls have sprung, the crust will begin to form and the rolls will completely form their shape The cinnamon that our chefs use contains a high content of volatile oils This means, as the cinnamon bakes, the flavor compounds, vaporize, become airborne and fill your kitchen with a delicious aroma All of our chefs created an icing to coat the top of their baked rolls Emily made a thin icing by combining butter, confectioner, sugar, vanilla and hot water, because I know what I’m doing Gabrielle also made a thin I sang with confectioner sugar, vanilla and cream Creasy coated the hot rolls in cinnamon sugar and then whipped a sweet, mascarpone icing It’s a little sweeter and a little creamier than our traditional cream cheese The icing set our chefs made add sweetness and flavor to the rolls, but alsohelp return moisture to the dough after baking Literally the icing loads up, as mentioned the sugar in the cinnamon swirl, is hygroscopic or water-loving and will attract water out of the dough and increase the rate of scaling All of the icings made by our chefs will reduce the rate of scaling by providing an additional source of hydration to the dough, the next time you’re in the mood for a sweet treat roll Some of these tips into your next batch of cinnamon rolls

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